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You’ll meet bright thinkers and radical doers who push the boundaries of science, technology, personal development, and human performance in every way imaginable. You’ll learn from experts around the world who elevate what it means to be human.

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Molding the Future of Wellness: Synthesizing Spirit and Science – Dr. Christina Rahm : 1148

I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Christina Rahm, who has an inspiring journey from a pharmaceutical executive to an advocate for integrating holistic health solutions with rigorous scientific methods. We dive into the impact of spirituality on wellness, the transformative power of neural feedback, and the intersection of technology and ethics in health. Dr. Rahm shares her insights into combating health issues with nanotechnology and discusses the influence of the environment on our well-being. (00:00:01) Introducing Dr. Christina Rahm and her diverse expertise in health and science  (00:02:17) The transparency and ethics in the pharmaceutical industry  (00:07:07) Transition to holistic health solutions and bioengineering innovations  (00:14:10) Addressing the pervasive health effects of fungus and mold  (00:27:11) Biotechnology's role in creating a brighter future for human health  (00:38:04) Discussing the unexpected benefits of childhood diseases on immune function  (00:50:31) Exploring annual detox rituals and their scientific basis  (01:03:01) Handling criticism with humor: The "Your Mom" strategy (01:06:57) Announcement of Upgrade Labs locations and offerings   SPONSORS:  Mitosynergy | Exclusive offer for listeners – 15% off by going to  ARMRA | Go to and use code Dave to get 15% off your First Order  RESOURCES:  Dr. Christina Rahm's website:  Root Brands:  Upgrade Labs:  Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:   Dr. Chrsitina Rahm’s Instagram Page:  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 16m
Mar 28
The Power of Perseverance - Maria Menounos : 1147

In this profound episode, Maria Menounos shares her journey through significant health challenges, including a brain tumor and diabetes, and how she emerged more resilient and health focused. Renowned for her vibrant career in entertainment and now as a wellness advocate, Maria delves into the transformative power of facing mortality, redefining medicine, and leveraging biohacking to enhance her life. She gives actionable advice for those looking to preserve their health while pursuing their dreams and the importance of aligning career success with personal well-being.  (00:00:01) - Maria's resilience through her health battles  (00:03:29) - How health challenges can redefine life's purpose  (00:14:18) - Yoga Nidra and the shift from anxiety to empowerment  (00:23:25) - The importance of biohacking in Maria's recovery  (00:34:16) - Sunlight and its underrated health benefits  (00:47:30) - The rise of biohacking technologies and their accessibility  SPONSORS  BiOptimizers | Go to for 10% off  Timeline | Go to to get 10% off your first order  RESOURCES  Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:   Heal Squad:  Maria Menounos Instagram: @mariamenounos  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 12m
Mar 26
A Blueprint to Overhaul the American Food & Pharma Systems – Calley Means : 1146

Today, Calley Means joins the show to march onward on his war path to changing the incentives of modern health. He’s a champion of food and lifestyle practices as medicine—and, in May of this year, he’s putting out a new book on the subject which we outline today, called Good Energy. His sister, Dr. Casey Means, is the co-author of Good Energy. You know her from a past appearance on this show and as the founder of Levels so this mission really is a family affair in the best way possible. Going from a food lobbyist to the other side of the fence, Calley is a deeply serious and dedicated champion for the people. But he brings much more to the table today than a polished delivery and a new book; he is also the co-founder of True Medicine, which works to connect tax-advantaged spending to healthy food and exercise.  It’s helped hundreds of thousands of people access affordable care by leveraging the convoluted systems currently in place to block them from doing so—no easy task. In this conversation, Calley lays the foundation for our food culture as it stands today—bleak, corrupt, poisoned, sick, and getting sicker. We deconstruct the layers of federal agencies and historical precedent that have brought us to this point, and we’re direct in our suggestions (demands) on how to fix it. And all the facts are laid bare. Dots are connected in broad daylight, on network television, and within the algorithms that power our social feeds. Our kids are at stake, and the only option is to take affirmative action on what we know is right.  (00:01:19) Calley’s Inspirations & Metabolic Mission (00:11:16) Redefining the Meaning of Medicine  (00:19:21) Is America a Viable Place To Raise Healthy Kids? (00:30:41) Meaningfully Changing Healthcare Incentives (00:42:56) Now What—How Does Society Make Positive Change? (00:49:34) The Media’s Role in Society’s False Narratives (00:56:49) Undoing the Damage of the Food Pyramid SPONSORS ARRC LED | The perfect device for daily home use. For more information visit RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Good Energy: The Surprising Connection Between Metabolism and Limitless Health Truemed: The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 12m
Mar 21
How Dogs Are Going to Make You Live Longer: Rapamycin & Longevity – Matt Kaeberlein : 1145

How can we make our furry best friends live longer, healthier lives? A true pioneer in this field, Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, is here to unpack this important subject while highlighting the crossover between human and canine longevity. You read that right; this episode isn't just for dog lovers—it's a deep dive into longevity for humans, too.  Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, who's the CEO of Optispan and a key figure in the Dog Aging Project, brings a wealth of knowledge from his distinguished career in aging and healthspan research. He's an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington and a notable figure in gerontology, recognized by organizations like the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Gerontological Society of America.  Matt's work is groundbreaking, demonstrated in over 250 scientific papers on aging, numerous prestigious awards, and he's even a Fellow of several aging associations. He's on a mission to unlock the secrets of aging, not just in humans, but in our four-legged companions as well. We explore the accuracy of measuring age with telomeres versus epigenetics and get into the nitty-gritty of diet's impact on longevity for both dogs and humans, reminding us it's not just about living longer, but living well. Matt explains the impressive trial results on rapamycin for reducing age-related inflammation, a breakthrough that's not just exciting for us but also for our pets. Finally, we touch on how AI is revolutionizing our approach to understanding and extending our healthspan. For those who want to get more involved, check out It's not every day you meet someone who's made such significant strides in understanding aging across species. So whether you're a pet parent or just passionate about extending your own health span, this episode is for you. (00:01:31) Dogs Are the Bridge Between Lab Studies & Human Longevity (00:11:09) Exploring the Impact of Diet on Longevity (00:18:50) How Our Unique Biology Impacts Aging (00:26:33) Exploring How Size & Diet Impact Health Across Species (00:37:55) Fighting Age-Related Inflammation with Rapamycin (00:56:40) AI Interventions for Longevity Testing SPONSORS ARMRA | Try it out for yourself at Use code “Dave” to get 15% off your first order STEMREGEN | Go to for 20% off. RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Learn More: Website: X: @mkaeberlein Listen: The Optispan Podcast with Matt Kaeberlein The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 22m
Mar 19
Where Quantum Science Meets Spirituality – Jewels Arnes : 1144

I’m excited to welcome back Jewels Arnes, an author, ascension coach, and the founder of BioQuantum Skincare Technology. Jewels has more than 30 years of experience in energy medicine and intensive consciousness work.  In today’s episode, Jewels explains scalar waves, ORMUS, and the quantum level. She shares how these concepts all contribute to her BioQuantum Skincare line and the intention she poured into the products. We also talk about how and why Jewels moved away from psychedelics and regular meditation, and how she tunes into frequencies without them.  Plus, we get into the spiritual ego, how to master your triggers, the frequency of DMT, and Jewels’ role as an ascension coach. Unlike my analytical brain, Jewels sees the world through frequencies, so this was a fun conversation with fresh perspectives.  (00:01:13) Dave’s Experience with ORMUS (00:06:59) Dangers of the Spiritual Ego (00:15:02) The Sphere of Spirituality & Science (00:18:11) How To Tune Into Frequencies (00:23:34) Cultivating Awareness of Our Triggers (00:27:57) Creating Products with Intention (00:32:22) What Is ORMUS? (00:38:43) Operating at the Quantum Level (00:49:22) The Frequency of DMT (00:55:23) Unboxing the BioQuantum Product Line (00:56:39) What Is Ascension Coaching? RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Shop: to save 22% on the Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator  Website: Instagram: @jewels.arnes Instagram: @becomingbioquantum  Podcast: YouTube: @BecomingBioQuantum  The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 4m
Mar 15
Beyond the Veil: Ego, AI & Wisdom – Teal Swan : 1143

What is the role of Ego? Is AI going to kill us? Is there hope for the future of our species? These are just a few of the big questions you’ll tackle in today’s enlightening and esoteric episode. I’m joined by Teal Swan, a thought leader, bestselling author, and international speaker who is on a mission to reduce human suffering. After a challenging upbringing, Teal emerged with a unique ability to talk about psychology, shadow work, and the nature of our world.  Teal shares the unusual and special way she sees the world. We talk about her ESP powers, how to identify a narcissist, and her favorite dimensions. We also get into the divine masculine vs. the divine feminine, the nature of ego, and how to build trust in the world and others.  (00:01:37) Finding Forgiveness in Betrayal (00:11:34) Teal’s Take on Artificial Intelligence (00:14:43) Teal Swan’s ESP Powers (00:23:22) Exploring Intention in Art (00:25:47) Upgrading Human Software & Hardware (00:27:48) How Teal Functions in the “Real” World (00:32:39) Trusting in the World (00:35:19) What’s the Nature of Ego? (00:39:14) Discovering Different Dimensions (00:42:46) Divine Feminine vs. Divine Masculine (00:52:31) Is There Hope for the Future of Our Species? (00:53:58) What Is a Synchronization Workshop? SPONSORS Quantum Upgrade | Go to for a 7-Day Free Mitosynergy | Get 15% off now at RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: Instagram: @tealswanofficial YouTube: @TealSwanOfficial TikTok: @tealswanlive Podcast: Teal Swan The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 2m
Mar 14
The Science of Supper: Transform Your Health Through Family Meals – Shawn Stevenson : 1142

Today’s guest is none other than Shawn Stevenson. If you’re not already familiar with Shawn’s work, he’s the author of the USA Today National bestseller Eat Smarter, the international bestselling book Sleep Smarter, and the creator of the widely popular health podcast, The Model Health Show. Shawn is one of those guys who embodies peace and calm, after an impressively transformative journey stemming from a background of health challenges at least as severe as mine. After recovering, he became a researcher and nutritionist experienced in biology and nutritional science.  We dive into a crucial element of biohacking I am always keen to highlight—friendship, or in this case, community. Based on research from Shawn’s latest book, Eat Smarter Family Cookbook, we talk about his current mission on the path to wellness: creating a culture of wellness around the dinner table, how communal meals impact our health and longevity, and filling the void of connection we all so desperately need these days.  Shawn shares insights from his own family’s dinner table, his tips for implementing family meals into your weekly routine, and the encouraging science and data behind how it supports physical and spiritual nourishment, nervous system regulation, stress management, and more. If you like this episode, I encourage you to go pick out a good cut of meat and cook food for someone you care about—or simply do anything that's an act of service that nourishes another human being. Here’s to cultivating strong relationships, imbuing our food with love, and honoring the act of nourishing ourselves and our families. (00:01:16) Cultivating Peace & Presence Through Nervous System Regulation (00:10:00) Cultural Connections to Health, Longevity & Childhood Obesity (00:25:20) Family Dinners for Nourishment, Mindfulness & Building Stronger Bonds (00:43:45) Kids in the Kitchen: Fostering Enjoyment, Skill & Service in Cooking (00:59:48) Heart Meditations, Trauma Healing & the Science of Emotional Exchange Sponsors Bioptimizers | Go to for 10% off any order. LeelaQ | Visit for 10% off your order. Resources Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: Podcast: The Model Health Show Instagram: @shawnmodel YouTube: The Shawn Model Read: Eat Smarter Family Cookbook by Shawn Stevenson The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 17m
Mar 12
Why Your Own Mind Is Holding You Back – Peter Crone : 1141

Today’s guest has the coolest title I’ve ever heard—mind architect.  Peter Crone is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, mind-body wellness coach, and life transformation expert. He’s worked with everyone from athletes, to actors, to billionaire CEOs, to everyday people trying to do their best. Peter helps people achieve spiritual freedom, mental peace, and physical vitality, which all align with biohacking in a big way. In this episode, we dig deep into the limiting beliefs that shape our behavior and relationships. We talk about discerning between reality and the stories we tell ourselves. Peter gives advice on overcoming perfectionism, strengthening your intuition, and recognizing your innate value. We also explore how to reframe language, the value of curiosity, and how to harness losses into learnings that unlock your greatest potential. It’s a fascinating conversation.  You can hear more from Peter at the upcoming Biohacking Conference. Get your tickets at  (00:03:33) Where Biohacking Meets Energy Work (00:06:28) Accessing a Spiritual State Without Drugs (00:11:04) Recovering From Perfectionism (00:19:14) Reality vs. the Stories We Tell Ourselves (00:29:42) Healing Wounds From Birth (00:38:31) Why Fear Is the Enemy of Health (00:43:18) How To Train & Strengthen Intuition (00:56:01) Recognizing Your Innate Value (01:03:30) How Can We Learn From Our Elders? (01:06:19) Peter’s Freedom Program SPONSORS Timeline Nutrition | Go to to get 10% off your first order. RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: Instagram: @petercrone Facebook: Peter Crone - The Mind Architect  TikTok: @petercroneofficial  YouTube: @PeterCroneOfficial The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 16m
Mar 07
No Grain, No Pain: Why Removing Gluten is Key to Improving Your Health – Dr. Peter Osborne : 1140

Today, we're diving into a topic that's on everyone's mind, but often misunderstood: gluten. Joining the show on this gluten-decoding mission is none other than Dr. Peter Osborne, aka the Gluten-Free Warrior. Dr. Osborne is a powerhouse of knowledge in nutritional health, particularly regarding gluten sensitivity and food allergies.  As the founder of Gluten Free Society, the author of the bestseller, No Grain No Pain, and the host of the Glutenology MasterClass Series, he's at the forefront of functional medicine, helping countless individuals combat chronic and autoimmune diseases.  His insights are crucial for anyone navigating the complexities of a gluten-free life. In this episode, we explain why gluten isn’t good for anyone—even if you don’t have symptoms or a diagnosed celiac problem. As a foundation, we lay out the differences between gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, covering the surprising connections between dairy, gluten allergies, and mold.  Dr. Osborne also highlights why common gluten-free substitutes like corn, oats, and rice aren't the safe havens we wish we were. You’ll hear about the nefarious ways Big Food is keeping our country sick and how to start taking charge of your own health in simple, free ways. Dr. Osborne shares his recommended diet, the rule of thirds, and how to effectively shift your eating habits. He recognizes the frustration and struggle many people face in finding effective professional help, and shares his tips for spearheading your own healing while collaborating with competent professionals. This episode isn't just about gluten; it's a deep dive into understanding your body, your diet, and how to collaborate with your doctor to find the health solutions that work for you. (00:01:48) Why We Should All Be Gluten Free (00:11:46) Big Food’s Role in Our Declining Health (00:28:31) When to Enjoy (and Avoid) Sugar, Soybeans & High Oxalate Foods (00:42:39) Change Your Diet & Biohack Your Way to Better Health (01:00:15) How To Respectfully Advocate for Your Own Health SPONSORS BEAM Minerals Pets | Go to for 20% off your first order. Viome | Go to to save $110 on the Full Body Intelligence Test. RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: Read: No Grain, No Pain by Peter Osborne YouTube: Peter Osborne Instagram: @drosborne The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 20m
Mar 05
Akashic Records 101: The Simple Spiritual Practice You Haven’t Heard of…Yet – Laura Coe : 1139

Today we’re talking about something a little different—the “weird,” esoteric, metaphysical stuff. I’m joined by Laura Coe, who was a successful healthcare tech entrepreneur before selling her company and returning to her passion for philosophy. She is now an author, certified life coach, and Akashic Records reader.  Never heard of the Akashic Records? Laura explains exactly what they are, and how they can help you understand yourself on a deeper level to find more joy, peace, and prosperity in your life. We explore the big questions… Who can access the Records? How do you know if they’re even real?  Then, we get into the nitty gritty… How do you learn to read them? What can you ask and not ask? Can they help you sell your house or make more money?  Laura and I also talk about how to tap into your intuition as an entrepreneur, the stigmas against spirituality, and why more of us than we think probably have psychic gifts. If you’re skeptical of this stuff, I’m going to ask you to suspend your disbelief and listen with an open mind. Laura’s perspective will give you a lot to think about. Why not give it a try?  (00:03:47) What Are The Akashic Records? (00:13:15) The Akashic Records as a Grid of Interconnection (00:18:47) Validating The Akashic Records for Skeptics (00:23:37) Coming Out As Spiritual (00:26:53) How Long Does It Take To Learn The Akashic Records? (00:29:42) The Craziest Questions People Ask (00:32:39) Listening to Your Inner Knowing (00:38:01) What Can’t You Ask The Akashic Records? (00:41:55) Sentences That Open the Records (00:47:22) Healing Yourself Through Healing Others (00:48:54) Can It Help You Sell Your House? (00:56:11) Taking the “Woo Woo” out of The Akashic Records SPONSORS Mitosynergy | Get 15% off now at | Head over to for an exclusive discount RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: The Little Soul School: Read The Nature Of Series: Instagram: @laurascoe The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 2m
Feb 29
How a Celebrity Trainer Rose to Success – Jason Walsh : 1138

Today I’m talking with one of the most sought-after celebrity trainers on the planet. Jason Walsh has trained stars like Matt Damon, Miles Teller, Brie Larson, and Bradley Cooper for some of the most physically demanding roles of their careers.  He’s also the founder of Rise Nation, a global fitness studio powered by the VersaClimber, where you train like an athlete.  On today’s episode, we talk about how Jason rose to success as a celebrity trainer. He shares the moments that defined his life and career, plus his advice for anyone who wants to get started in the fitness industry. We also go deep on the painful parts of entrepreneurship—unpacking the betrayals and heartbreaks we’ve both experienced as founders.  We explore ways to train your brain and your body for resiliency, and how to redefine forgiveness as an energetic shift. We also talk about Jason’s new protein company, Rise 311. Plus, his take on why you don’t need to train for an hour a day to get results.  (00:02:06) How Jason Became a Celebrity Trainer  (00:22:22) The Rewards of Being Disciplined  (00:25:40) How to Rise in Your Fitness Career (00:33:52) Building Rise Nation Step by Step  (00:40:13) The War Against Small Businesses  (00:42:47) Heartbreaks & Betrayals in Business  (00:48:23) Train Your Brain to Reframe Trauma  (00:53:47) Redefining Forgiveness  (01:00:33) The Rise of Rise 311 (01:02:32) Finding Joy & Resilience  SPONSORS Mitosynergy | Get 15% off now at Calroy | Go to for an exclusive discount RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: Rise 311: Instagram: @risenation Jason’s Instagram: @risemovement TikTok: @climbrisenation The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 9m
Feb 27
Beat Sugar: The Glucose Goddess Method – Jessie Inchauspé : 1137

Blood sugar management as a biohack captures attention for its innovative approach to health. Today's guest, Jessie Inchauspé, stands out as an expert in guiding practical glucose management, smarter nutritional choices, and unveiling the intricate relationship between diet, blood sugar levels, and overall well-being. Behind the popular Instagram account @GlucoseGoddess, Jessie educates millions on groundbreaking food habits and has achieved notable success as a French biochemist and New York Times bestselling author, with over a million copies sold of her works, "Glucose Revolution" and "The Glucose Goddess Method," in 40 languages. Her unique combination of mathematics and biochemistry expertise opens up the secrets of blood sugar and its significant impact on physical and mental health. The conversation zeroes in on Jessie's mission to make complex science accessible through simple, transformative tips.  Topics include her groundbreaking research, The Glucose Method study, the launch of her Anti-Spike supplement, and her signature four hacks for glucose management after consuming carbs. The dialogue also covers the benefits of real versus fake sugar, the underlying causes of insulin resistance and diabetes, and how blood sugar spikes influence aging. This episode unveils Jessie's remarkable discoveries and biohacks for glucose management, which are crucial for fertility, PCOS, and understanding the health impacts of lifestyle choices like alcohol and nicotine. Jessie's practical insights offer a path to enjoying favored foods with minimal bodily impact, appealing to both biohacking aficionados and those embarking on a health journey. (00:02:28) Understanding Glucose’s Role in Our Health (00:14:27) Enjoying Carbs Without Negative Side Effects (00:23:27) The Real Cause of Insulin Resistance & Diabetes (00:34:23) Addressing Alcohol, Nicotine & The French Paradox (00:54:22) The Glucose Goddess Method Study (01:05:47) Glucose Management for Fertility, PCOS & PMS Cravings SPONSORS Timeline Nutrition | Go to and get 10% off your order. Sunlighten | Head to to save up to $600 when you order. RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: Instagram: @glucosegoddess  Read: Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchauspé Read: The Glucose Goddess Method by Jessie Inchauspé The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 16m
Feb 22
Variable Resistance: The Ultimate Muscle Hack – Dr. John Jaquish : 1136

Today we're talking about testosterone replacement and unpacking the novel concepts of progressive overload and variable resistance training—both methods to gain, and keep, muscle mass in your body without living in the gym. I’m joined by strength expert, entrepreneur, past guest of the show, and PhD, John Jaquish. John has spent years researching and developing improved approaches to health. Inventor of X3, a technology that is proven to develop muscle much faster than conventional weight lifting with the lowest risk of joint injury, Dr. Jaquish’s methods are used in training the world's most elite athletes as well as Olympians. Aligning with the most basic tenet of biohacking, if you can achieve all of your physical or athletic goals in half the time of your competitors, why not explore the option? John is as gracious as he is informed in this one, detailing the benefits of variable resistance training and indulging me in a super deep dive into diet and nutrition experimentation, testosterone replacement therapy, and efficient muscle growth. You’ll learn what he eats every day to look as good as he does. You’ll get repetition-count-specific recommendations on ultra-quick workout routines. And you’ll learn the very surprising amount of carbohydrates I ingest every single day (a number that will shock many of you). SPONSORS BEAM Minerals Pets | Go to for 20% off your first order. ARMRA | Try it out for yourself at Use code DAVE to get 15% off your first order. (00:02:39) Masterclass on Efficient Muscle Building (00:16:43) How are Shaolin Monks & Gymnasts So Strong?   (00:23:46) Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) (00:38:40) How Protein Impacts Muscle Growth (00:47:55) Breakthrough Personal Research on Carbohydrates (00:58:31) Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: Instagram: @drjaquish YouTube: Jaquish Biomedical Read: Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time Read: Osteogenic Loading: A New Modality To Facilitate Bone Density Development How to Build Strength Faster – John Jaquish, Ph.D. #863 Building Strength Isn’t About Weight Lifting Anymore – John Jaquish, Ph.D. #862 The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 6m
Feb 20
Upgrade Spotlight: Glutathione for Ageless Skin : 1135

Welcome to a special Upgrade Spotlight Edition, where I introduce you to someone who's genuinely changing the game. Our carefully selected guest today is a renowned pharmacist, an author, and a pioneer in biohacking for skin longevity: Dr. Nayan Patel.  Dr. Patel is a trailblazer in the world of antioxidants, specifically glutathione. If you've been following biohacking or are a regular listener, you know that glutathione is a key antioxidant with vital functions, including skin health. Dr. Patel's expertise in absorbable glutathione and anti-aging sciences is unparalleled. Dr. Patel holds a unique patent for transdermal glutathione delivery, a groundbreaking method of introducing this crucial antioxidant directly through your skin with his company Auro Wellness. His book, The Glutathione Revolution, dives deep into this topic.  In this episode, we delve into why glutathione is essential for skin longevity. Dr. Patel shares insights on his innovative formula and technology for absorption at Auro Wellness, which has shown promising results in reducing fine lines, cellulite, and even promoting hair growth.  As someone who champions scientifically-backed products and real results, I'm excited to discuss how Dr. Patel's work is a true game changer. I know the power of glutathione. I've been using it for nearly two decades, especially during my battle with toxic mold exposure.  And now, thanks to innovators like Dr. Patel, we're moving from intravenous methods to transdermal applications—it's truly revolutionary. For those eager to try, visit and use code DAVE10 for a discount. (00:01:14) Biohacking Benefits of Glutathione & New Absorption Technology (00:08:32) The Auro Skincare Stack & How Glutathione Enhances Skin Longevity (00:20:13) Reducing Cellulite & Fine Lines with Glutathione  (00:35:01) Glutathione for Hair Growth & Toxin Removal RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Shop Auro Wellness: (use code DAVE10 for 10% off) Read: The Glutathione Revolution by Dr. Nayan Patel and Dr. Mark Hyman The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Feb 16
What You’re Getting Wrong About Exercise – Sal Di Stefano : 1134

I’m pumped to welcome one of the hosts of the Mind Pump Podcast, top trainer and entrepreneur Sal Di Stefano. Mind Pump pulls back the curtain on the health, fitness, and nutrition industries, cuts through the pseudo-science, and offers science-backed solutions for enhancing performance while emphasizing health.  Sal started his journey in the gym at age 14, and I admire how he’s steadily grown a meaningful business around biohacking fitness.  On today’s episode, we take on some weighty topics like weight training vs. cardio, why veganism is dangerous, and why reverse dieting may actually be the key for results. Sal explains his fitness philosophy, which focuses on functional movement, reframing your mindset around exercise, and consistency above all else.  We also get into the nutrition side of things. Sal and I break down how much protein you should be eating per day, plus our favorite proteins—and the evil ones we avoid. We also talk carbs. Do they make you fat? How do they impact performance? What are the best sources? Then, we get fired up talking about how you can fire up your metabolism.  This episode is for everyone, from gym newbies to serious bodybuilders. And check out my episode on The Mind Pump Podcast to get a double dose of me and Sal (watch or listen). (00:01:03) Are Bodybuilders the Edgiest Biohackers? (00:04:51) Strength Training vs. Cardio (00:12:27) Strength Training as a Longevity Tool (00:16:32) Moving Toward Functional Movement (00:21:10) Reframing Movement in Your Mind (00:29:17) Why Veganism Is Dangerous (00:33:27) Do Carbs Make You Fat? (00:38:34) Should You Reverse Diet? (00:40:54) How Much Protein Should You Eat? (00:50:18) Is There Any Good Reason To Eat Chicken? (00:55:10) Winning Carb Choices (00:59:42) Sal’s #1 Recommended Supplement (01:02:00) The Single Biggest Fitness Mistake SPONSORS Mitosynergy | Get 15% off now at 40 Years of Zen | Upgrade Your Brain in 5 Days by going to RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Mind Pump Podcast: Mind Pump Training Protocols: Mind Pump Instagram: @mindpumpmedia Sal’s Instagram: @mindpumpdistefano X: @mindpumpsal TikTok: @mindpumpmedia YouTube: @MindPumpShow The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 5m
Feb 15
The Art of Deep Rest – Tracee Stanley : 1133

Dive into yoga nidra with Tracee Stanley, a renowned teacher and author who unveils the transformative power of rest. Her book, "Radiant Rest," showcases the vital role of recovery in biohacking, advocating for the strength found in stillness.  Tracee, with over twenty years of experience and collaborations with icons like Marianne Williamson, is a leader in the realm of deep rest and clarity. Her latest work, "The Luminous Self," deepens this exploration, aligning with our aim to unlock inner power for a fulfilling life.  Today, we delve into yoga nidra's science, its profound effects on our brain, and how it connects us to our roots, reshapes habits, and promotes deep healing. Tracee's approach not only offers a pathway to better understanding and caring for ourselves but also redefines our relationship with rest and the world. Her insights are essential for anyone seeking a holistic biohack for body and mind wellness, providing clarity, compassion, and the gift of deep rest. (00:00:40) Accessing Real Rest & Peace With Yoga Nidra (00:12:25) One Free Daily Practice for Better Sleep, Focus & Productivity (00:26:34) Exploring Death Practices & Connecting to Nature (00:42:34) Creating a Legacy of Peace: Passing on Indigenous Traditions & Teachings (00:53:50) Healing a Sleep Deprived World & Confronting the Root Cause of Suffering (01:08:13) Exploring Tracee’s Tools for Connection & Healing SPONSORS Calroy | for an exclusive discount Bioptimizers Blood Sugar Breakthrough | Go to and use code “Dave10” for 10% off your order. RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Read: The Luminous Self by Tracee Stanley Read: Radiant Rest by Tracee Stanley Website: Instagram: @tracee_stanley The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 19m
Feb 13
Save Face: Non-Surgical Solutions From a Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Rob Whitfield : 1132

Today’s show is a masterclass in improving your skin without going under the knife. I’m excited to welcome back Dr. Rob Whitfield, an Austin-based plastic surgeon who specializes in breast implant removal surgeries and advanced cosmetic procedures. He invented the famous “No-Cut” Facelift, which revolutionized non-surgical facelifts for a more natural appearance.  I worked with Rob on a “No-Cut” Facelift, and he removed excess skin from my back after my weight loss. I got to be the guinea pig, and now I’m sharing everything I learned with you. On today's episode, I recount my experience and results with these procedures. Dr. Rob explains what a “No-Cut” Facelift is, plus other non-surgical procedures to tighten fat, remove excess skin, and reduce wrinkles.  We talk about radio frequency-assisted lipolysis, SoftWave therapy, Morpheus8, and a whole lot more. Plus, we get into foods that hurt your skin, injectable vs. topical peptides, and biohacking skincare. Basically, it’s everything you need to know for younger, healthier-looking skin. And let’s face it, we all want that.  (00:01:58) Dave’s Experience Working With Dr. Rob (00:08:48) What Is a “No-Cut” Facelift? (00:19:10) Shrinking Fat With Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (00:22:13) Zoom Lifts & More Non-Surgical Procedures (00:29:02) What Is SoftWave Therapy? (00:33:28) Biohacking for Skincare (00:34:47) Morpheus8: Good or Bad? (00:35:53) Treatments for Excess Skin (00:37:44) How Bad Are BBLs? (00:41:57) Does Your Skin Have a Biological Clock? (00:45:32) Foods That Hurt Your Skin (00:48:18) Topical vs. Injectable Peptides (00:50:17) The Bright Side of Sun Exposure (00:53:42) What To Do for Your Skin at 25 SPONSORS Leela Q | Visit for 10% off. Timeline Nutrition | Go to and get 10% off your order. RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: The HARP™️ Method: Instagram: @breastimplantillnessexpert Instagram: @drrobwhitfield Facebook: Dr. Rob Whitfield MD YouTube: @breastimplantillnessexpert TikTok: @drrobertwhitfield How Breast Implants Compromise Your Health and Make You Sick #1043 The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Feb 08
Insidious Inflammation & How To Fight It – Maggie Berghoff : 1131

Inflammation is at the root of everything. More inflammation means less energy and a higher risk of every disease. Today, we’re digging into exactly why inflammation is so insidious with functional medicine nurse practitioner Maggie Berghoff.  Maggie is a USA Today National Best-Selling author of the book Eat to Treat: Your Three-Step Plan To Reduce Inflammation, Detoxify Your Life, And Heal Your Body. She is also the founder of wellness supplement and non-toxic home line DETOXDaily.  In this episode, we talk all about inflammation—what causes it, how it hurts us, and how to combat it. We explore all the different types of inflammation, including physiological vs. psychological inflammation– and dig into how inflammation intersects with hormone health, thyroid function, and metabolic syndrome.  Maggie also shares her perspective about shedding shame around eating, and why perfectionism can be even more toxic than actually toxic foods. Plus, I share a lot of horrifying (but medically useful) information about urine. You’ll be equally intrigued and grossed out.  (00:01:29) The Ills of Inflammation (00:07:23) Physiological vs. Psychological Inflammation (00:15:00) 3 Things That Cause Inflammation (00:25:26) Are We More Inflamed Now Than Ever? (00:27:19) Where Do You Start Combating Inflammation? (00:30:09) What Is Your Inflammation Type? (00:35:50) When Your Hormones Are in Havoc (00:46:58) Metabolic Syndrome’s Role in Inflammation (00:49:22) The Nightmare of Poor Sleep (00:55:18) Shedding Shame Around Food (01:02:20) Why Not Just Take Aspirin? SPONSORS Quantum Upgrade | Go to for a 15 day free trial Stemregen | Go to for 20% off RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: Eat To Treat: DETOX Daily: Instagram: @maggie_berghoff Facebook: Maggie Berghoff  TikTok: @maggie_berghoff  Linkedin: Maggie Berghoff  The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 11m
Feb 06
Change Your Morning, Change Your Life – Hal Elrod : 1130

Meet a man who makes miracles happen. Today, I’m joined in the studio by Hal Elrod, author of the international bestseller The Miracle Morning and his newest book, The Miracle Equation. After overcoming multiple near-death experiences and financial hardships, Hal channeled his adversity into helping others overcome their own challenges. His Miracle Morning approach has impacted millions of lives. On today’s episode, Hal tells us all about his updated version of The Miracle Morning. He explains SAVERS, the six foundational practices that will transform your morning and change your life. We also talk about tips for hacking your sleep, productivity, and relationships.  Hal shares the stories of his devastating car accident and rare cancer diagnosis—and the superpowers he gained from coming back to life. We explore how these near-death experiences changed his perspective on life and what he values most. He also tackles some tough questions… Should we try to help everyone? What does it mean to be a “man”? And what does it take to truly serve others? There’s so much to take away from Hal’s refreshing and optimistic perspective.  (00:03:20) Creative Ways To Hold Yourself Accountable (00:13:57) Ditching Veganism (00:21:08) Hal’s Near-Death Experiences (00:27:35) Taking Your Health in Your Hands (00:29:37) Did Hal Come Back With Superpowers? (00:31:55) Are You Supposed To Help Everyone? (00:40:51) How the Miracle Morning Changed Hal’s LIfe (00:43:42) What Does It Mean To Be a “Man”? (00:51:25) Customizing Your Morning To Meet Your Needs (00:54:05) The Six Savers for Success (00:56:53) Tips To Save Your Sleep (01:01:51) The MVP of Personal Development Practices (01:06:14) Nourishing Our Connections SPONSORS Viome | Go to and save $110 on the full-body intelligence test.  Neurohacker | Go to and try it risk free for up to 100 days. Use code “DAVE” at checkout for 15% now. RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Read: The Miracle Morning and The Miracle Equation Website: Facebook: Hal Elrod X: @HalElrod YouTube: @HalElrod The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 13m
Feb 01
The New Fountain of Youth: Plant-Based Stem Cells - Christian Drapeau : 1129

Imagine the benefits of stem cell regeneration without needles or a high cost. Today, I'm excited to introduce Christian Drapeau, inventor of a groundbreaking plant-based stem cell product for health and longevity. Christian is more than a scientist; he's a stem cell expert and herbalist, pioneering plant-based stem cell enhancers. Yes, plants and stem cells together! His background from McGill University and work at Stemtech International make him a leading voice in stem cell science.  His book, 'Cracking the Stem Cell Code,' reveals how our bodies use stem cells for repair, and his latest research shows how aquatic plants can boost stem cell production, like nature's own fountain of youth. We'll explore how Christian's journey in ancient herbalism led to innovative discoveries in stem cell enhancement and clarify the difference between traditional procedures and products like STEMREGEN.  Stay tuned for key answers: How do stem cells promote longer, healthier lives? What's the truth about stem cells and cancer? When's the best time to start using these products? I'll also share my personal routine for maximizing stem cell supplement effects. If you're excited about affordable, effective health benefits, try STEMREGEN. Visit to save 20% on your order. (00:01:09) STEMREGEN: Understanding The Herbalism x Stem Cell Crossover (00:12:21) Stem Cells & Longevity 101 (00:23:55) The Historical Context of Healing & Longevity with Plants (00:32:05) Affordability & Cancer Prevention with STEMREGEN (00:44:27) Preventing Kidney Stones & Lowering Your pH  (00:57:37) Dave’s Biohacking Stack for STEMREGEN Enhancement  (01:05:51) Improving Mitochondrial Function & Measuring Age SPONSORS Bioptimizers | Go to, and use code "Dave10" for 10% off RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: Instagram: @stemregen YouTube: STEMREGEN The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 15m
Jan 30
The Superfoods That Are Killing You – Teri Cochrane : 1128

Today, we’re digging into specifics about food that you haven’t heard on the show before. This one may very well influence you to rethink your “healthy” diet and change how you feel about food completely. To get there, I’m excited to welcome back Teri Cochrane, an integrative practitioner and pioneer in personalized healthcare.  Teri is the founder of the Global Sustainable Health Institute® and developer of The Cochrane Method®, a future-facing algorithm for decoding the human body. Teri is also one of the world’s leading experts on dietary amyloids, which is a topic I love talking about. In today’s episode, we get into what amyloids are and how they turn on viruses, cause cancer, and shorten our lives. We also explore the dangers of oxalates and histamines, plus hacks to reduce and release them. Teri and I both have our own recipes for releasing oxalates that you can try at home (they’re surprisingly simple).  We talk about how dirty poultry is killing us—and how superfoods like kale and almonds aren’t any better. We break down the benefits of regenerative farming, and share ways to make your dollar stretch if you can’t afford grass-fed meat. Plus, Teri tells us what she personally eats.  (00:02:01) The Big 4 Metabolic Impairments (00:08:21) The Dangers of Oxalates (00:12:02) The Fifth Disruptor: Histamine (00:16:22) Becoming Your Own Body Interpreter (00:28:41) How Do We Get Off Oxalates? (00:35:41) Dave’s Recipe for Releasing Oxalates (00:44:40) Hacks for Histamines (00:50:32) Amyloid 101: What You Should Know (00:56:56) Should You Beware of B6? (00:59:54) What’s the Best Kind of Protein? SPONSORS Calroy Arterosil & Vascanox Bundle | Head over to for an exclusive discount. RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: Instagram: @tericochranebeyondnutrition YouTube: @TeriCochrane The Global Sustainable Health Institute: Read: The Wildatarian Diet by Teri Cochrane  What You Eat is Turning Your Genes On and Off – Teri Cochrane – #646 The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 15m
Jan 25
Knees Over Toes: Fix Knees, Calves, Shins & Shoulders – Ben Patrick : 1127

Meet the man who’s making leaps forward in functional movement training.  Ben Patrick (aka the Knees Over Toes Guy) went from chronic knee issues to becoming a dunking sensation with his remarkable 42-inch vertical leap. His journey led him to discover the unconventional “knees over toes” method. He now trains to reverse joint pain and defy aging. In this episode, Ben shares his three game-changing foundations of exercise. We look back at the history of backward walking, and talk about its benefits today. Ben gives us his best tips for strengthening and healing knees, calves, shins, hip flexors, and shoulders. We start from the ground up with fixes for feet and toes. Plus, we talk about the problem with most shoes. Today’s biggest takeaway is recognizing the connection between functional movement and longevity. Functional training is key to how long you live and how well you live. Whether you’re 18 and want to do parkour or you’re 80 and want to get up off the floor—or still do parkour—you’ll want to hear this one.  (00:04:45) What’s Up With Knees Over Toes? (00:13:58) Strengthening Joints, Not Just Muscles (00:19:54) Starting Off on the Right Foot (00:28:21) Taking It Back to Basics (00:38:30) Will These Workouts Help or Hurt Your Joints? (00:45:09) Fixes From the Toes Up (00:53:48) How To Have Healthy Hip Flexors (01:00:33) Healthy Movement Patterns for Life (01:03:03:) Secrets To Shoulder Healing (01:05:50) Marketing That Actually Helps People SPONSORS Quantum Upgrade | Go to for a 7-day free trial RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: ATG Equipment: Instagram: @kneesovertoesguy YouTube: @TheKneesovertoesguy  TikTok: @kneesovertoesguy Biohacking Conference: The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 12m
Jan 23
Biohack Like a Woman – Aggie Lal : 1126

Today, we're learning how to Biohack like a Woman. And trust me, it's not about counting calories or giving up your favorite foods; it's a whole new paradigm. I'm thrilled to introduce you to our incredible guest today, someone I've had the privilege of working with for several years—Aggie Lal aka Biohacking Bestie.  Aggie is not your average biohacker; she's a public figure, bestselling author, health coach and a TEDx Speaker. She's been featured on TV and started the renowned Travel her Shoes blog over a decade ago, eventually leading her down the path of biohacking after realizing the toll constant travel can take on your health. Aggie's journey has led her to establish the Higher Self Academy, where she offers courses to help individuals, especially women, personalize their biohacking journeys. She's also the host of the Biohacking Bestie podcast—make sure to check out our recent conversation on her show.  I love the work Aggie’s doing so much, that I even wrote the foreword for her groundbreaking new book, Biohack Like a Woman, which is all about revolutionizing weight loss and biohacking specifically tailored for women. In today's episode, we delve into topics like fertility, understanding perimenopause, and exploring distinct biohacking recommendations for men and women. Aggie and I discuss why women must honor their cycle when trying new practices and the common challenges women face when under-eating calories and exercising. Plus, Aggie shares her valuable nutritional advice for women, including protein intake per meal.  (00:02:01) Aggie’s Mission To Empower Women Through Biohacking (00:10:46) Addressing Stress Response Capacity & The Importance of Rest & Recovery (00:21:12) Biohacking Your Cycle, Fertility & Birth Control (00:34:55) Nourishing Women: Understanding the Impact of Caloric Deficiency & Exercise (00:44:53) Embracing New Relationship Dynamics & Women’s Innate Power (00:54:24) How Biohacking Is Disrupting Mainstream Medicine (00:59:21) Nutritional Recommendations for Women SPONSORS BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough | Go to for 10% off your order. ARMRA | Try it out for yourself at Use code DAVE to get 15% off your first order. RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Read: Biohack Like a Woman  Biohacking Bestie: Higher Self Academy: Instagram: @aggie Instagram: @biohackingbestie YouTube: @biohackingbestie TikTok: @biohackingbestie Biohacking Bestie Podcast: The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 15m
Jan 18
From Tech to Table: Inside Kimbal Musk's Culinary Revolution : 1125

Today’s very special episode comes from inside Kimbal Musk’s kitchen, where I get a hands-on look at his passion for cooking, community, and regenerative farming. Kimbal Musk is a South African restaurateur, chef, entrepreneur and a board member at Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, companies led by his brother, Elon Musk.  Outside of the tech space, Kimbal is the force behind The Kitchen Restaurant Group and co-founder and chairman of Big Green, where he's pioneering outdoor classroom Learning Gardens in schools nationwide. Additionally, Kimbal co-founded Square Roots, an innovative urban farming venture utilizing hydroponic, climate-controlled shipping containers.  In our last interview at his newly opened restaurant, The Kitchen, we explored the intersection of technology, regenerative agriculture, and grass-fed cuisine. Today, we unpack Kimbal's passion for food and community. Seriously, we’re not just chatting about technology and longevity here—Kimbal teaches me how best to prepare, serve, and enjoy grass fed steak to perfection.  During this live tutorial, we talk about how the energy you put into preparing your food really does impact how it tastes, and his unique perspective on innovation and leadership, gained from working closely with his brother Elon and the teams at Tesla and SpaceX.  Then, we explore the highlights of his new cookbook, The Kitchen Cookbook: Cooking for Your Community, a treasure trove of real-food recipes accompanied by easy to follow video tutorials. It’s an incredibly valuable resource for anyone that’s interested in bringing more realness to their food prep and diet. (00:02:14) Embracing Community Through Food (00:18:33) Teaching Kids About Regenerative Farming With Big Green (00:28:56) Try the Kitchen Cookbook for Better Family Meals (00:38:52) Kimbal Musk on Psychedelics: In or Out? (00:43:06) Cooking for Elon Musk (00:47:27) Learn How To Prep & Cook a Beautiful Grass-Fed Steak Live (00:59:22) Kitchen Thoughts on Longevity & Death (01:04:12) Exploring the Link Between Quality Fats & Testosterone SPONSORS Apollo Neuro Wearable | Head to to save 15% on your Apollo wearable. CAROL Bike | Save $250 on CAROL Bike until January 15th with code DAVE at RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Organic Revolution: Kimbal Musk’s Mission to Take Down Big Food # 504 Big Green:  Read: The Kitchen Cookbook by Kimbal Musk The Kitchen: Read: Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 9m
Jan 16
Gratitude & Grit: How To Grow in 2024 – Gary Vaynerchuk : 1124

Today’s guest is not a scientist but a true visionary. Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee), is a self-made entrepreneur and digital marketing pioneer. He started his business journey with a lemonade stand at age seven. Now, he’s a prolific content creator, best-selling author, and the co-founder of the massive digital agency VaynerMedia.  What I love about Gary is that he leads with integrity, optimism, and, above all, gratitude. He’s a guy of wisdom, not just business—and that’s an important element of what The Human Upgrade is all about. In today’s episode, we explore how entrepreneurship has changed since Gary and I started. We get into how to grow a business in 2024 and Gary’s advice for anyone starting out. His secret to success will surprise you.  We talk a lot about gratitude, and how that lens has shaped Gary’s long career and kept him from burning out. Gary also shares his perspective on today’s social media landscape, the importance of kind candor, and why we should look to our elders.  No doubt, listening to Gary will inspire you to go after your passions and try that thing you’ve been putting off. In Gary’s words, your happiness is worth fighting for! (00:02:01) Redefining Success as an Entrepreneur (00:07:02) How Gary’s Upbringing Impacted His Success (00:10:32) The Truth About Social Media in 2024 (00:14:49) Is Everyone Just Copying Each Other? (00:18:50) Gratitude As the Antidote for Burnout (00:24:11) Championing Wisdom Instead of Youth (00:29:21) Prioritizing Joy Over Riches (00:38:02) Recognizing the Importance of Kind Candor (00:43:08) Reframing Relationships & the Perspectives You Engage With (00:47:17) Leading With Gratitude, Not Fear SPONSOR 40 Years of Zen | Go to to receive an exclusive offer for podcast listeners.  RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: Instagram: @garyvee TikTok: @garyvee Facebook: Gary Vaynerchuk YouTube: @garyvee X: @garyvee Discord: VeeFriends The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Jan 11
A Healthy Gut Can Reverse Disease – Dr. Steven Gundry : 1123

I'm excited to welcome back Dr. Steven Gundry to The Human Upgrade for his sixth appearance, a tribute to his remarkable insights and ongoing research. Dr. Gundry, a true pioneer, is renowned for his books like "The Plant Paradox" and his groundbreaking work on lectins, changing how we understand our body's reaction to food. He's also a top cardiothoracic surgeon and a leader in robotic cardiac surgery, with over two decades of research into the microbiome, using diet and nutrition as key treatment tools. His book, "Unlocking the Keto Code," and his wellness line, GundryMD, have made significant impacts in health and nutrition. In this episode, we dive into cutting-edge research from his new book “Gut Check.” Dr. Gundry discusses the microbiome's connection to disease, and gut health's role in hormone regulation, crucial for mental health during menopause. He'll also share insights on dietary choices, the truth about parasites, and nicotine's unexpected role in longevity. Dr. Gundry's transformative wisdom bridges traditional and alternative medicine. A big thank you to him for another enlightening visit. Thanks for joining us on this journey of discovery! (00:00:22) The Latest Research on How To Reverse Disease (00:10:16) The Link Between Leaky Gut & Gluten (00:16:50) Debunking Blue Zones (00:19:28) What Meat Products You Should Eat & Avoid (00:23:43) The Latest Data on New 5GC, 5AC & Fermented Meat (00:34:27) The Real Issue with Oxalates & How To Boost Your Defenses (00:41:33) How the Microbiome Influences Hormones & Menopause (00:48:10) What Foods Have the Highest Risk for Parasites According to Dr. Gundry (00:55:11) Benefits & Risks of Berberine (00:58:21) The Surprising Truth About Nicotine & Longevity (01:09:11) The Downside to Too Much Olive Oil SPONSORS ARMRA | Visit and use the code DAVE to get 15% off your first order. Leela Q | Visit and get a 10% discount on LeelaQ products.  RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Read: Gut Check by Dr. Steven Gundry Website: Podcast: The Dr. Gundry Podcast Keto Gets an Upgrade – Dr. Steven Gundry #912 How to Identify Your Energy Blockers and Beat Fatigue – Dr. Steven Gundry with Dave Asprey – #803  How Foods are Harming Your Kids – Steven Gundry, M.D. – #649 Healthy Aging Begins and Ends in the Gut – Dr. Steven Gundry #604 How Nutrition Can Reverse Disease and the Impact of Lectins – Dr. Steven Gundry – #417 The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 15m
Jan 09
NAD+: A Quantum Leap in Biohacking – Dr. Gregory Kelly : 1122

On today’s Upgrade Spotlight episode, we’re talking all about NAD+. In the biohacking world, everyone and their mother has heard of NMN and NAD+, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.  To get into the nitty gritty of NAD+, we’re joined by Dr. Gregory Kelly, a naturopathic physician and the lead product formulator at Neurohacker Collective, also known as Qualia. I’m an advisor to the company, and they do fantastic and innovative work in the longevity space. Their NAD+ supplement is a quantum leap in biohacking and a no-brainer to add to your stack.  In today’s episode, Dr. Kelly explains what NAD is and why it’s essential for longevity, cognition, energy levels, and athletic performance. We talk about the differences between NR, NMN, and Niacinamide. We also explore the most efficient way to get NAD. Is an IV worth the money or will supplements give you more bang for your buck?  Plus, Dr. Kelly breaks down exactly what’s included—and not included—in the Qualia NAD+ formula. I’ve been a major proponent of NAD for more than 10 years, but I don’t like to spend all my time and money getting it. If you feel the same, you’re going to want to tune into this episode.  (00:01:55) What Is NAD & Why Do We Care? (00:06:19) The Most Efficient Way To Get NAD (00:09:55) Sirtuin’s Superpowers  (00:14:42) The Qualia NAD+ Formula  (00:22:37) The Buzz on Coffee Berry  (00:25:53) When Is the Best Time To Take NAD+?  (00:30:01) NAD+ in Clinical Trials  (00:34:16) What’s NOT in the Qualia Supplement  (00:38:02) A Quantum Leap for Biohacking  EPISODE SPONSOR Neurohacker | Boost YOUR NAD+ up to 50%* + GET 50% OFF  go to RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Visit to save 50% on Qualia NAD+ by Neurohacker  Neurohacker Collective: Neurohacker Collective Instagram: @neurohacker Linkedin: Gregory Kelly The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Jan 05
How to Relentlessly Prioritize Your Life – Jesse Itzler : 1121

Today, we take a look into the mindset and habits of successful entrepreneurs and mastering the art of organization for success, topics that today’s guest has totally mastered.  Jesse Itzler has an impressive background with a bachelor's degree from American University and a further degree in justice, law, and society. His resume as an entrepreneur is also quite impressive, co-founding Marquis Jet, the world's largest private jet card company, which was later sold to Berkshire Hathaway/NetJets. Beyond this, he's partnered with Zico coconut water, selling it to The Coca-Cola Company, and has ventured into the music industry, co-writing Billboard Top 100 hits and co-founding Alphabet City Sports Records.  Jesse is also an acclaimed triathlete and author, with his book, Living with a Seal, becoming a New York Times bestseller. As we step into the early days of 2024, this episode is all about providing you with clear, direct methods to upgrade your life across various facets—work, fitness, and personal development. Tune in as I compare and contrast my organizational methods with Jesse's, the goal being to introduce you to strategies that resonate with you and align with your personality.  You'll gain insights into how Jesse efficiently prioritizes his calendar and the skills needed to outperform competition when you’re starting out in business. We also explore habits and tools for staying physically and mentally young, our favorite biohacks, my personal excitement in the field of longevity, and ways to structure your life for maximum return on investment, both in terms of monetary success and happiness.  While our methods differ in some areas, our objective is the same: to live a life with minimal regrets, whether you reach 80 or 180 years old. Join us as we discuss the habits of successful entrepreneurs—both from our experience and learning from others at the top of their game—and discover practical ways to implement these lessons into your life. (00:00:20) The Secret to Jesse’s Success in Business & Triathlons (00:05:10) How Jesse Organizes His Life & Implements New Habits (00:22:49) Structuring Support Systems & Early Hires (00:32:41) Lessons From Living With a Seal & Monks (00:48:19) What Biohacks Dave Is Most Excited About (00:54:21) How To Organize Your Time Efficiently (01:01:54) The Mindset & Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs (01:10:34) The Recipe for a Fulfilling Life (01:18:46) Dave’s Top Tools for Longevity SPONSOR: to save $150 full body intelligence test. RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: Instagram: @jesseitzler TikTok: @jesseitzler YouTube: Jesse Itzler Linkedin: Jesse Itzler The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

1h 25m
Jan 04
The Expert In Your Face: Youthful Skin Without Surgery – Dr. Anthony Youn : 1120

Dr. Anthony Youn, aka “America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon,” is an expert in your face. He joins us to answer some burning questions… Can plastic surgery actually be holistic? Can you turn back the clock without going under the knife? And… What work should I get done to my face? Today, we’re talking all about how to hack your face and save your skin.  Dr. Youn is a nationally-recognized, board-certified plastic surgeon. He’s the most followed plastic surgeon on social media and a TikTok star. He’s the author of The Age Fix, In Stitches, and Playing God. His new book, Younger For Life, is a complete holistic guide to anti-aging using a process he coined called Autojuvenation.  In today’s episode, we get into what Autojuvenation is, and how it helps you look younger without surgery—a surgeon who wants to help you avoid surgery! We talk about blending biohacking and cosmetics, natural vs. medical-grade skincare, collagen peptides, treating hair loss, and whether sunscreen causes or prevents cancer.  Dr. Youn also tells us the dumbest things that both men and women do to their faces—and how to avoid them. Let’s face it, many of us want to look younger. This conversation is a fascinating look at how to approach aesthetics from a biohacker’s perspective.  (00:01:55) Is There Such Thing As Holistic Plastic Surgery? (00:05:12) Natural vs. Medical-Grade Skincare (00:09:36) Holistic Alternatives That Traditional Physicians Don’t Know (00:16:47) Does Topical Collagen Work? (00:19:45) What Cosmetic Work Should Dave Have Done? (00:25:20) Blending Biohacking & Cosmetics (00:30:38) The Dumbest Things Men Do to Their Skin (00:35:37) Is Sunscreen Preventing or Causing Cancer? (00:38:33) The Dumbest Things Women Do to Their Skin (00:43:54) The Hair-Raising Effects of Hair Loss (00:52:35) Additional Skin Biohacks from a Pro RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  Website: Pre-order: Younger For Life (over $100 value of free bonuses) TikTok: @doctoryoun  Instagram: @tonyyounmd YouTube: @DoctorYoun Podcast: The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show  The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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Jan 02
Urolithin A: The Miracle Compound - Dr. Dominic Denk : 1119

Get ready for this important download on a fascinating biohacking compound you haven’t heard me talk about before: Urolithin A. It’s a postbiotic that supports the mitochondria, and it’s backed by impressive studies on longevity, anti-cancer effects, cognitive function, and muscle strength. In fact, this compound has earned a place in my permanent stack—which you know isn’t easy to pull off. Today, I chat with Dr. Dominic Denk, who’s done some of the original research on Urolithin A and the company that makes it, Timeline Nutrition powered by Mitopure. Dr. Denk works as a physician in the Department of Internal Medicine at University Hospital Frankfurt.  Dr. Denk breaks down what Urolithin A is and how it impacts aging and cancer prevention—answering questions on when, how, and why to take Mitopure—before we delve into the powers of mitochondria, how to have more energy production in your cells, and the relationship between energy production and cancer.  We also talk T cells, autoimmunity, and inflammation. Plus, we get into the differences in healthcare and pharmaceutical overreach in the U.S. and Germany. Tune in to uncover the latest life-changing compound—and find out what it will do for your heaviest lift in the gym, your cognition before your next big meeting, and to reverse aging over time.  (00:03:31) Understanding Urolithin A  (00:08:43) Genetic vs. Mitochondrial Cancer  (00:14:48) Getting to the Root of Autoimmunity  (00:21:19) Strong Evidence on Muscle Strength  (00:23:59) Does Cancer Hate Americans?  (00:27:59) Why Do We Age?  (00:31:35) The Best Studied Compound You’re Not Taking  (00:33:02) Talking T Cells  (00:36:22) Healthcare in Germany vs. The U.S.  (00:43:31) Urolithin A & Hot/Cold Therapies  (00:45:55) Tripling Down on mTOR  (00:52:05) Are There Downsides to Urolithin A?  RESOURCES Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now:  TIMELINE NUTRITION: and use code DAVE to save 10%. After January 1st, 2024, for 30% discount. Mitopure: X: @DomDenkMD Linkedin: Dominic Denk The Human Upgrade is produced by Crate Media See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Dec 28, 2023