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A podcast to share my love of learning languages with the world. Hosted by Azren the Language Nerd (@PolyglotAzren) Enjoy the show! :)

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All Language Learners Should Do This

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Aug 11
Increasing Vocabulary REALLY Matters

Enjoy the episode! Send me a DM @polyglotazren or email me at if you have any comments or questions about this episode.

Aug 09
Finding Your Rhythm

In this episode, I discuss the importance of getting into a habit of studying/practing your target language. I also give a practical piece of advice to build self-confidence.

Aug 08
Top 6 Tips to Learn a Language

My best podcast episode of 2022. This is not one to miss.

Aug 07
What is Sound Flexibility?

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Aug 03
Analyzing the Learning Curve and Transition Curve

I discussed two concepts that are crucial for language learners to understand: the transition curve and the learning curve. Enjoy this episode where I provide an in-depth look at both.

Jul 30
Let's Get a Little Nerdy and Talk Linguistics

I discuss phonemic and phonological awareness in this episode. I also talk about what constitutes a "good" private tutor and shared some learnings from my recent meditations.

Jul 27
A Fantastical Episode

I started off with practical language learning tips and somehow ended up talking about fantastical topics involving the Buddha trapped inside a statue on a large staircase in Hell. Get ready for a truly one-of-a kind episode.

Jul 22
30 Minutes of Q&A

Join my Facebook group! That's where all these questions came from. It is called The Language Learning Nerds. Search it up and you'll find it :)

Jul 19
Is it Hard to Learn a Language?

Short answer: frequently yes, but that's precisely why you should do it and see it through.

Jul 18
Three New Rules for My Life

This podcast applies to language learning and personal development as a whole.

Jul 15
Magic Formula to Learn a Language

This might be my favourite and possibly best podcast of 2022. Enjoy and hit me up @polyglotazren or by email at if you have any questions.

Jul 04
Azren the Language Nerd on the Entrepreneurs Start Here Podcast

As many of you know, I used to run a window cleaning franchise. Recently some of my previous coworkers at that business started a business podcast and had me on as a guest. Here is that episode. Check out their podcast at

Jun 30
Simple Tips that Just Work

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Jun 29
Fascinating Discussion with an MIT Graduate About Languages, Culture, and More

This was one of my favourite podcasts to record all year. Be sure to follow Janelle on Instagram @itsjanellie!

1h 7m
Jun 28
Yes, you can learn a language quickly

Enjoy the episode! @polyglotazren

Jun 21
How Languages Are Taught in Different Countries

Enjoy this episode with @rebekaporter!

1h 3m
Jun 20
Q&A Session!

Enjoy and don't forget to join my FB group called "The Language Learning Nerds" (not the language nerds)

Jun 12
How to Start Learning a Language

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Jun 08
The Most Unique Country in the World?

I interviewed two more people who live in Japan in this podcast. We discussed their journey of getting used to Japanese culture and their experiences learning the language. Please note that one of the guests had slight problems with his internet connection and his audio chops out from time to time.  If you want to learn more about them, you can do so here: Marisa: Steven: @stevens_countries on Instagram  Enjoy the episode!

Jun 07
The Dark Side of Language Goals

Be careful about the goals you set. They can be your downfall. Send me a message @polyglotazren or by email at if you have any questions.

Jun 06
Language and Culture Shock on a Farm in Japan

I want to try doing interviews with other people a bit more often. Here is an interview with someone I met on Instagram named Sydney about her experience integrating into Japanese society. Enjoy the episode!

Jun 02
5 Ways to Improve Fluency

Enjoy the episode! Contact me @polyglotazren or at if you have any questions.

Jun 02
A Spiritual Transformation

The podcast is back after a 2 month break!

May 30