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The Media Coach 12th December 2023

A trip to Amsterdam; Help with your speaking; A tribute to Benjamin Zephaniah; Fake speakers; Believe it say it, do it; It’s not over ’til it’s over; Get more engaged in 2024; An interview with Simon Phillips; Music from Slim Chance

Dec 07
The Media Coach 1st December 2023

Whamageddon; Farewell to Shane; A trip to Rotterdam; Speaker coaching; An Irish pub advert; Which Royals?; Handling a Heckle; Why not be nice?; Just say thank you; An interview with and music from, Keith Smart

Nov 30
The Media Coach 24th November 2023

A lot of Leiths; Speaker coaching; Shane McGowan is getting better; No goal of the month; Talk with, not at. Your audience; Handling a pre-rec; Don’t throw fuel on the fire; An interview with and music from The Condriacs

Nov 23
The Media Coach 17th november 2023

A great tennis match; A long week in politics; Speaker Coaching; A sixty year marriage; The Crown; What makes a speech weak; Double double toil and trouble; Raise your video game; An interview with and music from Mike Vernon

Nov 16
The Media Coach 10th November 2023

Remembrance Day; A tennis match; Speaker Coaching; Carol Vorderman’s integrity; Goodby Omegle; 5 things to do before a speech; Listen with your body; 7 tips for online video; An interview with and music from Dan Raza

Nov 09
The Media Coach 3rd November 2023

Fireworks in the sky; Fireworks at Number 10; Speaker Coaching; Matthew Perry remembered; Chandler mis-remembered; What makes you exceptional?; Plan your one-liners; Relationship glue; An interview with and music from Mustangs of the West

Nov 02
The Media Coach 27th October 2023

National Mentoring Day; Get yourself some speaker mentoring; A band called The Beatles; The Wrong Rangers; Mind your language; Keep it simple; Four social media tactics; An interview with Chelsey Baker; Music from When Rivers Meet

Oct 26
The Media Coach 20th October 2023

A new home for the show; Stop Making Sense; Thelma Shoonmaker honoured; A medal too far; Gathering the evidence; Dealing with bias; Keeping the debate going; An interview with Caroline Stafford; Music from Slim Chance

Oct 19
The Media Coach 13th October 2023

The Professional Speakers gather; A coaching offer; Mark Kermode rants; Easy doesn’t do it; Seven ways to speak better; I’ve been misquoted; Speed, Structure, Mood; An interview with Ian Cleverdon; Music from The Huers

Oct 12
The Media Coach 6th October 2023

Some time at Oktoberfest; An exceptional speaking day; Judy Collins; The Wrong Trousers; Don’t share myths; Be in the news flow; Plough your own furrow; An interview with Martin Parnell; Music from Slim Chance

Oct 05
The Media Coach 29th September 2023

A few beer-related events; Speaker Coaching; An inspirational musician; Dan Wootton; Everything matters; As I was saying earlier; Put it out there, watch it come back; An interview with Will Kintish; Music from Hannah White.

Sep 28
The Media Coach 22nd September 2023

Well done to Mary Earps; Speaker Coaching; A great photographer; Who scored that?; Lest we forget; Small is Beautiful; Unique and Priceless; An interview with Dr Lynda Shaw; Music from Robert Corcoran

Sep 21
The Media Coach 15th September 2023

Did we land on the moon?; My coaching programme returns; Jean Both remembered; A daft idea on a pub; How flat is your earth?; Don’t ask me; You’re not the BBC; An interview with Richard Hewson; Music from The RAH Band

Sep 14
The Media Coach 8th September 2023

A high level Paris walk; An exceptional day;  Sarah Lancashire - brilliant; Richard Madly - not; Oh come on Ref!; Consume the media; Don’t change a winning team; An interview with Justin King; Music from The Dustbowl Revival

Sep 07
The Media Coach 1st September 2023

Still looking for guests; A walk in Norfolk; Lunch in Paris; Adele stands up; The worst show on TV?; Deliver it, change it, deliver it; Say it, say it again and again; Listen up; An interview with Rebecca Hill; Music from When Rivers Meet

Aug 31
The Media Coach 23rd August 2023

Looking for guests; Well done the metric milers; A shirt for Mary; No fat bottoms please; Toughen it up; What does this mean for viewers?: Fairly short and thin it out; An interview with Mike Paul-Smith; Music from Down for the Count

Aug 24
The Media Coach 18th August 2023

Come on you Lionesses; Folk in the Park; Michael Parkinson remembered; Alexa oops; Use the Powerpoint; Seven things not to say to a reporter; Think Different; An interview with Brian Walter; Music from Jessica Lee Morgan

Aug 17
The Media Coach 11th August 2023

Football returns; A date for your diary; Speaker coaching; A tribute to Robbie Robertson; Don’t steal my book; Classical Rhetoric; How to behave on TV; What do you like?; An interview with and music from Mike Armstrong

Aug 10
The Media Coach 4th August 2023

Avoiding the pins; Back on London’s streets; Any chance of a free cakes?; I could never be a speaker; I’m from the Sunday Times; Don’t worry be happy; An interview with Suzanne Doyle-Ingram; Music from When Rivers Meet

Aug 03
The Media Coach 28th July 2023

A wedding and a break; Speaker Coaching places; Sinead O’Connor remembered; X marks the spot; They’ve come to hear from you; Become a source; Five messaging tips; An interview with Pete Weissman; Music from The Sons of Town Hall

Jul 27
The Media Coach 21st July 2023

Social media - a force for good; Speaker Coaching places; Derek Malcolm remembered; A cycling selfie; Advice from old Bill; Get Ready; Social media tips from film; An interview with Elise Quevedo; Music from The Dustbowl Revival

Jul 20
The Media Coach 14th July 2023

Won’t get fooled again; A newsreader is the story; Standing up for small music venues; Axl Rose and Bugs Bunny; Start me Up; I can’t explain; Go your own way; An interview with and music from Suzi Quatro

Jul 13
The Media Coach 7th July 2023

50 years of Ziggy Stardust; Tacking a job opportunity; A dreadful TV show; Be a pro; Head to Head; Has Twitter gone down the tubes?; An interview with Kristin Arnold; Music from When Rivers Meet

Jul 06
The Media Coach 30th june 2023

Baseball in London; The end of an era for me; Facebook doesn’t like tribute acts; English and Welsh cricket in the dock; Being fully present; How to take criticism; Soft and Hard interviews; An interview with and music from Shaneeka Simon

Jun 29
The Media Coach 23rd June 2023

Who is the real Alan Partridge?; Daisy Jones or not?; Fiennes or Southgate”; Lineker in a mess; You’re on in five minutes; Be in the moment; Vacant or Engaged?; An interview with Dr Sue Mitchell; Music from Chris While and Julie Matthews

Jun 22
The Media Coach 16th June 2023

Off on me hols; A new couple for Strictly?; A football commentator with integrity; A reporter gets confused; It’s not what you have it’s what they need; Time is money; Recommend, Refer, Promote; An interview with, and music from, The Korgis

Jun 15
The Media Coach 9th June 2023

How was Burna Boy?; Well done the Irons;A tribute to Tony McPhee; Golf hypocrisy; Who’s in charge here?; How to behave on air; Be how you are; An interview with Lesley-Ann Jones and music from Jim Boggia

Jun 08
The Media Coach 2nd June 2023

A rugby final with speakers; A bit of AI (or not); Benny and Bjorn say no; Ten ways to avoid a standing ovation; Real news and Non-news; Cut it out; ITV in a mess; An interview with and music from, Tommy Stinson

Jun 01
The Media Coach 26th May 2023

A baseball food tasting with a doughnut burger; Speaker Coaching; A tribute to Tina; La Lisa boss in trouble; Waiting to speak; Who are you to say?; Disagreeing respectfully; An interview with Tristan Gooley; Music from Sons of Town Hall

May 25
The Media Coach 19th May 2023

60 years of music in Putney; Hackney Half; Speaker Coaching; Green surfing; The dog did it; Push the button; Media Alfresco; Don’t worry be Happy; An interview with Neil Mullarkey; Music from Jessica Lee Morgan

May 18