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The Media Coach 12th August 2022

Volunteering; Ryanair cheap flights?; A wonder full actress retires; Richard Madeley goes full Partridge; Gladstone’s Rules; Straight and Narrow; How are you doing on Social Media? An interview with Ross Kimbarovsky; Music from When Rivers Meet

Aug 11
The Media Coach 5th August 2022

Commonwealth Games interviews; It’s not all plain cycling; A letter to Liz and Rishi; A badly-named stand; Starting strongly; On the radio; Google tips and tricks; An interview with, and music from, Phil Matthews

Aug 04
The Media Coach 29th July 2022

Commonwealth Games in Brum; England Women’s Football; Lord Trimble; Fake Cricket; Five ways to improve your speech; Play nicely; How to use the news; An interview with and music from Geoff Muldaur

Jul 28
The Media Coach 22nd July 2022

It’s Rishi and Liz; Avanti versus tramline; England Women’s football; The BBC gets it wrong; Gigging around; Live on Location; Fairly short and thin it out; An interview with and music from Iain Matthews

Jul 21
The Media Coach 15th July 2022

Who will be the leader?; Time in Liverpool; Speaker Coaching; Sir Mo, or not?; Fox News slips up; That’s Amore; Four tough questions; You can’t always get what you want; A interview with Brian Walter; Music from The Dustbowl Revival

Jul 14
The Media Coach 8th July 2022

It’s goodbye to Boris; How to leave; Speaker Coaching; James Caan; Banking on Climate Change; Keeping cool; Killer facts; Web for knowing, handshake for closing; An interview with Scott Gaetz; `Music from The Immediate Family

Jul 07
The Media Coach 1st July 2022

Green Day and the Chili Peppers; Croke Park; Speaker Coaching; Angela Rayner; Vladimir Putin; The Oops effect; I’m sorry I haven’t a clue; So what’s your take?; An interview with and music from The Korgis

Jun 30
The Media Coach 24th June 2022

An exploding nata; Andy Lopata’s Podcast; Speaker Coaching; Dame Kelly Holmes; Reporting jokes; There’s too many of them; An honest tale speeds best; Do as your would be done by; An interview with Professor David Crystal; Music from Robbie Boyd

Jun 23
The Media Coach

Robbie sings Angels; Be on the show; Phew! What a scorcher; Billy Mega Chippy; Rebel Wilson; What is important; Listen Note, respond; Make it easy to share content; An interview with Heather Wright; Music from Simon Stanley Ward

Jun 16
The Media Coach 10th June 2022

We’re back!; Boris wins; In the band; Matthew McConaughey; Pizza Whoops; Getting from A to B; Keeping things clear; Are you sure that's a good idea?; An interview with Jeffrey Klubeck; Music from Jessica Lee Morgan.

Jun 09
The Media Coach 27th May 2022

ABBA Voyage; A trip to see Jimmy Webb; Reacting to a school shooting; Baz gets it wrong; Are you who you say you are?; I don’t know what they will ask me; Are you sure that’s a good idea?; An interview with and music from Jack Broadbent

May 26
The Media Coach 20th May 2022

The Queen and an oyster; Goodbye Vangelis; Sam Ryder; A misplaced tweet; Failsafe facilitation; News and not News; Challenge but justify; An interview with and music from Dean Friedman

May 19
The Media Coach 13th May 2022

It’s Eurovision; How not to be lonely; Landing a plane; How not to speak after dinner; The voice; Making your mind up; All kinds of everything; An interview with, and music from Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry

May 12
The Media Coach 6th May 2022

Is your phone obsolete?; Bill Bailey; A book about Tourettes; Johnny and Amber; Thesis and Antithesis; Go the Distance; Getting operatic on Twitter; An interview with Patricia Yates, Music from Mick Terry

May 05
The Media Coach 29th April 2022

Twitter is sold; Too much sugar?: A swimmer comes out; Do you daydream?; You’re all individuals; Ten video tips; Throw a party; An interview with Josh Packard; Music from Simon Stanley Ward

Apr 28
The Media Coach 22nd April 2022

Another promotion; An exceptional speaker day; Sir David Attenborough; Don’t eat the flowers; Tell the Truth; Double Denim; Nothing is private; An interview with, and music from, The Mona Lisa Twins

Apr 21
The Media Coach 15th April 2022

Happy Easter; Easter eggs, but not chocolate; Liz Carr; Kenny Shiels; 4 ways to ruin a speech; Des Wilson Says; An interview with Gilda Bonanno ; Music from Rob Corcoran

Apr 14
The Media Coach 8th April 2022

I’m ‘Enery the eighth; Exceptional Speaker Day; June Brown; What no programmes?; The role of the MC; They asked nasty questions; Be Unique; An interview with Saray Khumalo; Music from the Lost Hollow band

Apr 07
The Media Coach 1st April 2022

Don’t get fooled; An Exceptional Speaker Day; Speaker coaching; Laura Kuenssberg; Paul Hebblethwaite; Time-travelling; What if it all goes wrong?; Style it; An interview with, and music from, Gordon Giltrap and Paul Brett

Mar 31
The Media Coach 25th March 2022

Not CovId: Speaker Coaching; A beautiful song; Balenciaga versus Tesco; Be yourself; work your body. Be Sociable on video; An interview with Suzanne Doyle-Ingram; Music from Son of Town Hall.

Mar 24
The Media Coach 11th March 2022

The war goes on; How to donate; Disney glasses; Can I have a refund?; The eyes have it; Keeping people happy; An interview with, and music from, Rebecca-Anna

Mar 10
The Media Coach 4th March 2022

The war in Ukraine, and what you can do; A marvellous President; A careless CNN; What is News?; Be respectful; The great pretenders; An archive interview with Jeanne Robertson; Music from Out of the Rain

Mar 03
The Media Coach 25th February 2022

Ukraine; Driving through storms; Gary Brooker; The Queen is well; Moving the chairs; Being media-ready; Communicating like a band; An interview with Tristan Gooley; Music from When Rivers Meet

Feb 24
The Media Coach 18th February 2022

Polar Bear tales; Valentines Day; Farewell PJ; I’m in the painting; Do you know what you’re talking about?; Any minute now we’ll see the plane; Three and out; An interview with and music from, Tom Cridland

Feb 17
The Media Coach 11th February 2022

A polar bear again; Belfast the movie; Irn Bru pies; A dress code from yesteryear; Three wise speakers; Play your cards right; Building an audience for your Blog; An interview with and music from, Chris Amoo

Feb 10
The Media Coach 4th February 2022

Spotify comings and goings; Raith Rovers; An unusual library book; A fake Churchill; Don’t peak too late; Mind your Media Manners; Don’t rant!; An interview with, and music from, Blair Dunlop

Feb 03
The Media Coach 28th January 2022

Run your age; Selling CDs; Exceptional Speaking; A tribute to Barry Cryer; Aliens love The Queen; Do you love your topic?; Fork collector monthly; Take it up a notch; An interview with Jackie Barrie; Music from Jesse Butterworth

Jan 27
The Media Coach 21st January 2022

My family tree; Boris Johnson’s week ; Exceptional Speaker Academy; Wordle; Not a swan; 7 Deadly Speaking Assumptions; It’s all new to someone; What to post, where to post it; An interview with, and music from, Jesse Butterworth

Jan 20
The Media Coach 14th Janaury 2022

Some confused people; They think it’s all over; Ronnie Spector; Mafia on the Street; A lucky bag of speaking tips; Hold the Line; The old variety show; An interview with and music from, Inasens

Jan 13
The Media Coach 7th January 2022

Welcome to 2022; Speaker coaching; Richard Leakey; Novak with nowhere to go; Did you really mean that?; Inspired by true events; Go narrow, go deep; An interview with Bev Bevan; Music from Quill

Jan 06