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Signs Everywhere. Fines Everywhere.

THURSDAY 3/23/23: The Trump indictment is looking like it may fizzle out. A report suggests the AirBnB use is dropping and some are blaming hosts’ excessive rules. Shawn gets his bloodwork back and watches a life-changing movie.

2h 42m
Mar 23

WEDNESDAY 3/22/23: The grand jury in New York City takes the day off, as reports indicate Fmr President Trump wants his arrest to be a spectacle. The security staff at Mons Venus save the day from what looks to have been a potential mass shooting. Nick Lachey has words with the paparazzi.

2h 38m
Mar 22
The Thank You Cherries

TUESDAY 3/21/23: The show takes an unexpected day off. Ticketmaster has a listing for a job to run their social media. New York City braces for chaos as everyone waits to hear whether or not Fmr President Donald Trump will be indicted by a grand jury. C-Lane's big days comes and goes.

2h 36m
Mar 21
A Very Green Friday

FRIDAY 3/17/23: The show celebrates St Patrick's Day with Fritz and Moses DeWitt. Things get weird.

2h 40m
Mar 17

THURSDAY 3/16/23: A scientist’s presentation is interrupted by her dog. A storm coming to Chicago sounds more fun than scary. An expensive diamond is found in an Arkansas forest. Shawn wants all planes to have parachutes after a group of people survive an emergency landing in Brazil.

2h 41m
Mar 16
Super Stinky Dangerous Spring Break

WEDNESDAY 3/15/23: A woman in an interview is at a loss for words when she is asked what "woke" means. Shawn isn't so sure the released Michael Irvin hotel lobby footage is vindicating. The large blob of seaweed gets closer to ruining spring breakers' beach plans. A popular restaurant brand announces a VERY limited deal.

2h 37m
Mar 15
Did We Trick You?

TUESDAY 3/14/23: More companies are trying to trick their employees with fake phishing e-mails. A man in Ohio is attacked by a zebra. A NASCAR commentator takes on keyboard warriors. Shawn tries to identify how many people out of 100 would be swingers. Scientist do a study on growers vs show-ers.

2h 40m
Mar 14
Spring Break!

MONDAY 3/13/23: Shawn considers playing hooky. Hugh Grant gets awkward on the Oscars' red carpet. NASA discovers an asteroid that may actually hit Earth on Valentine's Day. The crew gears up for a Friday St Patrick's Day.

2h 39m
Mar 13

FRIDAY 3/10/23: A cowboy on TikTok has a message for his haters. A man survives a huge fall out of a hotel window after using salvia. A strip club in Ft Myers reopens in a tent after being damaged by Hurricane Ian. Shawn has post office issues.

2h 39m
Mar 10
Moon Magnets Be Damned

THURSDAY 3/9/23: Shawn is done donating to things at checkout counters. Sabrina and C-Lane are tested to see if they could rescue themselves from a forest. The WWE wants to legalize betting on scripted wrestling. Shawn has a theory on the Americans kidnapped in Mexico.

2h 36m
Mar 09
Not in the Sink!

WEDNESDAY 3/8/23: A podcast seems unfazed by a dangerous interruption. Shawn is disturbed by a new community he discovered on Reddit. Shawn explores the prices of luxury cabanas at the country's swankiest resorts.

2h 36m
Mar 08
You're A Punk Ass!

TUESDAY 3/7/23: Joe Rogan gets called out by his Steelers-loving father. A woman's plea to officially honor sugar daddies falls on the wrong ears. C-Lane doesn't trust the reviews for Cocaine Bear. An AI-generated Spongebob gets into adult topics.

2h 44m
Mar 07
The Backpack Man

MONDAY 3/6/23: Netflix's first big live event seems to be successful as Chris Rock finally delivers the material everyone's been waiting for. The show has questions after a woman on a plane in an emergency "puts herself to sleep" to avoid being scared. Shawn has a strange encounter at a bar.

2h 39m
Mar 06
We the Jury...

FRIDAY 3/3/23: Shawn has a challenge for the show, but C-Lane isn't on board. Alex Murdaugh is found guilty on all charges. Changes are announced to the Ultimate Pinewood Derby.

2h 29m
Mar 03
I Want My Eggs!

THURSDAY 3/2/23: Car kits go on sale for the Ultimate Pinewood Derby. The manual transmission may be making a surprising comeback. Shawn is concerned about an issue with Junkie Cat. Closing arguments continue in the Alex Murdaugh trial after a juror is dismissed.

2h 44m
Mar 02
Big TobBATco

WEDNESDAY 3/1/23: Shawn gets much desired news about a high school that was shut down for an infestation.

2h 44m
Mar 02
I Want To Be Like Chucky

TUESDAY 2/28/23: People are surprised to see Shawn at iHeart HQ for a meeting. Ford announces new car features that don't really seem like consumer selling points. Nobody wants to play at King Charles' coronation. A TikToker covers his parents' kitchen in peanut butter.

2h 44m
Feb 28
Meet Jane Doe

FRIDAY 2/24/23: Shawn is surprised at the amount of people who say they regularly watch TV with subtitles. Floridians are starting to revolt against a proposed law about dogs. The show talks to a woman who is a member of a group of fans of the alleged Idaho murders suspect.

2h 40m
Feb 24
Bat S**t Crazy

THURSDAY 2/23/23: A bleacher full of students is more excited about their snow day than the basketball game they just won. Donald Trump buys a bunch of McDonalds for first responders in Ohio. A TikTok trend on theme park rides could be highly dangerous. A high school shuts down completely from an animal infestation.

2h 39m
Feb 23
The Destroyer

WEDNESDAY 2/22/23: Shawn describes his return to the doctor's office. A new Florida law may keep your dog from hanging its head out of the car window. Spotify teases a new technology which could replace radio DJs.

2h 40m
Feb 22

TUESDAY 2/21/23: The day of Shawn's long-awaited return to the doctor has arrived. The show debates the idea of working with your partner after it's announced Kelly Ripa's new co-host will be her husband. A new species from Canada could be a nuisance at the border, but C-Lane has a plan.

2h 48m
Feb 21
One-Stamp Loser!

MONDAY 2/20/23: Shawn has an expensive morning after one of his cameras dies. An original unopened iPhone 1 fetches a huge price at an auction. A very specific group on Reddit does NOT want to be interviewed on the show. An annoying woman tries to interrupt President Biden's dinner.

2h 42m
Feb 20
Borg To Be Wild

FRIDAY 2/17/23: Tiger Woods plays bro jokes on the green. A country club may have to move to avoid overly aggressive squirrels. Shawn and Sabrina are concerned about a borg adventure, while C-Lane thinks there should be more tequila.

2h 41m
Feb 17
Chicken Juice Waterfall

THURSDAY 2/16/23: A group of women say that smoking weed makes them better moms. Shawn and Sabrina find a new way to deliver terrible news. People have questions after a semi-truck in Pennsylvania causes a handful of crashes. The show talks to the organizer of an upcoming themed rave.

2h 33m
Feb 16
Lock Your Doors

WEDNESDAY 2/15/23: A politician ends an interview with a disturbing message. A trans female at a hearing is asked an awkward question. Shawn wants to beat a 103-year-old man at bowling. A News Junkie event makes its long-awaited return.

2h 39m
Feb 15
The Valtrex Valentine

TUESDAY 2/14/23: Shawn is sore after a mild arm workout. A debate erupts over what exactly constitutes a farmer. The amount of toxic chemicals on a train that derailed in Ohio may have been underreported.

2h 36m
Feb 14
Double BORG Time

FRIDAY 2/10/23: C-Lane goes in deeper on the NFL’s requirements for cities hosting the Super Bowl. Damar Hamlin gets thanks his doctors during an award ceremony. Doctors on the news warn about a new drinking trend on TikTok.

2h 39m
Feb 10
The Wassonater

THURSDAY 2/9/23: Michael Irvin is removed from Super Bowl coverage. Some residents of a small town are upset after a change was made to help a child with special needs. C-Lane is perplexed with a math problem about Australia. Shawn makes a hot take about diners.

2h 40m
Feb 09
Anchovy Boy!

WEDNESDAY 2/8/23: Shawn is excited about a Taco Bell promotion before learning it's not coming his way. The show discusses their earliest jobs after learning a state wants to lower their minimum employment age. Aaron Rodgers needs to live in the darkness to see the light.

2h 43m
Feb 08
Just Kidding

TUESDAY 2/7/23: Shawn apologizes for yesterday's podcast title.

2h 42m
Feb 07