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The News Junkie, Shawn Wasson, with Sabrina and C-Lane.
The three best friends you never knew you had run through the most viral stories of the day.

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The Greasy Strangler

An April Fool's Day full of show pranks, a street racing crash, chaos breaks out when we connect with Amy Kaufeldt, the Greasy Strangler, the man who nearly died, the Golden Bachelor marriage is a sham, Godzilla x Kong is massive, AT&T lost your data, the very clever new iPhone security scam and so much more!

2h 33m
Apr 01
Do You Want A Skin Book?

A baseball player makes a huge mistake, a robot cop gets shot, a very strange movie premier, Diddy's hidden cameras, an interview turns very awkward, more women get punched in New York, This Week in Florida, Sabrina pretends to live in Australia and so much more!

2h 29m
Mar 29
The Day The Sun Dies

A fake Baltimore bridge 911 call, the conjoined twins got married, the day the sun dies, women are getting punched in the face in New York, your house is too small for your dog, a website update is coming soon, why so many websites absolutely suck and so much more!

2h 30m
Mar 28
Fishing For The Crazies

Shawn goes to battle with Baltimore bridge conspiracy theorists, weird drama on the View, creep big statues, a new moth just dropped, Fritz on the Street, Easter is in real big trouble, Diddy is in the middle of a disaster, the Riley Strain 911 call and so much more!

2h 33m
Mar 27
Did We Get Fired?

What happened to the Three Best Friends You Never Knew You Had? Also, a bridge in Baltimore collapses and the mayor says something stupid, inside the Florida Internet teen ban, exercise-in-a-pill sounds to good to be true, build a permanent bridge to us and so much more!

2h 38m
Mar 26
Fade To Black

The day turns dark as bad news hits Real Radio, the Hot Dog Hooker is back, we interview the Squatter Hunters, laser beams in the sky, Kate Middleton's shocking announcement, Shawn spills some of the beans, bad Ghostbusters movie reviews and so much more!

2h 26m
Mar 22
I Am Willing To Die For This

A lawyer steps up big time, a pilot was sentenced for drinking Jagermeister, fake parking tickets, a crazy new movie for Courtney, the Palm Royale review, a pastor's $40,000 purchase, the Riley Strain conspiracy audio, hidden cruise ship cameras and so much more!

2h 34m
Mar 21
Shawn's Insane Egg Gamble

A rapper gets too high in court, missing Riley Strain updates, the worst insurance scam failure, America is not happy but why, the Little Rascals rob a bank, Fritz on the Street is just brutal, the Nick TV scandal docuseries, a homeowner arrested over squatters and so much more!

2h 36m
Mar 20
The Dirty Just Okay Drama

The 8th Just Okay was a massive success, we break down the drama behind-the-scenes, Shawn has a secret to share about the show, C-Lane brought his kid somewhere very strange, a missing Spring Break kid in Nashville, Trump's buildings and so much more!

2h 37m
Mar 19
One Day Til Just Okay

A tennis star is targeted by bees, the secret fine print on the Cheesecake Factory menu, a very old man goes back to school, we're getting ready for the big show this weekend, a woman rats out a cheating husband-to-be, the Boeing cockpit story gets worse and so much more!

2h 36m
Mar 15
Butt Rock Music Festival

A governor does something weird, watch out for Gorilla Hail, the great Pi Day Challenge, if you had to move to another city, Trader Joe's mini tote bags are the new Stanley tumblers, Pet DNA is a scam, the coming marijuana pardons and so much more!

2h 34m
Mar 14
Moose Guts Penalty

Jesus Christ robs a pizza store, a police officer makes a very bad TikTok, racing the Iditarod in Alaska, scammers are making more money than ever, i'd rather die hot than live ugly, Nancy Pelosi says something cringe, bad news for all of the dollar stores and so much more!

2h 30m
Mar 13
It Was All A Big Lie!

A celebrity has been lying the whole time, Shawn does some very bad impressions, Liquid Death is worth big money, the Sydney Sweeney boobs take, new Andrew Tate charges, don't fly on a Boeing, a man with literal brain worms, Jimmy Kimmel and so much more!

2h 34m
Mar 12
Your Nirvana Shirt Is $$$$

The best and worst of the Oscars, we're in the final stretch before Just Okay 8, Kate Middleton conspiracies, Madonna's cringe moment, the Volare fight, two guys can make a baby, a man accidentally shoots his mother, Amy K talks about a horrible fight and so much more!

2h 34m
Mar 11
The Worst Secret Keeper

Biden gets yelled at during the State of the Union address, a 5 year-old basketball coach, an airplane loses a tire, an airplane tire hits a car, Moe has a big surprise, President Biden is terrible at keeping secrets, a hot-mic moment, a lost dog 10 years later and so much more!

2h 31m
Mar 08
The Shawn Glitch

Shawn comes out swinging at everyone, Matt Rife should sue this dumb viral guy, a new Netflix true crime series, TruTV is ejecting the Impractical Jokers, the other side of Ozempic, Shawn glitches, strippers need to be 21 now, cops probably should too and so much more!

2h 29m
Mar 07
Sesame Street Is On Fire

Shawn's last minute visit to the doctor, Sabrina is on a mission, C-Lane thinks he's ready to win, Fritz is happy about his new purchase, the Spring Break war continues, it was obviously going to be Trump vs Biden 2.0 the whole time, civil war drama and so much more!

2h 36m
Mar 06
iHeart Did Us Dirty

Nick Swardson got too high on stage, a woman remarries after a tragic incident, Miami absolutely hates Spring Break kids, Trump gets a big win at the Supreme Court, identical twins in a mindblowing murder story, the next big TV show, Balls Out Bowling and so much more!

2h 20m
Mar 05
I Can't Take It Anymore!

Shawn is hurting and things are not going well, we have the Willy Wonka AI script, Bob Marley movie ends with teens getting slapped, inside a zombie CVS, the worst national anthem vs Hanson, Jeep fans are really pissed off, the Menendez Brothers and so much more!

2h 36m
Mar 01
Leap To The Moon

Things get weird real quick on Leap Day, the reason Richard Lewis died, a substitute teacher pleads for help, Beyonce song theft allegations, an interview with an astrologist and astrophysicist from Harvard is big brain funny, the big kids question and so much more!

2h 36m
Feb 29
Today Is Fight Day

It's time to pick some fights, Street Fight of the Seas, a woman think she knows what is wrong with America, a Willy Wonka Fyre Fest, the Great Pantex Accident, Wendy's does a 180, Pretty Much An A**hole, Uncommitted Vs Biden and so much more!

2h 29m
Feb 28
The Speed Talking Test

Dry January turns to Dry February, girls team wants to play boys team, Sabrina says something and regrets it, Kevin Costner's new movie is ridiculous, a speed talking test says 2 of us our good and one person isn't, an abandoned McDonalds, Wendy's surge pricing and so much more!

2h 35m
Feb 27
The Great Hula Hoop War

We recap Fritz's wedding and Shawn's big mistake, did Sabrina cry at the wedding, C-Lane is scamming a scammer, Shane Gillis was on SNL and people are divided about his performance, a mansion on a cliff, AT&T has some money for you and so much more!

2h 33m
Feb 26
THIS is a Conspiracy

The crew gets fancy for Fritz's wedding, a sheriff takes heat for his high speed celebration, WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, Trump talks about steak mountain, Tyler Perry is very afraid of AI, what conspiracy does Shawn actually believe in right now and so much more!

2h 29m
Feb 23
Everyone Rigged The Poll

A news report is interrupted by a donkey, a poll goes horribly wrong for C-Lane and Shawn, Google's Gemini AI has some problems, kids think these names are 'old people' names now, Biden's dog Commander is excommunicated, Ratman and so much more!

2h 36m
Feb 22
Bad Milk Boyz

Baby saved on shocking bodycam footage, bagel bites inspiration, Machine Gun Kelly's tattoo might be fake, Red Lobster's bad idea, Moe's announcement about Just Okay 8, Golden Bachelor in Paradise, AI NSFW videos are worse for women or men and so much more!

2h 34m
Feb 21
OMG C-Lane Fell For It

A woman cheated because of her biological clock, speedrunning music, Madonna fell but not on purpose, cop thanks god after flipping cruiser, new details about Shawn and C-Lane's Just Okay 8 performance, C-Lane falls for a big company scam and so much more!

2h 40m
Feb 20
They Told Shawn NO

We're live on Presidents Day, Sabrina is melting at HQ, Sydney Sweeney in the red dress, Trump sells some gold shoes and faces boos, everyone is turning 65, Shawn's very rude restaurant encounter, Amy K tells us the last person she yelled at and why and so much more!

2h 33m
Feb 19
Cruise Ship Mortician

We start off with one hell of a shot, is it wrong to buy stuff you know you're going to return, the Trump attorney scandal, an insane AI video breakthrough, the Sabrina slut t-shirt, some dirt on the Hot Ones host, a kid gets a cocktail, Beach Boys news and so much more!

2h 29m
Feb 16
Rage Against The Dictionary

Trump said something weird again, a shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl celebration, don't say girl pushups, $50,000 in a shoe box, who should hold the Super Bowl trophy, land lines making a comeback, off to the moon, Domino's troubles and so much more!

2h 31m
Feb 15