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This is the original Power Hour Radio show created by Joyce Riley. We focus on subjects which inform and educate about the real challenges we face as a nation. Come join us as we discuss current events, medical and naturopathic solutions with the best experts on radio, and learn from some of the most insightful commentators you will find in independent media.

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Dr. Michael Pinkus: How to heal your furry friends pains – January 26, 2023 (Hour 2)

Dr. Michael Pinkus, D.C joins today to discuss how to heal your furry friend’s pains,...

Jan 26
Steve Wohlberg: Sprouting for Winter Nutrition – January 20, 2023 (Hour 2)

Steve Wohlberg “Sprout Steve” joins The Power Hour today to share how you can increase...

Jan 20
David Masters: Free yourself from the mind control techniques – January 19, 2023 (Hour 2)

1st half: David Masters, author of How to Escape From The Prison for Your Mind....

Jan 19
Martin Pytela: Energized Water – January 17, 2023 (Hour 2)

1st half: Continued with news & open lines 2nd half: Life Enthusiast Founder Martin Pytela...

Jan 17