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#1628 - Respect the Gym - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - OSBF257

RAPTORS: It's Rico season. These highlights are getting us through the slow season. What highlight or type of highlight excites you the most? Freddie is back doing warm up at Family Feud and it got him thinking: Who would be the five Raptors you'd want to see play and which two would do "Fast Money"? NBA: Andrew Wiggins brought the Larry OB to Vaughan. If you brought the championship trophy to your hometown, what would you do? The Durant saga continues. Now it's Durant VS Tsai. If you were a mediator in this tough situation, what would you do? With Jordan Foisy and Katie Heindl! Creative Commons licensing credits for each episode can be found here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 11
#1627 - Pop the Cork - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - OSBF256

RAPTORS: Armoni Brooks has been waived. It seems like there are three roster spots up for grabs between Juancho, Svi, Champagnie, Banton and Wilson. Which of these guys are gonna snag those three spots? Numbers, numbers, numbers. There are only so many touches. Which of the starters will average more points next season than last season, and which will average less? NBA: Our guest, Alan, wants to be Byron Scott in Winning Time. We all go through our basketball lookalikes and discuss who we'd like to play in a movie or TV show. Bill Russell, the father of NBA defence, winning legend and an incredible activist, passed away at 88. Is there a current player in the NBA that reminds you of Bill's body of work? Special guests on the pod: Alan Shane Lewis and Ned Petrie! Creative Commons licensing credits for each episode can be found here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

1h 6m
Aug 03
#1626 - Otto Porter Breakdown, Scottie's Development + More - Samson's Mailbag

Samson Folk answers questions from listeners/viewers. Timestamps could be changed by 30 seconds or 1 minute depending on implemented ads. 0:29 - how will OPJ fit/be used on the Raptors? 6:23 - how does Malachi Flynn factor into next season? 10:34 - Where does Precious Achiuwa need to improve his game? 18:08 - My favorite archetypes to watch? 20:50 - The Raptors lack or pick n' roll 24:39 - Scottie's development as a scorer and passer  31:01 - Nick Nurse overplaying guys 32:25 - My Fav NBA writers + what book will the Raptors szn be like 38:43 - What will the backup PG situation be? 40:08 - Will I ever be on the Raptors staff? (No) 44:15 - What stylistic changes would you like to see from the Raptors next year? 44:56 - If the Raptors were a band, who would play what? 46:35 - Why did the Raptors cut Armoni Brooks? 48:05 - The path to improvement for GTJ? 52:15 - Next year's starting 5? 54:53 - Who plays more games next year: OG or Fred? 56:15 - Which Raptor benefited most from the hellacious minutes? 57:30 - GTJ extension talk 59:58 - Would a good PU3 make Pascal a top tier number 1 option? 1:03:45 - Who are the next Phoenix Suns? 1:04:29 - The Breakdown on Juancho Hernangomez 1:06:35 - Will the Raptors be a top 5 defense?? 1:09:14 - Who makes the playoffs first: Magic, OKC or Detroit? 1:11:12 - NBA Players as LOTR Characters Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

1h 15m
Aug 02
#1625 - The Fascinating Development of Scottie Barnes

Samson Folk brings on Ben Pfeifer to discuss his video on Scottie Barnes' role versatility and unique development. Watch Ben's video here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 27
#1624 - Tiers of Joy - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - OSBF255

Freddie is battling through a bout of Covid, but he managed to fight through and talk some Raps! RAPTORS: Assuming nothing changes, what tier do the Raptors fall in within the Eastern Conference? Who should start, Gary or Precious? NBA: The Pistons are bringing back the teal. What's a fun Jersey re-design or throwback you'd like to see? It looks like the Celtics may have pissed Jaylen Brown off. What franchise has the best reputation among players and agents? With Louis Zatzman and Matt McCready! Creative Commons licensing credits for each episode can be found here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 27
#1623 - Tall Trade Ammo - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - OSBF254

Raptors: The Kevin Durant trade talk carries on and so do Raptor debates of all kinds. Based on the fan noise, which current Raptor is overvalued, properly valued and undervalued? Summer League has come and gone. What is the biggest Raptors takeaway? NBA: Spencer Dinwiddie plans to make a real Iron Man suit post playing career. Who else in the NBA might have weird post-career plans and what are they? What team has won the off-season so far? With Chris Walder, Derick Deonarain and Sheldon Alexander! Creative Commons licensing credits for each episode can be found here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

1h 11m
Jul 20
#1622 - Navigating the Gong Show - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - OSBF253

Is the media giving the team the respect it deserves now or are they still being viewed as a place for banishment? RAPTORS: Because of the KD talk, the Raptors have been in the news a ton. What's the major takeaway from how the Raptors are discussed? What's the most interesting summer league storyline for the Raptors? NBA: The NBA is looking to eliminate the "take foul" with a new penalty that will be a free throw and the ball. What rule should be added, changed or removed? Who will be the breakout regular season team AKA the Memphis Grizzlies of last year? With Elisa Nobrega! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

1h 1m
Jul 13
#1621 - Raptor's Free Agency Reaction | Runnin' Off The Screen

The man they call Mac and Curly discuss the Raptors' re-signing Boucher, Thad Young and signing Otto Porter Jr., if they would include Scottie Barnes in a deal for Kevin Durant and more. Watch on YouTube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

1h 2m
Jul 04
#1620 - Chris Boucher and Thad Young Re-Sign + the Ayton and Durant Trade Talks

Samson Folk discusses the deals that Chris Boucher and Thad Young signed with the Raptors, plus the team's involvement in all the big trade discussions.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 01
#1619 - Gauging That Win-Now Mentality - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - OSBF252

Welcome to our Off-season Basketball Funhouse! The draft is over and some interesting rumours have started to swirl. RAPTORS: The team has drafted a big in Christian Koloko! How we feeling about Masai and Bobby straying from the 6'9" method? There's a rumour going around about a possible Scottie Barnes/Kevin Durant trade. If it brings us into contender status again, should the team go for it? NBA: People are loving Hustle. If you had to make an NBA-style movie, what would it be? Who will be the biggest player to move this summer? Special guests on this week: Alison Hope from Raptor Queens and John Rallis from George's Deli & B.B.Q. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 29
#1618 - Guitargate & Rookie Ruminations - Buckets & Tea NBA Show

Happy Pride! On this week’s edition of Buckets & Tea, Cathryn is joined by good friends of the show Kris Myers and Matt McCready to discuss: A Nick Nurse Hottie Highlight too juicy to leave til the end! Cathryn and Kris break down Nick’s special appearance with Prince’s former band The New Power Generation at the Toronto Jazz Festival, including a bombshell about Nick’s guitar playing, a beautiful moment between Kris and Nick, and Cathryn finally meeting Nick in person! An eventful NBA Draft, including the Raptors’ selection of Christian Koloko, some under-the-radar Rookie of the Year prospects, and how to improve the boring televised draft coverage.  In our Raptors Homer Moment, we discuss Koloko and undrafted free agent Ron Harper Jr., as well as the potential of last year’s less prominent rookies Justin Champagnie and Dalano Banton.  Finally, in a second Nick Nurse Hottie Highlight of the Week, Cathryn submits her proposal for the Nick Nurse Happy/Angry Calendar for charity and provides some inadvertent branded content for Staples. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 28
#1617 - The Christian Koloko Scouting Report w/ Zach Milner - Raptors Weekly Podcast

Samson Folk brings on professional scout, Zach Milner to talk about the Raptors #33 selection, Christian Koloko. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 25
#1616 - Drafting Masai's First Love - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - S9E251

It's our season 09 finale! Thanks to all of you who have been listening to us this year, rating us and commenting. We're gonna continue on through the summer with our off-season episodes and season 10 will debut in October! RAPTORS: The draft is on Thursday the 23rd. We take a look at the Raptors' past drafts and what made them memorable. Vince Carter used to have a summer charity basketball game at the ACC and it was a scene. Which current Raptor should have a summer event and what would it be? NBA: Lots of legacy talk for the Warriors and rightfully so: they won it all! What non-Warrior team or player that didn't win it all has had their legacy effected the most from not winning a ring this year? We've had three finals in a row with completely different teams (Heat vs Lakers, Suns vs Bucks & Celtics vs Warriors). If this pattern continues, which two new teams will be playing in the 2023 NBA Finals? Special guests from the Raptors Republic multiverse: The man they call Mac from Runnin' Off The Screen and Cathryn Naiker from Buckets and Tea! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 22
#1615 - Conclusions and Cooking (with Freddie Rivas and Lauren Mitchell) - Buckets & Tea NBA Show

On this week's Buckets & Tea, guests Lauren Mitchell and Freddie Rivas join the podcast to discuss the Golden State Warriors becoming NBA champions yet again! The gang gives their thoughts on the Dubs' latest title run, then address the “is Steph a top 10 player?” question, and why this type of conversation is inherently flawed. We also look at what both Boston and Golden State need to accomplish to end up in the Finals again next year. Then, in our Raptors Homer Moment, we look ahead to free agency, specifically pending Raptors FAs Chris Boucher and Thaddeus Young. Will they resign in Toronto? If not, where could they be calling home next season? Finally, in our Nick Nurse Hottie Highlight of the Week, we discuss Nick's new shooting accuracy app. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 21
#1614 - The Final Pre-Draft Discussion ft. The Group Chat - Raptors Weekly Podcast

Samson Folk brings on Tre, Nabeel, and Goose to talk about who they like for the Raptors in the draft. Timestamps may be effected by implemented ads. 1:24 - Goose's ideal pick / Blake Wesley 3:20 - Nabeel's ideal pick / Caleb Houstan 12:57 - Tre's ideal pick / Jaylin Williams 21:55 - What is Tre trying to identify in the 2nd Rd / Defense 23:15 - What is Nabeel trying to identify in the 2nd Rd / Depends on Context 24:35 - What is Goose trying to identify in the 2nd Rd / Outlier skills 25:41 - Upside Swing #1 Patrick Baldwin Jr. 27:50 - Upside Swing #2 Dom Barlow 30:15 - Upside Swing #3 Josh Minott 33:10 - What type of player do we expect to be picked? 35:20 - Alondes Williams 37:10 - Nabeel's inside scoop on agents and trainers 38:20 - Good players bad fits, and great fits #1 Jake LaRavia 39:25 - Poor fit #1 Dalen Terry 40:40 - Will the Raptors draft a bad defender? 42:48 - Poor fit #2 Andrew Nembhard 45:10 - The Hard Sell on Jaylin Williams 46:25 - The Hard Sell on Blake Wesley 48:10 - The Hard Sell on Caleb Houstan 49:40 - Final thoughts on the draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 21
#1613 - The Raptors' 2022 Draft Candidates: Part 2 | Runnin' Off The Screen

You can watch this podcast here. Make sure to subscribe to RR's YouTube channel for the best Raptors analysis. The man they call Mac is joined by Samson, Brendan and Curly as they discuss their favourite prospects for the Raptors in the 2022 NBA Draft.  (0:00) - Intro  (0:55) - What archetype would you select for the Raptors?  ******************* (6:00) - Top 3 draft options with the 33rd pick ***Brendan's Picks*** (6:27) - Jake Laravia (8:36) - Jaylin Williams (10:38) - Andrew Nembhard ***Curly's Picks*** (15:23) - Bryce McGowens (17:19) - Max Christie (19:04) - Caleb Houstan ***Samson's Picks*** (21:43) - Patrick Baldwin Jr.  (23:23) - Alondes Williams (26:20) David Roddy / Dominick Barlow ******************* (32:38) - Ryan Rollins (33:45) - Christian Koloko (34:49) - Walker Kessler  (37:46) - All-Time Favourite Raptors Draft Memory Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 19
#1612 - Can't Beat a Good Trade - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - S9E250

RAPTORS: Transaction fans vs Chemistry fans: Some fans are wanting the Raptors to trade assets to get assets and others want to see this current squad gel. What is the better camp to be in? Kyle Lowry Street! What other Raptor deserves a Toronto street and where should it be put? NBA: The Wiggins game! What other unlikely players have had a big playoff game? Adam Silver is hell-bent on creating an in-season tournament. If you were forced to make a change to the NBA regular season, what would it be? With Adam Christie and Kris Myers! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 15
#1611 - Discussing Jaylin Williams, Ismael Kamagate, and Dalen Terry w/ Evin Gualberto - Raptors Weekly Podcast

Samson Folk brings on coach and scout, Evin Gualberto to discuss Ismael Kamagate, Jaylin Williams, and Dalen Terry's draft candidacy for the Raptors. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

1h 8m
Jun 14
#1610 - Discussing 12 draft options w/ Francis Adu - Raptors Weekly Podcast

Samson Folk talks to professional scout, Francis Adu about a huge collection of players that the Raptors might draft. 0:30 - Who have the Raptors worked out so far? 3:18 - Julian Champagnie 17:18 - Josh Minott 28:33 - Kendall Brown 39:33 - Jake LaRavia 54:15 - Peyton Watson 1:07:08 - Leonard Miller 1:18:10- Wendell Moore 1:31:03 - Trevor Keels 1:42:34 - Christian Braun 1:47:08 - Picking bets for an Initiator, a meaningful contributor on a decent playoff team, and a high-level defender 1:55:53 - Christian Koloko 2:07:42 - Walker Kessler 2:18:2> - Operation 6'9" is not a monolith 2:25:23 - Scouting Process 2:29:18 - In Defense of Narratives Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

2h 34m
Jun 10
#1609 - All-Times at 6'9" - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - S9E249

Raptors: Vision 6’9”, the franchise version: What’s the best 8-man Raptors rotation of all-time if they’re between 6’7” and 6’9”? Nick Nurse seems to be really making the rounds on Canadian TV shows. What show should he do next and what role would he play? NBA: Freddie has picked against the Celtics in every round. It’s a blind spot for him. What are some other blind spots when analyzing the NBA? There’s been a lot of talk about the Warriors crowd not being great. Does winning negatively impact a franchise’s fans and what’s the best fan base in the NBA? With Matt Henry and Matt McCready! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 09
#1608 - Series Splits & Shooting Stars - Buckets & Tea NBA Show (with Ian Gordon)

On this week's Buckets & Tea, comedian Ian Gordon joins Cathryn to discuss the first two games of the NBA Finals: The allure and legacy of the Warriors dynasty, and whether Steph Curry is a top 10 player of all time Draymond Green walking the line with the refs: is he becoming too much like Patrick Beverley, or should he continue to be aggressive? The likeability of the Celtics, despite our status as Raptors fans biased against a divisional rival The heartwarming comeback stories of Al Horford and Andrew Wiggins Our predictions on who will triumph in Games 3 and 4 in Boston In Coaching Carousel news, Darvin Ham joins the Lakers and Quin Snyder departs the Jazz. In our Raptors Homer Moment, we discuss the validity (or lack thereof) of the OG Anunoby trade chatter, and shout out Scottie Barnes for supporting the CEBL and putting those pesky rumours to rest. Finally, in our Nick Nurse Hottie Highlight of the Week, Ian shares his all-time favourite Nick Nurse moment. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

1h 1m
Jun 07
#1607 - The Raptors' 2022 Draft Candidates | Runnin' Off The Screen

The man they call Mac delivers his take on who the Raptors should consider with the 33rd pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. Watch on YouTube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 04
#1606 - Learning to Ease the Rookie Pressure - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - S9E248

A new trade rumour has popped up, this time with OG Anunoby, which means the media pressure on our rookie of the year is starting to heat up. RAPTORS: It's the summer, so here come the rumours about the Raptors trading good players again! Now it's OG. Is there any logic to the idea that the Raptors need to clear a runway for Scottie? Who should they trade? Goofy summer segment alert: let's rebrand the Raptors for no good reason. If MLSE put you in charge of a big change, what is their new team name/colours? NBA: The Jimmy shot. Did you like it? What is another big "what if" moment from this years playoffs? The finals! Do either of these teams surprise you? Who is winning the championship this year, Boston or Golden State? With special guests, Gary Rideout Jr. and Jay Rosales! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 01
#1605 - Some quick thoughts on the OG Anunoby rumours

Samson Folk sits down to talk about the OG Anunoby trade rumours that have surfaced.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 31
#1604 - Caffeine & Conference Finals (with Ryan Henry & Kris Myers) - Buckets & Tea NBA Show

On this week's edition of Buckets & Tea, host Cathryn Naiker is joined by Below the Hardwood's Ryan Henry and friend of the show Kris Myers to discuss both the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. We recap Heat-Celtics Game 7: Miami's inconsistent offence, what they might have to do for next season, and look back at Kyle's first season with the Heat. We also try to clear up some confusion around Jayson Tatum's Kobe armband. Then, avid Mavericks fan Ryan gives his thoughts on their WCF loss to the Warriors. We dive into the conspiracies behind Ceilingate, Theo Pinson's white t-shirt, and fines being a team decision. We also celebrate the Warriors making it back to the Finals and ponder whether this is one of the greatest comeback stories in sports history. Finally we make our picks for who we think will win it all! In our Raptors Homer Moment, we celebrate Pascal Siakam's All-NBA Team appearance and muse about how much Toronto will improve in 2022-23. Finally, in our Nick Nurse Hottie Highlight of the Week, we talk about Nick returning to our TV screens on The Herd with Colin Cowherd. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

1h 13m
May 31
#1603 - Samson's Off-Season Mailbag ft. trade proposals, draft targets, and basketball philosophy

Samson Folk fields a whole bunch of questions from listeners about how the Raptors should approach the off-season + more. Timestamps may be changed by 30 seconds to 1 minute from implemented ads. :50 - Can Pascal and FVV be championship leaders in an NBA with parity? 03:40 - Precious' future as a hub or finisher 09:45 - Trade options with the 33rd pick 13:05 - What am I reading and listening to 14:35 - Jalen McDaniels & Cody Martin's fit on the Raptors 16:20 - OG's Potential for All-Star 18:57 - Can the Raptors afford to sign a 3 & D wing or guard? 21:11 - Will the Raptors cut Svi if he accepts his player option? 22:10 - Who should the Raptors target with their MLE? 28:00 - A Gary Trent Jr./Collin Sexton sign and trade 32:45 - Dreaming about great additions 34:40 - What should Scottie add in the off-season? 36:40 - What are the options at pick #33? 38:40 - Julian Champagnie specifically 40:10 - Sets to get Pascal easier looks 43:13 - What trends are the Raptors starting, following, and ignoring? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 30
#1602 - Let's Get Wildly Unrealistic For a Moment - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - S9E247

Rumours involving the Raptors are almost always in direct conflict with how Masai operates, but it's hard to ignore the different trade scenarios. RAPTORS: Imagine that we are a team that can pull off a Kawhi trade without losing our most important pieces to get it done. Who is the big star that we're bringing in? J-Cole will be playing basketball in the CEBL. What other celebrity would you like to see playing for the Raptors? NBA: There are so many consistently lopsided victories in the playoffs. Why has this been happening so much? If every Canadian player was put on its own team and got to compete in the current season, how would that team fair? With special guests Wesley Cheng and Darren Menezes! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 25
#1601 - Favourite Season and Off-Season Storylines w/ Sean Woodley - Raptors Weekly Podcast

Host Samson Folk brings on Sean Woodley to discuss their favourite storylines from the season, and what they're paying attention to in the off-season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 23
#1600 - The Interview: Amy Audibert, Sportsnet Reporter / Analyst

Host Andrew Damelin is joined by Raptors rookie sensation Amy Audibert. Amy had been grinding the freelance broadcasting life for about a decade until she finally got her break with Sportsnet. Amy reflects on the pressure she felt going into her first NBA broadcast, and fondly recalls the moment she heard she was getting full time call-up to the NBA. We also talk plenty of Raptors, including: Misconceptions about Chris Boucher How soon Amy knew Scottie Barnes was very legit Amy Audibert: Precious Achiuwa Truther ("Achruther?") Amy's knowledge, passion and enthusiasm is infectious every time she takes the mic, for Sportsnet, and for this podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 20
#1599 - That 2013-14 Feeling - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - S9E246

We may be entering a new era, but we've been around long enough to recognize when we've felt like this before. RAPTORS: If this season was equal to the 2013-14 campaign as far as success and promise, then who are they emulating next year? What single player's personal development is most important to next year's team in terms of wins and losses? What does this player need to get better at? NBA: The Pat Bev slander session on First Take was wild. If you had the opportunity to go on the show and get petty with no accountability, who would you slander and for what? Of the four remaining teams in the conference finals, which team has the most compelling narrative? All this and more, with Sean Woodley and Ryan Henry! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

1h 1m
May 18