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Every day Roo & Ditts boys cover Adelaide’s biggest stories, wisecracking fun, and everything that matters to the city, especially for fans of the Crows and Port. Whatever Adelaideans are talking about, you’ll hear it on Roo and Ditts. Listen to Roo & Ditts 6-9am weekdays on 104.7 Triple M Adelaide, catch up with the show here, or subscribe on the LiSTNR app for even more of Adelaide’s best way to wake up!

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FULL SHOW Loz End Of Year Song | Roo HUGE Boxing Rumour

Loz has recorded a song to reflect the big year at Triple M, Roo has a HUGE rumour about a boxing event for Gather Round in 2024, Joes Jokes, Roo and Ditts Angels and Lehmo See for privacy information.

Nov 28
FULL SHOW | King Charles Irons Laces | Tex Walker Gets Dumped

Weird things you do around the house after we found out King Charles gets his laces ironed! Tex Walker comes in to talk Crows pre season, Wil Anderson on funny reason for inflation and can Ditts sound young..?? See for privacy information.

Nov 27
FULL SHOW | Dumb Teenagers |. Wildest Things Found In House

Roo reviews Adelaide 500, calls on wildest things found in the house, actors who hate their movies, and Roo and Ditts learn the cool words! See for privacy information.

Nov 26
Best Of The Week | 24th November 2023

Joes Jokes, Loz moonlighting, Hike For Hope Recap, What We Learnt, Top 5, Triple Emmys are back, Tarsh Belling flip flop and Lehmo See for privacy information.

Nov 24
FULL SHOW | Hike For Hope Recap | Top 5 | Triple Emmys Are Back

We recap the amazing Hike For Hope, Top 5 things we learnt, we launch the Triple Emmy Awards and Crows AFLW player Ebony Marinoff joins the show See for privacy information.

Nov 23
Roos Tip Of The Week 24 November 2023

See for privacy information.

Nov 23
FULL SHOW | Hike For Hope TODAY | Donations And The Hike

The team are on the road today walking 30kms for Little Heroes Foundation. What is the furthest you have walked home calls, chats with celeb hikers and your donations! See for privacy information.

Nov 22
FULL SHOW | Loz Bone Story Uncovered | Best Cafe In Australia

Loz has a bone discovery you won't believe, Joes Jokes, we chat to the owner of the cafe crowned best breakfast in Australia, Lehmo, Special Olympics chat and all your Hike For Hope donations See for privacy information.

Nov 21
FULL SHOW | Crows Draftee | Tom Jonas | Premier On New Baby

Loz has been seeing other shows, Premier Malinauskas has a new baby, Daniel Curtain - new Crows draftee, Tom Jonas delivers wine and Wil Anderson See for privacy information.

Nov 20
FULL SHOW | Roos Boys Trip Wrap | Best Time For Women To Find A Mate

Our condolences go out to Grant Stevens and his family after the tragic passing of his son, Charlie. Loz hates brunch, Roos Boys Trip wrap, Ditts find a strange fact about garlic and Croatians See for privacy information.

Nov 19
FULL SHOW | Loz Does School Reunion | Top 5 | Port Hacked

Roo away on a boys trip, Top 5 of the week, Loz goes to her High School Reunion, Hike For Hope donations and Roos Tip of the week! See for privacy information.

Nov 17
FULL SHOW | Boys and Girls Trips | Did Loz Dig Up A Body?

Loz made a discovery in a friends backyard, Roo is off on a boys trip (Calls) Lehmo on the pageant, Inflation and Roo has had a rough week See for privacy information.

Nov 15
FULL SHOW | Ditts' Seinfeld Challenge | Cricketing | Joes Jokes

Can Ditts make Seinfeld laugh? Loz explains cricketing, Joes Jokes and Wil Anderson joins the show! See for privacy information.

Nov 15
FULL SHOW | Seinfeld Challenge | Furthest Drives | Gout Issues

Ditts takes the Seinfeld challenge, how far did you drive for something small, Rush Hour gout issues and Rumours confirmed See for privacy information.

Nov 13
FULL SHOW | Roo Has A Dilemma | Prof Spurrier | Premier On Gather Round

Roo has a family predicament, Prof Spurrier on the Gastro Cruise, Premier Malinauskas and Maccas in India? See for privacy information.

Nov 12
Best Of The Week | 11th November 2023

Ditts can't say Jada in Celebrity Goss, Shazza Dittmar phones in, Top 5, Jimmy Barnes, Roo gets clucky and archaeology news! See for privacy information.

Nov 10
Roos Tip | 10th November 2023

See for privacy information.

Nov 09