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This channel is voice recordings of my life here in Victoria.
Usually running trails, but not always.
This usually is edited down from longer sessions, to under an hour.
I hope you enjoy the show.

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The Cedar Hill Classic.

One glorious loop of the wonderful chip trail round the Cedar Hill golf course.(28 minutes of audio. Thanks for listening and subscribing!

Mar 02
The Cedar Hill Classic

9:23 AM on Saturday, March 2, 2024 Saanich, British ColumbiaThe Cedar Hill Classic,Avg Cadence:61 One Loop of the Cedar Hill golf course.

Mar 02
Glencoe Cove.

As I embarked on my morning power walk to Glencoe Cove, the coastline stretched out before me, inviting me to explore its rugged beauty. I entered Zone 1 , surrounded by the vibrant colours of daffodils in bloom. Along the hike, I marvelled at the majestic redwoods standing tall, capturing their grandeur in photographs and videos for my podcast audience. As I reach the end of my journey, returning to my street, the Running Jackal bids you farewell.

Feb 24
The top loop

Running in the rain is something us Victorian have to get used to here on the drippy wet coast of North America. I decided to go back to Kings Pond and record some duck noises at the Cedar Hill Golf Municipal Course. There will be a link to my YouTube Channel for the Video Vignette Version.

Feb 11
Neighbourhood Tour

CARLOS CASTILLO – WALK AM on Sunday, February 4, 2024 Saanich, British ColumbiaNeighbourhood Tour, Workout for 1:30BPW, Brisk purposeful walking. Chilly this morning. , Avg Cadence:62 Avg10:42 /km Avg HR 115 bpm Distance7.64 km Moving time:-1:21:50

Feb 04
First light on the Meadows

Solo early morning run on the meadows of P'KOLS (Mt.Douglas) here in cloudy but super mild Victoria B.C. The video took some editing as the audio was compromised as the camera was perched in my pocket, meaning I had a lot of 'cloathing noise' to deal with! (17:XX)

Jan 26
Back to the Glory Zone

Carlos Castillo Today at 9:07 AM · Saanich, British Columbia Most of the trails were in great shape today, the first time in a full week! Today was my first run in six days. This is very serious in my life, I would normally be finishing off run four or five of the week. I have been walking and hiking mostly in wellington boots all this week. It's very hard to run in 'Wellies'

Jan 21
I hate being late!

Early morning walk to work 3+ kilometres of neighbourhood side streets. In the Tillicum Gorge Road area.

Jan 10
Running Tour of the Bog

A fun solo run around rithet's bog in the crisp but clear Sunday morning.

Jan 07
Walking tour of the West Bay

Pre-work walk.

Dec 20, 2023