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Beyonce Country Controversy, Blacks & Country Music #LionelRitchie

The controversy of Beyonce Country music album however she's not the first blacks invented country music. Black women like Aretha Franklin, Etta James, & Tina Turner did it first. Lionel Richie is one of the most successful Country/Pop/RB artist of all time. --- Send in a voice message:

1h 8m
Feb 22
"Fani Willis Is The Black Woman America Is Not Used Too"

On this podcast report I am solely 💯 percent behind my #Born1971 #SoulSister #FaniWillis excuse me, they those "Keystone Cop Trump Attorneys" tried their hardest to break that woman & she refused to let them break her she turned the tables on them. I expect the ***te especially Trumpicans to hate her & LaTisha James because of Trump's legal fees, but you LIBERALS & Apologists willing to get down on your hands & knees BCs G.T.F.O.T.W & S T.F.U. #LetFaniLoose damn it. #IStandWithFani --- Send in a voice message:

1h 25m
Feb 18
The Debate Show "Fani Willis & LaTisha James Reactions"

The Debate Ladies & Co reacts to both Fani Willis & LaTisha James regarding #TrumpTrialsDrama plus Artie's Take on SB 58 & on Fani Willis and LaTisha James. --- Send in a voice message:

2h 17m
Feb 17
Usher's SB Halftime Show Was Black Unapologetic Excellence!!!

My thoughts on SB LVIII halftime show with Usher, H.E.R. & A Keys y'all can have "Taylor Mayonnaise Swift". Mahomes is that team. --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 12
#SoundOffSunday Taylor Swift, Trump, #Conspiracies #BlackWomenPopMusic

Thoughts on the rigged #Supetbowl you don't have to be a MAGA or a Trump supporter just a general NFL fan to see this SB is bullshit. #FuckTaylorSwift & the #Swifties #LetTrumpLoose @ the SB so we can have something memorable l. Plus my history lesson for you Similac & mediocre Swifties. POP MUSIC BELONGS TO BLACK WOMEN, we just let a few of y'all @ our BBQ tables. The ones we let in had to follow our BLUEPRINT. --- Send in a voice message:

1h 47m
Feb 12
For Stephen A & All The Blacks For Trump

Why don't y'all ask Trump For Repercussions? Is The Black Vote For Sale? Will MAGA white Trumpicans stick with Trump if he would pass reper for black people. --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 08
Tim Scott Is The GenX Version of Clarence Thomas and Taylor Swift Is The Millennial LGBTQ Madonna!

Early afternoon message to the Gen Xers & Millennials who & why both Tim Scott and Taylor Swift are both bad news & the agendas they carry --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 03
Shannon Sharpe Says #TaylorSwift is Better Than #Beyonce & Is The Greatest Musical Icon Since MJ!

Shannon Sharpe has been sipping on too much milk & mayo in his "Shay Shay Juice". WTF really my thoughts --- Send in a voice message:

1h 0m
Feb 03
Lions Choke Away Game NFL Fix In For The Chiefs! I'm Done With The NFL

49ers & Chiefs Advance to SB LVIII Superbowl already rigged for #TaylorSwift & The Cheating Ass Chiefs. The 49ers Are A Lame Duck Team that is set up to lose to the #CheatingChiefs #Ravens gave the game away to the Chiefs on purpose. --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 29
NFL Championship Lions & Ravens Win & Trade Daniel Jones To The 49ers!

My picks & reasons why the Lions will upset the 49ers & #Ravens beat the #Chiefs advance to the SB. Why The NYGs should trade DJones to the 49ers. --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 28
Tim Scott Worshipping Trump Who Is Just A Celebrity #TrumpCult

Some black folks are upset because #TimScott "Tim Beetlejuice Scott" bowdowned to #Trump he's just the typical #BlackTrumpican being a fool on national TV. Plus Trump is just another celebrity and that's how the current administration should address him ass. Sound bites from Anti-Trump former Republican voters --- Send in a voice message:

1h 19m
Jan 28
Matt Gaetz Says They Don't Need Karen Voters

Matt Gaetz Says #MAGA got Jamaal & Julio voters in their back pockets they don't need the Suburban Karen Voters. --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 23
Reaction to Divisional Playoff Weekend!

Lions, 49ers, Ravens & Chiefs all advance to the championship game. My thoughts on the games --- Send in a voice message:

1h 0m
Jan 23
DeSantis Drops Out Race & Endorses Trump

#RonDeCrocktis bows down & kisses Trump's ass not only because he ran out of campaign money, but is begging to be Trump's VP & possibly the #TrumpicanHandlers wants this too. --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 22
Megyn Kelly, #Trump, & #MAGA vs Kamala Harris

Is Trump really running against Biden I don't think so, according to #MegynKelly & his #MAGAWorshippers it's more like they're running against Kamala Harris --- Send in a voice message:

1h 19m
Jan 20
#NFLWildcardWknd Chiefs, Lions, Texans Advance & "The Cowboys Are A Playoff Tragedy LOL"

NFL wildcard weekend reactions, fan Rants & once Again The Sorry Ass Cowboys "Fucked Around & Found Out". #GoPackGo & Big Congrats to the Lions & Texans. --- Send in a voice message:

1h 37m
Jan 15
"The Dysfunctional Drama Mess Of The NYGs" #DabollDrama & #QBDraftTalk

State of the NYG report latest NFL reality TV drama made for "Hard Knocks". Is Daboll an asshole? New OC is his "Buffet Buddy" & clone. Plus is Antonio Pierce coming back to the NYGs as the new DC? The QB I think Daboll wants. We should trade Daboll to the #Chargers & bring in #JimHarbaugh --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 14
#TDBSAfterhours "I'm A Davison So Now What"

On this episode, after learning she's a Davison, "Stephy" must learn to deal with her new family. Even negotiating another deal with "Kyle McCullough". Plus "Clarissa wants to play "Big Sister" all of a sudden & calls out "Artie $ once again. --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 11
Breaking News Wink Martindale's Departure From NYGs

Wink & the other assistant coaches are gone what's next. --- Send in a voice message:

1h 19m
Jan 09
NFL Wk18 & Daboll's Job Security

NYGs take on the Eagles evaluation game, last game for Saquon & Daboll's Job should be on the line. --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 07
#NYGNewEra Twitter Spaces Snowy Saturday Draft Needs!!

On this episode, I joined a Twitter space about the state of the franchise will we finally move on from #DanielJones & draft another QB. Names to watch #MichaelPenixJr #JJMcacarthy #CalebWilliams #DrakeMaye to name a few. --- Send in a voice message:

1h 53m
Jan 06
#TDBSAfterhours "Holiday Celebrations, Prayers, & Some Shocking Surprises"

On this final "Holiday Series Episode" The children will get a Xmas Birthday party they won't forget & secret diary & videos of Stephy that Daphne found The truth will set Stephy off or free. --- Send in a voice message:

3h 23m
Jan 02
NYGs End 2023 With Dumbass Loss To The Rams & Ea-girls Lose to AZ

As usual the Gi-aints lose another close & dysfunctional game & Eagles fucked around and found out with the Cardinals. Plus the refs cheated for the Crockboys against the Lions. --- Send in a voice message:

1h 25m
Jan 01
#Trump2024 #CelebrityCults & Why #NikkiHaley Blew It!! #MadonnavsTrumpCulture

On this episode I roll back excerpts from the "Madonna Invented The Cult of Personality Long Before Trump" & as it still resonates today & the real reason why Black Men wants Trump back in 2024. Plus why I think Nikki Haley blew it!! --- Send in a voice message:

1h 5m
Dec 29, 2023
#NYGNewEra Mocked Draft Report Offense Only Trenches, Wrs.

On this mocked draft report early edition, I breakdown OLINE PROSPECTS especially along the interior offensive line & Wrs to watch. Utility guys are in this draft. --- Send in a voice message:

Dec 26, 2023
#NYGNewEra #NYGvsPHI & #Cowboys Lose To #Phins #Crockboys

I don't expect to beat the #Eagirls tomorrow on Xmas Day, but hopefully DeVito will put up a game. HOWEVER!! There are several reasons why the Gi-aints are the dysfunctional mess they are, front office, ownership, & the NYG media. Plus Cowboys LOSE TO DOLPHINS & Cowboys fans reactions lol!! --- Send in a voice message:

Dec 25, 2023
#TheDebateShow #KitchenTalk Trump #Diapergate

On this episode, prior to the official holidays episode, "The Debate Ladies" discuss the news that's trending on social media Trump wears diapers & dumps on himself & some Trump vs Biden diaper jokes. --- Send in a voice message:

1h 18m
Dec 24, 2023
What's Trending #DonaldTrump Wears A Diaper & Sharts LOL!

What's Trending on #X aka #Twitter #TrumpSmellsBad two former Apprentice assistants gave interviews saying that not only Trump wears a diaper,but has hired people to wipe his ass literally. Sharts- shits & fart --- Send in a voice message:

Dec 23, 2023
#TDBSAfterhours The Freeloader Pt2 'Is The House Really Full of Tots"

Part two of the freeloader family members & friends prepare for the holidays including feasts, freeloading, & a surprise waiting for "Artie'. --- Send in a voice message:

2h 48m
Dec 21, 2023
Taraji P Henson Preached The Modern Black Woman Tired Ass Pain !

Actress & one of my girls Taraji P Henson Preached The MF truth of what it likes for today's black woman who's been out there hustling & busting our asses off & getting little in return. #TheMathAintMathing MF phrase of the year! I hear you girl! --- Send in a voice message:

Dec 21, 2023