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Black YTuber Trumpican Says Blacks & LGBTQs Will Vote Trump 2024 Ep.8 S.L.U.Podcast

A black Trumpican says that black people & especially LGBTQs are & will abandon the Democrats for #Trump my response. #SoWhat he can have them. I'm not Democrat or a Trumpican, I'm an Independent. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 27
#NYGNewEra #JSNjigba #JTippmann & Our New Free Agents

After meeting with the NYGs my new wr no1A son #JaxonSmithNJigba wants to be "The Next NYG No.1 Wr" & I'm all for it & #JoeTippmann wants to be our next center-he's one of my center sons. Plus our new free agents #JamisonCrowder back in the #NFCEast #TommySweeney & this ball-hawking CB from #Detriot #Liond plus we could be adding #BrianEdwards would be a good solid added wr. Plus more draft talk. Mock Draft 2.0 NJIGBA, NJIGBA, NIJIGBA WANTS TO BE AN NYG!!!! --- Send in a voice message:

1h 49m
Mar 24
Jets Trade Elijah Moore To Browns

From yesterday, Jets Trade wr #ElijahMoore to Cleveland however stay tuned for the new Breaking #NYGNewEra report regarding our future no.1 wr #JaxonSmithNjigba. #JoeSchoen is still a clown ass mofo! --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 24
White Folks Obsession With "Wokeness"

On this episode I discuss why so-called white conservatives or "Trumpicans" are so obsessed with the "Wokeness Term" & the real meaning behind it. DeSantes, Trump, Fox News, & some young white millennial girl wrote a book about it & could not explain the true meaning of it. It's a Hip-Hop term for social & racial injustice mofos. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 23
S2 #TDBSAfterhours "Repentance & An Afternoon Romp" E2

On this episode with a preview of what's to come, "Stephy's Original Siblings" puts her in temporary celibacy from "Artie" in order to make a pack with God to restore the strength of her legs back soon. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 21
Boomers Teaching Hip-Hop & Wokeness Ep6_S.L.U.P.

I just saw a clip with older Boomers probably in their mid 60s teaching Hip-Hop & trying to be cool by trying to understand what "Wokeness" means. No wonder the younger generation are confused. Why do Boomers go out of their way trying to be hip & cool or in the know. I'm from the so-called Gen X or "Hip-Hop Generation". It's more reasonable someone my age or slightly younger should be teaching this --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 20
NYG Draft "Stephy's Mock 1 .0 Draft"

My first mocked draft including sleeper & under the radar picks & who I think the NYGs will draft. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 19
Trump's Indictment Soap Opera Coming Soon!!

Trump being indicted what could happen --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 18
NYG Free Agency Day4 Darius Slayton, Paris Campbell & WR Draft

Giants resigns Darius Slayton, adds #ParisCampbell in free agency, but who is "The Most Daniel Jones Friendly Wr in the Draft" listen in. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 18
NYG New Era FA Day 3 #ZekeElliot #MecoleHardman #MikeGisecki #AdamTheilan #DJChark #OdellBeckham

Giants sign a practice squad Jets player, but reports surfacing that they could be in play for Mecole Hardman or DJ Chark. Gisecki may be signing with the Patriots. Should the NYGs sign Zeke after the #Cowboys cut him --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 16
NYG New Era #DarrenWaller Traded To The NYGs

Big block buster splash move for the #NYGs #Raiders trade #TE Darren Waller To The NY #Giants & I believe we are about to land a #Bronco wr #CourtlandSutton & why NYG fans should be thanking me I was one of the few fans lobbying through my podcasts & SM posts to trade for a TE because our wrs are mediocre. #DanielJones have to make this work there's plus & minus to this trade I discuss. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 15
Trump Reverse Racism Rant & SVB Crisis

Trump goes off on his platform which was posted on #Twitter claiming he's a victim of racism, plus the Silicone Valley Bank Crisis --- Send in a voice message:

1h 55m
Mar 14
NYG NEW ERA_Free Agency Day 1

On this episode I sound off on the free agent signings we have so far in which I graded an M for "Mediocre" --- Send in a voice message:

1h 1m
Mar 14
NYG New Era Pre-Free Agency Report

Pre-Free Agency Report on whom I think we will target in free agency. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 12
Go Ahead Black Men & Vote For Trump

In response to this negro on YouTube apologizing to #DonaldTrump & wanting to meet him personally & some Island negro posting this. I got news for you Island negros as well Trump don't give a f**ck about y'all asses either nor his base --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 10
NYG New Era Daniel Jones & Free Agency

On this episode I discuss Derek Carr's contract with the #Saints & how #DanielJones may get overpaid plus two defensive free agents that could help the #NYGs #DreMontJones & #JesseBates add in #BuddaBaker trade possibly. What about #SaquonBarkley #nygfreeagency #slittlepodcast #nygiantspodcast --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 07
NYG New Era_NYG Combine Draft Prospects

Thoughts on this year's NFL prospects & we should hit on key positions & steals Plus Daniel Jones contract issues. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 06
I'm Tired of This Political Bullshit Period!

On this episode, I am tired of the Alt-left Democrats and the Trumpicans Alt-right. The rainbow folks will be the reason why that orange old fool will go back in. The Republicans are scared of Trump!! #Donaldtrump #CPAC #Republicans #Democrats #LGBTQ #blackvote #latinos --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 06
#TDBSAfterhours "Stephy's Original Family" Pt1

Premier episode of season 2 EP.1(originally from "The Stephanie Little Radio Show Podcast on Spreaker). Stephy's Original Family members come over & have their say. --- Send in a voice message:

2h 1m
Mar 05
Defense of Stephanie Mills Against The Beehive

On this episode I'm defending RB legendary diva for what she said about Beyonce and Diana Ross --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 04
Stephanie Little Unapologetic Podcast (Trailer)

--- Send in a voice message:

Mar 04
Hershey's Chocolate Trans Controversy

On this episode I'm discussing the latest media campaign of Hershey's Chocolate & what's blowing up on social media with a trans woman on one of their latest commercials for #WomensHistoryMonth --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 04
#DonLemonade With The Shade Is About To Be Canceled!!

Reports coming out that #CNN & The "White Woman Over 50 Lynch Mob" about to cancel his rainbow bright ass over the sexist #NikkiHaley remark. Stay tuned!!

Feb 21
Announcement Part 2 All Things Come To A Close

The end is coming for The Stephanie Little Radio Show on this platform.

Feb 20
Important Announcement From The S.Little Radio Show Pt1

Announcement part one regarding my podcast I will no longer be doing podcasts from this platform.

Feb 20
#TheDebateShow #DonLemon #NikkiHaley #PastHerPrime

The debate ladies reactions to #CNN Don Lemon's sexist allegations about women 50 & over being irrelevant & past their prime. Plus is Nikki Haley qualified to be the first woman president? Will Republican men vote her over Trump & DeSantes? Plus afterhours talk over "Artie's Libido".

2h 27m
Feb 17
#TDBSAfterhours "Modern Man/Woman Issues & Robotic Pleasure"

Looking back on past performances of "The Sexual Hell Kitten". "Artie" enlists the help of "Stephy's Other Siblings" to get on her case plus "Stephy" has her new robotic legs that helping her walk &:will give "Artie" pleasure.

1h 42m
Feb 15
#TDBSafterhours "Love, Life & No Regrets And Rapid Debate" Pr2

The ladies debate hot topics including racism around the country, the Grammys, & "STephy" tells "Artie" they can work it out

Feb 12
#TDBSAfterhours Love, Life & No Regrets Pt1

Part one of "STephy & Artie's Marriage" can they work it out.

Feb 12
Does Hip-Hop Belongs To Gen X Or To The Boomers?

Special podcast episode on the birth of hip-hop. Many say that Gen X is the heart & soul of the hip-hop culture, but in truth in reality it was started by the baby boomers. Plus truth & facts about #SylviaRobinson "The Real Queen Mother of Hip-hop" & why isn't there a movie about her life & "Sugar Hill Records".

1h 22m
Feb 11