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1 Samuel 13

Saul shows some serious character flaws as he leads the Israelites against the Philistines. Instead of seeking the Lord he caved to the fear of man.

Aug 11
1 Samuel 13

Saul shows some serious character flaws as he leads the Israelites against the Philistines. Instead of seeking the Lord he caved to the fear of man.

Aug 11
Matthew 12:22-37

As opposition to Jesus grew He made it clear that His disciples would have a choice to make. You can't play both sides. Either you are for Jesus or against Him.

Aug 08
1 Samuel 11-12

Saul has been anointed and ordained as the king of Israel. In his first test, He proves up to the challenge by leading Israel into battle.

Aug 04
Matthew 12:1-21

The Pharisees had turned the blessing of the Sabbath into a burden with all of their rules. Jesus reasserts His authority over the Sabbath by showing us how we can find true rest.

Aug 01
1 Samuel 9-10

Here comes the King!

Jul 28
Study Thru the Old Testament:

Israel goes out to battle and brings the ark as a good luck charm. Things don't go well and the ark is captured, but God uses it to bring judgment on the house of Eli and usher in the time of Samuel.

Jun 30
Matthew 10:16-26

Jesus equips His disciples with the tools necessary to endure until the end. He sends them out as sheep amongst wolves and tells them to be both wise and pure. Are you equipped to endure until the end?

Jun 27
1 Samuel 3

The Word of the Lord was rare in Israel. God speaks to Samuel and in the process raises up a prophet that the nation recognizes.

Jun 23
Study Thru the Old Testament: 1 Samuel 2

Eli's sons are wicked and eventually, the whole family is condemned. Meanwhile, God is raising up Samuel as a judge.

Jun 16
Seeking Jesus' Touch

As Jesus healed people the crowds grew. Through these four healings we see four principles for seeking Jesus' Touch

Jun 13
The Birth of Samuel

Israel was without a king and did what was right in their own eyes. God saw this and set into motion a plan to bring order. It started with the birth of Samuel, who would act as the last judge before Saul was anointed king. Chapter 1 looks at what Hannah when through before Samuel was born.

Jun 09
New Wineskins

When Jesus came, He made it very clear that the old customs and routines of the Pharisees weren't going to be able to hold the new work He was doing. That same rings true today. Jesus wants to do a new work in your life, but He has to pull you out of the spiritual rut. Make sure to like this video and subscribe. Thanks for watchin

Jun 07
An Old School Love Story

Naomi sends Ruth on a bold quest to win the heart of Boaz, her kinsman-redeemer. When he responds favorably it starts the process of making it official, but there are some hurdles to overcome. Witness an Old School Love story are God brings these two together.

Jun 02
Power Over Sin

Jesus heals the paralytic and in the process shows the Pharisees that He has the power to forgive sins.

May 30
Divine Interruptions

When Jesus comes into your life He interrupts the norms and routines. He also interrupts the storms with peace and the darkness with His presence.

May 23
Ruth 2

Ruth and Boaz show us two people who put their character over their personal comfort. Each other's actions draw their hearts together. Through it all we God's grace lining the path that brings these two together.

May 19
Portraits of Power

Matthew gives us a picture of Jesus as the Messiah by showing us His power through the healings of a leper, Gentile, and a woman. From those healings, we see the power of His touch and experience His compassion.

May 16
Ruth 1

Ruth chapter 1 introduces us to one of the greatest love stories in the Bible, but it also shows us the heartache of lost love and the bitterness that can set in afterward. You can't run away from your problems.

May 12
Build Wisely

Jesus wraps up the Sermon on the Mount by telling His disciples to build wisely by hearing HIs words and then doing them. Watch to see how you can build wisely.

May 09
A Sad State of Existence

Israel has gotten itself into a mess. Sin is rampant and there is a leadership void. This leads to civil war and a nation that is weeping bitterly before the Lord. There are multiple lessons we can learn from this situation.

May 05
The Path of Discipleship

Contrary to popular opinion, Jesus doesn't dictate to believers what to do. He offers them choices and tells them which one will work out. It is up to the believer to choose and follow the right one. Jesus leads us on the path of discipleship.

May 02
Equipping Dinner

The transgender movement has exploded in the last few years. The government, education, Hollywood, and corporations are jumping on the bandwagon championing the rights and causes behind it. At this Equipping Dinner, we alert you to its methods and how to minister to people caught in the confusion.

1h 7m
Apr 28
The Sacrificial Servant

The prophet Isaiah prophesied precisely what would happen to Jesus over 750 years before He died on the cross. Isaiah 53 is shockingly accurate in describing the suffering Christ would endure. It is also the most quoted Old Testament chapter in the New Testament.

1h 9m
Apr 14
Life's Guiding Principle

You grew up hearing about the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. Jesus teaches on that and shows us how it can be life's guiding principle.

Apr 11
Judges 19

Israel has descended into Moral Chaos. There is no leader and everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. This leads to one of the most disturbing chapters in the whole Bible! We see a repeat of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Apr 07
Stop Criticizing

The most misquoted verse in the Bible is Matt 7:1 where it says "Do not Judge." Even Non-Christians like to throw this at Christian when we don't approve of their actions. Today, we look at how to rightly use this verse and all of the rest in this passage.

Apr 04
Equipping Dinner: Secular Humanism

A secret enemy within the church is eating away at the fabric and causing problems. It is why many so-called Christians have left the church in the last 20 years. That enemy is called Secular Humanism. Atheist professors started it in direct opposition to the church. It has secretly eroded the foundation of many churches and Christians. This message exposes its beliefs and how Christians can battle against them.

1h 1m
Mar 31
Overcoming Anxiety and Worry

Jesus gives us three commands and six reasons why a disciple of His shouldn't be consumed with worry and anxiety. We see how we can cope with the stress and weight that worry brings in the process.

Mar 28
A Confused Nation

Israel had lost its way and it started in the home. Micah creates his own shrine, hires his own priest, and then the tribe of Dan steals it and replants itself. There are many correlations in this passage to the time we live in.

Mar 24