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Mark Dreistadt/Dr. Brad Stuart: Preparing you for Easter Weekend

Happy Easter Weekend! Guest Mark Dreistadt, founder/president of "Infinity Concepts", joins to discuss the term Evangelical. What does it mean today? Discussion of changing definition of the word, and has the term become more political? Discussion of church attendance, and building a foundation of faith for the next generation.  Guest Dr. Brad Stuart, author "Facing Death", joins to discuss his research and experience working with Hospice patients, and those close to "crossing over". Discussion of individual spiritual experiences, near death experiences, and comforting those about the pass away. 

Mar 28
Ben Deeter: Crime in Memphis and attacks on Christians

Guest Ben Deeter, morning host of "Wake Up Memphis" on KWAM Radio, joins to discuss crime rates in Memphis, Sacramento trans day, and more. Discussion of Trump on campaign trail and becoming one of the wealthiest men in the world.  KJP struggles with radio interview and gets defensive about Biden dementia question. Was it staged, or a test to win over new voters? 

Mar 27
Austen Bannan: Job Growth and Bidenomics

Guest Austen Bannan, Employment Policy Fellow with Americans for Prosperity, joins to discuss job growth under Biden administration. Discussion of focus on growing union jobs, attack on small business, and consolidation of large corporations.  Trump value grows after Truth Social merges into stock market.  RFK JR makes VP pick...does it help his campaign?

Mar 26
Robert Clark: Is American Foreign Policy Outdated?

Guest Robert Clark, Foreign policy expert for Young Voices, joins to discuss role of NATO with Ukraine/Russia conflict, middle east tension, and more. Where does the next generation stand on foreign policy? Trump fraud case saw this price tag of his fine lowered. Should he still pay it...or is it the principle of the issue to continue to fight?  Conservatives fight newly passed $1.2T spending package. 

Mar 25
Dean Clancy: The Destruction of the Healthcare Industry

Guest Dean Clancy, Senior Policy Fellow at Americans for Prosperity, joins to discuss the rising costs of healthcare in the US. Discussion of Obamacare, big pharma, price of care, Director Primary Care, and more.  Kamala Harris and Biden campaign heads to Florida over the weekend to announce new Red Flag Law initiative. Is that really a winning campaign agenda? 

Mar 23
Federal Budgets and Professional Protestors

Guest Congressman Estes, 4th District of Kansas, joins to discuss latest federal budget bill. What is it, and what's in it? Discussion of federal budget process, and upcoming appropriation discussions for 2025 budget.  Guest Adam Swart, CEO "Crowds on Demand", joins to discuss how to run an effective protest or rally. How do you reach people in a positive way? Discussion of paid protestors, illegal actions at protests and more. 

Mar 23
Kansas Talk- Saturday March 23rd, 2024

Guest State Representative Patrick Penn, joins to discuss latest from Topeka. Discussion of Medicaid expansion hearing in committee. Discussion of new potential tax bill.  Guest Todd Starnes, nationally syndicated radio host and author "Twilight's Last Gleaming", joins to discuss official book release and latest current events.  Guest Jason Nelson, Preppers all Natural, joins to discuss cattle and beef prices, attack on cattle industry and more. 

1h 22m
Mar 23
Faris Cassell: Surviving the Holocaust

Guest Faris Cassell, author "Inseparable: The Hess Twins' Holocaust Journey Through Bergen-Belsen to America", joins to discuss the story of the last remaining twins of the Holocaust. Discussion of anti-semitism, and how society can de-humanize to the point of such devastation.  Biden releases latest campaign ad to defend against Trump vs Biden records.  GOP majority in House is down to a one vote majority. 

Mar 22
Todd Starnes/Isabel Brown: Can We Save the Nation?

Guest Todd Starnes, nationally syndicated radio host and author "Twilight's Last Gleaming" joins to discuss latest book, humor in politics, and how we can get the country back on track.  Guest Isabel Brown, author "The End of the Alphabet", joins to discuss how Gen Z can save America. Discussion of social media, distrust in government institutions, and more. 

Mar 21
Biden Impeachment Inquiry Causes Democrat Meltdown

Democrats on House committee into full defense mode. Do they understand the law at all?  Is there a deeper issue to a Surety company not taking up the $454M Bond for Trump? Discussion of ESG, fear of government retaliation, and the new social credit score through the financial world.  Half of the NYC population says they are planning to leave the city over the next 5 years. 

Mar 20
Brent Hamachek: Is Critical Thinking Dead?

Guest Brent Hamacheck, author "Dissidently Speaking", joins to discuss the process of critical thinking, living in an echo chamber, and challenging core values. Do we step out of our comfort zone and challenge our thought process? Super Tuesday 3.0 with more primary elections. Discussion of Ohio politics and Democrat policies of illegal immigrant jobs vs American jobs.  SCOTUS sides with Texas on arresting illegal immigrants at the border. 

Mar 19
Eric Ruark: Is the Biden admin platform on Immigration stronger than Trump?

Guest Eric Ruark, NumbersUSA, joins to discuss latest by the Biden admin on their stance on immigration. Are they really trying to say they are "tougher" on immigration than Trump? Discussions of legal challenges to immigration law...and the federal government wanting to settle? Media loses their minds over Trump's comments on a "bloodbath" in the nation. Is it s sign of revolt...or completely taken out of context?

Mar 18
4 Day Work Week and the Socialist Dreamworld

Senator Bernie Sanders calls for a 4 day workweek...with same pay? How does small business survive the leftist attack?  Discussion of free market capitalism vs crony capitalism vs socialism. Are we approaching the issue the wrong way?

Mar 16
Demonic Trump and Lack of GOP Unity

Former Vice President Mike Pence refuses to endorse Trump for do we unite the GOP during election season? Latest study shows near 46% population cannot tell difference from a factual statement to an opinion...really? Discussion of propaganda, social media, and content control.  Democrats call Trump...Demonic?

Mar 16
Kansas Talk- Saturday March 16th, 2024

Happy Saturday! Guest Sam MacRoberts, Kansas Justice Institute, joins to discuss latest federal lawsuit against city of Salina, KS regarding a mural made by a local business. Is it freedom of speech, or a violation of city policy? Guest Congressman Ron Estes joins to discuss appropriations battle in DC, federal budget, and more.  Early voting begins in Kansas for Presidential Preference Primary!

Mar 16
Jason Jones: Is it Conservative to Support Ukraine?

Guest Jason Jones, author "The Great Campaign Against the Great Reset", joins to discuss how conservatives should support Ukraine. Discussion of battling against Communist Russia, humanitarian issues in Ukraine, and more.  Left wing media finds a new way to label conservatives as "New Right". Discussion of young generation of it radical...or traditional conservatism?

Mar 15
James Hirsen: Christian Nationalism and attack on Family Values

Guest James Hirsen, analyst and commentator, joins to discuss latest attack on conservatives through labeling as "Christian Nationalists". What is it? Does the left really understand the concept of "separation between church and state"?  Is our government trying to act like a global government? Chuck Schumer advocates from special election in Israel to oust Benjamin Netanyahu. Plus TikTok bill tries to tell a private business how to operate?

Mar 14
Barry Hinkley: A Re-Declaration of Independence

Guest Barry Hinkley, coFounder of "Re-Declaration of Independence" joins to discuss fighting back against an out of control federal government. How do we get back to Constitutional values and law? Can we get elected officials to truly represent the people again? House overwhelmingly passes TikTok ban bill. Discussion of privacy and government data collection.  Coalition of state AGs challenge the Biden admin for cowering on immigration law enforcement. 

Mar 13
Tony Lyons: How Much of a Wild Card is RFK Jr?

Gust Tony Lyons, founder "Skyhorse Publishing" and cofounder of "American Values 2024 Super PAC", joins to discuss the censorship and political silencing of Robert F Kennedy Jr. Can we make a difference in the election and is he gaining momentum?  Latest from House Judiciary Committee investigation Biden. Democrats go on full defense mode for Biden during hearing.  Ken Buck set to leave office early...why? TikTok says they are not open to selling social media site. 

Mar 12
Federal Budgets and TikTok Bans

Joe Biden has released in 2025 Budget proposal to Congress...what's in it? Discussion of federal debt and increase in government spending.  Congress passes bill to ban TikTok out of committee...why? Discussion of content, shadow banning, data collection and more. Who's a bigger threat?

Mar 11
Congressman Ron Estes: Appropriations Bills and Federal Spending

Guest Congressman Ron Estes, 4th District of Kansas, joins to discuss latest passage of half the appropriation bills, and upcoming votes on 2nd round. Are we working towards an actual federal budget?  RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel steps down...are we created a dynasty within the GOP?

Mar 10
Wayne Winegarden: California's push for Reparations and Bankruptsy

Guest Wayne Winegarden, economist with Pacific Research Institute, joins to discuss latest 1,000 document release from the "Reparations Task Force", advocating for payments for decedents of slaves. How much would it cost? Recap of SOTU. Did Biden singlehandedly destroy the Democrat narrative on "illegal immigration"?  Biden releases new campaign ad laughing off concerns about old age. 

Mar 10
MK Sweeney: Go Woke Go Broke

Guest MK Sweeney, author "The Magi of Miriam" joins to discuss latest decision from Doritos to hire a military trans-person in marketing department...really? Discussion of woke businesses, the segregation of the economy, and more.  SOTU recap. Have you ever seen a President attack the Supreme Court or edge on "protestors" during a SOTU?  Trump responds to Biden speech. 

Mar 08
US Senator Roger Marshall: Who's Ready for the SOTU?

Guest US Senator Roger Marshall, Kansas, joins to discuss upcoming SOTU...what can we expect. Discussion of appropriation bills, immigration debate, farm bill, and more.  Guest Catherine Engelbrecht, True the Vote, joins to discuss voter transparency. Discussion of voter fraud, lack of accountability...and a new federal code that could allow illegal aliens to vote?

Mar 07
Congressman Bob Latta: Appropriation bills and TikTok Ban

Guest Congressman Bob Latta, 5th District Ohio, joins to discuss the latest conversations on appropriation bills. Will we see real spending cuts at the federal level? Latest debate over data collection and potential TikTok ban.  Super Tuesday recap. Discussion of GOP unity, and destruction of Democrats under Biden. 

Mar 06
George Carneal: Parental Rights Under Attack

Guest George Carneal, author "From Queer to Christ", joins to discuss latest legal battles with families losing parental rights if they do no support their child's transition. Seriously? Discussion of the attack on young children to confuse them and force LGBTQ agenda.  It's Super Tuesday! What can we expect from election results tonight? What should we focus on? US Senator Kyrsten Sinema announces her retirement from the Senate. 

Mar 05
Akash Chougule: The Push for Bidenomics 2.0

Guest Akash Chougule, Vice President Americans for Prosperity, joins to discuss the disasters of Bidenomics. Biden campaigns on his "Investments in America" it a revival of the failed pitch the economy is doing well? Discussion of upcoming State of the Union Address, upcoming votes on appropriation bills, and more.  Supreme Court votes unanimously to keep Trump on the ballot. Is it a unifying message or give Democrats the ultimate meltdown? Nikki Haley wins DC primary. Would she go third party if she loses Super Tuesday? 

Mar 04
How Did Government Get So Out of Control?

Guest Host Michael Austin discusses the battle against an ever growing federal government.  Guest Hannah Cox joins to discuss the 4th branch of Government. What is it and how do we stop it? Guest Katherine Loughead joins to discuss statewide tax reform.  Guest Scott Shepard joins to discuss latest lawsuit against the SEC to stop a new DEI mandate. 

Mar 03
Pushing Back Against Medicaid Expansion

Guest Host Michael Austin discusses social programs, dependency on the government, and more.  Guest Kansas Speaker of the House Dan Hawkins discussing the push for Medicaid expansion. 

Mar 03
Kansas Talk- Saturday March 2nd, 2024

Happy Saturday! Guest Rodney Redinger, Kansas Forest Service, joins to discuss update on wildfires in Kansas, Texas, and more. Discussion of drought conditions and upcoming summer season. Will we see a rough year with more wildfires? Guest State Representative Paul Waggoner, District 104, joins to discuss legislative update. Discussion of tax bill vote, bill banning transition surgery for minors, and upcoming election season.  What are the best/worst grocery stores in your community?  

1h 24m
Mar 02