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The Voice of Reason- Special Feature- Congressman Bob Latta

The Voice of Reason sits down with Congressman Bob Latta, 5th District Ohio to discuss economy, debt ceiling, Russia, China, TikTok ban, and more. 

Mar 30
The Voice of Reason- Thursday March 30th, 2023

Happy Pre-Friday! Guest Congressman Bob Latta, 5th District Ohio, joins to discus debt ceiling, China, Russia, and more.  AOC vs Libs of Tiktok.  Latest Jobless claims. Discussion shrinking workforce vs retiring generation. Are we seeing a transformational economy?  Young generation pushes for reviving of unionized popularity. 

Mar 30
The Voice of Reason- Wednesday March 29th, 2023

Happy Mid Week! Guest Joe Wolverton, The New American, joins to discuss false flags, deep state and distractions from government. How are they deceiving us?  AI continues to grow...yet some (including Musk) call to pause growth of AI. Is there a concern of security with AI? Discussion of technology vs "woke" military. Is our military losing sight of priorities?

Mar 29
The Voice of Reason- Tuesday March 28th, 2023

Happy Tuesday!  Guest Selwyn Duke, The New American, joins to discuss the rise of socialism in the US. Where is it coming from? Discussion of logical thinking from young Americans, the comfort of feeling "socially" protected, and socialism vs capitalism.  More details released from Nashville school shooter...and media goes silent. What's next in the attack against the right on guns and conservative beliefs?

Mar 28
The Voice of Reason- Monday March 27th, 2023

Happy Monday! Guest Brandon Straka, #WalkAway Campaign, joins to discuss new #WalkAway Social Media App. Discussion of walking away from Democrat party, party unity, and fighting for a voice on the conservative.  Latest school shooting in Nashville, TN. Discussion of gun control vs deeper societal issues. Can we regulate morality in the nation? Discussion of American's have they changed over the years? 

Mar 27
Kansas Talk- Saturday March 25th, 2023

Happy Saturday! Guest David Schneider, Kansas Convention of States, joins to discuss Convention of States movement...will Kansas join? Guest Steven Johnson, Kansas State Treasurer, joins to discuss banking system, high interest rates/inflation, tax revenue in Kansas, and more.  Guest May Mailman, Independent Women's Law Center, joins to discuss Kansas SB 180 on Gender it "transphobic"?

1h 18m
Mar 25
The Voice of Reason- Friday March 24th, 2023

Happy Friday! Guest Derek Johnson, independent artist, songwriter, and head of "1776 Nation" project, joins to discuss Blue Print to Saving America. Discussion of Trump administration and battle against the "establishment" in DC.  Congress holds hearing with TikTok CEO. Can the company distance themselves from CCP? Discussion of privacy, metadata collect, US social media and tech companies. Is TikTok really worse than Google and Facebook? 

Mar 24
The Voice of Reason- Thursday March 23rd, 2023

Happy Pre-Friday! Guest May Mailman, Independent Women's Law Center, joins to discuss Women's Rights bill in Kansas Legislature...why is it getting national attention? Discussion of work of women equality, transgenderism, and "trans-phobia".  Guest Adrian Kubicki, General Consul for Poland, joins to discuss federal budget, social programs, Polish government budget, cutting spending, and workforce of population. Is Europe moving more towards socialism?

Mar 23
The Voice of Reason- Wednesday March 22nd, 2023

Happy Mid Week! Grand Jury cancels vote on Trump case...what happened? California looks to ban certain chemicals in food causing illness. Is it the right move? Discussion of government role in "public safety" or health issues vs free markets. Do we add more dangerous chemicals into our food than other nations? Latest military study shows 80% those aged 17-24 not qualified to join military due to obesity, mental health, or drug issues. Do we have national security crisis?

Mar 22
The Voice of Reason- Tuesday March 21st, 2023

Happy Post Monday! Guest Roman Buhler, National Director for Madison Coalition, joins to discuss KeepNine movement, expansion of US Supreme Court, and more. Discussion of bias court system, idea of federalism and lower courts, and Democrat push to increase size of courts.  Trump not arraigned today...what happened? Discussion of NYC creating paranoia and fear of "violent" right wing protests during Trump court case. Would could happen to Trump? Biden pushes courts to decide on 2A issues. 

Mar 21
The Voice of Reason- Monday March 20th, 2023

Happy Monday! Guest Phil Kerpen, American Commitment, joins to discuss Biden budget, inflation, federal reserve, consumer spending, federal debt ceiling, and more.  Could Trump be arrested tomorrow? Discussion of investigation on "hush funds", MAGA being "domestic terrorists" and more. 

Mar 20
Kansas Talk- Saturday March 18th, 2023

Happy Saturday! Guests: State Representative Leo Delperdang, State Representative Patrick Penn, State Representative Paul Waggoner, State Representative Rebecca Schmoe

1h 22m
Mar 18
The Voice of Reason- Friday March 17th, 2023

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Guest John O'Connor, author "The Mysteries of Watergate" joins to discuss censorship, privacy issues, wiretapping, and government coverups. Discussion of social media, mainstream media, and elites vs general population.  On St. Patrick's Day...let's discuss identity politics, the melting pot of the nation, cultural appropriation, and more. 

Mar 17
The Voice of Reason- Thursday March 16th, 2023

Happy Pre-Friday! Guest Craig Bannister, CNSNews, joins to discuss energy market, oil prices, Biden regulations on oil, drilling, OPEC, and more. Will we see gas prices go down anytime soon? Government looks to bail out more banks on the verge of collapse. Discussion of financial market, global markets, bad business decisions, and more. 

Mar 16
The Voice of Reason- Monday March 13th, 2023

Happy Monday! Guest Mark Mix, National Right to Work Committee, joins to discuss latest battle with right to work laws in Michigan and California. Is the auto industry advocating for an agenda against their best interests?  Government bails out big banks. Discussion of centralization of banking institution...more government control...and why are we breaking our own financial rules?

Mar 13
Kansas Talk- Saturday March 11th, 2023

Happy Saturday! Guest State Senator Renee Erickson, joins to discuss women in sports bill, gender bill, and fighting for women in Kansas.  Should we raise legal age of tobacco to 21 in Kansas. Discussion of adulthood, adolescence, and more. 

Mar 11
The Voice of Reason- Special Feature- Congressman Tracey Mann

The Voice of Reason sits down with Congressman Tracey Mann, Kansas 1st District, to discuss Biden budget, debt ceiling, transparency in DC, Farm Bill 2023, social media, and more. 

Mar 10
The Voice of Reason- Friday March 10th, 2023

Happy Friday! Guest Congressman Tracey Mann, 1st District Kansas, joins to discuss Biden budget proposal, COVID origins, Jan 6 video, and more.  Guest Ed Dowd, author "Cause Unknown", joins to discuss sudden deaths over past two there a correlation to the COVID virus....or the COVID vaccine?  Freedom Caucus reveals counter budget proposal. 

Mar 10
The Voice of Reason- Thursday March 9th, 2023

Happy Pre-Friday! Guest Mark Burrell, author "Rediscovering America" joins to discuss finding American values again. Can we bring the power back to "The People"? Joe Biden releases his 2024 budget proposal. 

Mar 10
The Voice of Reason- Wednesday March 8th, 2023

Happy Mid Week! Congress looks to ban Tiktok and other foreign social media sites...what's the motive? Discussion of privacy, national security, and content censorship on social media platforms. Is there a bigger agenda at play?  Elites push back against new evidence regarding Jan 6th "insurrection".  COVID origins exposed in latest committees...and Democrats try to change topic. 

Mar 08
The Voice of Reason- Tuesday March 7th, 2023

Happy Tuesday! Guest Dr. Robert Malone, biochemist and author "Lies My Gov't Told Me", joins to discuss government cover up of COVID information. Discussion of vaccines, health issues, athletes dropping, and more.  Guest Joseph Radich, author "Autonomy" joins to discuss broken healthcare system. Discussion of holistic healing, alternative medicines, pharmaceutical industry, and more.  Is the "House of Cards" beginning to fall in DC?

Mar 07
The Voice of Reason- Monday March 6th, 2023

Happy Monday! Guest Jake Morabito, Director at ALEC, joins to discuss latest conversation regarding Artificial Intelligence, government use of AI, control over society, and more.  Discussion of styles of parenting. Are we teaching our children to be prepared for the "real world"? Discussion of school shootings from bullied children? Why are the taking such drastic measures?  Are we prolonging adulthood in today's society?

Mar 06
Kansas Talk- Saturday March 4th, 2023

Happy Saturday! Guest State Representative Kristey Williams, joins to discuss latest education bills in legislature. Discussion school choice, child savings accounts, education funding and more.  Guest State Representative Brenda Landwehr, joins to discuss latest bills in Topeka. Discussion abortion pills, foster care system, mental health investments, COVID vaccine mandates, and more. Guest Kris Kobach, Kansas Attorney General, joins to discuss investigation into latest swatting calls to public schools in Kansas. Discussion Fentanyl in Kansas, federal lawsuits and more. 

1h 24m
Mar 04
The Voice of Reason- Friday March 3rd, 2023

Happy Friday! CPAC 2023 is underway! Guest Fred McGrath, American Conservative Union, joins to discuss CPAC 2023. Discussion state legislative rankings on conservatism....are we seeing a rise in conservative leaders in states?  

Mar 03
The Voice of Reason- Thursday March 2nd, 2023

Guest Janice Daniels, Michigan Conservative Union, joins to discuss lies from the government, taking voice back, and more. Discussion nordstream pipeline, COVID origins, Ohio chemical spill, and more.  Republican leaders push to find origins of COVID virus. Discussion of attack on personal health, dependency on vaccines, and more. 

Mar 02
The Voice of Reason- Wednesday March 1st, 2023

Happy Mid week! Guest Mia Love, former Congresswoman and author "Qualified" joins to discuss the American dream, centralization of power in government, and fighting for freedom.  Guest Rainer Zitelmann, author "In Defense of Capitalism" joins to discuss spread of capitalism in Europe. Is America moving away from a capitalistic society?

Mar 01
The Voice of Reason- Tuesday February 28th, 2023

Happy Post Monday! SCOTUS hears two cases regarding Federal Student Loan Forgiveness program. Discussion of legal challenges, federal debt, duties of Congress vs Administrative state and more. Did government openly hand over power to bureaucrats? Has Congress learned a lesson? Media goes into panic after COVID social programs come to an end. Will it create "economic disaster" to qualify people for programs now?  While economy goes into a recession...who's refusing to cut personal spending? 

Feb 28
The Voice of Reason- February 27th, 2023

Happy Monday! Guest Kenneth Rapoza, Coalition for a Prosperous America, joins to discuss relationship with US and China. Discussion of "evolution" of relationship prior to Trump, Trump's "America First" message, and Biden working with China. Discussion of security issues, trade deficit, and more.  Where is everyone on the latest "Support Ukraine" vs. "Support Russia" debates? Who's really behind each side...and does it benefit any of us? Discussion of globalist agenda, and America First agenda.  Government admits COVID leaked through Wuhan lab...evil conspiracy theorists. 

Feb 27
Kansas Talk- Saturday February 25th, 2023

Happy Saturday! Guest Bryan Frye, Wichita City Councilman and candidate for Mayor, joins to discuss announcement for Mayor, State of the City address, COVID funding in city, diversity of workforce, law enforcement and more.  Wichita Area Builders Association joins to discuss upcoming 2023 Home Show.  Robin Browning joins to discuss KS/CO marijuana legislation. Update on bills in Topeka. Discussion of cannabis industry.  

1h 24m
Feb 25
The Voice of Reason- Friday February 24th, 2023

Happy Friday! Guest Chris Bledsoe, author "UFO of God" joins to discuss personal experience of UFO abduction...what/who are they? Discussion of governments most investigated cases of UFO obductions. Universal/social credit score is officially here. Discussion of Biden executive order on "woke" AI in government operations. 

Feb 24