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How To See Yourself As More Successful

#974: If you’ve seen the Matrix you remember the spark of the entire movie, when Neo takes the blue pill and he ends up in the construct of what he’s shown is a made up world. Inside here he sees himself dressed a certain way and is told he’s seeing himself as his residual self-image. And there you go. We all have this image of ourselves we believe is simply who we are. It’s our default mode and this is where we generally live unless something significant happens in our lives. Victor Serebriakoff (Sara bria koff) was labeled a dunce at 16 by a teacher and lived the next decade or more believing this, until a job test showed he was a genius, so be believed that too and went on to have many patents and serve as president of the Mensa society. We tend to be what others have said we are and what we’ve agreed with. Unfortunately most of us will never have someone say we are a dunce or a genius and we’ll just go along being…whatever. It’s up to us to claim what we can be and start seeing ourselves differently. This was the message from my previous episode, #973, with Anthony Trucks, and in this episode Tom Ziglar and I talk through it. I actually asked our listeners this question, “Thinking of a primary goal or two you have...can you actually see yourself there? Can you envision yourself as the person in that new reality? Or are you just going after it anyway? Examples: Making that much money, owning and running a business owner, being at that weight, etc...?” This question got very few responses compared to the boatload we often receive. Why? I believe it’s because we don't’ take the time and give focus to our desires for progress, in regards to envisioning ourselves there. And thus we often don’t make…much progress. Thus, why we give it focus today. See for privacy information.

Mar 09, 2022
Anthony Trucks | Upgrade Your Identity

#973: The self-help and personal development world gives primary focus to increasing our performance so we can achieve greater successes in our lives. And it’s true we all are capable of more. Nobody is performing at their max capacity. But we won’t outperform the level of ability we believe about ourselves and all we have to go on is the proof of what we have and haven’t done thus far. It brings to mind Roger Banister breaking the four minute mile mark in running, which was deemed humanly impossible, but more importantly the four other runners who then did it within a year. All that changed is once they believed running a sub four minute mile was possible, they did it. Prior, they could not. Most of us are sitting where we are and desiring greater performance from ourselves but unable to see ourselves being at a higher level. If someone came along and ran a diagnostic test on us and said they had proof we could do it we would in short order. But that won’t likely happen, so how can we get ourselves to really see ourselves as a higher performer? To have a performance upgrade we need an upgrade to our identity. I have Anthony Trucks on with me in this episode to talk about it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

1h 12m
Mar 07, 2022
Why You Work Where You Do

#972: Have you ever fully considered exactly why you work at the job you have now? Or why you chose the career you’re in? Or even why you have the current business you own? I asked this question to Ziglar listeners, which by the way I invite you to give your feedback, just friend me on facebook at agentkmiller. The responses ranged from the valiant and purposeful intent to save the world to the admission it was just a direction they were pushed or fell into. The latter doesn’t mean they ended up in a bad place, but the exercise itself caused a lot of pondering. It may cause you to feel confirmed, or uncover it’s time to think about why you’re doing what you are and consider if this is where you want to be and remain. So join Tom Ziglar and I as we talk through some of the comments and the realities of why we all end up doing the work we do, and how to pursue the work we actually want to do. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

1h 14m
Mar 02, 2022
When In Doubt Reach Out | Habits With Dan Pink

I’m back with NYT bestselling author and top TED speaker, Dan Pink to walk through his personal habits for success, and this habits show had a twist. Coming off our talk in episode 969 where we discussed regrets, which is the topic of his brand new book, The Power of Regret, I asked him how his research on regrets changed any of his habits. What you heard in that intro clip was him leading off with his top one, Connection regrets, and now reaching out to people more. We hit on some other habits he’s changed as a result of this regrets focus, such as he realized in the Foundation regrets piece he’s actually been too frugal over his lifetime. I also found the irony in him citing he lived in a busy urban area and prefers running on a treadmill, especially since he fell on a sidewalk while running and now has a bent pinky. Dan Pink with…a bent pinky. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Feb 28, 2022
What We Learned From Our Regrets

Following up from my conversation with Dan Pink regarding the message in his new book, “The Power of Regrets”, Tom Ziglar and I went through the exercise of listing out some of our regrets and what we learned from them. And are still learning. And finding some regrets where we haven’t fully considered the lessons learned, which is very much the point. As Dan Pink points out in his book, regrets have power when we use them to learn, as opposed to denying them and being a “no regrets” person, or wallowing in them and living in guilt and shame. This episode really helped bring Tom and I to revisiting our past mistakes and what we have learned or can be learning. I think you’ll gain some insight you can benefit from to redeem your past mistakes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Feb 24, 2022
How To Leverage Our Regrets | Dan Pink

#969: “No regrets” is an American slogan along with “No Fear” and “Just Do It.” Yet more often than not we don’t just do it, having no fear is psychopathic, and having no regrets means you have no sorrow for ever hurting anyone or making a mistake. Regret is simply recognizing sadness or disappointment about something we did we wish we hadn’t, or we didn’t do and wish we had, and Dan Pink’s research showcases it’s a massive power if we’ll recognize it and learn from it. Not as he said, reject it or wallow in it. This is my second time having Dan on the show. He’s a multi-best selling author, and when I say best selling, I don’t mean one day on an obscure Amazon book category like Amish Romance, but the actual New York Times bestseller list. You’ll likely recognize his books such as A Whole New Mind, Drive, To Sell Is Human, and When. His books have sold millions of copies, have been translated into forty-two languages. He also has a TED talk titled “The Puzzle of Motivation” which has somewhere north of 30 million views. Dan is an author like Brene’ Brown who leads with research, and he’s now turned his focus to regrets with his new book, The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward. I asked him bak on the show the moment I saw the book title and you’re about to hear me dig in with him on how we can harness regret for our progress, not suffer or run from it. Find The Power of Regret anywhere you get books and connect with Dan at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Feb 21, 2022
The Perfect Start, And Prep For Human Engagement

#968: Tom Ziglar is a very sought after speaker and as he just returned from one engagement and was preparing for another and talking to me about the topics, I asked him to have a conversation with me about it and to share it with you. He discussed the “perfect start” concept he shared with an association of county fair leaders, the “pre” pre-call planning he will be discussing with a group of sales professionals, and the lessons from the near tragedy of Qantas Flight 32 he just wanted us all to hear, which was a focus in planning the intent and outcome we have for every human engagement we have. We kick off with a little shop talk on public speaking you will want to hear if you are in the business of influencing! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Feb 16, 2022
Dan Miller | Your Calling Is Not One Role

#967: I wanted to talk about calling. I keep seeing people get wrapped up in trying to find…feeling they must find, this elusive, one-thing, holy grail calling on their life and I wanted to relieve the tension and pressure and showcase that our ultimate calling or purpose is not so narrow. It’s something everyone has and it’s something you do in all roles of your life. This frees you up from thinking you have one, special application to apply this…calling. And what is a true calling anyway? So I brought on one of the world’s premier experts on the subject, especially as it relates to your vocation, job, career, business…however you label it. That expert is…Dan Miller. Yes. We’re related. He’s my Dad. Bestselling author and renowned career coach of 48 Days To The Work You Love. Finding your calling and supporting it in your work is what he’s devoted his life to. You can find out more at Dig in more with each episode at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

1h 1m
Feb 14, 2022
Serving Is Not A Zero-Sum Game

#966: Anyone listening to this show is interested in giving and serving people. This is where we find our greatest fulfillment of purpose. We serve our families, friends, and everyone we can through our work, and some go further and volunteer in different capacities. But how do we view serving? Is it a zero sum game? Is it like Shel Silverstein’s book, The Giving Tree, and every piece we give away we lose until we are nothing but a stump? In this episode we take aim at this. Not whether to give and serve or not, but the spirit in which we do it. Do we treat it like a privilege and joy? Or a burden. My opinion is…we are all on the spectrum between these two perspectives and higher and lower in some areas we serve. And when we get closer to burden, we are risking bitterness and burnout. Is it more valiant to press on and give out of the scraps we have left in our heart? Or sometimes, stop. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Feb 09, 2022
Making Your Goals and Habits Fun | Breanna Brown Keen

#965: I’m back with actress and personal development leader, Brianna Brown Keen and we walk through her personal habits for success. Brianna is a paid performer, so no matter what, she has to show up ready and able to act and look a certain way. Thus in some aspects, her habits are more tangibly critical for her job. Many of us can show up for a day of work and be a bit…underperforming. But when you’re literally on stage or camera, this is not possible. So it makes her daily habits interesting. Of interest, today we had our live zoom call in my Driven To Live community, and a member who is a pastor said when he first saw my previous show with Brianna, episode 963, and her being an actress and not my usual personal development author, he said he almost skipped the show. But he listened, and felt multiple things she shared were, as he put it, a valid sermon. And he’s going to listen a second time. This is why I had Brianna on the show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Feb 07, 2022
Your Character Is How Others Experience You

#964: What attributes distinguish you as an individual? We all judge ourselves by our intentions, while everyone else judges us by how they experience us. We don’t like that word. Judge. But we all do it. Even in as much grace and acceptance as we can muster, we still experience people in ways that attract or detract us from them, and cause us to trust or distrust them. And everyone is doing the same with us. We’re talking about our character, and after recording this show I’m going to say, our perceived character, as you’ll hear us discuss that we can’t cite what our true character is, only others can. And from it we get more or less opportunity in life and work. More or less relationships. More or less success and love even. This topic is foundational to all we want, as our perceived character is foundational for all we are. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Feb 02, 2022
Brianna Brown Keen: Artists Are More Powerful Than Politicians

#963: Power and influence is an interesting thing to ponder. Today, who has more power? Politicians or people in the media? Former actor and now literally top podcaster, Joe Rogan, may have more individual influence on the planet than anyone. At least more reach. However, this isn’t an episode about power as much as it is about using your platform, whatever it is, to benefit people. Brianna Brown Keen is an accomplished actress, appearing in more than 20 feature films and 30 television shows. She defines her acting role as being “paid to pretend” and cites being in the business of rejection. But we talk about everyone having the opportunity to have art in what they do, and to express themselves. In doing so, you put yourself out there. At risk. But our most fulfilling success is from just that, self expression. Along with being a present day, working actress, Brianna has produced an initiative and book called Manifesting Your Mission where she guides entrepreneurs in doing just that, making true progress toward your goals. And she brings her unique perspective from Hollywood where self-expression, rejection, and acclaim are in a very heightened and exaggerated form. But it’s a relevant depiction of the real lives we all lead. Connect with Brianna at Dig in more with each episode at And if you are a coach or want to become one, let the Ziglar family empower you at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

1h 2m
Jan 31, 2022
Expect The Best, Prepare For The Worst, Maximize On What Comes

#962: Zig Ziglar famously quoted, “Expect the best, prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.” In this episode we dig into the reality this conveys. We all know well the success concepts of committing to something. Never quitting. Being resolute and convicted. Persevering. It’s what success and legendary successes are made of, right? And if there is a so-called failure, it’s not truly failure if we learn something and can redeem it with the experiential wisdom or if it helps lead us on to the thing that does work. But sometimes we have an effort that just flat out does not work. And if we’ve invested a lot, we can find ourselves in dire straits. So, should we prepare for failure? Have a backup plan or a plan B? Or does that defy the faith in success we’re supposed to have? Dig in more with each episode at And if you are a coach or want to become one, let the Ziglar family empower you at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Jan 27, 2022
Niyc Pidgeon’s Habits | How Good Can I Feel And How Easy Can It Be

#961: I’m back with Niyc Pidgeon, positive psychologist and renowned success coach who I had on the show previously in episode 959. This is my habits show and we walk through her personal habits. Niyc has 30 employees and 5,000 clients and you could readily expect to find her as the hard charging woman on top of success as the result of working 18 hour days who will sleep when she dies. As you heard in the intro clip, I asked her where she saw herself in this perspective and you heard her reply, which is in essence to see how successful can she be, but how easy can she make it. She’s a great example of someone who invests a lot in her self care in order to fuel her capacity for her own high performance and inspiring the high performance of everyone she works with. You’ll be inspired and equipped by this conversation. You can connect with Niyc Pidgeon and get her book, Now Is Your Chance, for free, at If you want to go beyond merely listening and join our community of people devoted to making positive change in their life and work, come over to and join my Driven To Live Community. Go from listening to this podcast episode about Niyc Pidgeon’s habits for success to discussing how you might want to bolster your own habits. And recently I had some testimonies from listeners who really like to watch the episodes, who feel they get more by seeing my guests talk. You can do this at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Jan 24, 2022
How To Find What People Really Need

This is a sales class, pure and simple. And if you know Zig Ziglar at all you know his claim was we are all in sales. True sales is figuring out what people really need and helping them get it. This was prompted by Ziglar Show podcast listener Adam Reid who sent this in, “I am a sales rep for DHL Express Canada and I help businesses in the Saskatchewan market set up accounts to help send and receive their products all around the world. It is a great job to have and the Ziglar show has really helped me develop my skills and experience in selling. As a listener to your show and a professional working in sales, one thing that I think would be helpful to listeners like me is to create an episode with Tom Ziglar about uncovering needs. As a sales professional in my industry this is a big part of building trust and helping developing a relationship with customers in my territory. As a frequent listener to your show there is a theme that is often discussed about solving the customer’s problems, yet I haven’t been able to hear your take on it. I think if you were able to do a deeper take on solving the customer’s problems this would be very beneficial to the audience.” So, in this episode, that’s just what we did. We gave our take on it, led by master sales trainer, Tom Ziglar himself. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

1h 8m
Jan 19, 2022
Niyc Pidgeon | Live A Bigger Life Because Of Your Trauma

#959: In this episode, where therapy gives much focus to our past, modern day success coaching is focused primarily just on the future. A great fusion I found is what’s termed as “positive psychology.” As my guest, Niyc Pidgeon says, positive psychology looks at what is going right in our world, instead of what’s going wrong, but it also gives great gravity to our emotions and past traumas. The key however is harnessing it for our benefit instead of allowing it to diminish us. Niyc Pidgeon is an author, award winning positive psychologist, high performance coach, and investor and as you’ll experience in our following conversation, she’s an insightful and vivacious thought-leader who has had a profound impact on some big influencers, including Elon Musk. Niyc’s muse and the focus of her new book, Now Is Your Chance, is what perspectives will enable us to continue instead of quit? How will we better respond if we consider our commitments in regards to what will happen if we don’t do them versus if we do? Her perspective flies in the face of today’s negative media influences that are dragging much of the culture down and she gives us a breath of fresh air regarding how to turn our challenges into opportunities. You can connect with Niyc and get her book for free, at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

1h 7m
Jan 17, 2022
Positive Foundations Of Mental Health To Withstand The Negative Influences Of Our Culture

#958: Mental health is a top trending issue, so this is what I asked the Ziglar audience, “Mental health problems are spinning out of control, led by anxiety and depression. What do you feel is to blame?” We got well over 100, in depth responses, and it’s of interest that this comes from an audience that is less likely to blame and more likely to take responsibility. Yet there is emotion behind the answers. My interest however was not a mere survey, but to assess how we see the culture regarding mental health, and how our perception is affecting us. I can summarize the results into two categories, lack of a personal foundation, and too much exposure to negativity. Before you brush it off thinking your foundation is 100% and your exposure is moderate or benign…I challenge you. As in talking here with Tom Ziglar and later with my Driven To Live members, I’m convinced I am no unscatched here. I feel this episode will inform you to help yourself and gain some quality insight to help others with… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Jan 12, 2022
Ron Friedman’s Habits | Separate Your Decision From Your Risk

#957: We’re back with Ron Friedman, renowned psychologist and author of Decoding Greatness: How the Best in the World Reverse Engineer Success, where he takes aim at the concept greatness is made up only of talent and/or hard work, catch us discussing it in episode 955 of The Ziglar Show. Today we walk through his habits for success, which as you heard in the intro, showcase how he personally decodes his life and gets different perspectives on even this, his habits. It’s an interesting discussion to hear what perspective drove him to work for himself, as he assessed the risk was greater to work for someone else. We’ll be talking about this further over to in my Driven To Live Community. Go from listening to this podcast episode to discussing and implementing the principles. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Jan 10, 2022
Goals That Actually Excite Us

#956: What goals are we actually excited about? It’s the start of a new year and most aspiring people are taking time to think about goals for the new year. In this episode I wanted to address the emotions behind them, as this speaks to our motive and whether we’ll likely see the goals through, abandon them, or achieve them with collateral damage. I did a survey showcasing 12 categories of goals, from money to health to experiences and asked what people were actually excited about. I’ll tip you off by sharing the area of life people were most excited about is…experiences. What should that mean to our priorities? Tom Ziglar and I had a discussion on the results and what it means to our overall joy, fulfillment, and success when we are habitually not engaging in what excites us and instead in what does not bring us inspiration. It is not a call out to abandon anything that doesn’t excite you, but rather to consider how we could attach more joy to everything, and increase time spent in our greatest excitements. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Jan 05, 2022
Ron Friedman | Better Than Talent or 10,000 Hours Is Reverse Engineering

#955: The two primary ingredients we think of in regards to success, is talent and hard work. Greatness comes from having above average talent and putting in your 10,000 hours. Yet if we audit everyone who has achieved relative success, we find many, maybe even most, who do not have either of these. So what did they do? They just figured out what works and modeled it. Ron Friedman is an award-winning psychologist and from his research in neuroscience, human physiology and behavioral economics wrote a book on what he found in regards to this issue, called Decoding Greatness: How the Best in the World Reverse Engineer Success. In this show I dig in and question Ron on how we can all use this reality to better embrace and accelerate our opportunities and success. For those who get the book, if you’ll go to and submit your receipt Ron will give you access to “The Reverse Engineering Success Masterclass” course. You can join like minded people in my Driven To Live private community to discuss how to decode your own greatness, come over to and go from listening to participating. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Jan 03, 2022
What Motivates You To Your Goals

#954: In our last show of 2021 Tom Ziglar and I take to task, goals. It’s time for New Year’s resolutions and goal setting for all the aspiring people of the world. Truth is, the idea of setting goals is a downer for many. It comes with guilt and doubt, and at the root is…what drives us. Or not. Our motive. My intent is to free you from some goals, and amp your motive for others. Naming a goal you have or a problem you want to solve is a beginning. It’s a map in front of you. But the journey is getting into something that will actually transport you there. This is your motive. Do you really want to achieve the goal? Why? What does arriving at it look like? Is it really that important to you? Conversely, what if you don’t make it? Is that ok? If so, maybe it’s not necessary. Are you driven by desire? Or is the better, more true motive, pain and fear? Some of my goals are driven by what I deem a healthy fear. The point is knowing why you have a goal and what is actually driving you and discerning which goals really matter and which you can be free of. If you want to join like minded people and get feedback and support on working out this topic I invite you to join our community of people devoted to making positive change in their life and work, come over to and join my Driven To Live Community. Go from listening to this podcast episode on goals and motives and engage. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Dec 29, 2021
Jonathan Fields | Habits

#953: Today I bring back Jonathan Fields, host of the top podcast, the Good Life Project. He has a new work focused profile you can take at, just this morning I asked a couple friends to take it, as I wanted them to know if for themselves, and I was curious where they’d land. I really appreciate the profile, and Jonathan uncovers more about it in his new book, Sparked, which I also recommend. In this episode I walk with Jonathan through his personal habits for success, and as you heard in the intro, Jonathan is a deep and intimate thinker, which is what people love about him. I think you’ll be touched and inspired by what he shares. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Dec 27, 2021
How To Sell When People Are Already Sold

#952: The sales process is no longer what it used to be. In the past sales people were needed to inform and educate and fully showcase a product or service to people who came in with a desire, but were pretty ignorant. Today nearly all sales happen online with no need for a so-called sales person. With any product or service we can fully research it. Compare it. Get unbiased user reviews. All that’s left is deciding from which person or company we’ll make our purchase from. So how do we all adjust for this new scenario? That’s what Tom Ziglar and I discuss in this episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Dec 22, 2021
Jonathan Fields | What Drives Your Best And Most Fulfilling Work

#951: There are key, intrinsic activities and aspects of work that truly make you come alive and within which are your greatest opportunities for top level success, and your greatest fulfillment and joy. But we don’t tend to realize what they are. We attribute them to a specific job or business and the roles we had, the product or service we were involved with, the people included. But nearly every job or business ends or significantly changes and we lose it and try to recreate it based on those external ingredients. And often can’t recreate it. Why? Because those are not the right ingredients. To showcase what the right ingredients are, I have Jonathan Fields back on the show. Jonathan was with me years ago and we talked about his book, How To Live A Good Life. He has a really big podcast called the Good Life Project, and now he’s put together a work profile you can take for free at, and he goes deep into what sparks us in our work, in his new book, Sparked. If you want to go beyond merely listening and join our community of people devoted to making positive change in their life and work, come over to and join my Driven To Live Community. Go from listening to this podcast episode with Jonathan Sparks and join us to talk and grapple with and apply the concepts to your life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

1h 15m
Dec 20, 2021
Taking Intentional Time To Think

#950: You have problems in your life that need solving. You have goals for your life that require decisions. The greatest minds of all time budgeted specific time in their days to simply…think. To really sit and without input or distraction, think. To use the machine of their brain to crunch the data and consider the options and do what nobody or nothing else could do for them. The great art and ideas we all benefit from and applaud came from someone who took the time to think them up. To fertilize the seeds of their mind, nourish and nurture, and come forth to bear fruit. If we want great solutions and ideas and actions, we must take time to sit and…think. Here is the concern. In his book, 2 Chairs, author Bob Beaudine who I recently had breakfast with, calls us to spend time listening to God. Setting a chair in front of us and trusting God knows what our needs are, then sitting to listen for his direction. What is the primary obstacle here? Trusting you’ll actually hear from God. My concern is when it comes down to it, we doubt that our thinking…our listening to ourselves, will actually result in anything. Instead we clamber to hear from others so they’ll tell us what to do. This isn’t a call for self-sufficiency. Just a budget. We take in input. We take in counsel. And…we think on it all. Deeply and with faith and expectation. Next Tom Ziglar and I have a conversation on this issue. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Dec 15, 2021
Mitch Albom | What It Takes To Transform Ourselves

#949: Tuesdays with Morrie is the bestselling memoir of all time, selling over 15 million copies. Best-selling author, screenwriter, playwright and nationally-syndicated columnist Mitch Albom has now sold over 40 million of his combined books. In this episode he comes to us to discuss his latest, The Stranger In The Lifeboat. The moment I saw the request to have Mitch with me for a the show I simply replied with a resounding, “Yes! Of course.” I didn’t need anything new from him. That said, this new book and the message within is just…incredible. It’s an enthralling story with a powerful message, which is indicative of Mitch, who gets billed as writing messages where the spiritual and the earthly collide, and they sure did in The Stranger In The Lifeboat. I start us off simply talking about personal transformation. Mitch had his own radical life change that resulted in the Tuesdays With Morrie book and in the 20+ years since then, this has been his devotion. What does it take to transform a life? Our lives? That’s what this episode is about. We got…deep. Into the very tenets of faith and our cultural views of God, and our personal lives. It was a significant discussion, and it’s coming up next. Get Mitch’s new book, The Stranger In The Lifeboat, wherever you get books. And you’ll hear him mention an orphanage in Haiti he literally took over And when you hear some of the significant issues of our lives we cover in this episode, I invite you to join our community where we go…deeper. Into meaningful conversations and how to apply what we hear, to our lives. To our transformation. Find my Driven To Live community at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

1h 4m
Dec 13, 2021
Where You Most Need Money For Your Business

#948: I asked the Ziglar audience, “To make progress in your work/career/business/vocation; if you had a willing angel investor, what investment or action would you put money toward?” Tom Ziglar and I talked through the listener comments and it was really insightful for us all to consider… where we really feel the priority is, for making progress in our work and businesses. The top three areas cited were Marketing, such as ad copy and social media, physical resources like land and tools, and people, staff and team members. Go beyond just listening to this episode of The Ziglar Show and join me and a group of aspiring people like yourself to dig into the topics and actually apply the messages to your life. Come to, get my Drive Formula for free, and join the Driven To Live Community. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Dec 08, 2021
Jon Acuff’s Habits | Without Self Awareness Good Habits Are Impossible

#947: We are back with Jon Acuff, the New York Times bestselling author of seven books, including his most recent, Soundtracks, The Surprising Solution To Overthinking, which we had a deep conversation about in episode 945. In this episode we dig into his habits for success, which as you heard in his intro, include keeping queso out of the house, which I completely understand. I have a friend who calls it liquid love and I’m prone to ODing on it as well. This references my friend Ben Hardy’s book, “Willpower Doesn’t Work” and the reality that our willpower is finite and instead of relying on it to not eat all the queso, we set up our environment for success and just not have it available. Listen in as I ask Jon about his primary habits following the Ziglar Wheel of Life, and you can get Jon's new book Soundtracks wherever you get books and connect further with him at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Dec 06, 2021
Leadership Needs To Value People Over Profits To Make The Most Profit

#946: “What are the top 3 leadership challenges you see in business, as a business owner or as an employee?” This is the question I posed to our audience. The comments were varied and valuable. Tom Ziglar is becoming a go to expert on what began as a topic of disruption, then recently onto the aspect of “the great resignation” but Tom is rising to acclaim as he looks at it as the “great reimagination.” Here however, with all the responses, you’ll hear most of them coming down to...relationships. The primary leadership challenges point to simply relating to one another with actual care. But as we come to again and again, the workplace so often misses the fact that it’s about people and not business. We take this head on in the following episode. To fully grasp and take advantage of this opportunity in your own leadership...pre-order Tom Ziglar’s new book, 10 Leadership Virtues for Disruptive Times, right now at Go there now and download a chapter for free. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Dec 01, 2021
Jon Acuff | Upload New Soundtracks Of Your Reality To Live By

#945: Jon Acuff is the New York Times bestselling author of seven books, including his most recent, Soundtracks, The Surprising Solution To Overthinking, which is our muse today. This is the second time I've had Jon on The Ziglar Show and he has a knack for bringing profound personal development messages to us in an entertaining and highly digestible perspective. I admire his way to connect with where people are in the reality of their lives. A reality that as you're about to hear, he says we manufacture, and I sincerely agree. In this episode you'll hear us dig into issues such as; We think our memory is a GoPro recording of “reality”, when in fact we're just filtering it through our own cognitive bias, one that has a quick decline in memory consistency. But we base our beliefs on it. Jon asks, “Why is it so easy to repeat negative soundtracks about myself internally and so hard to repeat positive soundtracks about myself externally?” The premise of his new book and message is we are living from soundtracks in our mind we often need to Retire, Replace, then Repeat with the new ones, over and over. Jon discusses with me how our brain builds on overthinking’s habit of negativity by doing three additional things: Lying about your memories, confusing fake trauma with real trauma, and believing what it already believes. And we start in on his insight into no single good event in our life has as much lasting impact as trauma. So...what do we do with it? That is what you're about to hear about. Find Jon's new book Soundtracks wherever you get books and connect further with him at Come join me in my new Driven To Live community at where we go beyond just listening to these podcasts, and we engage with other driven ask questions and have real conversations on how to actually apply the incredible wisdom we hear, to our own lives as we seek to transform ourselves into our full capacity. My guest in this episode is Jon Acuff and you're about to hear what drives him and a message that is worth digging into. Join us to dig in, at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit See for privacy information.

Nov 29, 2021