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978: Owen Sammarone - "Unleash the Knowledge"

Owen Sammarone is a former D1 Basketball Conference Champion, entrepreneur, online business builder, book reader and book marketer, social media growth expert and lifelong learner. He is the host of The Daily Author and the founder of Unleash the Knowledge where he’s connecting authors to listeners to readers across the globe. His unique marketing and branding expertise are highlighted in this fun episode of Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Apr 01
977: Jill Lublin - "PUBLICITY & FAME"

Jill Lublin is a 25+ year Media Magnet. She is a world-renowned publicity expert, international speaker and 4x Best Selling author. Jill has made thousands of stage appearances alongside celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Barbara Corcoran, to name a few. She has worked with over 100,000 clients implementing her signature formula for getting media attention, creating next-level visibility in the marketplace that results in boosted sales. These lead and profit generating formulas are included in her signature program, the Media Mastery Intensive and her monthly Kindness Circles Jill and Lou talk shop on Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond and talk about creating buzz, going viral, getting great press and stealing the spotlight via good publicity. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Mar 28
976: Paul M. Caffrey - "THE WORK BEFORE THE WORK"

Paul M. Caffrey a master of the sales craft.  An elite sales professional that focuses on preparation to help sales people prospect better, sell more and get promoted faster. He is the lead author of “The Work Before the Work” - which shares the hidden habits that elite sales professionals use to outperform the competition.   Paul and Lou talk shop and break down all of the preparation you need to think about before the real work happens. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Mar 26
975: Ryan Lavarnway - "Baseball and Belonging"

Retired Major League Baseball catcher and baseball Olympian, Ryan Lavarnway played for eight MLB teams over his 10-year career, winning a World Series with the Boston Red Sox in 2013. Beyond the diamond, Ryan has transitioned into diverse roles, serving as a television broadcaster, leadership consultant and motivational speaker. He recently launched an inspirational podcast, “Finding the Way” and wrote a children’s book, “Baseball and Belonging.”  Ryan has emerged as a sought-after motivational speaker where his speeches draw from a wealth of personal and professional experiences and offer a high-performance mindset to help audiences unlock their untapped potential.  His narrative is not just about baseball; it’s a compelling story of resilience, success and the universal pursuit of greatness. Ryan and Lou round the bases on Thrive LouD as they cover playing for Team Israel, finding his own place in the world off the field and how his message resonates with so many across the globe.   ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Mar 20
974: Coach JV - "Freedom Asset Management"

Coach JV (John Vasquez) is the founder and operator of Freedom Asset Management Company which specializes  in  scaling  businesses  to  their  highest  potential  and  co-founded  a  company  called  Merlin  which  is a revolutionary crypto tracker that will change the industry.   Besides  being  owner  of  7+  companies  thus  far,  he  is  an  author  of  two  books,  a  top  podcast  host,  a  social  media  influencer  and one heck of an amazing cool dude. Coach JV and Lou talk alternative investments, crypto, strategy and how Coach JV has grown his brand so successfully on Thrive LouD.   ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Mar 18
973: Lauren Magers - "The Happy Life System"

Lauren Magers, a visionary Thought Leader and creator of the Happy Life System, leads the charge for family empowerment and transformation, bringing life-changing magic to homes worldwide. Her mission? Equipping children, parents, and families with the keys to unlock their happiness and live successful lives. Through her groundbreaking, gamified approach to parenting, she has invented a solution that builds self-mastery, develops character, and empowers each individual to live their most meaningful life together. In this inspiring and energizing episode of Thrive LouD, Lauren shares with Lou the Happy Life System and all of its benefits. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Mar 12
972: Marc Polymeropoulos - "Clarity in Crisis"

Marc Polymeropoulos worked for 26 years at the CIA before retiring in July 2019 at the Senior Intelligence Service level. He was one of CIA’s most highly decorated operations officers who served in multiple field assignments for the U.S. government. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, the Intelligence Commendation Medal, the Intelligence Medal of merit, and the Distinguished Intelligence Medal.  He specialized in counterterrorism, the Middle East and South Asia, including extensive time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Prior to his retirement, Marc served at CIA headquarters and was in charge of CIA’s clandestine operations in Europe and Eurasia. He frequently comments on international events in the US and international media.  He is an on-air contributor for MSNBC, a regular on “Morning Joe,” and also is a non resident senior fellow for the Atlantic Council specializing in hybrid warfare.  Marc is a sought after leadership speaker, and his book “Clarity in Crisis:  Leadership Lessons from the CIA” was published by Harper Collins in 2021.  Marc lives in Northern Virginia and is married with two children. An interview that’s been over 30 years in the making, Lou and Marc reconnect on Thrive LouD. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Mar 11
971: Mz. Skittlez

Mary Seats, widely recognized as Mz Skittlez, a force to be reckoned with in the business world. Her journey is nothing short of a rollercoaster, marked by triumphs and setbacks that have shaped her into the indomitable business owner she is today. Mz Skittlez came on the scene with the rise and fall of Cupcake Mafia, a multimillion-dollar clothing brand that faced turbulent times. She orchestrated a remarkable comeback. by not only repurchasing her company but also embarked on a new venture – The Icing Agency Driven by a passion to uplift and empower women in business, Mz Skittlez is also the visionary behind The Bakery Cowork – the largest female-focused co-working space in the United States. Enjoy an engaging, entrepreneurial, fun, brand-focused conversation between Lou and Mz Skittlez on Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Mar 07
970: Ramon Ray - "Zone of Genius"

Ramon Ray is unapologetically positive and high-energy.  He's an in-demand motivational speaker and event host; and a leading expert on personal branding and small business growth.  Ramon is a serial entrepreneur who has started 5 businesses and sold 3 of them.  Ramon is also the publisher of and he is pulling together an incredible event on April 18, 2024  called the Entrepreneur Conference and Awards in NYC, with Ramon, Seth Godin and many other amazing thought leaders - the Ramon catches up with Lou on Thrive LouD as they talk entrepreneurship, events and this incredible gathering he has coming in April. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Mar 05
969: Kim Daly - “Franchisepreneurs”

For the past 20 years Kim Daly has been helping entrepreneurs, investors, and stuck 9-5 professionals take control of their lives and step out of the corporate cycle by investing intelligently in the franchise businesses and become "franchisepreneurs." She is One of America’s Top Franchise Consultants, Author, Speaker, Thought Leader, Franchising Expert and Host of Kim Daly TV on YouTube Kim shares with Lou some “Daly Coach” wisdom how to determine if franchising is right for you. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Mar 03
968: Scott Beebe - "Let Your Business Burn"

Scott Beebe works with business owners and their key leaders building systems, process, and purpose using the Business On Purpose Roadmap to liberate businesses from the chaos of working IN their business and help them get their lives back. Scott has worked as a legal drug-salesman for Pfizer selling Lipitor, Viagra, and other well-known products. He and his wife Ashley planted two Churches, pastored one of them, and have been working in rural Nigeria since 2005 building a platform for sustainable partnership with Nigerians through a variety of sectors including business, finance, and agriculture. Scott chats with Lou on Thrive LouD about his latest book Let Your Business Burn: Stop Putting Out Fires, Discover  Purpose, And Build A Business That Matters and its very powerful message.

Feb 29
967: Cindy Capone - "Helping Businesses Grow"

Cindy Capone has a knack for uncovering top-tier talent in the most innovative corners of the business world. Specializing in executive recruitment for high-growth, game-changing companies, Cindy brings a fresh perspective to the table. Whether it's matching the perfect C-suite leader with a startup poised for greatness or helping established firms reinvigorate their internal functions, she's always up for the challenge. Armed with a unique blend of data-driven insights and a keen eye for cultural fit, Cindy doesn't just fill roles – she transforms companies. Her infectious enthusiasm for finding the "right fit" is matched only by her commitment to fostering growth and innovation at every turn. Cindy shares with Lou a view into the world of top-tier talent recruiting and being an entrepreneur within a very competitive landscape in an engaging episode of Thrive LouD. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Feb 27
966: Stuart Goffman - "Picked Cherries"

Stuart Goffman is an entrepreneur in podcast technology and socially impactful media. He is CEO and founder of Picked Cherries, a social podcasting platform that provides a shared experience and the best listening experience for the podcast listeners. Listeners can listen to full episodes of their favorite podcasts and then easily share ‘picked cherries’ (60-second clips) with their friends and family and post on social media. Stu shares with Lou how this very cool technology came to be and how its connecting more people to great, specific content. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Feb 22
965: Michelle Tillis Lederman - "The Connected Leader Club"

Michelle Tillis Lederman is CEO of Executive Essentials, which provides customized communications and leadership programs for Fortune 500, nonprofit, university, and government clients. Named by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Networking Experts, and one of the Top 30 Communications Professionals in the World by Global Gurus. Michelle is the author of four books including The Connectors Advantage and The 11 Laws of Likability. She’s an animal lover, adrenaline junkie, travel enthusiast, over-involved mom, and hits her 10,000 steps daily. Michelle comes on Thrive LouD to talk about the importance of being a “Connected Leader” and the new course and community she has co-founded with Lou called the Connected Leader Club ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Feb 20
964: Chef Matt Basile - "Alchemy Grills in Action"

Chef Matt Basile continues to disrupt the the barbecue and live-fire cooking landscape. His updated version of the Alchemy Grill is out and Lou got a chance to catch up with the Thrive LouD former guest to catch up, observe, drink and eat a whole plate of deliciousness. Listen in to this fun in-person episode and make sure to check out Alchemy Grills - and order one for your backyard. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Feb 15
963: Evan & Susan Money - "Marriage of Greatness"

Evan & Susan Money have been married for over 30 years. But more importantly they’ve had over 30 weddings within that span…to each other. They’re entrepreneurs, bestselling authors and podcasters where they are focused on restoring the flow of love in your marriage. Evan and Susan lead workshops, group sessions and even pickleball marriage retreats for growth minded couples that want to go from GOOD TO GREAT in their marriages….. Thrive LouD listeners & viewers, enjoy an epic episode with the hosts of the Marriage of Greatness Podcast - Evan and Susan Money!! ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Feb 12
962: Quinn Lemley - "The Heat is On"

Quinn Lemley is the star of the hit shows, Burlesque to Broadway & Rita Hayworth The Heat Is On! which headline performing arts centers and casinos across North America. She received The Bistro Award and Two MAC awards nominations.Her jazz quintet performs internationally and is The Iconic Face of the Half Note in Athens, Greece.  The New York Times defines her performances as "Dazzling...with one show stopping number after another!" The NY Post says “you don’t even have to squint your eyes to see Rita’s in the room.” Quinn has directed and co-produced Rebel Rebel, The Many Lives of David Bowie, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Wall and The Ultimate Queen Celebration. Seen on Good Morning America, Oprah and a finalist on Shark Tank.  She has 5 CD’s available. You can stream her music on Spotify and Apple Music. Quinn is the host of the TV show, Secrets of the Stage on and a monthly virtual concert on Zoom, Up Close & Personal. She is also a Keynote Speaker and Presenter bringing her message to companies around the world. A graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts and a Distinguished Toastmaster at Toastmaster’s International and proud member of National Speakers Association  Quinn is a proud member of SAG, AFTRA, AEA, DTM, NSA NY, APAP, and IEBA. Listen in as Quinn shares with Lou a bit of her journey and how she uses this experience to help Entrepreneurs, Executives and Artists STEP ONSTAGE into their personal power and capture their dreams   ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Feb 08
961: Jennifer Wilson - "Transformational Guide"

Jennifer Wilson is a leadership coach, writer, and speaker. She recently stepped back from a 17-year career leading her family’s business, Canada Homestay Network, to focus on her writing career and her coaching. She now serves as Chair of their Board of Directors alongside her parents. Jennifer has lead individuals through transformational life experiences and professional development for over twenty years, from her former career as a Registered Midwife to her work in homestay She’s working on a new book (comes out in January 2025) Don’t Be A Stranger: How Hosting International Students Can Change Your Life and Heal Our World will be the first book to explore the ups and downs of hosting international students from the perspective of homestay families. Listen in as Jennifer shares with Lou how her career and life has led her to guide women through transformational experiences   ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Feb 06
960: Michael Landers - "Culture Crossing"

Michael Landers is the founder and president of Culture Crossing Inc., a global boutique consultancy dedicated to consciously empowering organizations to reach their full human potential. His workshops, seminars, and speaking events have drawn more than 125,000 thousand people on five continents.   He is also the author of the bestselling book , the essential primer to working, living, and thriving in today’s increasingly multicultural marketplace and communities, and the recently released PRESENT COMPANY Listen in as Michael and Lou talk connection across cultures and its importance in today’s world on Thrive LouD ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Feb 01
959: Sussi Mattsson - "The Power of Wisdom Writing"

Sussi Mattsson is an acclaimed Executive Producer, International Success Coach, and Speaker. Known for her Emmy-nominated documentaries on luminaries like Jack Canfield and Jay Abraham, Sussi is now on a mission close to her heart – to guide one million individuals on a transformative path to becoming "Wisdom Writers." At the helm of the "From Me To You Global Movement," Sussi is building bridges between past wounds, present realities, and our united future. Her upcoming book, "From Me To You," serves as a beacon, sharing her profound insights on healing emotional wounds and finding meaning in life. Sussi's key messages resonate deeply – the importance of turning personal pain into wisdom, raising one's voice, and sharing stories to empower others and leave a lasting legacy. Sussi's impactful work extends to diverse projects, including a collaboration with South Carolina inmates on a forthcoming book, emphasizing forgiveness and gratitude. As her book "From Me to You" hits shelves in February 2024, Sussi invites readers to join her in this intimate exploration, providing not just a narrative but a vehicle for personal healing and collective empowerme Join Sussi as she shares more of the power of ‘wisdom writing’ on Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Jan 30
958: Dr. David Schreiner - "Be the Best Part of Their Day"

* * * Dr. David L. Schreiner is a passionate advocate for rural hospitals, having spent most of his life in small towns and working in small communities. He serves as President/CEO of Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital in Dixon, IL. Dave considers himself a values-driven leader, striving to make progress every day in meeting his definition of values-driven: Dr. Schreiner’s first book, “Be The Best Part of  Their Day: Supercharging Communication with Values-Driven Leadership,” David connects with Lou as they talk about the challenge and importance of rural hospitals in America today on Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD*** *

Jan 25
957: John Wolpert - "THE TWO BUT RULE"

John Wolpert is an esteemed speaker, writer and thinker in technology and business innovation. As a CEO, product executive, and advisor, he’s been at the vanguard of technological breakthroughs from the early days of the Web to the rise of artificial intelligence. John is known for founding Flywheel, a pioneer in the ride-hailing industry. His work at IBM made him a key figure in the evolution of open source software, blockchain, and AI. He’s co-founded global R&D consortia and industry standards bodies, and his thought leadership on Open Innovation has been show cased in the Harvard Business Review. In his first book, THE TWO BUT RULE: Turn Negative Thinking into Positive Solutions (Wiley) is putting the ‘but’ back into conversations and behind a new way of thinking. John connects with Lou in this “buts allowed” episode of Thrive LouD. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Jan 23
956: Digit Murphy - "Play It Forward"

Digit Murphy is an innovator, visionary, hall of famer and builder in the world of women’s sports. She has played, excelled, coached, founded, rebirthed women’s hockey programs at the collegiate, olympic and professional levels. She’s an outstanding entrepreneur with numerous businesses and initiatives ( all helping to create and grow women’s sports as a platform for thriving in life. She’s a mother of six, she’s a pistol that shoots straight from the hip and ALWAYS finds the open net. Honored to have this trailblazing human come on Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Jan 18
955: Clint Pulver - "Finding Hill"

Clint Pulver comes back to Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond to share the ultimate adventure story. “Finding Hill” documents the personal journey of Clint Pulver as he returns to the world of aviation to become a pilot of the never before seen Hill Helicopter. This new series () is dedicated to the passions, commitment, and hopes of anyone striving to live a life well lived, on path and on purpose. Listen in as Clint shares what inspired this incredible series, what he had to overcome and what plans he has next to connect this experience with so many others.   ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Jan 16
954: Matt Phillips - "Mental Toughness"

As a high-performance coach and host of the Matt Phillips podcast, Matt helps sales leaders achieve pro-level performance by developing and harnessing their mental toughness. Having worked with companies including Western Union, Marsh, and Robert Half, Matt knows that the status quo of promoting rockstar sales executives to sales leaders often leaves the new leader with significant gaps in their own leadership philosophy, confidence, and resilience. By combining his background as a professional baseball player with his global experience in operations, sales, and accounting, Matt supports business leaders and teams as they break through the mental roadblocks that arise in their daily grind to help them realize their potential in their personal and professional lives. Kick off 2024 with the ways you can strengthen your mental toughness as Matt connects with Lou Diamond on Thrive LouD. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Jan 09
953: Steven Richman - "Milwaukee Tool"

* * * Steven Richman was appointed Group President of Milwaukee Tool in January 2007, and is responsible for all aspects of the business, to include: Milwaukee’s Power Tool, OPE, Hand Tool, Storage, PPE, Jobsite Lighting & Clean-up, and Accessory solutions; as well as the company’s Empire Level, and Imperial Blade divisions. As such, Mr. Richman oversees Global Product Development, Manufacturing and Operations for each division, as well as Milwaukee® Sales in North and South America. He has over 25 years of experience in the management of industrial, electrical, plumbing, and retail distribution channels. He has held key management positions with BLACK & DECKER®, and MURRAY®, served as President of SKIL® and BOSCH® Power Tools, and served as President and CEO of Werner Co®. Mr. Richman contributes an extensive knowledge of manufacturing, product development, sales, and marketing. Under the category of “long lost episodes” we found this great conversation between Lou and Steven in the lost and found pile. And we’re very glad we did. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD*** *

Jan 03
952: 10 Great Ones from 2023

While EVERY episode of Thrive LouD is spectacular, we cherry picked a few from 2023 that we thought were worth revisiting. Here’s is a list of the one’s we featured via brief clips from their appearances on Thrive LouD along with links to their original full episode. __ __ ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Dec 28, 2023
951: Deke Copenhaver - "A Story of Hope"

As we wrap up another amazing year of guests on Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond, it’s nice to feature an individual that can provide us with a story of hope. With a spirit of resilience, positivity, kindness, faith and determination, Deke Copenhaver embodies everything that we try to highlight on Thrive LouD. Listen in as Deke shares an incredible story of his journey through this past year and a unique mindset we all should possess. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Dec 26, 2023
950: "GRATEFUL" - Solo Show by Lou Diamond

The nine hundred and fiftieth episode of Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond happened to fall right around the year-end holiday season. With that Lou decided to do a very quick program on gratitude to share the many things he was thankful for this past year and what he’s very much looking forward to in 2024. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Dec 21, 2023
949: Tanessa Shears - "Becoming Limitless"

Tanessa Shears helps entrepreneurs double their energy and focus so they can make more money in their business. She works closely with business owners to eliminate brain fog and wake up well rested so they can get more done in less time, maintain consistent, stable energy throughout the day and feel better than they have in years. Tanessa is also the host of The Becoming Limitless Podcast, sharing her expertise on optimizing health and focus for business success. Listen, learn and sleep better as Tanessa connects with Lou Diamond on Thrive LouD. ***CONNECT WITH LOU DIAMOND & THRIVE LOUD***

Dec 19, 2023