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Catch all the South Florida Sports News, Silly Sauce & Hot Takes you can handle. Radio visionary and borderline journalist Brendan Tobin teams up with former All-Pro Running back Leroy Hoard to deliver the latest sports updates with a sprinkle of Silly. JFig and Marcos round out the the team and help bring a fresh outlook to your every day sports consumption. 

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15 minutes of HEAT - Bam's 3pt Renaissance

Miami HEAT members weigh in on Bam's newfound 3pt skill. Erik Spoelstra isn't sure the league will catch on right away and Scary Terry praises his efforts to expand his game and help the HEAT generate offense

Apr 01
Marcos Mixed Bag! - How much longer does Lebron have?

We get a Marcos mixed bag but not before Tobin criticizes his song selection for the segment.

Apr 01
Game Balls and Game Bum! - March Madness Final 4

Leroy gives out his Game Ball and Game bum from the weekend that was

Apr 01
Another Failed Miami HEAT Parlay

The Brain trust over here on the Tobin and Leroy show put together another "Bound to Fail" Miami HEAT parlay for tonight's matchup vs Portland

Mar 29
Tickle My Fancy! - Frogboy continues to Hob Knob around SoFlo

We attempt to Tickle Leroy's Fancy with this weekend's slate of games

Mar 29
Tommy Hutton nearly goes nuclear on the game of baseball

Tommy Hutton is no longer the epitome of calm as he quibbles with Baseball over their newest mind boggling rule

Mar 29
15 min of HEAT - Tyler Herro return on the Horizon?

Tyler Herro hits the practice court to give HEAT fans a glimmer of hope regarding his return

Mar 28
Marcos Mixed Bag! - Caitlin Clark to play with NBA players?

Marcos opens up his Mix Bag! Ice Cube offers Caitlin Clark a generous $5 million offer to play with the BIG3, Fletcher Cox and Saquon Barkley's "I'm your Daddy now" moment, Gilbert Arenas on Dame and Giannis, LeBron James wanting his wife to rub his feet

Mar 28
Bam Adebayo gets high praise from this HEAT Legend

Known for being the Original Bucket Getter for the HEAT, Beloved former forward Michael Beasley gives a rave review of the HEAT's current big man

Mar 27
Marcos Mixed Bag! - Forget Weapons, Fix the trenches

We get into a Marcos Mix Bag! Russell Wilson in pole position, Jim Harbaugh on Offensive line Draft Prospects, Aaron Rodgers no longer running for Vice President!

Mar 27
Frogboy Answers for his Klay Thompson Crimes!

Following Klay's best scoring night in Months, Marcos is forced to answer for his crimes!

Mar 27