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April 1, 2024

The federal government gave Pennsylvania a whole lot of money for its largest solar project yet. SEPTA wants riders to quit smoking pot while using the transit system. UGI will be doing some pipe replacement starting today. Plus, watch out this April Fool’s, because this city’s the number one for pranksters.

Apr 01
March 29, 2024

A new report has found that most Pennsylvania hospitals don’t follow price transparency rules. Ports in Pennsylvania are readying themselves for more activity following the Baltimore bridge collapse. A third party wants to make things official. Also, Punxsutawney Phil, immortal groundhog, has finally become a father.

Mar 29
March 28, 2024

A bill would give victims of voter intimidation the right to sue. Dollar Tree is closing 1,000 Family Dollar stores nationwide, several of which are in Pennsylvania. PennDOT wants to know how they did this winter. And a mind-bobbling case gets resolved.

Mar 28
March 27, 2024

One county is part of several that’s suing Big Oil. This legislation seeks to install panic buttons in schools across the state. Pennsylvania’s last private mountain is now public. Lastly, one of the most iconic things to come out of Pennsylvania may get an official designation.

Mar 27
March 26, 2024

The doctor who misdiagnosed a bunch of parents with “medical child abuse” — leaving some parents to temporarily lose custody of their children — will retire at the end of the month. Some people’s jobs give them commuting benefits, but these two city officials got Mustangs. A group of state lawmakers are trying to get a bill regarding voter ID out of limbo. And this one area is expected to get thousands of people next month.

Mar 26
March 25, 2024

Some police departments are loosening some requirements and policies to fill gaping cop vacancies. Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate has stayed the same for the fifth month straight. A bird not seen in Pennsylvania in a decade is making a comeback (or so the Game Commission hopes). Lastly, it was Madness, so a college professor canceled class.

Mar 25
March 22, 2024

A school shut down twice this week due to separate bomb threats. Sheetz has been hit by a lawsuit. The state’s cracking down on aggressive drivers. Plus, Pennsylvania’s favorite Easter candy.

Mar 22
March 21, 2024

The Pennsylvania National Guard won’t be sent to the Mexican border. It seems that state residents would much rather have energy they can afford over a type that benefits the environment. A “major” Amtrak project will be shaking up some schedules. Also, it stank on I-78 on Tuesday.

Mar 21
March 20, 2024

The U.S. along with over 50 other countries has banned the most common form of asbestos. A Chinese-owned company which has a campus in Philadelphia is being targeted by the federal government. SEPTA hasn’t extended a pilot program which involved using an AI gun-detection system. And several cities have made it onto a list of “the best”” for college basketball fans.

Mar 20
March 19, 2024

Pennsylvania is known for the snacks it produces (heck, it’s even home to the “Snack Food Capital of the World”), but this is the snack that’s the most beloved by the state on the whole.

Mar 19
March 18, 2024

A federal judge has tossed out a historic jury verdict in a gender bias case involving a former orthopedic surgeon. A report has found that billions of dollars in subsidies have gone to a pollutant plant in Pennsylvania as well as others nationwide. An update to the Pennsylvania Lottery’s computer system may throw things out of whack. Plus, this city’s a “renter’s paradise.”

Mar 18
March 15, 2024

Pittsburgh has closed down a homeless encampment due to “a lot of criminal activity.” Philadelphia is one of five cities in which ICE agents will start wearing body cams. Thieves stole seafood and bourbon during what one may call a Mardi-grab. Finally, when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, Pennsylvanians go hard.

Mar 15
March 14, 2024

A federal appeals court has ruled that the administration of Philadelphia DA, Larry Krasner, “slant[ed] the facts” when trying to overturn the death sentence of a convicted murderer. Pittsburgh is planning to reroute 911 calls during a specific time of day amid cop staffing woes. Some places may be forced to keep trash pickups to once a week due to explosive prices. Lastly, this stadium has some of the worst concessions around.

Mar 14
March 13, 2024

A university has been sued for complying with an investigation into accusations of antisemitism. In more law news, a mistrial has been called in a case concerning a former Penn State doctor. A soon-to-be introduced bill would impose fees on the money transfers of illegal immigrants. And meet this year’s Cadbury Bunny Tryouts semifinalists.

Mar 13
March 12, 2024

Pennsylvanian losses to scams were up last year by over 20 percent. Thousands were left without power thanks to those winds yesterday. A Bass Pro Shops location is coming to this area for the first time ever. Finally this is the state’s favorite liquor —again.

Mar 12
March 11, 2024

Following the recent rash of crime, transit safety has returned as a top concern for both residents of Philadelphia and officials. Work-zone speeding is down by almost 40 percent, and it’s all thanks to the state’s safety camera program, according to PennDOT. It was a strange case of fowl play in Forest County. Lastly, he’ll probably need a “plea dill.”

Mar 11
March 8, 2024

Pittsburgh could be headed toward a serious financial crisis, according to its controller. Philadelphia believes the youths could help mitigate crime with social media. Some Pennsylvanians suspect — and others are excited — that a popular southern convenience chain could be coming to the state. And a zoo hosted a gender reveal party.

Mar 08
March 7, 2024

Those in Pennsylvania’s government — and outside of it — are “extremely worried” following a cyberattack on a prominent medical billing system. Also, be wary of ATM skimming. The state AG is urging Facebook to crack down on account takeovers. Finally, it’s the caper of the antique trailer.

Mar 07
March 6, 2024

Pennsylvania officials have voiced their support for issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. A nursing home that abruptly closed last week is blaming both a cyber attack and the health department. The raw milk business is apparently booming. Also, ever think how sexy a state policeman’s uniform is?

Mar 06
March 5, 2024

A scientist at the University of Pennsylvania was found to have faked his research. A state law greatly curbs whatever civil damages the victims of catastrophe receive. Amtrak’s adding more trains. Lastly, people can’t keep their hands off these street signs.

Mar 05
March 4, 2024

Over 20 Pennsylvania children have been sickened by lead found in applesauce pouches. The University of Pennsylvania intends to raise the price of tuition, among other things. On a rare flip side, one utilities is lowering rates. And this city is the absolute best for takeout.

Mar 04
March 1, 2024

Another university is being sued over COVID remote learning. People are a bit hesitant to shop at a Giant Eagle after their price scanners failed inspection. One politician has introduced a bill to combat shrinkflation. Finally some, frankly, disappointing news.

Mar 01
Feb. 29, 2024

Philadelphia officials have announced that — after 42 days of no new cases — the measles outbreak is over. An area whose residents have been drinking bottled water due to well contamination since the 1990s is getting some federal assistance. A few bridges are getting license plate cameras. Lastly, there’s a “brisket bandit” about.

Feb 29
Feb. 28, 2024

Feds are looking into organ collection groups across the country over suspicions of fraud. Allegheny County officials have once again sued the United States’s largest coke manufacturer. We all got a taste of spring this week, although things are poised to get chilly again. Finally, a WWII vet turns 103.

Feb 28
Feb. 27, 2024

The president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium discussed the location’s recent animal deaths at a press conference yesterday. Pennsylvania, like much of the rest of the country, is feeling the effects of the loneliness epidemic. If you were hit by that AT&T outage, the company wants to “[make] it right.” Plus, a woman claims a company’s “misleading” packaging duped her into buying “inferior” tomatoes.

Feb 27
Feb. 26, 2024

A series of animal deaths at a zoo is raising some eyebrows. Meanwhile, two previous election board members in one county are trying to figure out why the number of ballots recorded as received don’t match up with footage they reviewed of drop boxes. Here’s the deal with student loan forgiveness in Pennsylvania. And a Mechanicsburg native went from “canceled” to hosting this past weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Feb 26
Feb. 23, 2024

And yet another cyber attack has occurred in Pennsylvania, this time compromising a lot of the private information of one county’s public citizens. The state DEP has officially given the green light for a fracking company to draw water from the Big Sewickley Creek. Amtrak passengers got stranded after a train took a wrong turn. Also, the next full moon is a “mini” one.

Feb 23
Feb. 22, 2024

PECO customers haven’t been able to log into their accounts for over a week. A UPS in Westmoreland County announced layoffs. You could get some seriously great discounts on select brands of booze at the moment. Finally, sometimes things that glitter are gold.

Feb 22
Feb. 21, 2024

A few signatures on the petition of an auditor general candidate are a bit questionable, to say the least. Some people could see their water bills rise by $265 a year if an EPA proposal comes to pass. A bill wants to give more power to the people when it comes to building warehouses. Lastly, this guy said neigh a word when reined in by authorities.

Feb 21
Feb. 20, 2024

A Pennsylvania-based health network has been accused of misdiagnosing families with medical child abuse. A high court will review whether life without parole of someone convicted of felony murder is constitutional. Gas prices are up in a number of areas. Plus, something of incredible historical significance was discovered in a desk which had been locked for decades.

Feb 20