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Touhyville Show 4-1-2024

Steve & Cheryl go through all the holidays we celebrate in April, a dumb criminal caught on horseback, Heinz is on the ketchup attack in Chicago and random April Fools day fun.

1h 53m
Apr 01
Touhyville Show 3-29-2024

Steve & Cheryl share some random Easter facts, talk about the best Easter candies, conjoined twins and more.

1h 42m
Mar 29
Touhyville Show 3-28-2024

Steve & Cheryl talked about multiple animal stories, going to work sick, getting enough sleep, and more.

1h 48m
Mar 28
Touhyville Show 3-27-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about a guy that left his wife to be's wedding dress on top of the car and drove off, OOPS! Also talked about things that are noticed in your home, the right kind of hot dogs and more.

1h 49m
Mar 27
Touhyville Show 3-26-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about millenials and parenting, Sunshine Guilt?, auctioned movie props and more.

1h 43m
Mar 26
Touhyville Show 3-25-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about a college class on Weird Al, a dumb criminal that thought Mickey Mouse ears were rare at Disney World and more round 2 Candy Madness!

1h 50m
Mar 25
Touhyville Show 3-22-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about being opposites when in comes to their inboxes, things your kids will just toss when you're gone, & round 2 of Candy Madness begins.

1h 46m
Mar 22
Touhyville Show 3-21-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk "Boomer" phrases, gross foods an dmore Candy Madness!

1h 46m
Mar 21
Touhyville Show 3-20-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about drinks that you might think are healthy but are not, also things that are normal now that older folks are not good with.

1h 47m
Mar 20
Touhyville Show 3-19-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about people finding dates on Linkedin, Richard Simmons is alive and he's singing, and rats are eating marijuana in New Orleans.

1h 47m
Mar 19
Touhyville Show 3-18-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about taking a cooking class, best karaoke songs to sing, Bill Maher gets snubbed and more.

1h 53m
Mar 18
Touhyville Show 3-15-2024

Steve & Cheryl shared some St. Patrick's Day facts, talked about a wildman with a chainsaw, and more.

1h 40m
Mar 15
Touhyville Show 3-14-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about Miranda Lambert being mad a fans for taking selfies during her show, other folks are mad at Kate Middleton for messing with her own photos.  If people are so mad about pictures they should just listen to the radio.

1h 42m
Mar 14
Touhyville Show 3-13-2024

Steve and Cheryl talk about badly named things like a jetski should have been called a boatercycle. They also talked about keeping your partner up late, tipping and more.

1h 55m
Mar 13
Touhyville Show 3-12-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk alternatives to "how are ya?". They are also looking for your help in building the Candy Madness list.

1h 52m
Mar 12
Touhyville Show 3-11-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about getting more attention on the internet, the Oscars, and more.

1h 59m
Mar 11

Steve & Cheryl talk with comedian Carlos Mencia about the state of comedy, get drunk at shows and more.

Mar 09
Touhyville Show 3-8-2024

Steve & Cheryl were joined this morning by comedian Carlos Mencia.  they also talked about Applebees and IHOP merging, and restaurants to hang out at if you want to meet rich people.

1h 51m
Mar 08

Adam Alson from Appleseed Childhood education joins Steve and Cheryl to talk about affordable childcare in Rensselaer. Visit for more info.

Mar 07
Touhyville Show 3-7-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about a new date night trend, a guy that dunked his head in pickle juice and another that drove is car into a lake, on purpose!

1h 40m
Mar 07
Touhyville Show 3-6-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about common things that people find rude, restaurant turn-offs, and some drunk people stories.

1h 58m
Mar 06
Touhyville Show 3-5-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about a comedian being taken off stage, a guy in Texas turned a store into a drive thru, things that make you cool or not cool and more.

1h 45m
Mar 05
Touhyville Show 3-4-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about exercising in bed, now we can't drink coffee first thing in the morning, a leap day proposal on the radio that didn't go as planned and more.

1h 54m
Mar 04
Touhyville Show 3-1-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about takling solo vacations, a crazy naked woman attacking people on a beach and a teacher holding sword fights in class.

1h 46m
Mar 01
Touhyville Show 2-29-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about a bunch of Leap Day stuff! Steve also shared they story of getting fired live on the air years ago.

1h 49m
Feb 29
Touhyville Show 2-28-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about everday struggles that we should have solved by now and Steve shares some Touhyville Day stories. On this date in 2005 Touhyville the radio show was started.

1h 53m
Feb 28
Touhyville Show 2-27-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about a guy that tried to sneak a horse into his apartment, celebrating National Retro Day talking about things we would bring back from our younger days and more.

1h 46m
Feb 27
Touhyville Show 2-26-2024

Steve & Cheryl talked about eating dinner foods for breakfast, cost of living in 1962, & Taylor Swift is already trying to change Travis Kelce.

1h 50m
Feb 26
Touhyville Show 2-23-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about wild celbrity tour riders, find out what celebrities want backstage. They also have a a dumb criminal and they talk about learning about your heritage.

1h 46m
Feb 23
Touhyville Show 2-22-2024

Steve & Cheryl talk about 564 different ways to say "drunk". They also celebrate Margarita Day, Chili Day, & Dog Walking Day.

1h 45m
Feb 22