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Deep Space Pride: A Gay Star Trek Podcast 091 - The One With Callie Wright

Mike is back from his big Asia trip, but he's still catching up with life and getting over jet lag! Fortunately, we had banked this great conversation with special guest, Callie Wright from Queersplaining and the Lambda Quadrant. We met Callie at Star Trek Mission Chicago back in April where they were part of an amazing panel about LGBTQIA+ representation in Star Trek. We talk about queer life, the DS9 episode "Prodigal Daughter", representation in Star Trek and a myriad of other topics. It's a fun, educational, and entertaining conversation which we hope you enjoy.

1h 20m
Aug 05
With The First Link 2.12 - The Royale

Riker, Worf, and Data become trapped in a recreation of "The Royale" a hotel featured in an Earth novel of the same name written in the 21st century. But why is this novel, with its cliché setting and characters, being played out in the frozen layers of a gas giant planet surrounded by debris from an ancient Earth NASA spacecraft!? Ruthie and Matthew talk about which fictional worlds they would most want to be trapped in and those they would definitely NOT want to be trapped in.

Aug 05
Trek Geeks: A Star Trek Podcast 286 - In Memoriam: Nichelle Nichols

This week, Dan and Bill recall the life, career, and legacy of Nichelle Nichols who passed away at the age of 89 on July 31, 2022. 

Aug 04
SyFy Sistas 2.12 - The SyFy Sistas' Cookout!

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR! This week the SyFy Sistas travel back through Legacy Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT) in search of the answer to the deep question…Who’s invited to the cookout? Which of your favorite Trek characters made the cut? Which series had the most invites and which one had none? Somebody put on the Frankie Beverly and Maze and break out the cards cuz it’s cookout time, SyFy Sistas style! Find Maze featuring Frankie Beverly You can support the SyFy Sistas podcast on Patreon at: Thank you Dena Massenburg for our dope logo: @blackbeanz70 Thank you to our sound engineer DoS, the Anonymous: @dos_theanonymous_1 FANSETS - Our Pins...Have Character! We want to thank our friends at FanSets for being the presenting sponsor of the Trek Geeks Podcast Network. ALL THE SYFY SISTAS INFO AT YOUR FINGER TIPS :

Jul 29
Deep Space Pride: A Gay Star Trek Podcast 090 - The One Where We Talk About Everything Else We're Watching

Star Trek is taking a slight hiatus, which means that we have to come up with other stuff to talk about! Fortunately, Mike and Johnson are connoisseurs not only of Star Trek, but of many other shows and franchises. Join us as we deep dive into all the other media content we're consuming, including but not limited to For All Mankind, Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Umbrella Academy, Westworld, and Fire Island. Be on the lookout for some minor spoilers, and perhaps join us as we go through a slight Star Trek dry spell until late August!

1h 18m
Jul 22
Trek Geeks: A Star Trek Podcast 285 - The Tholian Web

Bill and Dan return to The Flagship with a look at a classic episode from the original Star Trek! Season 3 saw Captain Kirk trapped in a different universe after investigating what killed the crew of the U.S.S. Defiant. He can't get back to the Enterprise in time and the crew has precious few chances to get him back in one of Dan's favorite episodes, "The Tholian Web!" We'll look at why this episode is one of Season 3's best, what bothers us about it, and some of the times this episode has been revisited in later Treks. We also announce a return to weekly episodes of The Flagship! HUZZAH!!

1h 14m
Jul 21
Rewind: A Star Trek Podcast 035 - True Q

Hello? Is it me you're looking for???? This episode was recorded in May and now it's coming at ya for your listening pleasure! Join Haley and Sara as they welcome Mike and Jamie from the Divine Treasury to discuss the TNG heavy hitter TRUE Q. We talk about Q, we have fun getting to know each other and there are games. Oh yes! Mad Libs returns, due to popular demand (total exaggeration) Either way we hope you enjoy this fun review of True Q and thank you for your patience as Haley and Sara navigate life! LLAP

Jul 21
SyFy Sistas The Urban Nerd Convention

The Sistas sat down and talked to Roy M. Evins II, founder of The Urban Nerd Con (TUNC). Join us and find out why Roy & the SyFy Sistas believe that the The Urban Nerd Con will become the Premier Urban and Multi-Cultural Comic, Gaming, Cos Play & Tech event in the South East! Providing Creators of African descent across the diaspora an opportunity to show case and sell their work! This is also a place where fans will be able to come see and buy some of the BEST Indy and Urban art work, comics, novels and games from across the Diaspora! Guests include Cirroc Lofton, the youngest actor cast as a regular on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"; Anthony Montgomery of Star Trek Enterprise; and Adelle Simmons who was the first Black Woman to be an Associate Director on the Star Trek: The Next Generation franchise and the only one to be there the entire 7 seasons! TUNC will take place on July 29th - 31st, 2022, at the Multiplex @The Crampton Bowl 1037 Pelham St, Montgomery, AL 36104

Jul 15
Deep Space Pride: A Gay Star Trek Podcast 089 - The One Where We Wrap Up Strange New Worlds Season 1

Mike and Johnson are back on track this week with their episode discussions - this time, they're wrapping up the first season of Strange New Worlds! They go into lengthy discussion about "All Those Who Wander" and "A Quality of Mercy" - including the debate over a major character death, their reactions to the season finale, and some predictions for Season 2. Due to upcoming travel and vacation, Mike and Johnson are also banking some episodes that they'll be releasing through the end of July. Stay tuned for some great content and have a great summer everyone!

1h 30m
Jul 15
Discovering Trek: The Star Trek Universe Companion A Quality of Mercy

It's the explosive finale of Strange New Worlds! The future of the alpha quadrant balances on the terror of Pike's foreseen future as we revisit a classic TOS episode with a twist. And who is that commanding the Farragut? Is that...Captain Kirk? Is this musical captain's chairs? What is going on as we engage the Romulans on the edge of the Neutral Zone? Mike returns for this episode of Discovering Trek joined by Yvette and Matthew who talk about throwbacks to Balance of Terror, New Kirk, and why Una has to end the series as she jail.

Jul 14
With The First Link 2.11 - Contagion

The Enterprise responds to a call for help from Galaxy Class sister ship U.S.S. Yamato. But when the Yamato suddenly explodes the Enterprise crew must determine if the ship's destruction is caused by Romulans or by the relics of a long lost civilization. Data gets to do some physical comedy, Romulans are terrible bluffers, and the city of Toronto is featured as an alien space building. Ruthie and Matthew talk about the coolness of space archeology but also the destructive effects of colonial archeology and anthropology in our own history.

1h 8m
Jul 14
Discovering Trek: The Star Trek Universe Companion All Those Who Wander

The crew comes face-to-face this time with the terrifying enemy of this first season of Strange New Worlds, the Gorn. But the enemy might be much closer than it appears when survivors of a marooned ship are rescued by the Enterprise. Between La'an's past trauma and Spock releasing repressed rage at crewmate's death, will the away team have what it takes to survive? We're joined this week by Ruthie from With the First Link who agreed with Yvette that this was a strong episode while Matthew was jarred by the darker tone. Do the Discovering Trek hosts find the beauty of the crew's resolve and self-sacrifice in the midst of the horrific story!? Find out!

Jul 11
Trek Geeks: A Star Trek Podcast The News from Week of 7/7/2022

This week, it's the return of The News from Prodigy premieres on Nickelodeon, Creation announces no discount tickets this year, even more guests for Vegas, and the Season Finale of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds!

Jul 08
SyFy Sistas 2.11 - Introducing Your New Pilot: Melissa Navia!

The Sistas met Melissa in April and the assignment was to ask questions about this great new Star Trek Show but in the end; we bonded over short hair, the authentic portrayal of military women and of course, our beloved USS Enterprise’s newest pilot, Lt. Erica Ortegas. It is July, the first Season is over. Join us as we get to know Melissa Navia the actor, the widow, and the cool aunt with a fiercely innate penchant for short hair. Find out more about Melissa Navia: Girl With Short Hair: This Changes Everything: You can support the SyFy Sistas podcast on Patreon at: Thank you Dena Massenburg for our dope logo: @blackbeanz70 Thank you to our sound engineer DoS, the Anonymous: @dos_theanonymous_1 FAN SETS - our pins...have character We want to thank our friends at FanSets for being the presenting sponsor of the Trek Geeks Podcast Network. ALL THE SYFY SISTAS INFO AT YOUR FINGER TIPS :

1h 9m
Jul 08
Deep Space Pride: A Gay Star Trek Podcast 088 - The One Where We Interview Wil Wheaton

This week we chatted with Wil Wheaton, who plays Wesley Crusher in the Star Trek Franchise. He also likes to go by "New York Times Best Selling Author Wil Wheaton!" We talk to Wil about his book Still Just A Geek, his very busy life (which includes hosting The Ready Room for Paramount+), and his love of Star Trek. Wil also opens up about his own experiences that inspired his book, and his allyship and support of the LGBTQIA+ community. We hope you all enjoy this amazing interview!

1h 32m
Jul 07
Trek Geeks: A Star Trek Podcast 284 - The "Problem" with Discovery

Back in May, Bill wrote an op-ed style piece for titled, "Star Trek: Discovery Has Problems (& How They Can Be Fixed)," which was a constructive look at the issues many fans feel that Discovery has as far as crisis fatigue. It was an article that caused a lot of discussion and, this week, Bill and Dan return to break down the points the article makes and discuss how this enormously successful show might improve.

1h 16m
Jul 07
Discovering Trek: The Star Trek Universe Companion The Elysian Kingdom

The crew are transformed into the characters of the Elysian Kingdom, a book M'Benga has been reading to his daughter Rukiya who has also suddenly disappeared. M'Benga, and Hemmer, the only two crew members unaffected, must discover if there is a fairy behind this fairy tale, or is this just the effect of a failed experiment to save Rukiya's life. Yvette and Matthew are joined this week by Yvette's co-host on SyFy Sistas, Tamia Harper where Yvette and Tamia reflect on portrayals of black fatherhood on television and the importance of black love as represented in Strange New Worlds inspired by Deep Space Nine.

Jul 06
With The First Link 2.10 - The Dauphin

Wesley falls in love with a mysterious young woman named Salia who is destined to lead her world out of a civil conflict. But when Wesley gets too close, Salia's guardian demonstrates a power that may threaten the safety of the whole ship. Will Wesley's love threaten the Enterprise as well as the peace of Salia's homeworld? Ruthie and Matthew talk about love, abusive parenting in the episode, and ways in which Salia's species raises questions around fluid identity and what it means to be your "true" form.

1h 3m
Jul 06
Five Year Mission: The Podcast 047 - The Alternative Factor

In this episode the guys discuss one of the wackiest episodes of Star Trek ever made, The Alternative Factor. They also discuss the questionable song that Noah wrote to accompany this bizarre episode of The Original Series. What inspired Noah to write such a departure from Five Year Mission's usual style? Listen and find out!

Jul 04
Deep Space Pride: A Gay Star Trek Podcast 087 - The One Where Sci-Fi Meets Fantasy

Before we get into the episode this week, we have some news items to share - including an update on an upcoming episode of Deep Space Pride where we get to interview Wil Wheaton! We also touch on SNW Episode 9, "Those Who Wander" - and discuss our hot take on some big reveals while it's timely. We then dive into our discussion of "The Elysian Kingdom." Despite the episode's lack of true significance since almost everyone forgets everything by the end, we both loved how the cast relished the characters they played in this episode. But we couldn't help but wonder - what is M'Benga going to do next season!?

Jul 01
Deep Space Pride: A Gay Star Trek Podcast 086 - The One With Captain Angel and a Sybok Reveal

Happy Pride to all our listeners! At the start of this episode, we reflect a bit on the importance of Pride, given some of our own recent experiences. Mike has also fully recovered from COVID, while Johnson has introduced his mom to more 21st Century tech. Our episode discussion this week is on "The Serene Squall," which features an amazing Jesse James Keitel as Dr. Aspen/Captain Angel. We test a different format this week by doing an episode recap, which in the spirit of Strange New Worlds may be a one-off episode format than something we decide to stick with.

1h 32m
Jun 24
Discovering Trek: The Star Trek Universe Companion The Serene Squall

Yeaaargh! Pirates sighted in this episode of Strange New Worlds as the Enterprise is lured outside Federation territory in a ruse to capture the ship! A potential ally turns out to be an enemy though to they do engage Spock in a fascinating conversation about false binaries he may hold about his own identity. Human, Vulcan, both, neither? Yvette, Matthew, and guest Aiyana-Mei Tom, talk about the awesomeness that is Captain Angel, that steamy bridge kiss, and how the discourse of trans rights and trans identity helps us all better understand who we are.

Jun 24
Discovering Trek: The Star Trek Universe Companion Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach

"Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach" has the Enterprise intervening in a world that is outside of Federation territory. While the ship and crew have no jurisdiction here, will Pike follow his heart and violate General Order One to save a child, a civilization, and his love's soul? Yvette and Matthew talk about the Prime Directive, our continued love for Doctor M'Benga, Potential Borg Origins, suggest a floating city should have railings, and try to figure out why cadet Uhura was given live fire phaser orders during a training day.

Jun 22
Deep Space Pride: A Gay Star Trek Podcast 085 - A Classic Star Trek Story with a Moral Question

Mike still has COVID, but he's recovering - in the meantime, he's fully taking advantage of his isolation to catch up on some great TV! We accidentally go down an Off Topic rabbit hole at the beginning of the episode to discuss what he's watching, including The Morning Show and For All Mankind. We dive a bit deeper into the latter, and discuss how shows such as For All Mankind and The Expanse are great at bringing to life how dangerous space can be. We then get into this week's SNW episode, "Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach," which we both thoroughly enjoyed. We dive deeper into this episode's use of metaphor for our society today, the hopes and fallacies of humanity at large, and our thoughts on the reality of Gene Roddenberry's vision.

1h 10m
Jun 17
With The First Link 2.09 - The Measure of a Man

Data's sentience and freedom of choice is on trial when he refuses orders to undergo a dangerous procedure. Ruthie and Matthew talk about parallels from this episode to the present-day crisis of body autonomy and how society excludes some humans when considering human rights. With the First Link is excited to cover this first of the "classic" TNG episodes in our review of the series. Join us as we get into the deep metaphysical stuff while also stopping to throw shade at the ultimate TNG entitled whiner - Bruce Maddox. Main Cover art by Nathan Nun, Theme Music by Flame Lion Studios

1h 25m
Jun 17
SyFy Sistas 2.10 - Hi Krys Marshall!

If you haven't watched the latest episode of For All Mankind: “Game Changer” (season 3; episode 2), head to your nearest AppleTV streaming service and watch it now. WARNING this episode of the SyFy Sistas Podcast is full of SPOILERS! The Sistas came to For All Mankind a season late. But as soon as we started watching and were introduced to Krys Marshall’s character Engineer/Astronaut and Trekkie Commander Danielle Poole, we were hooked. Join us as Subrina Fangirls over NASA and Dani Poole. And we all get to know more about “the little space show that could” from its brightest star. You can find out more about Krys Marshall on her IMDb page: Follw her on Instagram and Twitter @krysmarshall Thank you Dena Massenburg for our dope logo We give a special shout out to our sound engineer DoS, the Anonymous. Find him at FanSets - our pins...have character We want to thank our friends at FanSets for being the presenting sponsor of the Trek Geeks Podcast Network. You can support this podcast on Patreon at: ALL THE SYFY SISTAS INFO AT YOUR FINGER TIPS :

1h 6m
Jun 17
Deep Space Pride: A Gay Star Trek Podcast 084 - A Double Feature with Gorn and Hijinks

After taking a week off, we're back - though Mike is now the one with COVID! But ever the trooper, he stays committed to the cause of talking about Star Trek on a regular basis. This week, we cover off on two episodes of Strange New Worlds - though we get a bit sidetracked talking about some off topic (e.g. Obi-Wan Kenobi) before diving in. When we finally focus, we dive into Johnson's two favorite episodes of the season, Memento Mori and Spock Amok. We debate the character of La'an (whose name Mike continues to have problems pronouncing), while loving the character development this show is giving us overall.

1h 19m
Jun 10
SyFy Sistas 2.09 - Tawny Newsome

Tamia and Yvette go to Star Trek Mission Chicago and get to meet and interview the delightful Actor, Writer, Comedian and Musician Tawny Newsome. We bond, we laugh, we cry and we don't record...ruh roh! Fast forward to post Awesome Con and we hit record for a conversation with our friend Tawny Newsome. For more on Tawny Newsome checkout her website: Star Trek Mission Chicago: Thank you Dena Massenburg for our dope logo We give a special shout out to our sound engineer DoS, the Anonymous. Find him at FanSets - our pins...have character We want to thank our friends at FanSets for being the presenting sponsor of the Trek Geeks Podcast Network. You can support this podcast on Patreon at: You can find the SyFy Sistas online at Facebook @SyFy Sistas Twitter: @syfysistas Instagram: @syfy.sistas And of course,

1h 3m
Jun 10
Discovering Trek: The Star Trek Universe Companion Spock Amok

This week on Discovering Trek, Mike, Yvette, Matthew, and guest Jamie Rogers discuss the Strange New Worlds episode, "Spock Amok." The crew brings the funny in this episode with swapped identities and Enterprise BINGO. Plus, we find out that Una is not, "where fun goes to die," because people are idiots! What did we think of the episode? Was there too much funny? And who wears the green wraparound better, Mike or Pike? Find out on this episode of Discovering Trek: Strange New Worlds!

Jun 07
Five Year Mission: The Podcast 046 - One Hit Wonders

What happens when you get a bunch of musicians together to talk about music? A super-sized episode of Five Year Mission: The Podcast! The entire band sits down this week to discuss artists that you may only know for one song, but there's a lot more to them than you may know. Listen in to the podcast and then listen to the handy Spotify playlist we've created to hear more from the artists we discuss in this brand new episode. #5YMpod #StarTrek #StarTrekBand #StarTrekPodcast

1h 27m
Jun 06