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Mercy Series 1 | The Mercy of God

Mark Helvadjian • Lamentations 3:22–23, Psalm 23:6, Ephesians 2:4–5 Do you need mercy of God in your life? In our new talk series ‘Mercy’ we look at what the Mercy of God is, why we need it and the impact it has in our lives.

Mar 20, 2022
REACH – Everyone gets to play | The power of money and giving – Part 2

Mark Helvadjian • Luke 6:37–38, 1 Kings 17:7–16, Joshua 4:21–22 In our second part on the power of money and the place of giving, we look at how we have been called to live a life of generosity and the promises of God which come with it

Mar 13, 2022
REACH – Everyone gets to play | The power of money and giving – Part 1

Mark Helvadjian • Matthew 6:12, Matthew 6:24, 2 Corinthians 9:6 This week, Mark asks the question, what part does money have in your life? Looking at the role of money in our lives, we see that how we give is an indication of where our heart is

Mar 05, 2022
Extending Our Reach - Part 3

Mark Helvadjian • Isaiah 43:18–19, Matthew 28:19–20, Isaiah 54:2 As Mark continues to layout our REACH 22 vision, we take a closer look at ‘Creating Spaces where people can encounter Jesus’, with our new Venureland, SEN, and Youth space which will be ready in September

Feb 20, 2022
Extending Our Reach - Part 2

Mark Helvadjian • Isaiah 43:18–19, Matthew 28:19–20, Isaiah 54:2 As Mark continues to lay out our REACH 22 vision, we take a closer look at ‘Creating Places where people can encounter Jesus’, with our multisite plan, introducing our first site this year and our new Site Pastors

Feb 13, 2022
Extending Our Reach Part 1

Mark Helvadjian • Isaiah 43:18–19, Matthew 28:19–20, Isaiah 54:2 Mark outlines a vision for the Vineyard Church St Albans for the next decade.

Feb 06, 2022
Reach - Exiting the Liminal | On The Threshold - Part 2

Mark Helvadjian • Isaiah 43:18–19, Psalm 133, Ephesians 4:11, Numbers 13:30, Isaiah 48:3–8

Jan 16, 2022
The Liminal Space | On The Threshold

Isaiah 43:18–19, Psalm 133, Ephesians 4:11, Numbers 13:30, Isaiah 48:3–8

Jan 09, 2022
New Year | A New Thing

Isaiah 43:19 Richard Gathard launches 2022 with a talk centered around Isaiah's prophetic promise, "I [the Lord] am doing a new thing!"

Jan 02, 2022
Boxing Day | Overcoming Disappointment

Richard Gathard, Lissie Link • Matthew 11:1–6, Matthew 3:11–12, Isaiah 61:1–2 As we say goodbye to 2021, Richard and Lissie help us face and leave behind disappointments that have come up, so we can step into 2022 free and ready for what God has in store for us

Dec 26, 2021
The Watch 3 | He Watches Over Us!

Mark Helvadjian • Isaiah 9:2, Isaiah 9:6, Matthew 2:1–2, Matthew 25:3 As we come to the end of our Watch series, we spend time looking at the third and final group of characters who were watching that first advent – the Wise Men. But as with all good stories, the story doesn’t end there. We find a twist to the plot and discover that it isn’t just us who are watching this Christmas time.

Dec 19, 2021
The Watch 2 | Advent

Talk by Chris Lane

Dec 12, 2021
The Watch 1 | What are we watching for this Advent Season?

Mark Helvadjian • Luke 2:8–18, Matthew 1:18–23 In the lead up to Christmas, Mark kicks off a new mini talk series looking at three groups of people in the nativity story who were watching during Christ’s first advent. This week we look at the Shepherds who were watching their flock by night, and Mark asks us, are we any different than the Shepherds this advent season?

Dec 05, 2021
Baby Dedication

Baby dedication

Nov 21, 2021
Love 10 | You’re Asking the Wrong Question!

Mark Helvadjian • Luke 10:25–37, Matthew 22:36–40 As we end the LOVE series, we look at the famous story of the Good Samaritan found in Luke 10:25-37, and the question of ‘who is our neighbour?’. However, as we dig a little deeper, we find if that if we’re looking to love our neighbour, then it’s the wrong question to ask.

Nov 14, 2021
Love 9 | Loving Yourself Part 2 – In Conversation

Jenna Heyns, Trevor Marr, Mel Gee • Matthew 11:28–29, 1 Peter 4:10 As we continue to look at how we can love ourselves, Jenna interviews Trevor and Melissa from our pastoral team, and unpacks some practical steps we can take amongst the busyness of our modern lives.

Nov 07, 2021
Love 8 | Loving Yourself

Trevor Marr • 1 John 3:16–19, 2 Chronicles 1:7–12, Romans 12:2, Matthew 22:37, Ephesians 5:29–30 In order to love our neighbours, we first need to love ourselves. This talk explorers the how we can learn to Love our heart, our soul and our mind. It looks at what aspect of Love each part of us needs and applying some simple truths on how we can best look after ourselves in order that we can put the needs of others before our own.

Oct 31, 2021
Love 7 | Face To Face With Love

Matthew 22:37–38, Luke 4:1, Song of Songs 8:5, 1 John 4:4–9, Isaiah 62:5 Following on from Mark's message last week of 'Loving God in the Wilderness', Wendy's talk, FACE TO FACE WITH LOVE, starts with the Song of Songs 8:5 'Who is this coming out from the wilderness, leaning on her Beloved?' This Shulamite Bride conveys the perfect picture of our walk with Jesus, our heavenly Bridegroom, the only one to lead us out of the wilderness into the fullness of life. Jesus looks into our hearts with eyes of fiery love and beckons us to come to Him, authentically and intimately, fully yielding to His perfect love, so that He can transform us from brokenness into His unblemished bride. The entire Bible is God's love story culminating in the ultimate wedding feast!

Oct 24, 2021
Love 6 | Loving God in the Wilderness

When life is going great it seems that loving God comes much easier to us – after all, what’s not to love! But what about when life is not going great and we find ourselves walking through the wilderness? Do we find loving God as easy then? Mark looks at how we can ‘Love the Lord our God with all our mind, heart and soul’ as we walk through those wilderness times.

Oct 16, 2021
Love 5 | A More Excellent Way

1 Corinthians 13:1–6, Matthew 22:37, 1 Corinthians 12:27–31 As we continue looking at the ‘greatest command’, Mark looks at the church in Corinth, and how 2000 years later, we still need to head the Apostle Paul’s exhortation to follow ‘a more excellent way’

Oct 10, 2021
Love 4 | The Call to Relational Growth

Jon and Andrea Taylor-Cummings • John 13:34–35, 1 Corinthians 13:1–7, 1 Corinthians 12:7–11 The pain of relationship breakdown is present both inside and outside the church. As we strive to be effective ‘ministers of reconciliation and strengthen unity in this post-pandemic era, the call for doing the hard work of learning to get along with each other has never been more urgent.

Oct 03, 2021
Love 3 | God is Relationship

Matthew 9:35–38, Luke 15:1–10, Matthew 5:3 Chris Birch Evans continues our LOVE talk series, focussing on the importance of relationship in understanding and encountering the love of God, and in pursuing loving unity with one another.

Sep 26, 2021
Love 2 | Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Emma Blustin • 2 Corinthians 5:18–19, Matthew 24:12–13, John 3:16, Matthew 6:12–15, Ephesians 2:6

Sep 19, 2021
Love 1 | In Pursuit of Love

Mark Helvadjian • Matthew 22:36–40, John 3:16 Mark kicks off a brand new series looking at a subject close to all our hearts – love. In a world in love with love, what does it mean for us to live in the truth of the love God has for us, and in turn, the love we are called to show others.

Sep 12, 2021
Summer Series 7 | Interview about STEP

Mark Helvadjian, Chris Birch-Evans

Sep 05, 2021
Summer Series 5 | The Power of Paradox

Chris Lane Life is full of change, challenges & contradictions. For the Christian, these changes, challenges and contradictions can seem particularly acute. That is until you grasp the truth that the Power of Paradox is at the heart of the Christian walk, and can lead to a new and dynamic faith and creativity.

Aug 22, 2021