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"We're having fun this morning."

1h 11m
Apr 01
"Stranger Things" Actor Brett Gelman

Murrary from "Stranger Things" had plenty of time to write a book, since they take SO DAMN LONG between releasing new seasons of the Netflix series!

Mar 25
"Hate to Love: Nickelback"

Nickelback guitarist Ryan Peake talks about playing to sold-out arenas while an Internet full of trolls accuses them of being sell-outs.

Mar 25
Poison Chemtrails

My favorite email of the morning came from Jennifer:  "I am appreciative of you even having Dane on your show. While you were flippant, at least the conversation took place."

Mar 22
Drinking from a Fire Hose

While starting to deal with more fallout from the latest hysterics at the Unicameral, NU turned on the breaking news fire hose related to both the AD and President positions.  I needed help to deal with this, and called in Jim Rose and Gary Sadlemyer at different points in the morning.

1h 0m
Mar 20
Chaos at the Capitol During Storytime

What in theeeeee hell happened during yesterday's Unicameral session???

1h 6m
Mar 19
Basketball, Biden and Bridges

The hottest comic team in the country right now is the NCAA selection committee.  Then, I question why I'm the only one questioning why the President speaking at a big Women's Leadership Conference isn't a problem.  Finally, we discuss a little report that a major Omaha bridge is "falling apart."

Mar 18
Nebraska Singer Rocks "The Voice"

What happens when the former lead guitarist for Newsboys steps up to the mic to sing lead?  Lincoln's Bryan Olesen is showing how it's done this season on NBC's "The Voice."

Mar 18
Think Before Trashing Trev

No, that's not ALL we talked about today.  We also discussed Aaron Rodgers, Katie Britt, Karen gangs in Omaha (pronunciation is everything), and more.

Mar 14
Trev Taking Off

Hard not to feel a little sting with this breaking news.

Mar 13
'Simba' Actor Shares Christian Faith

In the stage production of "The Lion King" at the Orpheum, there's a lot going on under the costumes, as there's a level of humanity beneath the kingdom you see rising up the actors.  Such is the case with "Old Simba," Darian Sanders.

Mar 13
This Podcast is a Safe Space

Especially if you find the concept of "safe spaces" asinine.  If not ... well ... I hope you enjoy these conversations about President Biden's memory (I both support and am critical of him in this latest report) and needing "safe spaces" at a national medical conference (with Kate Anderson of the Daily Caller News Foundation).

Mar 12
And the Oscar Goes to ... Hamas!

Here's today's review of more of the ways they're trying to divide us, whether it's the Academy Awards, Saturday Night Live, or the air we breathe (for reals).

1h 5m
Mar 11
The State of Our Union

My response to the SOTU.

Mar 09
MAGA SCOTUS Strikes Again

Time to pack that Supreme Court, right? Some think so, and they're also upset about what Ben Sasse just did at Florida and I said about teens with anxiety in this show.

1h 4m
Mar 04
Cops and Fobs

A correlation made by a local TV station in a story about law enforcement set me off a little bit. I calmed down by the time I told Lucy about an interesting business I saw in Omaha this week.

1h 11m
Mar 02
Take a Flying Leap Day

Today's tasteless topics included something weird at Creighton, the President's physical, disappearing mail and princesses, socialism in disguise, and more.

1h 8m
Feb 29
No "Love" for Road Trip / Kellogg's vs Seinfeld

Plus, HGTV's Shane Duffy of "Build It Forward" is on our show today, just a few days before his appearance this weekend at the Omaha Home and Garden Expo.

1h 7m
Feb 27
Warrior Stands Up for Israel at Westside

Whether it was anti-Semitism or just really poor journalism, Sasha decided to say something about what noticed in the Westside High School student paper. This is not the first time she has called out local education, and I hope it's not the last.

Feb 23
Life After the Neverending Story

Lisa Downs joins me to celebrate 40 years of this great 80s movie, and details the documentary she created about it that she's bringing to Omaha next week.

Feb 23

What an appropriate title for this podcast. Not only did we talk about the misfire of an important missile during this show, and my general attitude throughout the program misfired on being a consummate professional in talking about things like the Creighton game, but the entire show misfired on actually being posted to this podcast link! So, this is Wednesday's radio show, posted here on Thursday, right after Thursday's show was posted before this one. Make sense ... or did I misfire? (Oh, and Nancy Travis is on this show!)

Feb 22
No Phones / Kids Waxing / Jackee Harry

Today, we chit-chat about people freaking out with this cell phone outage, my optimism that America isn't coming to an end (for a rather unusual reason, I admit, but stay with me here), a very unusual "take your daughter to work" story, this impressive display of stubborness over a kid's hair, and we get to spend a few minutes with the great Jackee Harry.

1h 9m
Feb 22
The Tired and Goofy Show

Scott is playing the parts of both "Tired" and "Goofy" in this show, with weird looks provided by Lucy. The topics today: The ridiculousness of Marvel movies, people offended they offended someone who had the nerve to be offended by it, last night's "Clown Show" in Omaha, and more. Oh yeah: And Lucy's favorite nude scene.

1h 8m
Feb 20
Taylor Swift Ruins Everything

On today's show, we yapped about the latest things happening in the legislature ($70, slapping food out yo' mouth, Slammin' Slama), a Taylor Swift story to justify the title of this podcast, McFlation, and more.

1h 6m
Feb 16
Let's Wash Some Feet (aka, "Who Let the Dogs Out?")

Today's conversations involve this issue between the Mayor's office and a City Council member, the best love song of all time (with JC Fisher of the Texas Tenors), the next OPS superintendent (with board president Spencer Head), and more.

1h 8m
Feb 14