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021424 "Love, Marriage and Pharmaceuticals"

It's a Valentine's Assortment! JT has a prescription for love (maybe that one, too) and the Virginia Government want's to 'make them cheaper' (make other people pay for them for you). Then, Chuck Schumer appears to confirm what Joe's been saying for years regarding the President's 'marbles.' See for privacy information.

Feb 16
021424 Breaking Down the #SenateDeal w/ @Jemord1776

Constitutional expert, author of "The Authoritarians" and candidate for the GOP nomination to run against US Senator Tim Kaine Jonathan Emord See for privacy information.

Feb 14
020524 CAARtweet 2023 Q4 Report

Housing continues to be a talking point for the politicians, but what's ACTUALLY going on? CAAR President Josh White goes into the 4th quarter report from 2023. See for privacy information.

Feb 11
0224 Black History Month Celebration with @Project21News

JT celebrates Black History Month with Christopher Arps, Melanie Collette and Mike Hill from Project 21 See for privacy information.

Feb 10
020624 "Could You Make it Look Less Like a Construction Site?"

Albemarle County's "Review Board" insists on hearing about a temporary wall to keep the mall customers from wandering into the Home Depot construction site where the derelict Sears is now (so it won't be attractive, we presume) See for privacy information.

Feb 10
020524 DEI for MD's and RN's?

Laura Morgan, 40 year nursing Veteran is raising the warning flag about DEI traing that is coming to the Medical Schools of America. Followed by reaction from real live nurses in their natural habitats. See for privacy information.

Feb 10
020524 Chat Caton form @VeteransforAmericaFirst

National Director of Operations for VFAF checks in on the border crisis and what his home state's primary might look like. Check out his movie: “ BORDER INVASION – AN AMERICAN CRISIS” See for privacy information.

Feb 10
020224 "Goundhog Meat... er.. Or Something Like That..."

PLUS: Who patrols these Gas-Lit Streets? and Sen Mark Warner vs "The Elmo Post" See for privacy information.

Feb 07
020124 "Exploitation Nation"

Marvel at the amazing 'exploits'! The Protein Justice movement, DACA recipients may be police now, and Charlottesville's property is some how MORE valuable than last year! See for privacy information.

Feb 07
020224 #Lawfare in Oregon w/ @LarsLarsonShow

Our evening host calls the Pacific Northwest home so who better to explain how the OR supreme court could just ban 10 individuals from running for representative office! See for privacy information.

Feb 04
020224 "Deal or No Deal?" w/ @RepBobGood (and a little Sen Warner)

So, Senator Warner says the GOP is flip flopping on the Border Deal but admits that he hasn't seen it yet, either. Congressman Bob Good gets into why he is holding the Speaker to his promise to block it. Then we get into March's budget deadline, the tech CEO's and even the possible collapse of China's economy. See for privacy information.

Feb 02
011024 @CoSProject in #RVA w @RickSantorum

The attached photo is in the field that is now the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA and the date is 09/11/06. Later that year Rick would lose his race for reelection and Joe would lose the station he was running. The both wound up back together, this time in Virginia helping the Convention of States! See for privacy information.

Feb 01
020124 "The Frankenmeat Label Bill" w/ Del Tom Garrett

Meet the "Protein Justice" lobby.... See for privacy information.

Feb 01
012224 "6 feet to 45 days" (Dr Fauci's Fraud) w/ Dr Paul Marik

Still waiting for the Governor to call off the 45 day voting season in Virginia because it was based on the 6-foot 'social distancing' rule that he just admitted was totally made up! Dr Paul Marik from the Front Line Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance joins Joe to talk about it and promote their conference coming up! See for privacy information.

Jan 31
011724 ACRJ Chaplain Joe Varaksa Visits

He has some great ways coming up for you to help support his jailhouse ministry! See for privacy information.

Jan 30
011724 @JEmord1776 Visits from the Senate Campaign Trail

He and Joe get into the Border, the Budget and more. Jonathan ONLINE See for privacy information.

Jan 30
011724 @FrFrankPavone Visits Before the @March_for_Life

Leader of "Priests For Life" joins Joe to talk about this year's marches and Virginia's proposed Constitutional Amendments protecting abortion as a mother's RIGHT. See for privacy information.

Jan 30
011524 "Marx, MLK and Movies"

How do Vince Ellison, Martin Luther King Jr, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and William Shatner all fit together? Guess you'll just have to listen, now... See for privacy information.

Jan 30
012624 @RepBobGood on Controversy, Borders and Faith

Bob takes on the maelstrom of media regarding a clip that had segments edited out of it (never seen THAT before!), the crumbling Senate 'deal' for President Biden's border charade and navigating a place like Washington DC without losiing your faith. See for privacy information.

Jan 26
012324 Charlottesville Plans to buy $4m in Property... From Itself?

Charlottesville's city manager admits that it's a purchase or=f real property without a plan, but Blair Hawkins, housing and property rights watchdog, points out that at least a good bit of the land the City already owns! See for privacy information.

Jan 24
012324 LG @WinsomeSears Visits

Joe catches up with the LG on the partisanship on display in the 2024 general assembly and what we need to do to fix it. See for privacy information.

Jan 23
011924 They Can't Bring Themselves to Punish Fentanyl Killers

The Virginia Democrats (sorry, but they have to own this)want to punish gun manufacturers but when confronted with a bill that would punish a fentanyl dealer for killing a Virginian they run screaming for the hills (even one's that supported the idea in the past). Joe catches up with Kevin Greene who lost his son to this poison to find out how he and his wife are carrying on in the wake of this. See for privacy information.

Jan 22
011024 @RickSantorum joins the @CoSProject!

Former PA Senator is at the Virginia capitol politicking the General Assembly to approve the Convention of States compact. See for privacy information.

Jan 21
011824 #Antisemitism on Campus w/ @NeWNetwork Chloe Sparwath

UVA '21 and author of this OpEd in the daily caller joins us to get into this gas-lit community and why they are turning on Israel. See for privacy information.

Jan 18
011824 Sen @JohnMcGuire4VA Back from Iowa

Senator from Virginia's 10th district is back from helping President Trump at the Iowa caucuses and updates us on the General; Assembly and takes some campaign shots at incumbent Rep Bob Good. See for privacy information.

Jan 18
011024 Analogy: Elections are like a Hypodemic Needle....

While they are intended to be the method of administering healing medication, if a society is addicted to Government aid, aren't elections just the needle used to get a 'fix'? See for privacy information.

Jan 14
011124 The Return Kathy Tran (AND her Abortion Bill)

Remember the good old days when Delegate Tran's stumbling testimony an abortion bill she obviously hadn't written (or read)? Well, she's now the DEM's caucus chair AND that bill is now up to become a CONSTITUTIONAL Amendment!! See for privacy information.

Jan 13
011224 "It Might be Good 2 'Do Nothing', Right?" w/ @RepBobGood

Virginia's 5th district Representative and chair o the House Freedom Caucus is on to take us inside the budget battle, border security and the revelation that the 'social distancing' that was the cornerstone of the COVID lock-downs wasn't based on science. See for privacy information.

Jan 13
011224 "Where Do We Go to Get the Last 4 Years Back?"

Dr Tony "Take the Shot, Leave the Cannolis" Fauci just testified that the cornerstone of EVERYTHING that happened during the SARS-Cov-2 outbreak wasn't based on anything. "It just sort of happened" he said to Congress! Joe calls on the Virginia Governor to immediately issue an executive order cancelling Virginia's 45-day 'election season' See for privacy information.

Jan 13
010524 Geography and the Founders w/ #MichaelBarone

After being two of Monday's guests on CSPAN's Washington Journal, Senior Political Analyst for the Washington Examiner Michael Barone joins Joe on HIS show! Talking about his new book; Mental Maps of the Founders See for privacy information.

Jan 07