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Witches' Way / How To Hold Onto Hope

Everyone has a different perspective on life and how to move through our many journeys, be it lack or goals. Thus it is always helpful to hear about others' experiences Listen to a few Witches sharing their thoughts on this subject.   Correllian Tradition Witch School

Jan 29
Discovery Tarot Path/Stream Cycle 7/#19

Rev. Stephanie Neal presents Stream Cycle #7, which is how we manifest and why we integrate what we learn.    Correllian.com Witchschool.com PaganWorld.co StephanieLeonNeal.com

Jan 02
Discovery Tarot Path/Stream Cycle 6/#18

Discovery Tarot Path  Today we introduce you to your 6th stream cycle. Now is the time to reconsider the natural creature teachers the universe places in your life. Every living creature teaches how to invent, discover, recreate, and create a new process or different ways to see our fellow beings, even a new way to take stewardship of the land we walk upon or build a new business or home.     WitchSchool.com Correllian.com PaganWorld.com Presented by Rev. Stephanie Leon Neal Indigo Door Head: Rt. Rev. Mike Neal

Dec 31, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path/Stream Cycle 5/#17

Discovery Tarot Path Presented by Rev. Stephanie Leon Neal The Tarot offers several options to learn about the stages of humanity; through time, all will be taught.  A continuation of the Tarot revealing the stages of humanity through the Stream cycles.   correllian.com witchschool.com

Dec 29, 2022
Witches Way / What Yule Means to Us

Witchschool.com Correllian.com PaganWorld.com Rev. Stephanie Leon Neal

Dec 18, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path / Stream Cycle 4 / #16

Discovery Tarot Path / Stream Cycle Four Presented by Rev. Stephanie Leon Neal ~ There were several oracle statements that showed up as Rev. Neal taught several lessons and this is one example.  Enjoy.   Correllian.com WitchSchool.com

Dec 03, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path / Stream Cycle 3 / #15

Discovery Tarot Path Subject: The Third Stream Cycle and its Tarot Cards Teachings by: Rev. Stephanie Neal Rev. Stephanie Leon Neal   Correllian.com Witchschool.com

Dec 02, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path / Stream Cycle 2 / #14

Discovery Tarot Path Headed by Michael J. Neal The second Tarot stream cycle ushers in great change for every being on earth. Presented by Stephanie Leon Neal Correllian.com StephanieLeonNeal.com

Nov 15, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path / Stream Cycle 1 / #13

Discovery Tarot Path Headed by Michael J. Neal Presents the first Stream Cycle of consciousness through the Waite-Rider-Smith Tarot Deck. It is a story of how we have been evolving over the centuries so we may move through all spheres of existence.  Presented by Rev. Stephanie Leon Neal   Correllian Tradition.  Correllian.com   StephanieLeonNeal.com

Nov 14, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path / Zero / #12

The Discovery Tarot Path    Enjoy Rev. Stephanie Leon Neal's discussion on Waite-Smith's rendering of the Fool; highlighting how the Fool's renderings have drastically changed through the centuries. Studying the history of a card makes for a more informed Reader.    Correllian.com

Oct 17, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path/Court Cards Group/#11

Discovery Tarot Path  Rev. Stephanie Neal presents all the Court cards of the Waite-Smith deck. She shows their similarities, to help remember each card. The Waite interpretations will be shared as well.   Correllian.com

Oct 09, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path Group Nine #10

Discovery Tarot Path Of the Indigo Door Presented by Rev. Stephanie Neal Discusses all nines of the Waite-Smith deck, which are: The Nine of Wands The Nine of Cups The Nine of Swords The Nine of Pentacles Correllian Tradition

Oct 03, 2022
Witches Way / Land Animal Energies / #5

Witches' Way Podcast presented by Sacred Sea Come listen to the lovely presentations of the "wise ones."  Host: Rev. Stephanie Neal Sponsored by: WitchSchool.com Correllian.com; is one of the most beautiful spiritual traditions in the world.

Sep 25, 2022
Paladin Talk #3: Rev Mike Nelson

Paladin Talk is a look at the Sacred Order of Paladins, Ser Mike Nelson  and his work with veterans and community Discover more at Correllians.live

Sep 20, 2022
Journey to the Parliament #12: Rev Dave Sassman

As we focus on the Parliament f the World's Religions 2023, we interview Rev Dave Sassman, a elder quite recognized for his work within the Pagan Community.  Join us at Correllian.com for more in formation

Sep 19, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path Group Eight #9

Discovery Tarot Path Rev. Stephanie Neal discusses all cards assigned the numeral 8 and all cards where their numerals are reduced to 8. within the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. It is exciting to know, after studying the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, you can read any deck.    Correllian.com Witchschool.com

Sep 07, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path the 7 Group #8

Discovery Tarot Path Teaches several methods to train and read the Tarot. This presentation covers The Tower The Chariot  Seven of Wands Seven of Cups Seven of Swords Seven of Pentacles   Correllian.com

Aug 31, 2022
Witches' Way / Subject: Herbs

Witches' Way Podcast Subject: Our favorite herbs and how we utilize them. Hosted by M. Rev. Stephanie Neal and Talented  Friends   Correllian.com

Aug 28, 2022
Witches' Way / Subject: Herbs #4

Witches' Way Podcast Subject: Our favorite herbs and how we utilize them. Hosted by M. Rev. Stephanie Neal and Talented  Friends   Correllian.com

Aug 28, 2022
Earth Warriors Festival: Rise

Earth Warriors Festival: Rise with Heather Killen  September 22-25th, 2022 Earthwarriorsfestival.org

Aug 26, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path The 6 Group #7

Discovery Tarot Path  In Discovery Tarot Path training, Rev. Stephanie Neal presents several methods on how to read the Tarot. Presently, her focus is learning the cards by numeral groups, i.e., discussing all the sixes and all numerals reduced to six, in the Rider-Waite deck.   Correllian.com

Aug 13, 2022
Journey to the Parliament #9: Lady Stephanie Neal

Our Host. Lori Blackman will discuss M. Rev Stephanie Neal personal journey to the Parliament.   to donate Correllian.com

Aug 11, 2022
The 70's Show Brushwood Radio from Sirius Rising

Joining Neil Goodman as he 'Chases the Endless Summer"  with his good friend Ruffy as we explore the reopening of this year's festival culture after the Covid Break.

2h 39m
Aug 06, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path Group Five #6

Discovery Tarot Path founded in 2012   Rev. Stephanie Neal presents all the cards that hold the energies of the number five, showing how all the pips struggle in different ways.   Correllian.com Witchschool.com

Aug 02, 2022
Witches Way / What caused me to enter the magick of Witchcraft #3

Witches Way Podcast A journey to magick.

Jul 31, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path Group Four #5~

The Discovery Tarot Path is presented by Rev. Stephanie Neal Our focus today is the group of fours.

Jul 20, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path Group Three #4~

Rev. Stephanie Neal presents the cards holding threes within this lesson.  The lessons in the  Discovery Tarot path course present several methods and new ways to approach the Tarot.

Jul 18, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path Group Two #3~

The Discovery Tarot path   Is a teaching that presents the Tarot using several approaches to work with the cards Presents several new meaningful ways to read the cards. Utilizing the Tarot for Spiritual counseling called S. Neal's Tarot Therapy.  Is an uplifting path to living one's life.  For this lesson, M. Rev. Stephanie Neal presents all 2 Tarot cards and all cards reduced to the numeral 2.

Jul 16, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path The One's Group #2~

Come join us walk the Discovery Tarot Path Subject: All the ones in the Rider-Waite deck and all cards that reduce to one.  In the coming year, Rev. Stephanie Neal will teach several approaches to study and reading the Tarot.

Jul 12, 2022
Discovery Tarot Path Introduction #1 ~

Presented by Rev. Stephanie Neal  This is the first presentation of a year-long teaching, regarding several in-depth approaches to the Tarot.

Jul 10, 2022