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Third day Easter

And on the 3rd day the entire world was changed. Death was defeated on an old rugged cross by none other than Jesus. He revealed to the world He was the son of God and He had given His life so we might have it thereby defeating death once and for all. . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/03/third-day-easter/

Mar 31

Many have written to me about having anxiety. Indeed, billions of dollars are spent on trying to lead a normal life when they are experiencing it. Anyone who is a Christ follower doesn’t need to take tranquilizers and other drugs to mask their fear, it is all so unnecessary. Jesus told us repeatedly not to worry, (some 75 times). He told us how foolish it is to worry and told us to trust in Him and not to be anxious about tomorrow as tomorrow would take care of itself. We should turn our worries over to Him and let Him resolve them . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/03/anxiety/

Mar 29

Ah, it feels good to be back on the farm in Mississippi. I didn’t realize how much I missed this place. I’m recuperating here and the doctor says it will take about six months to get back to where I was before my accident, provided I can continue to progress as I’m doing now. I don’t think it will not take that long, but he has all the fancy titles and certifications after his name . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/03/howdy/

Feb 28
Yes I’m ALIVE!

I just got home from the hospital. Praise God for sparing me. I was trying to go through heaven’s door when I heard, “Go back and do some more!” . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/03/yes-im-alive/

Feb 25
The saga continues

Well, my nephew seems to have lived through his overdose. So, he is good to go until the next time which could come at any minute. His life is all about finding his next hit of drugs. I was told he was taking enough Xanax to kill two horses and Lord knows what else he was taking . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/02/the-saga-continues/

Feb 01
Be like a dog

I’m heading down to Costa Rica for a while, so I got a friend to keep my lab for me while I’m gone. I already really miss him, and he misses me. When I left he was crying and whining, and trying to get out of the pen to go with me and it was hard to leave him there. We have not been separated in almost a year and a half . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/01/be-like-a-dog/

Jan 30
Satan’s tool

So, a close relative of mine OD’d last night. He is in critical condition, and I don’t know if he will make it or not. He has been a heroin addict for some time and I’m sure he is taking fentanyl and anything else he can get his hands on . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/01/satans-tool/

Jan 26
Shot in the back and saved

A good friend that I have known for many years came by the house to see me yesterday. We had a good time catching up. I’ve known him since my Islamorada Florida Keys days. Though prior to that I didn’t know him he was a hippie like me at about the same time I was, and we both lived in Atlanta and New Orleans at about the same time . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/01/shot-in-the-back-and-saved/

Jan 25
Not laughing now

Yesterday I decided to keep working on filling the large potholes in my roads throughout my farm, this despite the near-death experience on Saturday.. Somehow I convinced my farmhand Willie to help me again yesterday and he told me he spent most of the day on Sunday at church praying and thanking God for keeping him from plunging into the ravine. He then spent much of the night on his knees praying and thanking God some more . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/01/not-laughing-now/

Jan 23
Pain and Reward

Yesterday I did some work on the roads on my farm. It had reached a point of one of my main roads being impassable due to huge washouts. So, I got my lone worker, Willie an elderly black fellow, and I loaded up a dump trailer full of dirt and he hauled it to our first washout with my pickup. I drove the skid steer (Bobcat) to spread the dirt and fill the holes and he drove the truck pulling the dump trailer loaded with dirt . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/01/pain-and-reward/

Jan 22
No peace for the wicked

So, it looks like Trump triumphed over all his opponents in Iowa. I wonder if he will be reelected. He is really getting the shaft from the NYC and Georgia Democrat prosecutorial staffs. Yesterday he needed to attend his mother-in-law’s funeral and the judge wouldn’t let him. It was only for one day and the trial could have resumed the following day, but he hates Trump so bad he wouldn’t allow it. It is just a wicked thing. Trump went anyway and vowed not to let some two-bit judge appointed by Clinton to deny allowing him to attend the funeral of his mother-in-law and be with his wife who is devasted by the passing of her mother. I say bravo! Surely there will be no peace for the wicked . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/01/no-peace-for-the-wicked/

Jan 19
It is even greater than I imagined

I was conversing with one of my sons the other day and I told him I was trying to get an appointment for my wife with a hearing center and audiologist. I told him our entire family had ridiculed me for my hearing impairment but not even a peep is said concerning her when she can’t hear as well as me. He told me he didn’t know anyone with hearing as bad as mine and it was so bad no one could even communicate with me unless they used sign language . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/01/it-is-even-greater-than-i-imagined/

Jan 16
Bye Bye

By bye COVID it seems my wife and I are recovering faster than a speeding bullet from COVID. So thank you Jesus and thank you readers for your prayers. Now for that rest I forecast for 2024 . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/01/bye-bye/

Jan 09
Now I have COVID!

I thought with the advent of the New Year my wife and I had turned the corner on the health situation in our lives. But both of us were diagnosed with COVID last week and it has taken a toll. Last year was not kind to us health wise with rotator cuff surgery, 17 ulcers in my stomach, and liver problems; Teresa had vascular problems and various arthritic ailments, but it all seemed to go away right before the first of the year . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/01/now-i-have-covid/

Jan 08
Establish Peace O Lord

My kids and grandkids and their four dogs left after the holiday, and it has been mighty quiet without them. My grandson bagged his first deer with an excellent shot of 125 yards. Pretty amazing since this was the first time he ever shot a gun . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/01/establish-peace-o-lord/

Jan 03
The blue planet

Well, it is officially a new year. What will it bring? My Bible study partner wrote and said the following: ‘My wife and I spent some time yesterday talking about the next year, and things we hope to accomplish – Spent time talking about my discernment . . . I welcome your prayers . . . since I’m a little hardheaded (like you) I need a smack around the head to give me direction” . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2024/01/the-blue-planet/

Jan 02
Christmas Message

I have been led to write a Christmas message. Renowned intellect and author C. S. Lewis sent a Christmas message a few decades back that warned of a world that no longer knew right from wrong. I can think of nothing that is more poignant this Christmas than his words. They are just as relevant today as when they were originally penned if not more so . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/12/christmas-message/

Dec 26, 2023
Lord of the flies

I received the following email after announcing I was reducing Words for the Day down to just two entries per week. “I accept what you say, and at the same time, I don’t like it. There are probably many others like me who have, only in the last couple of years, started reading your daily words. This–because we only recently read your book and became aware of you. Your words to us are NOT stale and repeating, they are immensely helpful. so–do what you must , but we will miss your daily words” . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/12/lord-of-the-flies/

Dec 18, 2023

Good morning – Last May I had rotator cuff surgery and decided to stop writing Words for the Day. It seemed to be lacking the spark that had driven it the many years I had been writing it. I got a ton of correspondence of readers asking me to keep writing, so I did. One of the reasons I decided to stop was it just did not seem fresh nor relevant. Sadly, that has not changed, and therefore I have decided once again to make a change . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/12/fresher/

Dec 13, 2023
Bad seed / Bad grass

Today is my anniversary. We have been married 53 years. Aside from my relationship with Jesus I credit my wife Teresa with keeping me out of the pig sty. I have always thought of myself as a wild horse bucking, snorting, wild eyed, and kicking my stall until I broke through the boards and gained my freedom. I immediately went thundering across the plain until I felt the sharp burn of a rope around my neck. My anchor Teresa had lassoed me, and I came to a screeching halt. “Boy you get back over here right now!” . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/12/bad-seed-bad-grass/

Dec 12, 2023
Terror of the black

Many people are afraid of the dark. In fact, I read the following: “Achluophobia, or the fear of the dark, often tops the list of the most common phobias.” I think the fear of the unknown is part of the problem. People don’t like to live in confusion or uncertainty, and the darkness can put us right in the middle of those feelings. Without light, we are disoriented and can feel helpless, confused, and overwhelmed . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/12/terror-of-the-black/

Dec 11, 2023
Not what it seems

I’ve been reading some material on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelse. Unless you live on another planet you are familiar with the power couple. I have been enthralled by Taylor Swift and have felt she was beautiful, talented, and intelligent. Not only that but she has amassed a fortune that exceeds a billion dollars. Her boyfriend is one of the top NFL players in the league and they seemed to be the perfect couple and great role models . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/12/not-what-it-seems/

Dec 08, 2023
Glad for the miss

Several years ago, I Got home rather late due to going wild hog hunting that day. My wife had supper ready, and it was perfect timing. I was tired and hungry and soon was enjoying a nice hot meal in the kitchen. It was just what I needed . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/12/glad-for-the-miss/

Dec 07, 2023
Final exam revealed

When you were in school or if you are currently in school, wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive an advance copy of your final exam. Well you are in school and I’m going to furnish you with some questions that will be on it. Check it out . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/12/final-exam-revealed-2/

Dec 06, 2023
Lazy Bones

I used to ride my horse for hours exploring the land on my farm and looking for whitetail deer sign or just exploring. I had one fine horse named Dusty that I rode most often. He was a pleasure to ride, and his Tennessee Walker gait was as smooth as they come. One day we rode for almost the entire day, and after an hour or two he seemed bored silly. I noticed he looked drowsy, and his eyes were half closed as he walked along. This went on for a while and suddenly he tripped and almost fell and and when he did, he took off running like the wind . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/12/lazy-bones/

Dec 05, 2023
Give me a break!

Like a dimwit I watched part of the debate with DeSantis and Newsome last night. It is amazing to me that statistics are put on the screen and Newsome simply said they are all a lie. I mean the sales tax is recorded for all to see just like the number of people leaving the state, or state income tax comparisons. These are just facts and yet the politicians just pretend like they don’t exist. I wasn’t going to watch the debate. I figured it would be exactly as it was, a pack of lies, but my Bible study partner had convinced me to watch it. I cannot believe I fell for it . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/12/give-me-a-break-3/

Dec 01, 2023
Wouldn’t you want to know?

A friend of mine was killed on a motorcycle while riding to a Bill Glass Prison Ministry event. The last time I saw him, he and I were visiting inmates on death row together in Huntsville Texas. We were accompanied by a lady from Colorado and her husband. She sang songs to the inmates and my friend, the director of Texas prisons, and I spoke to the inmates about Jesus and eternity. Nine inmates with dates already set for their executions made decisions for the Lord that day . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/11/wouldnt-you-want-to-know/

Nov 30, 2023
Goodbye feline!

A good friend of mine had to euthanize his cat yesterday. He loved that old cat and vice versa and it is heart breaking to hear him trying to choke back tears and try to describe how much he will miss it . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/11/goodbye-feline/

Nov 29, 2023
Mean, nasty, old mom

I have a friend who used to talk to me about his aging mother in a disparaging manner. In fact, I’ve had bird dogs that would break on point that didn’t get maligned as badly as he talked about his mom. Sometimes in listening to him I wondered if he might consider buying a shock collar for her for Christmas . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/11/mean-nasty-old-mom/

Nov 28, 2023
Happy Birthday

Well today is my birthday. I’m 77 years old and I find it very hard to believe. I did not think I would live to be 25, but I made it over three times that age. And it goes so quickly, I’m amazed . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/11/happy-birthday/

Nov 27, 2023