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Watching grasshoppers with Jesus

I did a mass mailing to thousands of my readers one time, and I received a return notice that two of the people on my list had died. One of them had this autoreply on his e-mail: “I Have Passed on to My Heavenly Reward. God does not have an email server so your message will never be seen." . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/09/watching-grasshoppers-with-jesus/

Sep 08
Fight Fight Fight

I was playing a crucially important high school football game and as luck would have it I got kicked solidly in the groin. I was lying on the ground writhing around in excruciating pain and the trainer came running out on the field to check on me. I could hear a chant coming from the stands that went like this, “That’s OK – That’s all right – Come on Generals, Fight! Fight! Fight!” . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/09/fight-fight-fight/

Sep 07
Soul Battle

Welcome to the latest battle for our souls launched by ChatGPT Microsoft’s version of AI – (Artificial intelligence). This battle concerns AI changing the Bible. According to statistics most folks have not read the Bible and know little about it. Now comes the WOKE brigade using AI to change it and the obvious result will be, “Well the Bible says it, so it must be true." . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/09/soul-battle/

Sep 06
Friends galore

Recently I’ve had dozens of long talks with various friends of mine who seem scattered all over the country. Some I haven’t talked to in many years and lo and behold I get a call from one almost on a weekly basis. I’ve also called a few myself as the Lord put them on my heart, but most just came out of the blue and were initiated by them. Many of the calls were over an hour or more long. It was great to talk to them and laugh about the good times we’ve had together . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/09/friends-galore-2/

Sep 05
Political Machine Extraordinaire

I’m beginning to hear the Covid war drums beating night and day. Does this mean we are being reinfected? Studies like the Cochrane study have pointed to masks as being ineffective against Covid and in fact are likely entirely useless. But many establishments and government institutions are already establishing mandatory requirements for wearing masks as a primary tool against preventing infection? . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/09/political-machine-extraordinaire/

Sep 04
Grin boy grin

One of my hobbies is training my lab. I enjoy it immensely as does he. I was looking for my next challenge in training him. I’ve taught him to come, retrieve, sit, heel, lay down, roll over, stay, crawl, load up into my truck bed, and point my fingers at him like I’m holding a pistol and say BANG! and have him play dead complete with first rolling around as though wounded before “dying” . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/09/grin-boy-grin/

Sep 01
Bear in Tennessee

I received the following video from a reader. It is a must-watch for you. I know many of you like to listen versus reading Words for the Day, but today would be a good day to read beginning right now . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/bear-in-tennessee/

Aug 31

I went to church with a neighbor last Sunday and when the singing was over and just prior to the pastor taking over. I looked at my buddy and out of the blue whispered, “Thanks!” He looked at me bewildered and said, “For what?” . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/singing/

Aug 30
Mystery Solved

A few weeks back I wrote about my complete loss of appetite and severe weight loss. Actually I lost 27 pounds in about 60 days and in the last weeks have been losing 1-2 lbs. per day. I was not overweight at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 209 so the loss of 27 pounds had a noticeable effect on me. I lost much muscle mass and was so fatigued I was sleeping much of the day, (something I have never experienced) . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/mystery-solved/

Aug 29
Rabid fans

After 25 years of writing this post five times per week I have learned a thing or two about expressing my opinion about politics. Through the years I have done my share of speaking out against abortion, homosexuality, unchecked violence, trafficking, stupid wars, burgeoning crime, immigrants here illegally, welfare, pedophiles immorality, lack of civility, and so on; savagely ravaging the likes of the Clintons, Obama, Both father and son of the Bush family, Biden, and yes Trump. My posts are always met by rabid fans with some death threats, foul language, and idiotic ranting . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/rabid-fans/

Aug 28
Divided States of America

As anticipated I got some mail from Trump lovers yesterday after my post. One long time reader remembered that when Trump ran the first time that I supported him and wanted to know why I changed . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/divided-states-of-america/

Aug 25
Be of one mind

I along with millions of other folks watched the Republican debates last night. It reminded me of a bunch of grade school kids trying to shout each other down. The highlight for me was when they showed a clip of Rich Men North of Richmond. Today’s reviews of who won and lost were comical. Fox news stated that Ramasway was the biggest loser and Daily Mail had him as the biggest winner. Both news organizations are owned by Rupert Murdoch, go figure . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/be-of-one-mind/

Aug 24
Old Man Wisdom

I received the following email entitled, “Life from the seat of a tractor” and entails an old Farmer’s Words of Wisdom that we could all live by… It is directed to how we should live our daily lives and I think you will recognize much of it as coming directly from the Bible, (particularly Proverbs), only it is presented in a more homespun practical way. Most of these tidbits have a far deeper meaning than first meets the eye. Read it slowly and think about it . . . Selah . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/old-man-wisdom/

Aug 23
The Rich Men North of Richmond

Recently a song came out entitled, “Rich men north of Richmond”. It struck a nerve with me and many others with tens of millions of views across the country, the writer and singer is a man who was raised in Appalachia. He did not finish high school but is being hailed as a musical genius who writes and sings about the ordinary man with some saying it is on the level of Hank Williams . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/the-rich-men-north-of-richmond/

Aug 22
He is a reprobate; his feet stink and he doesn’t believe in God – Do you love him?

One time I went to a prison event and was getting prepared before I went into the prison and was praying about it. I was tasked with going into a special unit which is a separate facility reserved for sex offenders, and snitches that would be killed if they went into general population. I knew there were guys in there who had raped little kids, some as young as one year old. I had to pray fervently in order to help these guys find their way to Jesus. My flesh wanted to pound them into oblivion . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/he-is-a-reprobate-his-feet-stink-and-he-doesnt-believe-in-god-do-you-love-him/

Aug 21
Mullet, pink hot pants, and earrings

Several years ago, I counseled a friend about his business and was surprised to hear some of his comments. As we discussed his product offering, every other word out of his mouth seemed to dwell on what was important to “HIM”. I finally interrupted him and politely informed him that in business it is not what is important to “him”. What is important to the “CUSTOMER” who pays for his products and services. I told him that if he hopes to sell to the masses, he better start getting his arms around that concept and very soon . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/mullet-pink-hot-pants-and-earrings/

Aug 18
Be a part of your miracle

Several years ago, I spoke at Teen Challenge in Lancaster PA. The director put me on his mailing list and for months I received numerous e-mails concerning their center’s effort to purchase some property for a badly needed induction center for addicted teenagers. The one they have now is badly overcrowded and they are daily turning away people who desperately need help . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/be-a-part-of-your-miracle/

Aug 17
Hope springs eternal

Since my shoulder surgery I’ve lost 26 pounds in two months with no end in sight. This morning I stepped on the scales and sure enough had lost another pound. It reminded me of Groundhog Day as this was a repeat from yesterday and the day before. The weight loss is not from too much exercise or weight loss drugs, it is because I have lost my appetite and am at the point of almost force feeding myself at this juncture. I have no idea why, but I have lost my appetite and when I am hungry, I fill up after taking a few bites . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/hope-springs-eternal/

Aug 16
So do we sleep or remain alive?

I’ve been studying 1 Thessalonians this week and it presents a concept that has been puzzling me for some time. We are told in the Bible, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, and Jesus said to the thief on the cross, this day you will be in paradise with Me, and there are many other similar verses in the Bible. Now comes Paul Chapter 4 telling us that we “sleep” when we die and when Christ comes back we shall rise first and those Christians alive will follow . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/so-do-we-sleep-or-remain-alive/

Aug 15
Is our climate changing?

The condensed version of the long article she sent is that the latest heat wave is being caused by an underwater volcano in the vicinity of the island of Tonga in the South Pacific. Volcanoes can cause changes in climate due primarily to the ash partially blocking the sun . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/is-our-climate-changing/

Aug 14
Tragic paradise

My prayers go out to some of the nicest and most wonderful people that I’ve ever met as a devasting fire has burned the coastal city Lahaina Maui to the ground. This morning the governor warns the death toll will be ‘significantly worse’ than the 1960 tsunami that killed 61: Cadaver dogs search for 1,000 missing, with 55 dead and counting. Neighborhoods and businesses have been razed to the ground, and vehicles burned to a crisp across the western side of the island as the wildfires cut off most roads out of Lahaina . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/tragic-paradise/

Aug 11
Aged well???

I have no idea why a friend of mine sent the Words for the Day post below. I sent it out back in 2020 in response to a question he posed and had long forgotten it. He sent the post with no explanation and when I sent him a text and asked why he sent it he wrote: “Aged well” (whatever that is supposed to mean). At any rate I read it and was amazed at the prophetic events I mentioned that have come to pass. Give it a read and see what you think . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/aged-well/

Aug 10
“Nuff said!”

Are you in the mood for a little poetry this morning? This was written by a teen in Baghdad, Arizona – Check it out . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/nuff-said/

Aug 09
Early church vs. todays’ church

A friend and reader sent me an article that weighed the modern church of today against the early church and he asked me to comment on it. The writer of this article had built his theory on four basic tenants: How we view other Christians, How to spend the churches money, Supporting military operations, Bible study . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/early-church-vs-todays-church/

Aug 08
The big problem with planet earth

Lately I have been inundated with calls and emails concerning folks who are suffering from anxiety about one thing or another. One of the sweetest people I’ve ever met tragically just lost her sister who was a mere 40 years old. Another friend and mother lost her young son and afterwards her marriage. Others have written and expressed they are suffering from various forms of cancer and other life-threatening diseases, one friend lost most of his life savings on the stock market and cyber currency. Many are living in pressure cooker conditions and are afraid, worried, sad, filled with anxiety, and without hope . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/the-big-problem-with-planet-earth/

Aug 07
Should we feel entitled?

My Bible study partner got married this week and he and His bride are heading to Alaska for a nice weeklong cruise and then on to Hawaii (Maui) for another week for their honeymoon. As I contemplate another sweltering hot Mississippi day I must admit I’m somewhat envious of the better climate they will soon enjoy . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/should-we-feel-entitled/

Aug 04
Sound of freedom . . .

Yesterday my wife and I went to the movie Sound of Freedom. It is a thought provoking incredible true story of a former government agent, Tim Ballard, turned vigilante who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue hundreds of children from sex traffickers . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/sound-of-freedom/

Aug 03
Lick don’t bite!

There is an old expression that’s often ignored, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. I know a man and his family that suffered several significant calamities in a short period of time, and when those tragedies struck I was right there to help them get through it . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/lick-dont-bite/

Aug 02
Hold on – Let go . . .

I got a short email from a friend yesterday whom I haven’t seen or spoken with in perhaps 15 or so years. She is a world class photographer and has done photo shoots of numerous celebrities including musicians such as the Rolling Stones, governors, professional sports figures, and the like. She was photographing the winners of the Business Person of the Year award in Atlanta which I was the recipient when I got to know her . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/08/hold-on-let-go/

Aug 01
Timely blessing

Yesterday a friend came over and we planted Japanese millet adjacent to my farm ponds. Waterfowl love to dine on it and hopefully by duck season they will be feasting on it in big numbers. We have had a brutal heat wave here and have not had any rain in many weeks with none forecast in the foreseeable future. The ground was as hard as concrete, and I had to attach my big disc to break it up prior to using my no till drill disc/cultivator machine to plant . . . https://www.wordsfortheday.com/2023/07/timely-blessing/

Jul 31