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Desi Killers, Desi Kidnappers, Desi Criminals - find them here. Brought to you by Aryaan Misra and Aishwarya Singh. We are your one stop shop for all things Desi, and all things Crazy.
Tooooooooo much of true crime is centered around America - New York murder this and Chicago Killer that. What about the Delhi Dons and Karachi killers and Bangladeshi Burglars?! If you are tired of the the same-old American murderer, British killer, Australian kidnapper, Canadian stalker… NO MORE! The Desi Crime Podcast brings DESI crimes. From India, Pakistan, Nepal and other brown communities, we’ll bring you cases that can only be described as Desi. Crimes that take place in the Indian subcontinent aren’t remotely similar to Western crimes— desi crimes are gory, complicated, corrupt and hardly documented. After thorough research on the most sinister cases, we’ll take you on a bumpy, jaw dropping ride around South Asia.
Crime is a popular genre in India. CID was watched by boomers, John Grisham was read by millennials, and now, The Desi Crime Podcast is there for Gen Z.

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64. Chai and Chithi 3 - India

Welcome to Chai and Chithi, a segment where we take fan stories mailed in to us, as well as share some of our more personal ghastly experiences. Mail in your spooky, crime or desi stories to Desi Crime YouTube: Website:

Nov 26
63. The Delhi Dahmer: Tale of Shraddha Walkar - India

Every now and then, in this country of a booming billion, a crime occurs that captures the attention of the nation. Every now and then, one crime is what everyone can talk about – from conversations over the 2 rupee tea at the roadside chai wala to conversations over a sugar infused diabetes inducing drink at starbucks: one story cuts across caste, class, and creed. In 2021, that story was the Madanapalle Double Murder, and 2022 just found its story as well. This is the story of what went down, allegedly, in a small apartment in Mehrauli’s Chatarpur area; this is the story of Shraddha Walkar and Aftab Amin Poonawala.

Nov 19
62. Chai and Chithi 2 - India

Welcome to Chai and Chithi, a segment where we take fan stories mailed in to us, as well as share some of our more personal ghastly experiences. Mail in your spooky, crime or desi stories to Desi Crime YouTube: Website:

Nov 05
61. The New Year Murder: Jhanvi Kukreja - India

On the 31st of December 2020, the world was coming together to celebrate the end of what had been an incredibly hard year for everyone around the world. The pandemic had left families in shambles and communities in mourning. But the end of the year almost signified a new beginning, a fresh start and a hope for a better future for everyone, including the Kukrejas. Little did they all know, New Years of 2020 would become the night that changed their lives, the last night they would ever be the same family again. This is the story of that family, this is the story of 19 year old Jhanvi Kukreja.

Oct 29
60. Chai and Chithi - India

We promised you this segment months ago, and we're marking our 60th episode with the fulfillment of that promise -- welcome to Chai and Chithi, a segment where we take fan stories mailed in to us, as well as share some of our more personal ghastly experiences. Mail in your spooky, crime or desi stories to Desi Crime YouTube: Website:

Oct 22
59. The Disappearance of the Chohan Family - India

So far, we’ve told you the story of a seemingly loving and happy couple, Nancy and Amarjit, with two babies, living in a house in London. Until all 5 members of the family, 3 of whom are adults, just vanish like they never existed. Everyone said it seemed like the family had voluntarily left. Until Onkar Verma, Nancy’s brother, decided to go on a wild hunt for his family because he knew something was wrong. Onkar’s hunt, though, seemed to only be leading to more questions than answers. But we’ll give you the answers too— and for that, welcome back to the second part of the Disappearance of the Chohan Family.  YouTube:

Oct 15
58. The Disappearance of the Chohan Family - India

We’ve all heard crazy cases of disappearances. Oftentimes, young women disappear, like Sneha Phillip or young children disappear like Geeta and Sanjay Chopra at the hands of Ranga and Billa. Unfortunately, disappearances aren’t uncommon. What is uncommon is for an entire family to vanish into thin air, leaving behind no trace at all. What happens when 3 generations of a family all disappear as if they never existed? The answer: Scotland Yard spirals into one of the most complex manhunts in UK history, travelling to 4 countries and collecting 4000 documents to solve a case that drove the world insane. This is the story of that manhunt, this is the story of the disappearance of the Chohan family.

Oct 08
57. Kolkata House of Horror (pt.2) - India

Disturbing memories, scrawled in cursive books meant for kindergarteners: "My mother made my sister strip in the bathroom... My mother thinks I am impotent. She wanted to see me develop a relationship. This is why she used to send a maid servant to my room to excite me." The inscriptions, incongruous with the whimsical books in which they were found. The mother in question is Aarati De, and everything that's happened over the course of decades at house number 3 on Robinson Street can be traced back to her. What seemed on the surface to be a psychopath on the loose morphs into a far more complicated web. Who killed Debjani, where is Aarati, and what happened to Partho? Welcome to part two of the Kolkata House of Murders.

Oct 01

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Sep 26
56. The Kolkata House of Horrors - India

Countless true crime stories begin with a family. More specifically, a family gone awry -- hate, jealousy, and vengeance seeping in and tearing apart the bonds of blood. But this story is different. This isn't the case of a family that doesn't love one another; this is the case of a family that loves one another far too much. What does that mean? This is the story where you find out. It's a story weaving together suicide, murder, incest, and cannibalism, all into one unbelievable plot. This is the story of Kolkata's House of Horror. Link To Award: Link to Desi Crime YouTube:

Sep 24
55. To Die or Not To Die: Aruna Shanbaug - India

The case that we have for you today is as much about the crime as what happened next, about death as much as life. It is about morality as much as ethics, as much about the society we seek to create as much as the punishment it doles out to those who threaten it. This case will come to be discussed by generations of Indian law students. It is the story of a 25-year-old nurse just seeking to make a difference, help those in need, and live a normal, happy life. And then, on the night of 27th November 1973, the actions of one man changed this woman’s life forever and pushed her into a 42-year-long nightmare. This is the story of a case that moved India and moved the world. This is the story of Aruna Shanbaug.

Sep 17
54. The Disappearance of Khyati Shreshtha - Nepal

Today's episode comes all the way from Nepal, where a young girl had big dreams like any other. Her doting family moved across cities and states, all for the sake of their daughter’s promising future, until that young girl got a phone call that changed her life forever. Soon after, her parents got a phone call too -- a call that shattered the life they had built and all the happiness within it. This is the story of that young girl. This is the story of Khyati Shreshtha.

Sep 09
53. The Case of Qandeel Baloch - Pakistan

‘How I’m looking? Beautiful, sexy, or hot?’ One could have easily mistaken these words to be uttered by a Kim Kardashian, a Kendal Jenner or some other young woman on Instagram seeking fame, if only it was not for the broken English. The broken English, how I’m looking, not how am I looking, hides a story much deeper and significant than an appeal for likes on social media. The minor grammatical difference underscores a world altogether different than the one of tiktok stars. These words, as salacious and incorrectly framed as they maybe, mark a struggle if one chooses to read between the lines. These were the very words that gave a woman in Pakistan a new, a life she had always desired. But the very same words were also responsible for snatching away her life from her. This is the story of that woman from Pakistan who simply yearned for a better life; this is the story of Qandeel Baloch.

Sep 03
52. The Case of Ruchika Girhotra - India

When we cover these cases, the ones that hit the hardest are those with the clearest injustice: deep-rooted, disturbing, and plain to see. Cases where the very ones tasked with righting injustice — our parents, our schools, our police — are the ones who perpetrate it. It makes all of our blood boil to hear of lives destroyed, families torn apart, futures snatched over trivialities. If you feel this way too, this case is your worst nightmare come to life: a nightmare one 14-year-old girl had to live through 32 years ago. This is a case that shook India to its core. This is the story of Ruchika Girhotra.

Aug 27
51. The Case of Jessica Patel - India

The perfect marriage: that’s a goal for so many people. To find that one person that they can spend their life with. That one person that is there with you through your thick and thin, that supports you no matter what. Seldom do people find such a partner. But when they do, it’s a coming together of two worlds in a remarkable union. But as amazing as this union is, the flip side of that coin is a travesty. What happens when that one person is taken away from you? What happens when that oh-so-perfect partner is no more? Well, this is one such story. The story of union that was simply never meant to be; this is the story of Mitesh and Jessica Patel.

Aug 20
50. The Mysterious Death of Sushant Singh Rajput - India

2020 was a weird and unfortunate year for everyone. Even for those of us who didn’t suffer the loss of someone close to us, death seemed like it was all around. It was unprecedented that we found ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic, locked inside our houses for months on end. By the time June 2020 rolled around with the pandemic in full swing, Bollywood had already lost two major film stars in Irfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor when suddenly, on the 14th of June, the news of another death flashed on every Indian’s TV screen and this one took the country by storm. 34 year old Bollywood superstar Sushant Singh Rajput found dead in his apartment. The reason for his death? Suicide by hanging. But was it? If you’ve wondered the answer to this question for 3 years now, you’ve come to the right place. This is the story of the mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Aug 12
49. The Tandoor Murder - India

When you visit an Indian restaurant, from the god awfully long menu, there is one genre of food item that always stands out— us desis are in fact known for this around the world. The tandoor. From tandoori naan to tandoori chicken, and hell, tandoori paneer for all our vegetarian listeners out there, the tandoor is an integral part of any brown kid’s childhood. But this seemingly innocent cylindrical clay oven found itself embroiled in a case that captured and haunted Delhities for years; this cylindrical clay oven stood at the center of a love story, a hate story and an impeccable investigation conducted by the Delhi police in the late 90s. This is the story of that clay over; this is the story of the Tandoor murder.

Aug 06
48. Mysterious Gurugram School Murder (Pt.2) - India

On September 8, 2017, a 7-year-old child was found dead inside a famous school in Gurugram. Soon it became obvious that his death was no accident. The deep cut on his neck and the knife found at the scene pointed to a sinister plot. Until recently, the Haryana police paraded their murderer and declared the case closed. But did they accuse the right person? Did bus conductor Ashok Kumar murder Pradyuman after a failed attempt at sexually assaulting the child? Or was this story far more complicated than it seemed?  Welcome to part 2 of The Mysterious Gurugram School Murder.

Jul 30
47. Mysterious Gurugram School Murder - India

On September 8 2017, a loving father drove his two kids—his 7-year-old son and his 11-year-old daughter— to school just like any other morning. He smiled and waved goodbye to his children just before 8:00am, and barely 20 minutes later, his life had changed forever. His world had come crashing down in front of his eyes. This is the story of his 7-year-old child. This is the story of Pradyuman Thakur.

Jul 22
46. Shafia Family Murders (Pt.3) - Afghanistan/Canada

Zainab is on the run. Her siblings are terrified. Shafia is plotting a mass murder. But how did a plan to murder Zainab and possibly Rona develop into a plan to murder Sahar and Geeti too? How did they bring Zainab back from the shelter? What went down inside that Nissan Sentra just moments before it drowned, killing 4 women? And what was it all for? Find out in part 3 of The Shafia Family Murders.

Jul 16
45. The Shafia Family Murders (Pt. 2) - Afghanistan

A brother, a mother and father are grieving their daughters' deaths. It appears that Zainab, Sahar, and Geeti died in a bizarre accident; their black nissan was found drowned in a Lock in Kingston, Canada. But police questioning and investigation unfurls this accident more; suggesting inklings of something way more sinister. Good the grieving family be an act? Do Hamed, Shafia and Tooba know more than they are telling? Find out in Pt.2 of The Desi Crime Podcast.

Jul 01
44. The Shafia Family Murders (Pt.1) - Afghanistan/Canada

Imagine you’re on a roadtrip with your family. Your father’s driving well below the speed limit, stickler for the law that he is; your mum’s insisting you eat the food she brought from home instead of the McDonald’s drive-thru meal; your younger sibling’s belligerently asking how far you have left to go. You’re tuned into your headset, staring into the horizon, when suddenly the landscape changes. You’re underwater. Your car is drowning, and you and your family are drowning along with it. This is what one Afghan family went through in Canada back in 2009. What seemed to be a tragedy soon betrayed inklings of a sinister plot. Was this an accident, or was it just made to look like one? This is the story of the Shafia Family Murders.

Jun 24
43. The Amroha Family Mass Murder - India

On the evening of April 14, 2008 a family of eight in in the small village of Bawankheri, Uttar Pradesh was getting ready for bed with their nightly ritual of tea. Seven of the eight of them, including a 10-month-old baby, never woke up to see another day. The sole surviving member, 23-year-old Shabnam Ali, was hysterical, her entire family gone in an instant. This is the story of a brutal mass murder, a love story, and a court verdict that made history in independent India. This is the story of Shabnam Ali.

Jun 16
42. Loved to Death: Mithu and Jassi (Pt.2) - India

We are naturally drawn to stories with a Romeo and Juliet archetype — forbidden love breaking through the shackles of society to ignite the sparks of passion. But let’s not forget how their Shakespearean saga ends: with their tragic death. Our protagonists today, Mithu and Jassi, bear all the same hallmarks. As passionate as their love was, it faced an even more passionate fervor to repress them. This is the story of tradition forcing love toward death. Welcome to Part 2 of this story!

Jun 10
41. Assassination of Sidhu Moosewala - India

The 29th of May looked like it would pass uneventfully until shocking news shook India: armed assailants had shot and killed Punjabi cultural icon and hip-hop star Sidhu Moosewala. The 28-year-old died after being shot 24 times. But this is no simple story of senseless violence. This is a story of revenge, politics, gangs, guns, and Khalistan. This is the story of Sidhu Moosewala, a young man whose music took a country by storm.

Jun 02
40. Loved to Death: Mithu and Jassi (Pt.1) - India

We are naturally drawn to stories with a Romeo and Juliet archetype — forbidden love breaking through the shackles of society to ignite the sparks of passion. But let’s not forget how their Shakespearean saga ends: with their tragic death. Our protagonists today, Mithu and Jassi, bear all the same hallmarks. As passionate as their love was, it faced an even more passionate fervor to repress them. This is the story of tradition forcing love toward death.

May 29
39. Mysterious Disappearance of Sneha (Pt.2) - USA

It was now September 12th, a day after the world had turned upside down. In the chaos and panic of one of the most devastating terrorist attacks in the history of the world, one family was reeling uniquely- their daughter, sister, wife Sneha Philip had disappeared just a night before the attack and nobody seemed to have the time to find her. When Sneha’s brother’s lie actually prompts the cops to investigate her disappearabce, the case only grew more and more confusing. Welcome to Part 2 of the missing disappearance of Sneha Philip. This is her story. | Intro by ghostfml   Follow us on Instagram : @desicrime Follow us on Twitter : @desicrime PLEASE become a Patron:

May 06
38. Mysterious Disappearance of Sneha in 9/11 - USA

On the 11th of September 2001, the world fundamentally changed. From the moment 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists boarded four American aircrafts, and one by one, planned to crash them into four of the United State’s most significant buildings, death and distruction was on the way. Working in these buildings on that morning and living in these cities on the 11th of September were hundreds of thousands of Indians, one of whom was Sneha Philip. A beautiful 31 year old doctor, Sneha was living in and walking the streets of New York city the morning of the attacks. And then…she vanished. This is the story of Sneha Philip.

May 06
37. The Murder of Noor Mukadam - Pakistan

This is a story from Pakistan, a story of a woman just like a lot of us. She was in love and living a happy life. She had a loving sister, doting parents and a relationship of 3 years. But by early 2021, something had shifted in Noor’s life. Something was wrong and the people around, the people close to her could sense it. What the people around Noor didn’t know was that she was about to become a symbol of feminism and the rights of women in a patriarchal society. Noor would go down in history. This is her story. | Intro by ghostfml   Follow us on Instagram : @desicrime Follow us on Twitter : @desicrime PLEASE become a Patron:

May 02
36. Bikini Serial Killer : Charles Sobhraj (Pt.2) - India

By 1976, 5 people are dead within a small radius around a house in Bangkok. This house belongs to wealthy gem dealer Alain Gautier and his wife, Monique. But as of now, nobody had successfully drawn the connection between Alain and the deaths of foreign travelers on the hippy trail. But that was all going to change. Simultaneously, two couples are working to reveal the truth about Alain and the people around him: Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg and his wife Angela and Nadine Gires and her husband Remi Gires. And now, these two couples are about to meet to make history. Welcome to part 2 of the Bikini Killer. Welcome to the story of Charles Sobhraj. | Intro by ghostfml   Follow us on Instagram : @desicrime Follow us on Twitter : @desicrime PLEASE become a Patron:

Apr 16