1. How Do I Access My Premium Content?

Users who want to listen to premium content (we call it the V.I.P content) will pay for "Channel Membership subscription packages". And first of all, we need to know about the "Channel Membership subscription package” clearly. Liulo is a podcast and audio platform with content creators (including podcasters and audio creators) and listeners (users). Content creators cooperate with Liulo to make a Membership package. The benefit of the package is premium content (V.I.P Content). Liulo will have a lot of partners, that is content creators. Each content creator has a screen called Channel screen. This means Liulo will have a lot of Channel Membership subscription packages.

2. How Do I Subscribe to My Favourite Channel Membership?

To find your favourite channel screen and subscribe Membership correctly, please do this step:

  1. Go to ‘Search’ and type input keyword: (Name of Channel);
  2. In search results, swing to the Channel tab, you will find your favourite channel; 
  3. Access to Channel screen (the content creator screen), you will find Membership button;
  4. Click the Membership button to learn more and finish the subscription process.

After the finishing process, you would like to play all of the V.I.P content (have a VIP label) of Channel. Please try any V.I.P content that you want.

3. How Can I Access My Content?

User can access their content in Library Tab, there is collect all of the Played content (recent subtab), subscriber Channel (channel subtab), Downloaded content (Download subtab), Content added (My list subtab).

And users can manage their Membership in many ways in Profile/Memberships. This page will show all of the Membership packages that the user subscribed to. 

5. What is the difference in this Liulo's version?

In this version, every V.I.P content needs to pay for Membership subscription packages for each channel. And all of the other features and other contents are free.
This version has no ads. As mentioned above, we will release ad features and the subscription packages to remove ads in the next.