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Junior Achievement Helping Kids

Julia Simon is by to talk all about what Junior Achievement is, and how they're offering lessons to kids that school often can't, and their upcoming annual event called Inspire, happening May 8th at the Glass City Center.  First, what actually could be a real problem as a result of the eclipse. 

Mar 29
Answers About Uptown Maumee

Maumee City Admin Patrick Burtch is on, errrr was coming on to get the vote out for the town in the final four of the Strongest Town competition Instead, I, we, got all the explanations we may have been looking for, or missed, about the entirety of the Uptown Maumee reimagining. I love Patrick's passion for designing cities! Also, the fondue spot IS open now. finally happened. A local teacher is no longer with job because of her Only Fans account. I know, PAY TEACHERS MORE. HOW!?

Mar 28

Alex helped me with some additional context to this apartment situation, but there's NO reason not to pick up your dogs poop. If you won't, don't get a dog please.  First, Balance and Jersey Mike's doing good! My PAT attempt is missing a lot of P's. I think you'll like 3 Body Problem.

Mar 27
HOOVES...The Movie

Watch out Denis Villaneuve! My friend Amanda Held, founder of HOOVES, has returned but not to share any new components of the program. Only that a very special documentary of a time during the retreat will be screened at the Maumee Indoor on April 6th She will say it much better than me, but I think Amanda is saying, even if the horse aspect doesn't appeal to you, seeing people change their lives for the better will impact and motivate you, perhaps to do the same, in the way that works for you. First! I am not changing Diddy's name, the pedestrian bridge could be more aesthetically successful than for actual use, and the cost of Toledo Flo-Rida tickets. 

Mar 26
Use That Money!

It's rare I get as disappointed, as quickly, at government entities as MANY people do, but in this case, with nearly a half million dollars unspent in something I supported, I am...perturbed!

Mar 25
She's Doing It Again!

Beyonce throwing another haymaker at certain country music fans by saying her album isn't country.  This cold has not been fun. Missed the first two rounds, but it got me now. Movie remake are not something to be angered about.

Mar 22
Toledo Mindfulness Institute

If you're here, there's a really good chance you're familiar with and have explored mindfulness in the past. We're fortunate to have a place here in Toledo that can help improve your mastery of mindfulness. Their CEO, Isabella Weik , visits to tell us all about it, and her path to its leadership role.  It's not a common last name, so yes, you may be familiar with her parents, who are influential and helpful parts of our community!

Mar 15
Positive Affect Treatment

I think I've undertaken something most people should work on in therapy, but I think I've read enough about it, and have enough of a foundation of the basics, I can try positive affect treatment on my own.  First, a Justin solo show turned into an NSYNC reunion. A cat's Joker origin story. The UT men lost. No real surprise, just terrible disappointing. Again. 

Mar 14
It Isn't A Big $ Ask

...but that's for me. Of almost anything, our financial decisions are deeply personal. Down the pennies. But I think the March 19 mental health levy yes VOTE is a worthwhile one. Let MHRSB Scott Sylak explain why. First, should Ryan Gosling have a big radio hit song?

Mar 12
They Made It More Painful

I've had a few personal lodestar's since 2020... This is like NOTHING in history, so be careful of your comparisons. Let consumers bring down costs without Fed help. A job with higher costs is better than no job, inability to find one and pay for things. After listening to a favorite podcast of mine, I had to yell to myself SO RAISING INTEREST RATES REALLY JUST MADE IT WORSE!? (It was supposed to make things better, perhaps faster than this.)

Mar 06
Too Much Too Soon

Scott Hayes is back. Not really for an Acoustics For Autism recap, though we do get a small one, but Scott is here to talk about a local rally a few weeks to ago that discussed how jobs would be lost, how our area would be negatively impacted and other concerns about EV mandates that we are moving towards quickly. First, a stirring speech that all should listen to. I bet you'll find a thing or two about being a better human. And Toledo's favorite media personalities. 

Mar 05
Battle Of The Badges

The annual TPD v TFRD Battle of the Badges is next Saturday at the Huntington Center. Always good to have retired Lt. (but current hockey team GM) Joe Linnenkugel visit to talk about the game and who it benefits, but this time, his daughter Kendall, former BGSU goalie and current Walleye broadcaster AND TFRD player is with Joe. Her helping to bring back BGSU women's hockey, the beginning of her broadcasting career, his retirement and a sales pitch for TFRD, and another remembering of Pvt. Sterling 'Butch' Raye. Listen to the intro for an unfortunate technical disclaimer.

Feb 28
Don't Post That!

Alex is as excite as anyone I know for the Dune sequel. Wendy's considering surge or dynamic pricing, but that may not be all bad. Had to pull a post down because it just wasn't worth any further potential headaches. I'm Just Ken will be performed at the Oscars. What's the best time for work meetings. Amazon says keep it and other customer service encounters. 

Feb 27
It's Acoustics For Autism Week!

And not bring any bad weather, but the forecast looks promising!  Before we get to TAKE THE SHUTTLES TAKE THE SHUTTLES TAKE THE SHUTTLES, the best looking volunteer, the most talented of the nearly 100 performers, let's... talk about the end of the daily torment of winter, and a true pay as you go healthcare model

Feb 26
New Maumee Mayor

We welcome new Maumee Mayor Jim MacDonald for a visit. As you might guess, lots more discussion about the road diet, and all things with the reinvention of Uptown Maumee. You will be FLOORED at how many businesses have had to close up shop due to the work on Conant.  Just how close to the end are we with the work? Jim was a long time Maumee police officer and the department's chief as well. He had some memorable experiences with a visit to Quantico and FBI-land there.  He's got to pack the Maumee Indoor, what theater is he doing it with?

Feb 20
Beyonce Country Chaos?

A Catfluencer, Hannah Shaw is coming to Toledo with my Toledo Animal Rescue friends. Cool, now support Caitlin Clark in the WNBA so she can get P A I D. Woops, not mentioned was, ESPN, you need help and live sports is the Golden Goose, so PUSH THE LEAGUE! I had no idea there were anti-sidewalk people. Can we work around 'my kid won't eat that'? If Beyonce is doing a country album I think there's two motives.   

Feb 16
Innocent But Behind Bars

There is a new program at Lourdes called the Initiative For Exoneration. It's taught by a friend I met with the Lucas Co. Suicide Prev. Coalition back in 2017, Professor Kristin Blochowski. With her on this visit is the program's director Dr. Jessica Ziegler. The ladies give an overview of the program and what it and the students are working on and then (deep breath)...basically trying to fix all of society.  Why are people wrongfully convicted? Why are they often poor and of color? How much is do to intentionally impropriety by law enforcement or otherwise? How many people have been exonerated, if they have been at all? Where does mental health play into this? What is this political modern form of racism and classism at work, outcasting people at best.   

1h 24m
Feb 15
Leaders Need to See What We Don't

In a shocking turn of events more people, who probably don't even live there, are outraged at more changes coming to Conant. I actually applaud leadership for doing what I expect of them! See what we can't. It's smart of UT to cut things that people aren't interested in. Yes, it's going to upset people. That's not a stomach virus or otherwise, YOU'RE PREGNANT. Local twins who make electronic rock that will be performing at Acoustics for Autism. Are we finally getting a Ross!? A Toledo first for me this morning on the way to work!  

Feb 14
Free Hockey Next Week!

My friend, and the city's disability manager, AND sled hockey player, Valerie Fatica visits again to talk about next Tuesday's game at the Huntington Center against the Walleye. This time she brought her coach and teammate along for the visit.  First, the biggest winner on Sunday night was X X X X X

Feb 13
Grammy Recap

A day late but the thoughts are the same.  Taylor SZA Taylor Jay Z Trevor Taylor! Some things to watch (and not - KOTFM per Alex) like Masters of Air

Feb 06
Time to Eat! RWT 2024

Restaurant Week Toledo hits for the 14th time and I'm excited to have Anna Toney, from Leadership Toledo, and Ella, Youth LT star, to visit for a preview. First... WHAT made January so bad? Highest drafted UT player ever? LOUD BUDGETING! Another what I learned from Tik Tok segment.  The same issues, 30 years later. Exactly the same!

Feb 02
Your Posts Won't Work

Tens of millions watched the Lions game on Sunday. But who didn't!? Your supportive posts for Taylor Swift aren't changing anyone's mind. To change a mind it usually needs more than double digit IQ points. We got away from SOUND. IT. OUT. ?????????????? Do you pay for good grades? Happy 50th to MY Batman. I'm glad you didn't die. Masters Of Air is up and in the air!

Jan 30
UT AD Bryan Blair

Good for you! I saved all the SPORTSBALL stuff for later in the episode. Let's talk about how Bryan's first year of football went with his vision to make for a flawless fan experience. Including him winding up in the dunk tank! How does HE handle being in the middle of the OSU/UM vortex? He airs the games at his games! How to satisfy rather old donor, alumni to current students, and potential Class of '39 students. The big scary portal and why UT is set up for success in it. How does the construction of megaconferences in college football affect the Rockets.  Potential advertisers, check out some of Bryan and his family's likes and area interests :)

Jan 25
The Academy Hates THIS More...

We've hit a fever pitch with awards show outrage. Deservedly so. So, like I've said, stop with them. If you question the integrity of decisions for DECADES. STOP. If there's something the Academy likely hates more than woman and minorities, IT'S THIS.

Jan 24
Eric + Stuart W SPORTSBALL!

Same visit WAY different content with my good friend Stuart James. Whether I'm over at ACT or we're texting he always says WE HAVE TO DO A SPORTS PODCAST. Well, here we go.  Before I totally run you off... We start with UT athletics, dive into how as transplants we're both ecstatic for the fans of, and we're rooting for the Lions. Then stick around if like NBA things!

Jan 19
Ability Center Exec Dir. Stuart James

OK! Ya know the community affairs show CONTACT I often reference? Yea you do. So this is ALL that with Stuart! What he feels he's been able to accomplish at ACT in 2+ years there, and what's to come, which includes the potential for a beautiful new facility across from Fallen Timbers.  Also, Stuart has his hearing back after a cochlear implant changed his life just a few months ago! He will be able to hear this podcast! Lastly, Stuart's wife is from China and they've found what they believe is the most authentic Chinese restaurant in the area!

Jan 18
Alex At Her Best!

We should contact a local artist for some intro music! Hugh v Ryan has died down (and given us Deadpool 3), so here's the next playful celeb feud I'd like. Like many discovered Suits, Alex fell into Ozark. I would like to do awards shows a solid. Stop broadcasting them! When, how can Jonathan Majors comeback? I have to stop offering help. It backfires. SLASH, people are often the source of their own problems. Alex has a sage, pensive other side of that opinion. Will weather effect the Lions game Sunday LOLOLOL.

Jan 17
Rock Of Ages

Before we get to Kirsten, Abby and Jordan from St. Ursula's production of Rock of Ages... The Lions should win this Sunday. It should be an easier game than against the Rams. OK! Rock of Ages at the Valentine! Why Abby and Jordan got involved, what they SOUND like, and just how well they know the music from that very glamorous decade of the 80s. 

Jan 16
NYE Plans To Wedding Crash

A story 13's Tony Geftos untangled became a viral sensation. So that with him, but Tony also has one of the most popular features in the area. Dine 419 He's been to over a hundred places. If you've seen them INSERT SLOBBERING EMOJI. Tony's also hoping for a Lions win and isn't likely to boo Matthew Stafford. If you want, you can hop to Tony at 12:21 First! Good for White Claw, you're back in the game! A quote from the Walleye's mental health night from their psychologist that is a key tenet of my talks. 

Jan 11
From One Science 2 Another

As I was preparing for our chat, it hit me that Heather Pollauf went from one field of science to another. She left her job as a meteorologist at 13 a bit over a year ago for an important role at the Lucas County Health Department.  Why she left. Does she miss it. What does she do now. What was going on at Ashland Manor. How does she manage the role as a wife, and mom two boys VERY fond of urgent care visits? Heather is also all things Oregon. Her mom is even on council there! What she'd like to come to the area (OG!), missing Freeway, an experimental Panera her husband is overseeing and the upcoming town center. 

Jan 10