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Snow Problem

Before we visit with Adam Cassi from Keep Toledo Lucas County Beautiful and all the composting things I learned... I'm not making excuses for our forecasters, but...ooooh, that sounds like an excuse is coming! Did dark shopping patterns get you!? Not me!

Nov 28
I’m In The Nutcracker

I have seen pics of local people who've played Mother Ginger, but aside from that I have no idea what that entails. Dom Glover, the shows director, and a friend, is here to shed light on what my afternoon will be like on Dec at Lourdes.  TICKETS HERE

Nov 16
War On Self Checkouts

I LOVE self checkouts! Many apparently do not, and want to be compensated for their 'work.' First, and before get to the return of my friend Valerie Fatica, the Disability Manager for the City of Toledo to talk Snow Angels and jerk landlords, BREATHHHHH, perhaps the greatest Battle of I75 EVER.  I'm going to be Mother Ginger, and music I/we have waited about 20 years for!

Nov 15
Black Friday For Groceries

Before we get to 'Black Friday we have big TV's put groceries on sale'... I think getting a cold may be worse than what COVID can wreak on us now. It's going to be an onslaught of show and movie announcements with the strike over. I'm out on the awards at awards shows but the Grammy noms will bring fierce competition. The new Dua Lipa is phenomenal!  

Nov 10
Maumee Councilperson Margo P.

No intention to be disrespectful by just putting Margo P. But her last name is Puffenberger and the length of the title would've been unfriendly to your screen. Before we talk Maumee Uptown updates, rental ordinance drama and safe bike paths with Margo... Issue 1 type things are going to be continually routed on ballots. Perhaps why one school levy passed and another did not. And the return of a Mexican buffet I have only heard about but not been to.

Nov 08
Disorienting Daylight Savings

If you slept crappy like I do you might not be so affected by the time change. It's Election Day! Do you have a strategy for drive thrus. The guy that's the Taylor Swift beat reporter may be regretting taking the job. It's been almost a week since any streamers raised their prices.

Nov 07
Let Me Red Flag Myself

A quick one when I say it's actually going to be quick! Just two topics. Perhaps we need to adjust how we go about red flag laws when it comes to who shouldn't have guns. Me. I should not have them. It's 60 seconds long. For now. 

Nov 02
Want Better Sleep?

Maybe it's just a gimmick. Or, perhaps this $150 gadget will get you to a much desired and needed 6-8 hours of sleep you're desperate for. First, that pizza looks delicious but no way I can do it with a friend in under an hour. WE, the consumers, are shouldering all these wages increases. I don't scroll in bed, but if you do perhaps the Loftie will end that terrible practice. 

Oct 31
Charged Reason

Bethany is back Bama and escaped just before the big rivalry game. What part of town is the Target on Alexis in? I'm quite surprised people aren't being more outrageous - as they usually are online - when it comes to the sad, but very preventable Charged Lemonade death involving Panera. Apartments at Southland now moving forward.   

Oct 27
Be Safe, Don’t Be Dishonest Or Misleading

Before we get back to a second visit with Joe Capucini (12:59 mark) who gives us a preview of The Thanksgiving Play at the Maumee Indoor next month... No houses will be taken by ODOT. Pitch those pumpkins. Nice to see this place still in business.  Adults (so all of us), be safe, don't misleading or be dishonest, and have some (fcUking) fun!

Oct 26
Toddler Goals (Quack!)

First up, Joe Capucini and The Thanksgiving Play will be on tomorrow's episode. So that tease will have to linger a bit longer. The Blade had a true crime pod several summers ago, and there's been an arrest in the case. Ranking the Flanaganverse shows. A final candy corn conversation for the season. The best Whopper maker in North America is here in Oregon. My niece's goals.

Oct 25
Singer/Songwriter Types

Bethany is in to talk kid Halloween costumes and trick or treating strategies.  I see a little of me in Taylor Swift when it comes to being with the opposite sex! I think I have Bethany's preferred music pegged to a T. Yes, OF COURSE you should pay attention when driving. ALWAYS!

Oct 20
When Life Gives You Lemons....

Lets popularize cauldrons! Not just for Halloween, but year round.  House of Usher things! So yes, some spoilers.  Objectivity over subjectivity. Only the data matters! Data can refute your opinion. Are you different than the electricity in your brain?  Why can't Alex have nice things!?  

Oct 19
Is Trick Or Treating Over

Are you expecting many or any trick or treaters? It's far more efficient for kids to go to trunk or treats.  The Britney memoir is coming. She said she had an abortion with Justin. The complaints I expected from the Taylor Swift didn't actually materialize, but other movie etiquette question arose.  The Travis and Taylor cottage industry has risen! Alex is almost done House of Usher, no spoilers!

Oct 17
Toledo Helps Ukraine & MORE!

Before Alex and I welcome back Alona Matchenko from Toledo Helps Ukraine to invite you to an upcoming documentary at the Maumee Indoor, we'd like to talk about... Massive spiders. Taylor Swift releasing her movie a night earlier than expected.  Total spoilers about the movie Fair Play. Our measured thoughts on the horrific situation that's dominated all non-Taylor news since the weekend. 

1h 0m
Oct 12
Toledo Summer Concerts

We WILL have summer concerts downtown. Or will we?! Our doubts, and also getting popular contemporary acts here is more challenging than you think.  And the regrettable nuclear comment from the promoter that set off one of our fine councilmembers. Alex has to watch Fair Play and then we will discuss. Our excitement from the next entry in the Flanaganverse arriving tomorrow.   

Oct 12
FilmToledo Visits

We got a long one! The first twenty minutes with Michael DeSanto and Charles Wetzel are them explaining FilmToledo, which is now the official film commission for the city. Want to see more big movies and scenes take place here? They can facilitate that. They also can and want to help aspiring actors and actresses in the area.  After that... I asked the guys to explain the strikes that hit Hollywood.  Their favorite actors and performing periods, what got them into what they do, what movie/TV hill they will die on, where is the streaming world going, what would make going to the movies more appealing and then we wrap it up with the first and last podcast episode of Trek in Toledo. 

1h 19m
Oct 11
Total Eclipse of Toledo

Thanks to my good friend at the Imagination Station, Andi Roman, for bring Chief Scientist Carl Nelson to chat about some of the thing we can expect on April 8th. WHAT IS HAPPENING ON APRIL 8TH! Cue Aerosmith. Kidding.  Carl is whetting his eclipse appetite in Oregon (not the East Toledo suburb) this weekend for an annular eclipse. First, my cart is full...but not with Whole Foods items. They closed. 

Oct 10
More Like Trader No’s

I will ask you a question and you can answer it and you can see for yourself why Trader Joe's isn't here and probably won't be for some time if ever. First, I turned Sunday TV on and all I got was some dumb game! No need to thank me. Thank YOU! Shhhhhh. The Lions are the C word. Which is arguably better for sustainability 

Oct 09
Count Them Up!

There's a TON going on in the coming weeks at the East Toledo Family Center, so Jodi and Shelby are back for their third visit to share all the updates. First, perhaps some incentives to kill this invasive species that's arrived in the area. A kill list?

Oct 04
Not Racism, But Classism

The latest with Travis and Taylor, including more Kelce family anecdotes from Alex.  One of my OTHER concerns about the medical field showed finally showed itself. It wasn't racism, but classism! This unstoppable, possibly unfixable, cycle that continues in most cities. 

Sep 28
Jason Graven & Task Force 20

That number 20 represents the number of veteran suicides.  I listened to Jason speak at Nike Lecata's Run For Life event a few weeks. He spoke about mental health and veterans in way, and with a passion, I'd not heard before. It was almost intangible to explain.  So, podcast invite!  Jason will talk about a great deal of his experience going in and then out of the army, and if you can make it to the very end, you'll see my wanderlust of where he is in his life!

Sep 27
Q + A w/Midwest Kids Creator Darryl Brown

IT WORKED! Well enough anyway. I ran my phone's voice recorder app while on stage this past Saturday at Franklin Park Mall.  It was a 20 minute conversation that I could've carried on for hours. My friends at the mall who put on Kix Con asked me to host a panel with Rogers' own Darryl Brown. creator of Midwest Kids LOVED hearing about his rise, seeing his humility, and watching how his creative and strategic mind worked.  Enjoy!

Sep 26
3 Millennials!

Jaden and Bethany are on today to talk some of the biggest local news stories of the week, their first few weeks of schools, and lots of music talk!

Sep 22
It’s Getting Easier To Do This!

Some thank you to begin the episode, which gets me to what it IS easier to do these days when it comes to transactions.  I'm slowly migrating more to Threads.  Taylor Swift affects things! A nearby Crop Circle festival.  Maybe he WANTED to get caught to avoid what we're all plagued by. 

Sep 21
Why Do You Want Kids!?

Really, why? Are you just sleep walking through life, school, work, date, get married, make kids, die... WHY? To wipe your ass when you're old? What if you don't have a relationship with them?  What in you is driving you, besides 300,000 year old DNA, to procreate!?

Sep 21
Fight Suicide!

It's my annual (sometimes moreso) with Megan Scott, a suicide attempt survivor, to invite you to this year's Out Of The Darkness walk. See you October 7th! First, another daily thought about the strike, and why I'm envious about so many asking for (and deserving) pay bumps, and not an invasion of privacy so much as it's an assault of hypocrisy. 

Sep 20
Win Them A Defender

I've seen my friend, and past guest, Wendi Huntley from Connecting Kids to Meals all over the media the last few weeks. Turns out this is a very important month when it comes to combating hunger. See how you can help out Wendi, with a couple bucks, a couple hours, or a couple votes to score them a slick new vehicle in a national contest! VOTE HERE First, my ethical and financial selves clashing, over something that's been brewing for years, if not several decades. And now, we're figuratively and literally paying for it. 

Sep 19
From One Q To Another

My radio career will likely be bookended by beginning and ending at stations that were called Q... And all because of a simple word in an AOL profile. First, a few thoughts, realities and fears with the UAW strike. 

Sep 18
Roman Empire Thoughts

(My apologies about echoing Alex!) It's been some weeks away from us with Bethany, so a potty training update! A little bit more about my visit home and Bethany's doubts about Wawa pretzels.  The new NSYNC song is going to be REALLY good.  How often do you think of the Roman Empire? Taylor Swift beat reporting. 

Sep 15