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Not Racism, But Classism

The latest with Travis and Taylor, including more Kelce family anecdotes from Alex.  One of my OTHER concerns about the medical field showed finally showed itself. It wasn't racism, but classism! This unstoppable, possibly unfixable, cycle that continues in most cities. 

Sep 28
Jason Graven & Task Force 20

That number 20 represents the number of veteran suicides.  I listened to Jason speak at Nike Lecata's Run For Life event a few weeks. He spoke about mental health and veterans in way, and with a passion, I'd not heard before. It was almost intangible to explain.  So, podcast invite!  Jason will talk about a great deal of his experience going in and then out of the army, and if you can make it to the very end, you'll see my wanderlust of where he is in his life!

Sep 27
Q + A w/Midwest Kids Creator Darryl Brown

IT WORKED! Well enough anyway. I ran my phone's voice recorder app while on stage this past Saturday at Franklin Park Mall.  It was a 20 minute conversation that I could've carried on for hours. My friends at the mall who put on Kix Con asked me to host a panel with Rogers' own Darryl Brown. creator of Midwest Kids LOVED hearing about his rise, seeing his humility, and watching how his creative and strategic mind worked.  Enjoy!

Sep 26
3 Millennials!

Jaden and Bethany are on today to talk some of the biggest local news stories of the week, their first few weeks of schools, and lots of music talk!

Sep 22
It’s Getting Easier To Do This!

Some thank you to begin the episode, which gets me to what it IS easier to do these days when it comes to transactions.  I'm slowly migrating more to Threads.  Taylor Swift affects things! A nearby Crop Circle festival.  Maybe he WANTED to get caught to avoid what we're all plagued by. 

Sep 21
Why Do You Want Kids!?

Really, why? Are you just sleep walking through life, school, work, date, get married, make kids, die... WHY? To wipe your ass when you're old? What if you don't have a relationship with them?  What in you is driving you, besides 300,000 year old DNA, to procreate!?

Sep 21
Fight Suicide!

It's my annual (sometimes moreso) with Megan Scott, a suicide attempt survivor, to invite you to this year's Out Of The Darkness walk. See you October 7th! First, another daily thought about the strike, and why I'm envious about so many asking for (and deserving) pay bumps, and not an invasion of privacy so much as it's an assault of hypocrisy. 

Sep 20
Win Them A Defender

I've seen my friend, and past guest, Wendi Huntley from Connecting Kids to Meals all over the media the last few weeks. Turns out this is a very important month when it comes to combating hunger. See how you can help out Wendi, with a couple bucks, a couple hours, or a couple votes to score them a slick new vehicle in a national contest! VOTE HERE First, my ethical and financial selves clashing, over something that's been brewing for years, if not several decades. And now, we're figuratively and literally paying for it. 

Sep 19
From One Q To Another

My radio career will likely be bookended by beginning and ending at stations that were called Q... And all because of a simple word in an AOL profile. First, a few thoughts, realities and fears with the UAW strike. 

Sep 18
Roman Empire Thoughts

(My apologies about echoing Alex!) It's been some weeks away from us with Bethany, so a potty training update! A little bit more about my visit home and Bethany's doubts about Wawa pretzels.  The new NSYNC song is going to be REALLY good.  How often do you think of the Roman Empire? Taylor Swift beat reporting. 

Sep 15
School Choice

Sans a kid in school, this was one of the more challenging interviews for me to ask the right questions. Beth doesn't seem intent to mislead, but maybe after listening you can get me more knowledgeable about the subject. First, some upcoming events to invite you, and why the surge of popularity of Vans, Jordan 1s and Dunks. 

Sep 13
Let’s Talk Alzheimer’s

This was recorded before my trip away, but no less informative. We hear OF the disease often enough, but how much do we/you/I actually know about its viciousness? Let's ask Marsha Oberleiter those questions, as she visits to talk about the upcoming walk in the Monroe area on Oct. 7. 

Sep 13
Back From Philly

Sorry for so few episodes recently! I CAN share more about what has kept me so busy at work as the project is now up and running.  Just tap water, family dinner, wild drivers, unpleasant people, a dog up all night and plenty more from my trip home. Alex has so many tears for her nephews first football game. It's not reading if you listen to a book. Sorry. 

Sep 12
More Grief Education

Tim and Amy from Monarch Grief Center make a return visit. I want to know what they've learned since being online beginning back in February. Also, they'd like to invite you to their first fundraiser coming up in September. First, Nebraska women's volleyball must've done something big to warrant discussion.  Prison escapee details prison break. A very provocative (and wrong) editorial in the Blade. 

Aug 31
Something Terrible Could Happen

Scary situation that could've been worse, and one day may escalate to that.  How else is Alex's house trying to kill her? She and Thomas got a lawnmower, but he'd never mowed a lawn before.  What's the most challenging roundabout in the area?

Aug 29
You Weren’t Sick!

Bob Barker wasn't the only celebrity death over the weekend. The voice of a now very famous character passed away. Your turn Wawa! Thank you to the Jewish Federation for allowing me to speak. With a new show starting, I'm glad one of my news friends will not be leaving in the near future.

Aug 28
What’s A City Administrator!?

I've always had that question in my head. Joe Fawcett, the new CA for Perrysburg (barely on the job) was kind enough to stop by and answer that question. Before that, how about them fries at Hooligans!?

Aug 24
There’ll Always Be A ’Reason’

Let's talk about my visit to Pam, my therapist, this morning. I went in in good spirits and with nothing specific to discuss yet it was SO productive.  Mental health centric skateboarding event tomorrow. Lots of station things happening! Make your own logo. This is a better idea to raise money. The (potential) Toledo amphitheater discussion. The parents of a thief have an issue with the places where there son is stealing from. 

Aug 17
Shine On A Light On Hate

Daniel Pearlman, from the Jewish Federation, is here to discuss the upcoming event Shine A Light On Hate at Lourdes on Aug 27th. It brings together various area marginalized and minority groups in response to increased hate speech and actions across the country. Then Daniel is kind enough to let me pillory him with questions about Bar Mitzvah's, ice cream and empty calorie streaming shows.  First, SHARKS!

Aug 16
The $6k Ask

Hi! Keeping it quick with Alex today. Day 3 or so of Noelle's daycare adventure.  Future MLB Hall of Famer RAVES about a Toledo restaurant. The $6k question in my condo association. Alex is slowly settling into the house, but it's been tough to chase down Sonni. 

Aug 15
That First MP3 Player

The new(?) Friday crew? I got a Jaden a gift...from 2010 or so, and that got us talking about our first music player experiences. Bethany is potty training Madi. Or Madi is training Bethany to do things for her... Daycare for my niece was so bad. 

Aug 11
Q105 Live At Lourdes

The fine crew at Lourdes University asked if they can have the on air breaks done from their instant admission fair day! I am happy to oblige as they're always gracious and welcoming hosts to my twice a year visits. 

Aug 11
3rd Annual Christian’s Corner Run For Life

This is the third time it's my somber pleasure to welcome Nike Licata for a visit to talk about losing her son, on active duty in Alaska, to suicide. The third Run For Life happens September 16th at Dana MORE HERE And this is Nike's visit last year, with a fuller version of her loss.  With Nike this time is Amanda Held from HOOVES. Hooves is equine healing, which was just for veterans (Amanda was Air Force and is still in the Guard), but after so much success the program is open more people now, including and especially kids.  I've had Amanda here several times before, but this is her most sage and powerful visit yet!

Aug 11
Quick Catch Up

Jeep Fest struck a crushing blow to me! Just not gonna win the popular vote on this issue.  UT AD doing what he said he was going to do. 

Aug 10
Plein Air Art Festival

Reading a preview of what that was had me intrigued. This was not a typical art festival. I appreciate Dani Fuller of Fuller Art House in Sylvania for visiting and sharing about her baby with the pod. First, if they want to die, don't let them. Then, bringing back up my quirky idea to slow drivers down, and finally, Matchbox 20 will be here. Or so they're scheduled to be. 

Aug 03

Quickly on Issue 8, for which the onslaught of ads for it will only last another 6 days. Alex has much less cynicism than me when it comes to the Lizzo drama. Stars acting terribly!? My word. Is Alex trying to leave an apartment complex, or depart a war torn, overlord run country!?

Aug 02
Retroskate Recap

Last night was a huge success at Glass City Metropark.  It's Jaden's mom's birthday tomorrow night, with a dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Many collect vinyl these days, but Jaden collects another form of physical music media.  Doja Cat vs. Her Fans. Jaden and Bethany break down Issue 1.

Jul 28

Spoilers. Well, actually not really. You KNOW what happens in Oppenheimer. Oh, please tell you do! And Barbie, what kind of ending or cliffhanger would you be expecting anyway!? Both excellent movies. First, the needs of the many unfortunately outweigh the needs of the few.  Everyone has their price. 

Jul 25
Loving Toledo

Another 'one of those Twitter people!' But this was not just any Twitter person, he's one one the first people I came across in Toledo. Dustin Hostetler has some wonderful, reasoned perspectives about Toledo. They're what caught my attention on Twitter!  I think you'll really enjoy about chat. 

1h 5m
Jul 21
Retroskate Song Prep

Eight days out from the event and I started brainstorming songs I would like to hear, though it's unlikely I will. My globally famous friends gets some Toledo new love. And a Packo's take on something. Snoop narrating a Zoo video.  I came across a new word. Unalive. AI can't do that....

Jul 19