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In 2003, at the request of long time clients, Kip Herriage officially launched an investment newsletter, the Vertical Research Advisory (VRA), which he has Published and Edited for the past fifteen years showing my valued Subscribers EXACTLY how to demolish the stock market year in and year out.

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VRA Investing Podcast: The Market Continues To Climb To All-time Highs - Kip Herriage - March 28, 2024

In today's episode, Kip dives into the current state of the market and provides valuable insights for investors. The market continues to climb to all-time highs, with significant movement in gold and miners. Tune into today's VRA Investing Podcast to see what the markets are telling us in today's action.

Mar 28
VRA Investing Podcast: April Front-Running is Underway. The Bull Market's Momentum Continues - Kip Herriage - March 27, 2024

Major indexes rallied today, once again approaching All-Time-Highs. In today's episode, Kip breaks down the exciting action of today's market, and what the VRA sees going forward as we head into one of the most bullish months of the year. Get ready, this generational bull market is just getting underway.

Mar 27
VRA Investing Podcast: The Extraordinary Set-up For US Equities Continues - Tyler Herriage - March 26, 2024

In today's episode, Tyler covers a range of market topics including the performance of various sectors, important economic data, and significant upcoming events. He offers insights into the current bullish market trends, potential future scenarios, and the dynamics of trading events like the conversion of Digital World Acquisition Corp into DJT, Trump Media Group. Tune into today's VRA Investing Podcast to see what the markets are telling us in today's action.

Mar 26
VRA Investing Podcast: The Dawn of a Major Economic Expansion. VRA Strategy Update for a Generational Bull Market

In today's episode, Kip covers the considerable economic impact and technological breakthroughs that are reshaping economic forecasts, perhaps even outpacing already optimistic projections. He also breaks down the fundamental strength of this generational bull market. Tune into today's VRA Investing Podcast to see what the VRA Investing System is telling us based on the day's market action.

Mar 25
VRA Investing Podcast: Unpacking an Eventful Week, All-Time Highs, Sentiment Pulls Back - Tyler Herriage - March 22, 2024

In today's episode, Tyler recaps an eventful week in the markets, discussing the all-time highs in our major indexes & sectors, bullish sentiment, and the potential of the innovation revolution. Tyler breaks down the week's market action, highlights key sectors, and provides insights on the VRA investing system.

Mar 22
VRA Investing Podcast: Strong Follow Through Day, Bullish Signals, and Bitcoin's Pre-Halving Movement

In today's episode, Kip provides a quick but insightful overview of the market's performance, focusing on the aftermath of the Fed Day and Powell's press conference. Kip highlights the bullish market sentiment, the strong performance of various sectors, and the promising developments in the commodity space, including the potential for gold to reach new highs.

Mar 21
VRA Investing Podcast: Fed Day Meets Generational Bull Market, All-Time Highs, and Bullish Signals for Stocks and Bitcoin

In today's episode, Tyler breaks down the market action following today's FOMC meeting. Highlighting the impact of J Powell's statements, Tyler covers key market indicators, sector performances, and notable company earnings. Check out today's VRA Investing Podcast to see what the VRA Investing System is telling us from today's action.

Mar 20
VRA Investing Podcast: Tech Titans Lead the Charge: Nvidia, Bitcoin, and the Future of Innovation - Kip Herriage - March 19, 2024

In today's episode, Kip dives into the exciting intersection where the digital realm fuses with the physical. We'll unpack Nvidia CEO Jensen Wang's vision of an omniverse that could revolutionize industries, and the semiconductor sector's role in this transformation. Kip also covers the latest in the market internals, sectors, and for tech giants like Google, Tesla, and Apple.

Mar 19
VRA Investing Podcast: Big Week; Global Central Bank Meetings, Nvidia's AI Conference, and Bitcoin Update

Check out today's episode as Tyler kicks off the week with a recap of the markets' performance and a preview of the significant events to watch out for. From the upcoming Federal Reserve's FOMC presser to the latest on the Nvidia annual conference, we cover the potential market impacts and discuss the broadening trends in the market.

Mar 18
VRA Investing Podcast: Insight on Market Pauses, Q1 Earnings, and Understanding the Generational Bull Market - Kip Herriage - March 15, 2024

In this episode, Kip discusses the day's market performance, highlighting the quiet start and midday downturn, and provides a unique perspective on the current bull market, addressing topics ranging from inflation and housing to the Fed meeting next week. Join us for an in-depth look at the day's market movements, insights on sectors, the latest in commodities, and a focus on bitcoin and ETFs. 

Mar 15
VRA Investing Podcast: Recap of Inflation Data And It's Effect On Today's Market Action - Tyler Herriage - March 14, 2024

Check out today's VRA Investing Podcast as Tyler covers the latest look at inflation, the effects of government spending on inflation, and the market's expectations regarding potential rate cuts. He also dives into the rotational aspect of this market, highlighting the recent outperformance from the energy sector.

Mar 14
VRA Investing Podcast: Broadening Market Action, More Evidence of Strength and Momentum - Kip Herriage - March 13, 2024

In this episode, Kip discusses the current state of the market, highlighting signs of broadening market action and the resilience of certain sectors despite perceived negative news. He emphasizes the strength of the US economy and provides insights into the structural nature of this new bull market.

Mar 13
VRA Investing Podcast: Market Rally Despite Hotter Than Expected Inflation Data - Tyler Herriage - March 12, 2024

In today's episode, Tyler breaks down the market's reaction to this morning's CPI report, discussing how the market defied expectations and rallied in the face of hotter-than-expected inflation data. He also covers the day's market performance including; key sectors, internal readings, commodities, and the status of major indexes.

Mar 12
VRA Investing Podcast: Incredible Opportunities In The Market, Particularly In Bitcoin. Generational Bull Market.

In today's episode, Kip discusses the incredible opportunities in the market, particularly in bitcoin, and shares why it's a prime time for individual investors to seize the moment.

Mar 11
VRA Investing Podcast: Insights on Semiconductor Stocks, The Nasdaq, The Jobs Report, Gold Market Trends, and Bitcoin.

In today's episode of the VRA Investing Podcast, Kip provides a comprehensive breakdown of the day's market activities, offering valuable insights on semiconductor stocks, the Nasdaq, the jobs report, gold market trends, and the latest developments in the world of bitcoin. With a bullish outlook, Kip shares his observations on smart money indicators and the potential for rate cuts, offering valuable insights for investors.

Mar 08
VRA Investing Podcast: Buy the Dip, New Highs, and Rising Stocks Fuel Bullish Outlook

In today's episode, Kip covers the continuing all-time highs from the market, including the bullish trends in various sectors such as semiconductors, small caps, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies. He dives into the significance of all-time highs in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and the potential for a new bull market in gold.

Mar 07
VRA Investing Podcast: Small Caps Leading, Bitcoin Recovery, and Bullish Broadening Trends - Kip Herriage

In today's episode, Kip Herriage covers the latest market developments, focusing on stellar internals, small caps leading the broad market higher, and the impact of Jay Powell's testimony for Congress (Hint, yields are falling). Kip also dives into the performance of different sectors, provides a detailed analysis of the performance of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and discusses the potential for gold.

Mar 06
VRA Investing Podcast: Bitcoin and Gold Hit All-time Highs While The Market Shakes Out - Tyler Herriage - March 05, 2024

In this episode, Tyler discusses the major stock market action of the day, including the impact of Bitcoin hitting an all-time high and the subsequent pullback. He also analyzes the market sentiment and the upcoming monetary policy update by J Powell. Tyler provides insights into the market internals, sector performance, and the VRA commodity watch, including all-time highs in Gold

Mar 05
VRA Investing Podcast: Small Caps, Semis, and the Innovation Revolution Unveiled - Kip Herriage - March 4, 2024

In today's episode, Kip takes a deep dive into the latest market trends and investment opportunities. Kip breaks down the day's market action, including the strength in small caps and the performance of key sectors. He also provides insights on the current state of the innovation revolution, the potential of Bitcoin, and the exciting developments in the commodity markets.

Mar 04
VRA Investing Podcast: All-Time Highs Means The Party Is Just Starting - Tyler Herriage - March 01, 2024

In today's episode, Tyler dives into the impressive stock market performance for February and the beginning of March, and what that means for our markets looking forward. He also highlights the consistent bullish trends, the potential for a roaring 2020s, and the current state of various sectors, commodities, and bitcoin.

Mar 01
VRA Investing Podcast: "Wave Theory" Day Taking Our Markets Higher Across The Board - Kip Herriage - February 29, 2024

In today's episode, Kip covers the "Wave Theory" and the mindset of a trader. Kip also dives into the pulse of the market and the outstanding strength of tech, with small caps leading the charge. He also covers the latest look at inflation data with PCE data coming out this morning. Tune into today's podcast to see what the VRA Investing System sees looking forward for investors

Feb 29
VRA Investing Podcast: Meandering Market, But Broadening! Inflation Data, And Bitcoin's New High - Tyler Herriage - February 28, 2024

Tune into today's podcast as Tyler reflects on the day's slow market performance, discussing the potential impact of upcoming inflation data and the latest Fed speakers' statements. He also dives into the significance of bond yields and provides insights into the cryptocurrency market, particularly focusing on Bitcoin's impressive performance.

Feb 28
VRA Investing Podcast: Understanding the Bullish Signals: Bitcoin, Small Caps, and Market Broadening - Kip Herriage - February 27, 2024

Tune into today's podcast as Kip dives into the latest market developments, shining a spotlight on the significant shifts in bitcoin and small caps that are driving the current market action. Kip shares insights on the bullish signs in the market, the improving market breadth and the ever-expanding opportunities in the roaring 2020s. 

Feb 27
VRA Investing Podcast: Amazon and Uber Join Dow 30. Bitcoin Continues To Make New Highs - Tyler Herriage - February 26, 2024

While it may have seemed like a slow day on the surface, we continue to see good action under the hood of this market. Tune into today's podcast as we discuss the market action from the day, including the addition of Amazon and Uber to the Dow 30 index. We also analyze the upcoming economic data, bond yields, and global market strength.

Feb 26
VRA Investing Podcast: Deja Vu. Textbook "Roaring 2020's" Bull Market Action Continues - Kip Herriage - February 23, 2024

In today's episode, Kip breaks down the market's performance and shares his insights on the latest all-time highs in various indices, the performance of small caps, the impact of falling bond yields, and the influence of AI and technology on the current bull market. Kip also discusses the potential for continued growth, the significance of the cryptocurrency boom,

Feb 23
VRA Investing Podcast: All-Time Highs Continue, Roaring 2020s, and Nvidia's Record-Breaking Day - Kip Herriage - February 22, 2024

In today's podcast, Kip Herriage dives into the current state of the market, discussing the broadening market trends and a new bull market reminiscent of the 1995-2000 era. He shares insights on the strength of the economy and the booming tech sector, emphasizing the significance of semiconductors and the rise of artificial intelligence.

Feb 22
VRA Investing Podcast: Nvidia Crushes Earnings Once Again, and Markets Finish at Their Highs - Tyler Herriage - February 21, 2024

Tune into today's podcast as Tyler recaps the day's roller-coaster ride with our major indexes spending most of the day in the red before a strong finish during the smart money hour. Forget the FOMC minutes, all eyes were on NVDA's earnings after the close which sparked excitement in the market and led to significant after-hours moves.

Feb 21
VRA Investing Podcast: Textbook Consolidation, Exploring A New Investing Frontier - Kip Herriage - February 20, 2024

It wasn't a great day to start the week, but we continue to like what we are seeing under the surface of this market. Kip also discusses the upcoming Nvidia earnings tomorrow, and what the results will mean for our markets. Tune into today's VRA Investing Podcast to see what the VRA Investing System is telling us going forward.

Feb 20
VRA Investing Podcast: New Highs Continue, Economic Data, and Earnings Insights - Tyler Herriage - February 15, 2024

In today's episode, Tyler breaks down today's market action and offers insights into the latest economic data. He discusses the impact of Tuesday's CPI report, today's retail sales numbers, and the potential effects of upcoming events like the PPI data and Nvidia's earnings report. We also dive into the latest market internals, sector performance, and commodity performance. Join us as we explore the latest trends and developments in the investing world.

Feb 15
VRA Investing Podcast: Stock Market Turnaround, Michael Burry's Turnaround, and What We See Coming - Kip Herriage - February 14, 2024

In today's episode, Kip discusses the market's turnaround from yesterday, the recent moves of legendary investor Michael Burry, and his insights on the semiconductor and tech sectors. He also delves into the current state of the market, the potential impact of the March rate hike, and his bullish outlook on various investment opportunities, including Bitcoin and energy stocks.

Feb 14