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On The Jake Feinberg Show (radio) and in Facebook Lives, Jake Feinberg has now conducted over 2,000 interviews with “The Cats”—popular musicians across the spectrum from rock to jazz, R&B to folk, pop to country, bluegrass to fusion. Jake’s unique interviewing style puts musicians at their ease and inspires them to reflect candidly on topics familiar or unexpected.

The Cats tell little stories, muse about life, uncover aspects of the music business, dig deep into overcoming adversity, revel in camaraderie, and open their souls. You will never see musicians in the same light again....

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1971 episodes

The David Teegarden Interview

Indelible Tulsa drummer talks about his early musical influences and the evolution of the band Teegarden and Van Winkle.

1h 28m
Nov 28
The Lowell Levinger Interview Set III

Resilient and boundless musicians talks about his days as a hang gliding instructor and his musical bond with Little Steven Van Zandt.

Nov 24
The Leon Pendarvis Interview

Musical director of the Saturday Night Live house band and original Blues Brother talks about his musical upbringings in South Carolina and his constant pursuit of greatness in composition, arranging and playing.

Nov 23
The Julie Doll Interview

Print journalist originally from Kansas talks about her own career and how the newspaper industry has changed over the last half century.

Nov 20
The Bobby Lewis Interview

Legendary trumpeter who made his name in the Chicago studios talks about his development as a player and his close personal and professional relationship with Tony Bennett.

Nov 18
The Larry Zack Interview Set II

Continued conversation about the art of rhythm in different musical contexts..........

1h 2m
Nov 16
The John Betsch Interview

Drummer talks about finding another J.C. - John Coltrane - and how fate that led him to Max Roach and Archie Shepp.

1h 1m
Nov 15
The Robert Forte Interview

Former director of the Albert Hofmann Foundation talks about how LSD is linked to the origins of man's religion and how he found his purpose in life through psychedelic experiences.

1h 9m
Nov 14
The Matt Teegarden Interview

Tulsa drummer talks about his will to swing a band growing up under the tutelage of his father David. I plan to stay a believer...

Nov 10
The Chris Parker Interview Set IV

Master drummer talks about working with his new endeavors and harkens back to days of Holy Moses and Glory River.

1h 4m
Nov 07
The Bo Dollis Jr. Interview

Mardi Gras Indian from NOLA talks about what he learned from his father and how he passes that knowledge down to young maskers.

Nov 02
The Monica Getz Interview Set III

Wife of the late great tenor player talks about how Stan's greatest strengths were also his greatest weaknesses.

1h 22m
Oct 29
The Marc Copland Interview Set II

Fluid and multi-faceted pianist talks about being raised by his musical elders on the bandstand.

1h 7m
Oct 26
The Todd Cochran Interview Set III

Profound musician and thinker talks about the essence and healing powers of the Banyan Tree and how music can bring peace on a global level.

Oct 26
The James Fadiman Interview Set II

Decorated writer and researcher talks about the work he did with the late electrical engineer Willis Harman involving psychedelics and creative problem solving in the late 1950's and early 60's.

1h 9m
Oct 20
The Elliot Cahn Interview Set II

Musician and singer talks about his transition from the bandstand to music journalist to management of early speed metal bands like Testament.

Oct 17
The Carmen Staaf Interview

Brilliant and dexterous pianist talks about locking into straight ahead jazz and all of its ancestral roots like Afro Cuban and blues and passing on this tradition orally or in the academy.

1h 7m
Oct 12
The Larry Zack Interview

Drummer who grew up in Detroit talks about grooving at the upper deck of The Rooster Tail and cutting records with Savage Grace.

Oct 12
The Evan Steidtman Interview

Young hungry musician talks about the keys to being in the band business and learning to improvise off of themes.

Oct 02
The Dallas Hodge Interview Set II

Venerable and selfless band leader talks about moving to Santa Cruz with his band (from Detroit) and playing with Steve Marriott.

1h 7m
Oct 01
The Jesse Colin Young Interview

Emotive singer and cofounder of The Youngbloods talks about his musical and personal connection to Lightnin' Hopkins and producer Bobby Scott.

1h 14m
Sep 22
The Dallas Hodge Interview

Detroit based guitarist from a musical family, talks about his Grandma killing snakes in Kentucky and surrounding himself with guys he can make spiritual music with and have fun.

1h 1m
Sep 22
The Roy Firestone Interview Set II

Legendary broadcaster talks about the unpredictable and brilliant Rick Barry.

Sep 19
Billy Cobham on Stan Getz

Drummer talks about playing with the saxophonist at the Montreux Summit in 1976.

Sep 19
The David "Dawi" Williams Interview

In demand bassist from Chicago talks about carving out a path as a professional musician.

Sep 16
The Lukie D Interview

Jamaican dancehall singer and DJ talks about assimilating to America and having something declarative to say about the human race.

Sep 15
The Howie Silverman Interview

Drummer and teacher talks about learning to swing north of the border and playing with Dizzy Gillespie.

1h 6m
Sep 12
The Carmen Castaldi Interview

Melodic and tasteful drummer talks about his rock inclinations in music before meeting Joe Lovano and his father in Cleveland. A dance with life itself.

1h 2m
Sep 11
The Joe Fields Interview

Producer and A&R man at Muse and HighNote Records talks about how he cultivated the label through artist selection and individual sound.

Sep 10
Todd Barkan on Stan Getz

Legendary promoter of classic jazz and the current curator at Baltimore's Keystone Korner talks about the genius and unpredictability of Stan Getz

Sep 09