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Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues. Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.

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“You did this”

Nicolle Wallace interviews former Representative Liz Cheney – and is joined by Tim Heaphy, Carol Leonnig, Claire McCaskill, and John Heilemann.

1h 32m
Dec 05
“The chaos that would lie ahead”

Ali Velshi - in for Nicolle Wallace - is joined by Jeffrey Goldberg, Ian Bassin, Tara Palmeri, Lisa Rubin, Alexander Vindman, Andrew Weissmann, Mary McCord, David Jolly, Tim Alberta, and Courtney Kube. 

1h 29m
Dec 04
"Rigorously and vigorously"

Alicia Menendez – in for Nicolle Wallace – is joined by Susanne Craid, Claire McCaskill, Lisa Rubin, Basil Smikle, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Tim Heaphy, David Noriega, Carol Leonnig, Harry Litman, Katie Benner, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Maya Wiley, Molly Jong-Fast, and Jake Ward.

1h 26m
Nov 30
“Orange Jesus”

Alicia Menendez – in for Nicolle Wallace – is joined by Jackie Alemany, Charlie Sykes, Mara Gay, Rep. Adam Schiff, Susanne Craig, Steph Ruhle, Ali Vitali, Tim Miller, David Noriega, Amanda Carpenter, Frank Figliuzzi, Rick Stengel, RonNell Andersen Jones, Nick Confessore, Rep. Dan Goldman, and Paul Rieckhoff.

1h 29m
Nov 29
“A fragile truce and a fluid situation”

Ali Velshi – in for Nicolle Wallace – discusses the release of more Israeli hostages, worries of threats to the extended humanitarian pause in Gaza, a look at life inside Gaza since October 7th, revelations from former Vice President Mike Pence about just how close he was to abstaining from the 2020 election certification process, Rep. George Santos’ troubled road ahead as he faces expulsion, today’s memorial service for late First Lady Rosalynn Carter, and more.  Joined by: Richard Engel, Avril Benoit, Tim Heaphy, Neal Katyal, J. Michael Luttig,  Majd Almashharawi, Kamal Almashharawi, Lisa Rubin, Harry Litman, Susanne Craig, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Eddie Glaude, Katty Kay, and Michael Beschloss.

1h 30m
Nov 28
“The alarming reality here in America”

Ali Velshi - in for Nicolle Wallace - discusses the release of more Israeli hostages and extended humanitarian pause in Gaza, an the shooting of Palestinian college students being investigated in Vermont as hate incidents rise, a new filing revealing a disturbing number of threats received the by judge in the ex-president’s civil fraud case, new details on a troubling pardon by the last administration, how the Biden administration helped create a solid economy and why that’s not showing up in the polls, and more. Joined by: Richard Engel, Ben Rhodes, John Brennan, Andrew Weissmann, Lisa Rubin, Tara Palmieri, Charlie Sykes, Frank Figliuzzi, Mary McCord, Donell Harvin, Mike Schmidt, Amanda Zurawski, Mini Timmaraju, and Christine Romans.

1h 28m
Nov 27
“Both hope and agony”

Alicia Menendez – in for Nicolle Wallace – discusses breaking news of a vehicle explosion on the U.S./Canada border, the agreement between Israel and Hamas to a four day pause in fighting in exchange for 50 hostages, a difficult day in court for the former president as a former executive takes the stand, the new Democratic strategy taking aim at the ex-president, the 60th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and more. Joined by: Tom Winter, Pete Strzok, Frank Figliuzzi, David Noriega, Michael Oren, Christopher O’Leary, Susanne Craig, Lisa Rubin, Mara Gay, David Jolly, Paul Rieckhoff, Ben Rhodes, Rick Stengel, David Rhode, Michele Goodwin, Jena Griswold, and Jon Meacham.

1h 31m
Nov 23
“On the verge of a breakthrough”

Alicia Menendez – in for Nicolle Wallace – discusses Israel’s government meeting on a potential hostage release deal, an update in the Fulton County election case, House Speaker Mike Johnson’s trip to meet with the ex-president as he faces backlash from the right, the ex-president’s threat to democracy, and more – featuring a surprise guest with a big announcement.   Joined by: Nicolle Wallace, Ruby Chen, Rick Stengel, Raf Sanchez, Andrew Weissmann, Greg Bluestein, Rep. Colin Allred, Molly Jong-Fast, Claire McCaskill, Carol Leonnig, Charlie Sykes, J. Michael Luttig, Marc Elias, and Basil Smikle.

1h 28m
Nov 22
“When rhetoric crosses the line”

Alicia Menendez – in for Nicolle Wallace – discusses the tense hearing in a D.C. courtroom over the ex-president’s gag order, his allies working to undermine Fulton County DA Fani Willis as she receives protection from an unlikely source, a judge’s ruling that the ex-president engaged in insurrection, the never-ending stream of conspiracy theories Republicans are still touting about January 6th, an update from the ground on Israel as its bombardment of Gaza continues, mourning First Lady Rosalynn Carter, and more. Joined by: Glenn Kirschner, Michael Steele, Lisa Rubin, Tia Mitchell, Melissa Murray, Eddie Glaude, Tim Miller, Mary McCord, Harry Litman, Raf Sanchez, and Susanne Craig.

1h 24m
Nov 21
“The biggest danger in the world”

Alicia Menendez – in for Nicolle Wallace – discusses breaking news that House Speaker Mike Johnson will release January 6th footage to the public, new extreme and bigoted comments from Johnson, updates in the ex-president’s various cases, a growing number of voices warning about the danger of his second term, backlash from advertisers over Elon Musk’s endorsement of an antisemitic comment, and more. Joined by: Tim Heaphy, Lisa Rubin, Molly Jong-Fast, Harry Litman, Rev. Al Sharpton, Ali Vitali, Matt Dowd, Amy McGrath, Ian Bassin, Paul Rieckhoff, Raf Sanchez, Jake Ward, Frank Figliuzzi, and Barbara McQuade.

1h 28m
Nov 17

Alicia Menendez – in for Nicolle Wallace – discusses the verdict in David DePape’s trial after he assaulted Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul over a year ago, an ethics report out against Rep. George Santos as he announces he will not seek a second term, a new ruling lifting the gag order against the ex-president, an update from the ground in the Middle East as Israel continues their siege of a hospital in Gaza, new GOP efforts to disenfranchise voters, breaking news out of Breonna Taylor’s civil rights case as the judge declares a mistrial, and more.  Joined by: Frank Figliuzzi, David Jolly, Andrew Weissmann, Rep. Robert Garcia, Fernand Amandi, Betsy Woodruff Swan, Marc Elias, Erin McLaughlin, Sen. Chris Coons, Shaquille Brewster, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Susanne Craig.

1h 24m
Nov 16
“Grist for the mill of grievance politics”

Alicia Menendez – in for Nicolle Wallace – discusses the ex-president's request for a mistrial in his civil fraud case as he continues to target court staff, testimony on Capitol Hill from FBI Director Christopher Wray, an update on Israel’s raid of Gaza’s main hospital, Biden’s response to his predecessor’s “vermin” remark echoing Nazi rhetoric, the House GOP’s divide over funding the government, and more.   Joined by: Lisa Rubin, Glenn Thrush, Rick Stengel, Greg Bluestein, Ken Dilanian, Secretary of State Jocelyn, Cornell Belcher, Eddie Glaude, Steve Patterson, and Tim Miller.

1h 24m
Nov 15
“Spilling the beans”

Nicolle Wallace discusses new revelations from testimony of the ex-president’s election fraud co-defendants in the Georgia case, threats of physical altercations on Capitol Hill, the D.C. march in support of Israel and condemning antisemitism, continued threats from the former president against those prosecuting him, a new lawsuit against Fox News from a former reporter alleging he was fired for challenging 2020 election lies, and an update from the ground in the Middle East.  Joined by: Tim Heaphy, Charlie Sykes, Carol Leonnig, Mark McKinnon, Maya Wiley, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Tim O’Brien, Lisa Rubin, and Raf Sanchez.

1h 29m
Nov 14
“A mask off moment”

Nicolle Wallace discusses new comments indicating the ex-president’s blatantly authoritarian plans for a second term, Paul Pelosi’s attacker on trial as political violence makes a chilling rise, the newly issued code of conduct for the Supreme Court that lacks all teeths of enforcement, Donald Trump Jr.’s appearance on the stand in his father’s civil fraud trial, Ohio Republicans threatening democracy after voters approve of abortion rights, and more.     Joined by: Jonathan Karl, Andrew Weissmann, David Jolly, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Gabe Roth, Dahlia Lithwick, Lisa Rubin, Harry Litman, Alexi McCammond, Mini Timmaraju, and Gen. Barry McCaffrey. 

1h 30m
Nov 13
“A poison pill for our democracy”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the ex-president’s threats to weaponize the federal government against political rivals if re-elected, a hail mary attempt to dismiss his civil fraud case, new reporting that resort employees may testify against him in the classified documents case, President Biden’s week of electoral and labor wins, a man who admitted to conspiring with January 6th defendants to kill FBI agents, Ukrainian resilience 20 months into the invasion, and more.   Joined by: Carol Leonnig, Andrew Weissmann, Pete Strzok, Lisa Rubin, Eddie Glaude, Rev. Al Sharpton, Harry Litman, Mary McCord, Brandon Van Grack, Ryan Reilly, Amy McGrath, Paul Paul Rieckhoff, and Irwin Redlener.

1h 32m
Nov 10
“It was only a matter of time”

Nicolle Wallace discusses threatens to election workers being investigated by the FBI, how Special Counsel Jack Smith’s election investigation could mirror the January 6th Committee, what to take from Democratic wins on abortion as GOP candidates grapple with their failing platform, an update on the quest to subpoena billionaire donors to the Supreme Court as Republicans attempt to block it, antisemitism on college campuses, and more.  Joined by: Frank Figliuzzi, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Basil Smikle, Tim Heaphy, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Gabe Roth, Dave Aronberg, Kim Atkins Stohr, Jillian Lederman, Talia Dror, and Gabriel Diamond.

1h 29m
Nov 09
“They’re all losers”

Nicolle Wallace discusses yesterday’s election results buoying Democrats on the issue of abortion, how the issue continues to win even in red states, readouts from the courtroom in the ex-president’s civil fraud trial as Ivanka Trump takes the stand, breaking news that the U.S. has conducted airstrikes in Eastern Syria, and more. Joined by: David Jolly, Claire McCaskill, Matthew Dowd, Andrew Weissmann, Emily Jane Fox, Mary Trump, Susanne Craig, Fatima Goss Graves, Errin Haines, Cornell Belcher, and Courtney Kube.

1h 33m
Nov 08
“An unprecedented campaign of deceit”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the Department of Justice’s sharp rebuke of the ex-president, what to expect from Ivanka Trump’s testimony in the New York civil fraud trial tomorrow, election day in states across the country as abortion takes center stage in many races, the GOP fracturing over Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s military blockade, the latest on Israel’s intensifying ground offensive in Gaza, pleas from Ukraine that allies maintain attention to the war, and more.  Joined by: Charlie Sykes, Neal Katyal, Carol Leonnig, Tim O’Brien, Claire McCaskill, Mini Timmaraju, Molly Jong-Fast, Steve Kornacki, Erin McLaughlin, and Igor Novikov.

1h 33m
Nov 07
“Overflowing with theatrics, deflection, and grievance”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the ex-president’s disastrous day in court for his civil fraud trial as he takes the witness stand, a fiery response from Special Counsel Jack Smith over efforts to get his election case against the ex-president dismissed, new reporting detailing the threats to democracy that could be in store if he wins a second term, an update on the conflict in the Middle East as Israeli bombardment of Gaza continues, and more. Joined by: Andrew Weissmann, Tim Heaphy, Russ Beutner, Lisa Rubin, David Jolly, Kim Atkins Stohr, Susanne Craig, Ian Bassin, Mike Schmidt, John Kirby, and Michal Cotler-Wunsh.

1h 35m
Nov 06
"An angry crescendo"

Nicolle Wallace joined by: Rev. Al Sharpton, David Jolly, Andrew Weissmann, Susanne Craig, Judge J. Michael Luttig, Neal Katyal,  Paul Rieckhoff, Ellison Barber, and Michael Crowley

1h 32m
Nov 03
“Stoking the fires”

Nicolle Wallace discusses disturbing rhetoric surrounding the ex-president’s 2024 campaign, today’s batch of testimony from his sons in the New York civil fraud trial, a confrontation late in the day in that courtroom, an update from the ground as bombardments increase in Gaza and Senator Dick Durbin becomes the first in the Senate to call for a ceasefire, Republicans finally confronting Senator Tommy Tuberville over the national security implications of his military blockade,   Joined by: Jonathan Karl, Tim Heaphy, Susanne Craig, Ellison Barber, Raf Sanchez, Charlie Sykes, Amy McGrath, Allison Jaslow, Carol Leonnig, and Samantha Power.

1h 35m
Nov 02
“A stake through the heart”

Nicolle Wallace discusses testimony from one of the ex-president’s sons in his ongoing civil fraud trial, the army of lawyers that would fill the White House if he were re-elected, the real consequences of Senator Tommy Tuberville’s military holdup, an update from the ground as the first evacuees leave Gaza, how students are responding to incidents of Antisemitism and Islamophobia on college campuses, and more Joined by: Andrew Weissmann, David Jolly, Katie Benner, Mike Schmidt, Paul Rieckhoff, Ali Vitali, Susanne Craig, Tim O’Brien, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Ellison Barber, and Yoni Kurtz.

1h 32m
Nov 01
“An urgent alarm”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the Alabama man charged with threatening officials involved in the ex-president’s Fulton county case, disturbing testimony from the FBI director on how the conflict between Israel and Hamas could inspire attacks in the U.S., the new House Speaker’s politicization of defense funding, an update from the ground as conditions in Gaza worsen, and more. Joined by: Frank Figliuzzi, Tim Heaphy, Michael Steele, Cornell Belcher, Mary McCord, John Brennan, Ellison Barber, Sen. Richard Durbin, Brian Fallon, and Josh Kaplan.

1h 32m
Oct 31
Words Have Consequences

Joined by: Andrew Weissman, Tim Heaphy, Betsy Woodruff Swan, Eddie Glaude, Charlie Sykes, Donny Deutsch, Glenn Kirschner, Susanne Craig, Kim Atkins Stohr, and Ellison Barber 

1h 32m
Oct 30
“An escalation”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the intensifying of airstrikes on Gaza as the Israeli Defense Forces say they are preparing to expand a ground invasion, an update on the ongoing manhunt after a mass shooting in Maine killed 18 people and injured 13 more, a new schedule for the ex-president’s family to testify in the ongoing civil fraud trial, and more.  Joined by: Raf Sanchez, Richard Engel, Tim Miller, Basil Smikle, Frank Figliuzzi, John Heilemann, Hala Gorani, and Gen. Barry McCaffrey.

1h 45m
Oct 27
“It has happened again”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the horrific mass shooting in Maine as the manhunt for the suspect continues, a new ask from Special Counsel Jack Smith to reinstate the gag order on the ex-president, new House Speaker Mike Johnson’s out-of-step record on the issues, an update on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and more.   Joined by: Fred Guttenberg, Mayor Carl Sheline, Peter Strzok, Glenn Kirschner, RonNell Andersen Jones, Ali Vitali, David Jolly, Donna Edwards, Antonia Hylton, and Hala Gorani.

1h 31m
Oct 26
“Less impulse control than a hunting dog”

Nicolle Wallace discusses a raucous day in the courtroom holding the ex-president’s civil fraud trial as he is fined $10,000, updates on one of his closest allies flipping on him in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s election investigation, a brand new speaker of the House who led the charge there to overturn the 2020 election, a new book revealing Sen. Mitt Romney’s real feelings about his GOP colleagues, an update on the ongoing hostage situation in Gaza, and more. Joined by: Lisa Rubin, Andrew Weissmann, Neal Katyal, Russ Buettner, Ali Vitali, Charlie Sykes, Stuart Stevens, Glenn Thrush, McKay Coppins, and Keir Simmons.

1h 28m
Oct 25
“A moment years-in-the-making”

Nicolle Wallace discusses Michael Cohen’s court appearance in the ex-president’s civil fraud trial, reports that former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has been granted immunity in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s election case, the latest dropout in the House Republicans’ disastrous search for a speaker, an update from the ground in Israel, a new book urging accountability for January 6th from officer Harry Dunn, and more. Joined by: Tim O’Brien, Glenn Kirschner, Susanne Craig, David Jolly, Ali Vitali, Hala Gorani, Greg Bluestein, Tim Heaphy, Carol Leonnig, and Harry Dunn.

1h 35m
Oct 24
“A party adrift”

Nicolle Wallace discusses news that two more hostages have been released by Hamas, a new batch of House Speaker hopefuls as Republicans start from square one again, the threat that the ex-president’s loose lips pose to national security, the administration’s efforts to get humanitarian aid into Gaza, and more.   Joined by: John Kirby, John Hudson, John Heilemann, John Brennan, Josh Lederman, Claire McCaskill, Miles Taylor, Mary McCord, Pete Strzok, Andrew Weissmann, Matt Miller, and Courtney Kube.

1h 31m
Oct 23