Jeff Gaston, GSTN Cigar - SG #358
MAR 30, 2021
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Jeff Gaston, in located rural southeastern Nebraska. Jeff is 34 years old with a career in Ultrasonic Inspection of metal materials, both manufactured and welded. GSTN Cigar was established in September of 2020 after Jeff complained about the design of an ashtray that his wife had gifted him. She told him to create his own, he did, and the company was born. They produce handcrafted cigar ashtrays from woods such as Walnut, Appalachian maple, Northern Pine, and Curly Cherry that sell both domestically and internationally. Two interesting facts about Jeff is that he only has one eye due to Glaucoma, and lost most of his taste buds when he was a child, which makes finding the right cigar a true journey.


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