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Episode 9 | Our Friends at the Border Pt. 1

This episode is for those of you who have heard about the migrant crisis and wondered: What is happening? What is our role as Christ-followers? And what do we pray for? Pastor Bryan and Heidi sit down with Pastor Alma and Dr. Will of Practice Mercy in this special two-part series recorded in McAllen, Texas. Practice Mercy is a ministry committed to serving indigenous asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border. In Part 1, we have a conversation about what is going on at the border, why it is happening and why it is crucial for us as Christ-followers to witness, understand and amplify the voices of those seeking asylum.

Jan 13
Episode 8 | Our Lives, A Gift

We love new beginnings, don't we? The hope of change, the brightness of starting over. But many of us struggle with sticking with new year's resolutions, and often a new year is really just a change in the date. So how can we enter into the new year with intention and celebration? We look back. We remember and reflect on this last year. So here's to entering into 2022 together: With joy, with gratitude, and with hope, knowing that our lives are gifts to be given back to God.

Dec 20, 2021
Did You Eat?

Dec 12, 2021
Our Story

Dec 05, 2021
Never Enough

Nov 21, 2021
Episode 7 | Making Room

Pastor Bryan and Heidi sit down with one of our members, Nixon Ma, to talk about what it means to live invitationally and to carry the spirit of hospitality. What does it look like to make room for the Other, and to give God the space to move in our lives? We ask the questions: What if we, as Christ-followers, were known for our hospitality over ideology? Invitation over exclusivity? And what has God blessed you with to bless others?

Nov 17, 2021