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The link between drinking and cancer

Experts discuss the role of alcohol use in developing cancer, along with other findings from the latest Cancer in Iowa report.

Feb 28
Banning meat substitute research and other state proposals discussed at Pints and Politics

Proposals to overhaul Iowa’s AEAs and address school safety, and a bill allowing state agencies to hire private auditing firms have been advanced by state lawmakers.

Feb 24
An octopus in a parking garage and the case for climate resilience

Best-selling author and climate law expert, Rob Verchick, examines the impact of climate change and makes the case for "climate resilience."

Feb 23
Democrats call Iowa religious freedom bill 'a blank check to discriminate'

Political experts analyze the latest headlines, including the elimination of gender balance requirements for boards and commissions that passed the Iowa Senate, an Alabama court ruling that frozen embryos have the same rights as children and more.

Feb 22
Statehouse reporters share which bills are still alive this session

Iowa lawmakers just passed their first funnel deadline of the 2024 legislative session.

Feb 20
Caitlin Clark breaks NCAA women's basketball scoring record

Two cicada broods that haven't overlapped since 1803 will emerge simultaneously this year. This won't happen again for 221 years.

Feb 17
Iowans face hefty public defender fees even when acquitted

Miranda Rights include a right to an attorney, but that right doesn't mean that an attorney will be free in states like Iowa. A Marshall Project investigation found Iowa imposes some of the highest fees in the nation.

Feb 16
House Republicans impeach the U.S. Homeland Security Secretary. Now what?

Political scientists offer context and analysis of the week's political headlines, including the House impeachment of the U.S. Homeland Security Secretary, the special election in New York, Senate advancement of military aid packages and more.

Feb 15
Writers reflect on two years of war in Ukraine

Writers with different perspectives reflect on the Ukraine war nearly two years after Russia invaded the country.

Feb 14
Iowa lawmakers discuss bills affecting undocumented immingrants

This week Iowa lawmakers face their first deadline to keep bills alive this legislative session.

Feb 13
Adair police chief charged with illegal machine gun purchases

An Iowa native and former NFL kicker hopes for a Cyclone to Hawkeye touchdown pass during Sunday's Super Bowl game between the Chiefs and the 49ers.

Feb 10
Author details Harold Hughes' role in the 'Long Sixties' and Vietnam War

A man of working class origins who overcame severe alcoholism to become the governor of Iowa and a U.S. Senator — on this episode of River to River, the life of Harold Hughes.

Feb 09
Republicans abandon southern border compromise

Calling on President Biden to enforce current immigration policies, Governor Reynolds has dismissed the need for new immigration law.

Feb 08
What safety measures should be considered in the wake of the Perry shooting?

One month after the Perry High School shooting, we hear three perspectives on how to make schools safe.

Feb 07
Iowa Legislature attempting to narrow AEA services

The state of Iowa has nine Area Education Agencies that fill in the gaps for K-12 schools by offering disability and specialized services. Gov. Kim Reynolds thinks the agencies need to limit their scope, which has parents and educators concerned.

Feb 06
Meet the Iowa high school team in an app development competition for NASA

Five students from North High School in Des Moines have been spending most of their free time for the last two months developing an app to aid a lunar expedition.

Feb 03
Thunder from the Prairie: the life of Harold E. Hughes

Author Jerry Harrington discusses his new biography on Iowa. Governor and Senator Harold Hughes.

Feb 02
President Biden promises to shut the border down now, propping up bipartisan deal

House Speaker Mike Johnson has denied pushing to kill the Senate's pending immigration deal to help former president Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

Feb 01
Is it possible to slow cognitive decline?

An Iowan diagnosed with Alzheimer's and a dementia specialist discuss the latest research on dementia and what people can do to treat and prevent it.

Jan 31
Iowa investigators face scrutiny for university sports betting probe

Officials at the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation are alleged to have lied to their own agents in pushing forward an investigation into online gambling by University of Iowa and Iowa State University student athletes.

Jan 30
Iowa ranks last in the number of state psychiatric beds available per 100,000 residents

A new report from the Treatment Advocacy Center shows that Iowa is last in the country for the number of state psychiatric beds, offering only two per 100,000 residents.

Jan 27
Changing attitudes on immigration

Connie Boesen, the first female mayor in Des Moines' history, joins the program to talk about her plans for the city.

Jan 26
And then there were two

Should presidential hopeful Nikki Haley remain optimistic after Trump's win in New Hampshire?

Jan 25
Drake's Harkin Center sets a new design standard for Iowans of all abilities

As former U.S. Senator Tom Harkin was preparing to retire after serving 40 years in Congress, he founded The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement in 2013 to carry on his legacy and policy work.

Jan 24
The boards and commissions at risk of elimination

A number of state boards and commissions are on the chopping block. The Home State series continues with Tom Byrne, of Delaware Public Media, discussing Joe Biden's rise to the presidency and current bid for reelection.

Jan 23
Psychedelic-based therapy shows incredible promise for treating veterans with PTSD

Psychedelic drugs like psilocybin and MDMA have become a very active area of medical research.

Jan 20
The scope of food insecurity across Iowa

Iowans share their experiences with food insecurity, and experts discuss what can be done about it.

Jan 19
The Iowa Caucus aftermath

The Republican party belongs to Donald Trump after his victory Monday night.

Jan 18
Trump dominates Iowa but Haley, DeSantis remain hopeful

Gov. Kim Reynolds endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. How does this impact her standing with GOP voters after Donald Trump dominated the Iowa caucuses?

Jan 17
What to expect on caucus night

It's caucus day, and this year marks big changes for the Democratic caucus, while Republican caucus-goers will follow a familiar process.

Jan 15