ECOP Evolution - New National Nodes with Hanna Lachance | Ocean Decade Show!
AUG 04, 2023
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This month on The Ocean Decade Show, we're harkening back to a key part of the Decade that we first covered way back on Episode 3 of the podcast - Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs). The ECOP Programme has grown exponentially since it was first featured on the podcast, and one of the most exciting updates has been through the launch of Regional and National Nodes. These Nodes are a new and novel way to focus on the unique intergenerational opportunities and challenges associated with early career ocean folks around the world. The United States hosts one of these National Nodes, and this month Taylor is speaking to Hannah Lachance, a U.S. ECOP Node Steering Committee member, about this exciting evolution in the ECOP space. Visit to learn more about the ECOP Programme overall and these exciting Nodes!