Confusion reigns. Who is sitting with the feelings?: listener question
MAR 04, 2023
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Great blog as always...

It leaves me with the sense that I'm still not seeing something. There is a sense that what thoughts are 'paid attention to' and which aren't is somehow within 'my' control. What you're saying is that this is not true. There is no 'I' to direct awareness. So there's confusion. In your work I understood we were exploring and noticing the 'programme'. In the noticing and new learning, a new 'programme' is formed. But if there is 'no thing' directing awareness how does this even work?! My misunderstanding - I notice a belief that has unto this point been 'running the show'. In the noticing and being with the feelings, healing happens. A 'new pathway' is formed. But who is doing that? Who is noticing the 'old beliefs' and sitting with the feelings?