Understanding How Unconscious Bias Impacts Workplace Culture With Sejal Thakkar
NOV 24, 2021
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Unconscious bias is a problem for many organizations aiming to become more inclusive because it is unconscious, as the name suggests, and they're hard to pinpoint. People, including leaders, have their biases, which come out even when aiming for diversity, perhaps even more then. Today's guest is Sejal Thakkar, Chief Culture Officer at Nobody Studios, and has a great TEDx Talk about The Pain, Paradox, and Power of Bias. In this episode, she joins Dr. Diane Hamilton to discuss how biases manifest in the workplace even as organizations work towards inclusivity. They are looking at equity from the wrong lens. Join in for an insightful discussion on how to foster an inclusive workplace culture that truly empowers employees. Plus, they discuss dealing with harassment and discrimination and the importance of language.

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