Poppy Delbridge | Taking risks, the nonsense of manifesting and a sprinkling of quantum physics.
MAR 06
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When it comes to alternative therapy I am, by nature and also from years of working as a journalist in the health, beauty and wellness space, a cynic. For years, I’d get drawn into to fads and trends by their razzle-dazzle and now, to avoid this, I like to see proof in the shape of data, clinical trials and evidence.

So you may be surprised to see Poppy Delbridge, aka The Tapping Queen, as a guest on the show. Tapping is a form of therapy that involves tapping your face and upper body to release stress, minimise trauma and ‘raise your emotional baseline’. But, despite sounding ‘woo woo’ has a raft of evidence from neuroscience, and psychology that proves the claims around its benefits.

This podcast is about learning from my guests' life lessons and given how integral tapping has been to Poppy, in times of trauma, change and flux, it was a fascinating insight into Poppy and how she has dealt with life’s challenges.

Poppy’s book Tapping In is available now.

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