Exploring New Possibilities in Vitiligo Therapy
APR 19, 2022
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An estimated 2 million patients in the United States have vitiligo, which is a dermatologic condition defined by depigmentation of the skin.

Though there is currently no cure, recent medical advancements have helped patients and providers alike gain a broader perspective on the skin condition. Likewise, prominent cultural figures with vitiligo have also contributed addressing the stigma surrounding the disease.

Despite this, vitiligo is still considered by many to be solely a cosmetic condition, though it is very much a medical condition as well. 

Sarah Asch, MD, FAAP, FAAD, Society of Pediatric Dermatology , Teledermatology Committee Chair, spoke of how the public perception of vitiligo has evolved in recent years, as well as how vitiligo affects adults and pediatric patients differently and the myriad of promising new therapies that are currently being explored.