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Dr. Oladipo Kalejaiye


Hotline To Heaven (HTH) is a global, non-denominational prayer ministry anchored by Dr. Dipo Kalejaiye. HTH provides the opportunity to pray with the brethren on a daily basis, regardless of denomination and geographical location. The platform continues to enjoy great outpouring of grace, evidenced by the endless flow of testimonies received. HTH currently has been visited over 200,000 times. Please click on the ‘On Air’ button or ‘Audio’ tab to listen.

Hotline To Heaven is led by Dr. Oladipo Kalejaiye. Through his pastoral leadership and dedication the prayer line is available seven days a week from 5:30am-6:15am (except Sundays) and from 7pm-7:45pm (except Thursdays) in USA Pacific Time, Mountain Ti

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