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IAM1459 - CEO Created an Online Personalised Learning Platform for Students and Teachers

Adrián has created the leading online learning platform in the EdTech world - delivering a personalized learning experience to students and teachers from grade school through college and beyond. Adrián has spent the past two decades bringing together academic experts across all subjects, with the leading technologists and learning scientists to build the most innovative micro-learning platform with the sole purpose to eliminate the most common educational barriers and make education accessible. Website: Twitter: Studydotcom Instagram: studydotcom Facebook: StudyDotCom

Aug 11
IAM1458 - Insurance Planner Helps Business Owners get the Proper Coverage Needs

Jejuan Courtney owner JCA Insurance Planners. Born in Washington D.C. lives in Gainesvlle Virginia. Married with 7 children. Website: Facebook: jcainsuranceplannersllc Twitter: JcaInsurance1 Instagram: jcainsuranceplanners Youtube:

Aug 10
IAM1457 - Coach Helps Women Find their Voice and Authentic Self

Dr. Rowena Winkler helps women find their voice and come back to their divine authenticity by using a combination of spiritual tools and practical strategies. Her mentoring approach encourages women to tap into self-love, build confidence, get unstuck, and make a change. As a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience, she is also a higher ed consultant and instructor who develops and teaches courses in strategic communication. Website: Instagram: rbwinklerphd Linkedin: rbwinklerphd Facebook: rbwinklerphd TikTok: rbwinklerphd

Aug 09
IAM1456 - Coach Provides Fitness in a Holistic and Healthy Way

Laman is a wellness professional based in Arlington, VA. His business, Live Laman has been operating since 2018 and has gotten quite a bit of buzz. Laman works with anyone who is looking to engage or reengage with their fitness in a holistic and healthy way. Laman offers in-person training, online training, and meal prep services to his clients. Laman's entrepreneurial journey has been unique, and he hopes to continue to provide visibility and voice to the causes he cares about all while building a successful and sustainable business the community can be proud of. Website: Instagram: livelaman LinkedIn: laman-ben-trahoret

Aug 08
IAM1455 Transformation Coach Helps Broken Stories to Healing

Stephanie McAuliffe speaks, writes and teaches on the human condition and the impact of our internalized energetic patterns. Through her own journey of healing and breaking the cycles of generational trauma, abuse, and addiction, her true belief is that there is no story that can’t be healed. After 27 years on Wall Street, she works with people as a personal transformation coach and multi-dimensional energy healer. She guides people to transform their own stories and to heal the subconscious energies that both drive and block them from embodying the joy and peace that’s their birthright. Website: LinkedIn: stephaniebmcauliffe Facebook: WayoftheDiamondWarriorwithStephanieBMcAuliffe Instagram: stephanie_b_mcauliffe The Impact of Silence: Self-Mastery Practices for Women: Stepping into Your Power and Embodying the Happiness That's Your Birthright

Aug 07
IAM1454 - Coach Helps Small Businesses Grow Profitable Fitness Businesses

Nicole Spencer is a former fitness studio owner turned small business coach who helps entrepreneurs from the US to the UK to Australia grow profitable fitness businesses. Her company, Authentic Conversion, provides two avenues for magnetic client attraction and abundant conversion. She also runs Asheville Crypto Consulting, a company designed to educate people and help those who wish to turn 3 or 4 figures into 5 or 6 figures passively in the next 3 years do so with the support and as safely as possible. Her primary interests lie in the positive global impact of cryptocurrency from a humanitarian perspective plus mining and trading aspects. Website Facebook: Instagram: Book in a breakthrough session with Nicole at Episode Link:

Aug 06
IAM1453 - Co-Founder & CMO Helps to Further Outsourcing & Insight Into How People Work

Liam Martin is the co-founder and CMO of, and is a co-organizer of the largest conference on building remote teams. After working with remote employees for over 10 years, Liam works on furthering outsourcing and is passionate about how to gain insights into the inner workings of how people work. Website Other Site: Other Site: Episode Link:

Aug 05
IAM1452 - Acquisitions Master Helps in Fixing and Growing Businesses

Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. She holds the M&AMI (Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary) title, as well as Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Professional (CM&AP) and Certified Senior Business Analyst (CSBA). Michelle also owns many other businesses in several different industries. As a 20-year veteran in the M&A industry, she is regarded as the leading authority on buying, selling, fixing, and growing businesses. She and her firm have sold over a thousand businesses in almost every vertical and have a remarkable track record of success. Website: (for book website) Facebook: michele.seilertucker , michelletuckerinternational Instagram: michelleseilertucker Twitter: MSeilerTucker Linkedin: michelleseiler

Aug 04
IAM1451 - Food Blogger Cook with Authentic Dishes from Around the Globe

Alexandria Drzazgowski is the owner and CEO behind The Foreign Fork, a food blog where she is cooking a meal from every country in the world. Alexandria began her blog after 6 months of traveling Europe and eating delicious food in 15 countries! Upon her return from her travels, she got to work building her blog on nights and weekends while working a full-time job. These days, The Foreign Fork is Alexandria's full-time career! She received the Saveur Blog Award for Most Groundbreaking Voice in 2019 and has been featured in Buzzfeed, Bustle, Saveur, Elite Daily, Edible Arrangements, and more. Website: Instagram: theforeignfork TikTok: theforeignfork Facebook: theforeignfork YouTube:

Aug 03
IAM1450 - Coach Helps Executive Leaders Solve Business Challenges

Sara Sheehan, PCC, is a consultant and Executive Coach who works with C-Level executive leaders in designing organizations, developing business strategies, managing change, optimizing talent and leadership development, and solving complex human performance problems. Through executive coaching, Sara helps leaders sprint their way up the corporate ladder and increase their performance. During Sara’s 25+ years in business, she has worked with leaders, teams, and organizations in Fortune 100 companies and individuals. Sara specializes in change management, talent and leadership development, executive coaching, and organization design. As a collaborative, results-orientated coach, Sara provides support and practical feedback to help clients effectively navigate change and address business challenges. She also integrates coaching techniques, methods, and approaches to help her clients develop change capabilities and learn to apply them right away. With a servant leadership mindset, she supports her clients in building new skills and customizes frameworks to her client’s project needs. Sara works with clients based on her network, referrals, and appointment. Sara has been featured both nationally and internationally on podcasts as an expert on topics of change management, talent and leadership development, executive coaching, and organization design. Website: Linkedin: sara-sheehan , sara-sheehan-consulting

Aug 02
IAM1449 - Social Media Expert Helps Start-Ups Lead thru Online Intelligence Gathering

Adriana L. Cowdin is a 4-time entrepreneur and “retired” Corporate America C-level marketing executive who led social media marketing for a $40B retailer overseeing 150 brands and was the CDMO for a $1B home security company. In 2016, Cowdin founded Dekaf Digital, a social media marketing agency that takes the pain and uncertainty out of social media for high-growth start-ups across the globe. She has been featured in media outlets worldwide including ABC, NY Times, Inc. 500, Hoovers, and Reuters to name a few. Website: Facebook: DekafDigital Twitter: dekafdigital Instagram: dekafdigital LinkedIn: dekaf-digital

Aug 01
IAM1448 - CEO Helps Businessowners Train Teams to Increase Profitability

A poorly trained or untrained team is costing your business money and time every day! That's why Dr. Tonya Robertson (founder of Focused Training Solutions) and team are proactive about ensuring that service-based business owners understand the importance of developing their teams to be more of an asset in order to increase profitability. Focused Training Solutions is not the average employee training agency. Dr. Robertson and the team take a holistic, strategic, and relational approach to ensure the ongoing success of businesses. Website: , Facebook: focusedtrainingsolutions Instagram: focusedtrainingsolutions LinkedIn: focusedtrainingsolutions

Jul 31
IAM1447 - CEO Helps Entrepreneur Get Their Message Out by Appearing as Guests on Podcasts

Jeremy Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which helps entrepreneurs live the lives they know they were meant to.  He studied literature at Oxford University, Specializes in using podcasting and new media to create celebrities, and was ranked #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy and #26 in the business category. After his success in podcasting, Jeremy Slate and his wife, Brielle Slate, found Command Your Brand to help entrepreneurs get their message out by appearing as guests on podcasts Free Offer: Website Twitter: Instagram: Episode Link:

Jul 30
IAM1446 - CEO Helps Organizations Overcome Technology & Customer Churn Challenges to Succeed

Nicole Maaguo is the Founder & CEO of Cultivate Ink, LLC a boutique tech firm that helps organizations overcome technology and customer churn challenges to reach new levels of success. Cultivate Ink accomplishes this by elevating strategic priorities and goal setting to help customers align investment with desired outcomes. Over the course of her career, Nicole has served non-profits, associations, software start-ups, and Fortune 100 companies. Nicole is also the creator of #ProjectBox, a subscription box of curated professional development for aspiring leaders. In her spare time, Nicole advances customer success and women in tech movements as the Co-President of PulseLocal DC and as a contributor for MsTech. Website Instagram: cultivateink_projectbox Facebook: cultivateink LinkedIn: nicolemaaguo PulseLocal DC: MsTech Blog: Episode Link:

Jul 29
IAM1445 - Coach Helps Executives and Employees Elevate Performance and Productivity

Rod McDermott is the CEO + Co-Founder of Activate 180, which helps companies elevate employee performance, productivity, and happiness through affordable coaching for all; the CEO + Co-Founder of McDermott + Bull, one of the fastest-growing executive search firms in North America with offices domestically and internationally; the President + CEO of M+B Interim Leaders, which he founded along with Angela Anderson in 2011 to address an increased client need for time-sensitive solutions to important leadership challenges; and the Founder of the M+B Executive Network, a community of in-transition senior-level executives seeking guidance to land their next role, serving over 10,000 members since inception. Rod has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, growing companies from the ground up and challenging industry norms. His ultimate goal is to meaningfully contribute to the greater good, which is showcased through his passion for hard work, fostering relationships, and conceptualizing solutions for professional development. Rod resides in Laguna Niguel, California, with his wife Laura, their four children, and three dogs. He is a multi-thousand-hour turbine aircraft pilot and flies his CJ2 Jet for business and for his other passions, which include philanthropy, skiing, and traveling. Rod received a bachelor’s degree in economics and business from the University of California, Los Angeles. Website: , Linkedin: activate-180 , rodmcdermott Instagram: activate180 Facebook: Activate180

Jul 28
IAM1444 - CEO Provides Strategy and Solutions to Businesses

As CEO and founder of Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting, LLC, I empower companies to dream bigger by fixing what isn't working so they can make room for larger and better things. It is gratifying as the go-to professional they come to for advice. My company focuses on end-to-end business operations. We concentrate on the people, the processes, technology, and customer experience. I provide business advice, strategy, solutions, and solutions to scale your business. Website: YouTube: LinkedIn:

Jul 27
IAM1443 - Coach Helps Individuals Identify their Natural Numbers

Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher are the Co-Founders and Teachers of Body of 9. Body of 9 is an innovative, body-based personality assessment that, through your posture, body type, and how you physically express yourself, identifies your Natural Number. This gives you an experience of your innate self, taking your understanding of who you are to a whole new level.   Numbers tell the truth. Each of us has our own Natural Number, from 1 to 9, which is the key to who we are, and how we think, react, act, and interact. The Body of 9 system reveals those innate differences and helps us learn to resolve them, bringing us closer together. Once you know that Natural Number (and those of the people around you), you’ll discover how to have more awareness of yourself, your relationships, your life, and how you communicate to bridge deeper and more meaningful connections.   Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher are pioneers in the study and research of the 9 Natural Numbers. With over thirty years of combined research and experience with Body of 9, their work has led to many new discoveries and a deeper understanding of the importance, power, and impact of knowing your Natural Number and learning to consciously use this aspect of your body. Since 2012, Susan and Martin Fisher have been working together to identify over 8000 people from around the world and to build and share the understanding of how the Body of 9 shows up in so many aspects of human experience. Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook Groups:

Jul 26
IAM1442 - Attorney Helps Companies in their Commercial Lease Negotiations

Marc Betesh is the founder and CEO of KBA Lease Services, the leading lease auditing firm, and Visual Lease, the #1 lease optimization software provider. After receiving his BA from Temple University and his JD from Georgetown University, Betesh practiced law in New York City where he negotiated commercial leases. As an attorney, Betesh became widely recognized as an expert on commercial lease negotiation, lease interpretation and expense reimbursement clauses. During this time, he conceived the idea of lease auditing and introduced it to the commercial real estate industry, which led him to create his two companies: KBA Lease Services in 1985 and Visual Lease in 1996. KBA was the pioneer of commercial lease auditing in 1985 and remains the signature firm in the industry. It has represented thousands of companies in almost every leasing market within the US, helping them to eliminate overcharges in their commercial leases. Visual Lease is the #1 lease optimization software provider that helps organizations become compliant with FASB, IFRS and GASB lease accounting standards, while simultaneously improving the financial, legal and operational performance of their leases. Website: Linkedin:

Jul 25
IAM1441 - Artist Creates a Collaborative Drawing Experience to Amplify Creative Expression

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Artist, Chris is the founder of Piccles - a collaborative drawing experience to amplify creative expression. Winner of the MIT Creative Arts and the Hacking Health competitions, he can be found running workshops, running companies, or running through the woods in his free time. Website: Linkedin: chrisbent

Jul 24
IAM1440 - CEO Specializes on Designing and Building Accessory Dwelling Units

Whitney Hill is the co-founder and CEO of SnapADU, a San Diego-based accessory dwelling unit construction company that designs, permits, and builds 50 ADUs a year with $15M in annual revenue. Before getting involved in residential real estate, Whitney gained strategic & tactical experience as a management consultant for Bain & Company and as an operations manager for an industrial supply distributor. Whitney earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Yale University and an MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business. Website: Instagram: Facebook: SnapADU Linkedin: Whitney Linkedin:

Jul 23
IAM1439 - Business Strategist Helps Mompreneurs Raise Their Businesses while Raising Their Families

Allison Hardy is a Business Strategist for Mompreneurs. Through infusing their business with a hearty dose of automation, authentic social media driven by Facebook Live, and stepping into the role of an influencer through email marketing, Allison helps women raise their businesses while they are raising their families so that they can live life by design. Allison is the creator of the Life by Design Podcast, a Huffington Post Contributor, have been featured in YFS Magazine and was named one of Washington, D.C.'s most influential professionals under 40 by Washington Life Magazine. She's also wife to Teer, and mom to five-year-old Camden and 6-month-old Nora. Website Facebook group: themompreneurcommunity Facebook: allisonhardy2015 Instagram: allison_hardy Episode Link:

Jul 22
IAM1438 - Best-Selling Author & Workshop Facilitator Helps People Transition from Timid to Tenacious

Phyllis G. Williams is a workshop facilitator, best-selling author of the book, Thee Art of Me, and blogger. She went from timid to tenacious and now she’s helping others do the same through speaking and writing. She’s a small-town girl with big dreams and an even bigger heart. Website Instagram: Facebook: Episode Link:

Jul 21
IAM1437 - Coach Empowers Women Who Runs Businesses and Changes the World

Nell Merlino is an iconic leader whose life work is making women and girls more visible, valued, and heard. Nell mobilized more than 25 million people in support of girls' ambition with Take Our Daughters to Work Day. As the founder of Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence, Nell helped galvanize global companies including American Express, Walmart, and Cartier along with leases including Hillary Clinton, Corey Booker, and Suze Orman to help women business owners across the country gain access to $billion in the financing, grants, contracts, and customers. A constant presence with the press for decades, Nell has generated millions of media mentions about women and girls. In her new business, as an artist, Nell is capturing ever-evolving female power and beauty in dynamic collage portraits of women who are running businesses and changing our world. Website: Instagram: Nell.Merlino https://instagram/Nell.Merlino Facebook: nellmerlino LinkedIn: Nell Merlino

Jul 20
IAM1436 - CEO Revolutionizes Leadership by Understanding Mental Health and Human Wellness

Melissa Mellor is the CEO of Hey U Humana globally recognized mental health and human wellness company. They serve corporations and individuals in over 80 countries around the world and within over 15 different applications. Through Hey U Human, Melissa is revolutionizing leadership and how businesses conduct work and lead their staff. Melissa is passionate about igniting humanity, waking humans up, and helping infrastructures and institutions understand mental health and human wellness through a completely different lens. A lens where the company is no longer reacting to mental health issues and pandering to personnel complaints. One that proactively engages the whole human to create an unstoppable workforce. If you are a human with emotions, or you interact with other humans with emotions, you will want to tune into this podcast. Website: Instagram: heyuhuman , rapidrelieftechnique , melissammellor Facebook: HeyUHumanCommunity , mlindenbach Linkedin: melissa-mellor

Jul 19
IAM1435 - Founder Improves Leadership Skills in a Fun Way

Mary is an entrepreneur, improv comedian, writer, philanthropist, startup advisor, recovering venture capitalist, and food pun illustrator, among other things. She is the founder of Improve, a company that improves leadership and lives with improv comedy techniques backed by research. As Mary likes to say “we give people M&Ms laced with vitamins. They taste good and they’re good for you!” In her, TED talk “How improv can improve your leadership and life” she shares more about the importance and impact of improv. Mary has worked with tens of thousands of leaders and companies to improve innovation, problem-solving, growth, and team culture. She started her first company at age 14, did early stage investing, was a Director at a Silicon Valley unicorn, wrote a book and has performed on the same stages as comedy legends. She graduated from the University of Michigan and studied improv and comedy writing at The Second City, Upright Citizen’s Brigade, and The Groundlings, among other improv theatres. Website: , Instagram: @maryimproves , @chooseimprove Twitter: @maryimproves LinkedIn: melemmer  

Jul 18
IAM1434 - CEO Helps HR Leaders Get the Right People

Founder and CEO of Hire Talent, Fletcher Wimbush, has interviewed over 10,000 applicants, assessed tens of thousands more, and has presented to numerous business groups and HR leaders on best-recruiting practices based on his published content such as “Hiring Talented Team Players: a Guide to Getting it Right,” The Power Interview Guide, various eBooks, and thousands of articles. Website: Our Book Hiring Talented Team Players

Jul 17
IAM1433 - Founder Provides Cybersecurity Defense System to Organisations

Tom Kirkham, founder and CEO of IronTech Security provides cybersecurity defense systems and focuses on educating and encouraging organizations to establish a security-first environment with cybersecurity training programs for all workers to prevent successful attacks. Kirkham brings more than three decades of software design, network administration, computer security, and cybersecurity knowledge to organizations around the country. Website: , Linkedin: IronTech Security Facebook: irontechsec Twitter: IronTechSec Youtube: IronTech Security  

Jul 16
IAM1432 - Strategist & Expert Helps Develop Leaders People ‘Want’ to Follow

Halelly Azulay is CEO & leadership development strategist at TalentGrow LLC. An expert in leadership, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and authentic networking, Halelly develops leaders that people *want* to follow. She is the author of two books, Employee Development on a Shoestring and Strength to Strength. She offers actionable leadership insights and advice as a sought-after speaker and workshop leader as well as on her blog and her leadership podcast, the TalentGrow Show. Website Free Offer from Halelly – 10 Ways to Become a More Engaging Communicator: Twitter: Facebook: Business Facebook Page: Podcast Facebook page: LinkedIn: YouTube: Instagram: and Books and Episode Link:

Jul 15
IAM1431 - Speaker & Client Generation Expert Helps Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses

Mary Cravets is a Client Generation Expert and International Speaker who helps entrepreneurs significantly grow their businesses without working nights and weekends. Using her methods, the majority of her clients quickly increase their income by 50-100%. Clients include the former CFO of Microsoft North America, thought-leaders in the coaching industry, and rising stars in a variety of other professions, including doctors, lawyers, consultants, graphic designers, and CPAs. Mary is also an avid roller coaster enthusiast and a kayaking volunteer for a wildlife protection program in Morro Bay. Website Resources: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Episode Link:

Jul 14
IAM1430 - Founder Helps Business Owners Get More Sales and Referrals

Winston Hofer is a marketing consultant and Founder & CEO at Madroit Marketing. After a failed semi-pro hockey career, and several jobs spent working for someone else, Winston decided that he needed more freedom and bootstrapped his company starting from nothing. The lessons and strategies he’s learned along the way are what have helped him grow his business into the success that it is today, along with relationship building and hiring smart. As an entrepreneur and business owner now since 2012, he has realized his passion which is to help small business owners get more sales & referrals and build & market their businesses. He enjoys taking on new challenges (if only to prove to himself that he can), and making himself better every single day by learning something new. Website: LinkedIn: winstonhofer Free Offer To Listeners -

Jul 13