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Monday, 03.27.23

Yo! Slimfast gave Lazlo some true-crime homework over the weekend and Lazlo came to class prepared. *Fentanyl is apparently the number one cause of death for Americans 18-45. So why are fentanyl test strips illegal in Kansas? *How's your bracket looking? Lazlo is a current favorite to win the pool at work so you might want to take his advice if on plan on making any big bets going forward. *Doomscrolling!! Tornadoes have destroyed huge swaths of Mississippi. Taylor Swift fans are in court today fighting Ticketmaster. Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton's song Rainbowland is a little too controversial for at least one elementary school. A man spends almost $70k on a used Maserati from Carvana only to discover that it was stolen. Utah is passing laws aimed at restricting kids from using social media without permission. *A longtime news anchor in Mississippi appears to have been pulled from the air after she quoted Snoop Dogg on live tv. Is this for sure what happened? I'm not sure, my friend. *Another day, another school shooting but there's more to today's news out of Nashville that makes this story fairly unique. *Did Nick Bosa try to get out of a traffic ticket by subtly name dropping his team? *Thanks for listening to the podcast! Please visit our website where you can find merch and links to all our socials. Don't forget, you can join us live every weekday at and we'd love to have you! Have a great day!

1h 36m
Mar 27
Doom Scrolling Pt 1

Slimfast gets us caught up on the news

Mar 27
The Final Four Is Set

Hoe well did Lazlo do this year?

Mar 27
Who Killed Robert Wone?

A new crime doc on Peacock has Lazlo and Slimfast theorizing 

Mar 27
Toxic & Problematic 03.25.23

We had a few technical issues this week. Lazlo and Slimfast try not to kill each other by instead taking their anger out on Snowcone. Things go south quickly and the podcast gets cut short but we've included an old interview we did with Damien Echols of the West Memphis Three. We've been wanting to replay this interview for years and this felt like the perfect opportunity. 

Mar 25
Thursday, 03.23.23

Did anybody else watch the new Waco documentary on Netflix? Lazlo proves that you don't have to be a Branch Davidian to think that David Koresh was the messiah. *Is Blockbuster trying to make a comeback? Should we invest again? *Officials at Notre Dame are worried that the NCAA is turning into the minor leagues. Lazlo explains what they're all on about. *Doomscrolling!! The grand jury is meeting again about whether or not to indict Trump. The FTC thinks it's too hard to cancel those subscription services. The CEO of TikTok testified before congress. We have an update on Daniel v Spaniel. *A man met a girl on tinder and she ended up catfishing him and stealing his car. Romance scams are on the rise. *Thanks for listening to the podcast. Please visit our website and remember to come hang out with us every weekday at  Have a great day and we'll you tomorrow! -Everybody Wang Chung!!

1h 33m
Mar 23