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Personal development does NOT come naturally. But who has the time to take intentional steps every day? Now, YOU DO! Dr. Rob has a PhD in Leadership, he's led the largest leadership development company in the world, and he's a top-rated MBA professor. Why? Because he's fun and just a little crazy. Check out these 5-10 minute daily podcasts that he affectionately calls: Your Daily Dose of Growth!

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Supporting Decisions You Don’t Agree With

Episode #767 You're part of a team tasked with setting a strategic direction in your company. When the team settles on their direction, you disagree with the decision. What do you do? What about when your boss fills you in a decision that you don’t agree with… what do you do? Same answer! __ __

Oct 23, 2021
Lessons I Learned in Cuba

Episode #766 I recently spent some time away from my offices, part of it on a cruise with my wife. One of the ports of call was Havana Cuba. It was fun, and I learned a few lessons. Here are just a few: Why you should be nice, there is always a future for those who hustle, and off the beaten path isn’t all that bad. __ __

May 21, 2021
Weekly Dose of Growth

Episode #765 This WEEKLY dose of growth is comprised of this week’s four shorter podcasts from . Leadership is about the relationship between the leader and the followers. Each podcast this week came from research in the book . What are the top two things that followers want out of leaders? They want leaders who are honest and leaders who are forward-looking. The “Critical Success Factor” in Your Organization The Kind of Vision that Sets You Apart Why Am I Like This? The Real Driver in Your Life. STREET CRED! WHY YOU MUST HAVE IT! __ __

May 20, 2021
Street Cred! Why You MUST Have It!

Episode #764 Without credibility, you’ve got nothing. What is credibility? How do you get it? How do you lose it? Listen to today's Daily Dose of Growth! __ __

May 19, 2021
Why Am I Like This? The Real Driver in Your Life

Episode #763 Who you are is more important than what you do. So, who are you? Who are you becoming? Would you like help in those areas? Listen to today’s podcast! __ __

May 18, 2021
The Kind of Vision That Sets You Apart

Episode #762 What are the top two things that followers want out of leaders? They want leaders who are honest and leaders who are forward-looking. Honesty is a character trait, but becoming visionary is a skill that can be developed. Today Dr. Rob talks about the need for Visionary Optimism. __ __

May 17, 2021
The “Critical Success Factor” in Organizations

Episode #761 Continuing our review of The Truth About Leadership--Leadership is not about the leader; it’s about the relationship between the leader and the followers. Many executives forget this to their peril. Today, how to communicate in a way that others can’t wait to be part of the team. __ __

May 14, 2021
Weekly Dose of Growth

Episode #760 This week, we review research that we know that we know that we know are true. We put emphasis on how leadership is an affair of the heart and that leaders who lead with their head and not so much with their heart will not get the most out of their team. We also discuss the importance of leading by example and the best ways to do it. Next, we talk about two important things: GRIT and TRUST. __ __

May 13, 2021
Trust Rules

Episode #759 I’ve spoken all over the world on the subject of trust! There are 5 behaviors that help you gain trust. They are reviewed in this podcast. REMEMBER you must: 1) Trust others, 2) Be Consistent, 3) Be Clear, 4) Deliver on your promises, and 5) Be really honest. __ __

May 12, 2021
Challenge Brings Greatness

Episode #758 Challenge allows you to find out what you are made of. It allows you to channel your inner MacGyver. Research shows the best students and most successful people are NOT the smartest, but the ones with more grit. You can learn that through how you respond to the challenges in your life! __ __

May 11, 2021
Lead By Example… Or Not At ALL

Episode #757 If you say one thing and do another, you need to turn in your leadership card… because people won’t follow you (unless they are paid to!). The best ways to lead by example are in taking responsibility and being vulnerable. Both are discussed. __ __

May 10, 2021
Leadership Is an Affair of the Heart

Episode #756 Do you love your team, your company, your job, your products or accomplishments? The highest-rated leaders do! They are not afraid to use the word love—and they mean it. Do you have enough courage to love? __ __

May 07, 2021
Weekly Dose of Growth

Episode #755 This week we listen to research from some of the biggest names in leadership--Dr. Henry Cloud, Jim Kouzes, Barry Posner, and Carol Dweck. We learn how the level of connections we have determine the level of impact on others' lives. We also discuss the foundational truth about leadership and things that should NOT be a habit. Lastly, we find out the ONE skill that's most important. __ __

May 06, 2021
To Grow, Master This Skill

Episode #754 The biggest researchers in the history of leadership found that one skill is more important than all of the others, and there are 5 ways to practice this skill. __ __

May 05, 2021
Don't Make THIS a Habit!

Episode #753 We always hear about things that should be turned into habits, but today we're talking about the things in our life that SHOULDN'T be habits. We talk about the things that you have to be fully aware of and fully conscious of. Listen to today's episode to find out what they are! __ __

May 04, 2021
The Foundational Truth

Episode #752 “Who is the best leader that you know personally?” People were asked this question, and you’ll be surprised that the answers were similar! Listen to today’s episode to learn about how you as a leader can influence those people directly under you. __ __

May 03, 2021
Your Connections Determine Your Impact

Episode #751 Do you make truly strong connections with others? The level of connection determines your level of impact. Listen to today’s episode to learn about the one small step you can take today that will make a difference in others’ lives! __ __

Apr 30, 2021
Weekly Dose of Growth

Episode #750 FOUR more of the top 50 Harvard Business Review articles of all time are laid on the table this week! We discuss how you can discover your authentic leadership. Then to Michael Porters famous FIVE FORCES article. Next is the seminal article on Blue Ocean Strategy, followed by the article that put Emotional Intelligence on the map by Daniel Goleman. __ __

Apr 29, 2021
What Makes a Leader by Daniel Goleman

Episode #749 Possibly the BEST Harvard Business Review Article of all time for someone who wants to grow as a leader. This is the real deal. __ __

Apr 28, 2021
Blue Ocean Strategy

Episode #748 A red ocean means there is blood in the water. It’s where all the sharks are competing for market share with their various products. Blue Ocean is totally different. It’s opening up an entire new horizon with the normal competitors. Think of Cirque Du Soleil. They weren’t competing against Barnum—nobody had every seen anything like Cirque! __ __

Apr 27, 2021
Five Competitive Forces

Episode #747 If you know someone who owns a company, you will be like gold to them if you forward them the link to this podcast, and have them watch the short video below. When we boil it all down, there are only 5 things that we need to constantly address related to the business environment. When you understand these as a consumer and as a business, our lives become much better and much more focused. __ __

Apr 26, 2021
Discovering Your Authentic Leadership

Episode #746 Fantastic article from Harvard Business Review is discussed. You CAN become more authentic and true to yourself. The short podcast ends with an unforgettable illustration about how to become the same person at work as you are at home. __ __

Apr 23, 2021
Weekly Dose of Growth

Episode #745 This week we discussed FOUR of the top 50 Harvard Business Review articles of all time--the best of the best on the following topics: leadership that gets results, persuasion, decision making, and motivation. __ __

Apr 22, 2021
One More Time, How Do You Motivate Employees?

Episode #744 Huge learning opportunity right here! You don’t get motivated by fixing the things that de-motivate you! Those just get you to “normal.” If you want to go way above normal and truly motivate yourself and others, listen to this podcast! __ __

Apr 21, 2021
Before You Make That BIG Decision

Episode #743 One of the most popular HBR articles of all time, a Nobel Prize winner and two others come up with 12 questions to ask before you make a BIG decision. We discuss 5 of the questions in the podcast, putting them in easy-to-understand language. __ __

Apr 20, 2021
The Necessary Art of Persuasion

Episode #742 The author of the HBR article worked with Sr. Business Leaders, studying them for 12 years. 8 years later, he studied lower-level managers of cross-functional teams. He found that the best of both were persuasive by being great in 4 areas. Bottom line: Persuasion is not convincing and selling. Persuasion is learning and negotiating. __ __

Apr 19, 2021
Leadership That Gets Results

Episode #741 One of the TOP 50 Harvard Business Review articles of all-time is reviewed. There are 6 primary leadership styles that get results, but none of them is effective all the time. The best leaders learn how to switch between styles to get the results they need. You’ll learn how to improve by checking out the links below. __ __

Apr 16, 2021
Weekly Dose of Growth

Episode #740 Continuing our discussion of The 7 Traits of Super Productive People! (from the Harvard Business Review article). This podcast explores accessing the knowledge we need, increasing our internal drive, anticipating and solving problems, taking initiative, and collaborating with others. Oh, and if you only do one... take initiative! __ __

Apr 15, 2021
Lone Wolves Don't Eat as Well

Episode #739 You would think that people who work by themselves are the most productive because they have less interruptions. It ends up that's not the case! Collaboration is a trait of Super Productive people when they know how to do it right! __ __

Apr 14, 2021
Champions Do This!

#738 Out of all 7 Traits of Super Productive People, I believe this one is BY FAR the most important. In this podcast we hear why taking initiative helps us to be the kind of employee that our boss LOVES. You will hear 1 Question that you can use at work or at the dinner table to help people get better every single day. __ __

Apr 13, 2021