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On The Jake Feinberg Show (radio) and in Facebook Lives, Jake Feinberg has now conducted over 2,000 interviews with “The Cats”—popular musicians across the spectrum from rock to jazz, R&B to folk, pop to country, bluegrass to fusion. Jake’s unique interviewing style puts musicians at their ease and inspires them to reflect candidly on topics familiar or unexpected.

The Cats tell little stories, muse about life, uncover aspects of the music business, dig deep into overcoming adversity, revel in camaraderie, and open their souls. You will never see musicians in the same light again....

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2010 episodes

On Brent Mydland with Danny van der Groen

Long time buddy of the GD keyboardist talks about the late great man he knew.

Mar 31
On Brent Mydland with Matt Sinclair

Longtime friend of the Grateful Dead keyboardist talks about their friendship before and after the GD.

1h 15m
Mar 30
The Evan Blix Interview

Keyboardist and drummer talks about his current musical projects and what inspires him to remain on the seekers path.

Mar 29
The Monica Getz Interview Set IV

Wife of the late Stan Getz talks about her recollections of their cosmic and at times turbulent existence.

1h 7m
Mar 27
The Billy Cobham Interview Set IX

Discussion with a master musician about the phenomena of sound and his album Solar Eclipse.

1h 16m
Mar 22
The Tosin Aribisala Interview

Profound musician from Nigeria talks about his introduction to rhythm in the Celestial Church and making his mark as an Alternative Afro-Beat band leader.

1h 3m
Mar 21
The Setsuko Hata Interview

Mystical singer and spiritual guide talks about overcoming adversity in her life and finding her Buddha nature.

1h 15m
Mar 09
The Russell Hall Interview

Jamaican bassist with deep roots in all styles of music talks about his willingness to record with no typical studio conventions and the genuine relationships he has built over his still young yet expansive career.

1h 21m
Mar 05
The Otis Hale Interview

Versatile wind player talks jamming with Dyke & The Blazers in Phoenix, at The Experience with Jimi Hendrix and the band Pollution.

1h 6m
Feb 29
The Mike McCluhan Interview

Versatile and dynamic bass player talks about the impact The Grateful Dead had on his musical POV. A modern-day conversation about a musician who hustles in order to sing for his supper.

Feb 28
The Stephan Nielsen Interview

Singer songwriter from a musical family talks about recording with Jason Abraham Roberts in Joshua Tree right before full lockdown.

Feb 22
The Catfish Hodge Interview

Rugged bluesy singer and bandleader talks about being raised by Ma and Pa Hodge and making a name for himself in Detroit as a topflight entertainer.

Feb 16
The Naim Amor Interview

Brilliant French multi-instrumentalist talks about the myriad of different musical settings he has played in both in France and Tucson.

1h 0m
Feb 13
The Big Daddy Fox Interview

Legendary blues entertainer talks about working with Willie Banks & The Messengers and learning from Billy Davis.

Feb 12
The Brian Long Interview

Road dog musician from Chelsea, MI talks about playing and listening within the group context and his intentions for going on tour with Chirp.

Feb 11
The Delbert Anderson Interview

Incendiary trumpeter talks about making a living as a musician in 2024 and how he is learning to be himself on the bandstand.

1h 9m
Feb 01
The Darren Rademaker Interview Set II

Soaking and conversing in rays of sunshine with bandleader of The Tyde. Heal Thyself....

Jan 31
The Frank Tiberi Interview

Monster musician talks about his early playing days with Dizzy Gillespie and leading the Woody Herman Band.

Jan 24
The George Garzone Interview Set II

Heavy horn player talks about playing with jam bands like Ratdog and Dave Mathews.

Jan 23
The Robert Muller Interview

Fluid and versatile pianist talks about finding a flow state on the bandstand and what he learned from Andrew Hill.

Jan 19
The Siaka Diarra Interview

Modern Day Griot talks about his upbringing in a musical family and how the Griot remains a storyteller and problem solver in many communities throughout Africa.

Jan 18
The Muzzie Braun Interview

Legendary Idaho musician talks about how he and his brothers were raised in a musical household and how that has carried over to many bands and even more memories.

Jan 14
The George Garzone Interview

Monster saxophonist talks about being raised in a musical family in Cleveland, connecting with Joe Lovano, and his own trio known as The Fringe.

Jan 11
The Artimus Pyle Interview

Legendary drummer from Lynard Skynyrd talks about his early playing experiences with members of The Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels and his own project Next Voice.

Jan 10
The Billy Bratek Interview

Young hungry musician talks about the bandstand experience he has had at this point in his career and how he will approach the dogma associated with the academy.

Jan 09
The Joe Corsello Interview

Legendary drummer talks about learning from and playing with Sonny Rollins, Benny Goodman and Joe Hunt.

Jan 07
The Angel Abaya Interview

Bandleader from Boise talks about finding her community in LA and where she wants to take her music.

Jan 04
The Tris Imboden Interview

Cosmic drummer talks about getting the gig with Kenny Loggins, adjusting to in-ear monitors with Chicago and his own original group known as Honk.

Jan 03
The Carmen Staaf Interview Set II

Badass pianist talks about working with Henry Grimes, Dee Dee Bridgewater and being part of this great American musical lineage.

1h 10m
Dec 29, 2023
The John Lee Sanders Interview Part II

Cosmic multi-instrumentalist and bandleader talks about the journeys that have kept him in the musical stratosphere.

Dec 16, 2023