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On The Jake Feinberg Show (radio) and in Facebook Lives, Jake Feinberg has now conducted over 2,000 interviews with “The Cats”—popular musicians across the spectrum from rock to jazz, R&B to folk, pop to country, bluegrass to fusion. Jake’s unique interviewing style puts musicians at their ease and inspires them to reflect candidly on topics familiar or unexpected.

The Cats tell little stories, muse about life, uncover aspects of the music business, dig deep into overcoming adversity, revel in camaraderie, and open their souls. You will never see musicians in the same light again....

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David Grisman live on The Jake Feinberg Show

Interview with Dawg prior to his appearance at The Musical Instrument Museum In Phoenix, AZ 09/2018

Aug 14
The Klaus Voormann Interview

Sublime bassist and album designer talks about finding his own individual voice through musical journeys with John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

1h 1m
Jul 28
The Rick Carlos Interview

Funk/Rock bassist talks about feeling his way through musical settings early in his life and later with David Blue, Batdorf & Rodney and Bob Weir. 

1h 19m
Jul 28
The Judith Owen Interview

Dynamic singer songwriter talks about crafting songs that touch the heart. 

Jul 27
The Maddie Witler Interview

Mandolin player who enjoys a more angular approach to blue grass music while relying on the tenants of masters like John Hartford and Sam Bush to continue on her journey as a healer. 

1h 20m
Jul 26
The Zephaniah Ohora Interview Set III

Singer/songwriter and new member of Grateful Shred talks about the most gratifying moments of road dogging and finding inspiration as he and his family leave Brooklyn at least for the moment.

1h 19m
Jul 25
The Joel Selvin Interview Set III

Voracious journalist and author talks about the many lifetimes he has led in writing about Sly Stone, Crosby Stills & Nash and Hollywood High among others. 

1h 9m
Jul 25
The Franklyn Kiermyer Interview

To lose yourself or see yourself from the outside looking in. Not worried about being micromanaged, playing free and escaping whatever's going on in your life. How hard is that? It can be very unless you consistently surround yourself with people who never put themselves above the music. Learning to converse improvisationally and going off into space is not something every musician can contribute all the time. My guest is an example of a musician who does it most of the time. Ask Pharoah Sanders or the timeless Tisziji Munoz. What my guest has in common with these masters is that he feels completely at peace when he's playing. He might be churning out patterns of hyperbolic rhythms but he is in his yogic state. Even with the physical movements of the arms and the legs and the feat he is sleeping. He is at peace. Life is not always peaceful especially if your a professional artists. You have to know your instrument, hone your sound, be a leader and a teammate at the same time and find places to play that believe in the profession of music. That it's not a pay to play game, that music is to be felt and is not for pacification, that you need to burn and go beyond the atmosphere because we will be leaving this planet for other worlds. The Harmony of The Underworld, being friends with the Devil and realizing the Devil is just alright with me. Playing music of the soul is not for the faint of heart and my guess is still working on his individual growth. He is not content with being static. He knows if you don't swing the band and stay warm you might get frostbite in those cold Canadian Winters. Franklyn Kiermyer welcome to the JFS....

Jul 23
The Arjun Bruggeman Interview Set III

Dynamic world percussionist and drummer talks about spontaneous creation of music and the next chapter of his musical life after sixteen years with Krishna Das. 

1h 3m
Jul 21
The Bruce Blackman Interview

Singer/songwriter from Eternity's Children and Starbuck talks about his career on the bandstand and in the studio writing and playing hit tunes. 

1h 10m
Jul 20
The Jerry Jemmott Interview

A master is someone who teaches, a master is someone who sacrifices and loves themselves. To master is knowing how to access your native gifts. As far as my guest is concerned that translates out to being one of the most in demand, highly respected, versatile bassists in the world. He was raised by his musical elders like Richard Davis who had been a guest twice on this show. The Pisces swimming upstream downstream always adapting, always churning, overcoming. Astrology aside my guest has played with The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin for the last 50 years. That was in between studying and watching Mingus dual with Dolphy in some mob run club. Lock the groove, play free, play a blues before the word funk even came into the lexicon. He's played and recorded with King Curtis, Jim Pepper, Duane and Gregg Allman, Eddie Harris, Gil Scott Heron, The Voices of East Harlem and Shirley Scott. A master gives back like Ali Akbar Kahn and Jerry Wexler and Dizzy Gillespie. Knowing their instrument, knowing their strengths like Chuck Rainey or Bernard Purdie or the late great Richard guest today is giving back on multiple levels including mixing live iconic music with youth baseball. Something only Jackie Robinson would have dreamed off.... Jerry Jemmott welcome to the JFS

Jul 19
The Evie Sands Interview

Dynamic singer talks about making iconic albums and being on the doorstep of worldwide fame. 

Jul 19
The Larry Raspberry Interview Set II

Inspiring musician and bandleader talks about his musical and artistic influences along with the legacy he would like to leave behind. 

1h 27m
Jul 18
The Larry Raspberry Interview

Decorated singer and band leader with The Gentry's and later The High Steppers talks about his magical musical existence which continues to this day. 

1h 48m
Jul 14
The Chris Pena Interview

Transcendent pianist talks about learning to channel the spirit in his playing and taking on the role of a bandleader here in the OP.

Jul 12
The David Diamond Interview

Versatile multi-instrumentalist talks about learning how to create deep rhythmic grooves with early bandstand opportunities in Burlington, VT and beyond. 

Jul 12
The Wen-Ting Wu Interview

Taiwanese drummer talks about her love of rhythm and groove and how that has translated into a music career in the United States. 

Jul 10
The Jose McLaughlin Interview

Burning guitarist talks about learning to develop his own sound in a myriad of different bands. 

1h 11m
Jul 09
The Cameron Wehrle Interview

Bass player emanating from La Canada High who find his groove with cats exhibiting similar frequencies on and off the bandstand. 

1h 8m
Jul 09
The Dave Poritzky Interview

All's fair when the colors are green and grey. You're not judged but included, you're seen for what you bring to the weigh room with DD and JD and Maz Madorsky...... My guest today was a perennial weight room activist. But he was a leader way before then as the son of a kosher butcher who could afford to send his three suns to camp under a Rhinecliff Moon. My guest was the eldest of the three brothers and the person who changed my outlook on Scatico for the last nine years of my career. The more I think about it it was my emergence into Jake Feinberg that was occurring only to be cultivated by my guest. He have me jobs within activities, he allowed me to get comfortable with my voice reenacting the Rocky soundtracks as Jack played the part of Carl Weathers. His even keeled temperament lent itself to a rag tag but fiercely individualistic division. He found a way to put a roof over all of our heads and turn us into the 1c posse. Where Shaun Locke would come and blow bubbles in your face @ 3 in the morning. We hoped he never would leave but our summer was his final summer. Leaving a group to carry the upper hill while he headed off to Cornell. His brothers flourished in different ways then he but again we connect with the lineage of life and blood. We are all different yet the same. We are all free yet entrapped in the idea that camp made us who we are today DP welcome to the JFS.....

Jul 08
The Putter Smith Interview Set II

Profound double bassist talks about creating art that is true to his soul and still being able to sing for his supper. 

Jul 04
Bergananda with George Marsh & Paul Fauerso

A rogue journalist and two master musicians in dialogue about raising consciousness through melodic invention. 

1h 34m
Jul 04
The Gary Grant Interview

Legendary session trumpeter talks about his journey as a musician and music lover. 

1h 8m
Jul 01
The Nick Palise Interview

Multi-reed instrumentalist talks about his musical roots that grew on the bandstand and the Detroit studio scene. 

Jul 01
Evolfo - The Last Acid Cowboys Interview

Pioneers of big band psychedelia talks about finding their niche in a new world of music.  

Jun 29
The Geoffrey Palmer Interview

Unheralded multi-instrumentalist talks about playing music with The Sons of Champlin. 

Jun 28
The George Harper Interview

George had a notable and stellar career playing the Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet. He was inducted into the Savannah Coastal Jazz Association Hall of Fame in September, 2005 . Born in Savannah, Georgia he is both a composer and an arranger as well as a performer. George has performed with Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Ray Charles, Curtis Fuller, Herbie Hancock, Hubert Laws, Luckman Jazz Orchestra, Jimmy Smith, Bobby Caldwel, Jimmy Cleveland, Barbara Morrison, Billy Higgins, Eric Heed, Harold Land Jr., Phil Ranelin, Buddy Ranelin, Buddy Childers, LaMont Johnson, Henry Franklin, Louie Spears, Kevin O’Neal and More. George has also performed for various schools in the LA Unified School District leading, the George Harper Ensemble, and featuring Jazz styles from Dixie Land to Contemporary. The National GRAMMY Concert Series for Children featured “The George Harper Saxophone Quartet” at Elementary schools in the LA Unified School District. The program included music and composers of various musical styles from Classical to Jazz.

1h 23m
Jun 28
The Alice Stuart Interview

Female instrumentalist and singer talks about earning credibility on the bandstand with Frank Zappa, Jerry Garcia and Mississippi John Hurt and fronting her own Snake Band with the late great Bob Jones.

1h 9m
Jun 27
The Greg Osby Interview

Discussion with master musician around apprenticeship, breaking bad habits and developing your own sound. 

1h 8m
Jun 24
The Billy Davis Interview

Blazing and unique guitar player talks about getting baptized by C.L. Franklin, backing up Berry Gordy's artists before Motown, mentoring Jimi Hendrix and playing for three decades with Hank Ballard & The Midnighters. 

2h 18m
Jun 19