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Nicole Sandler has worked in radio her entire adult life. After a successful career in music radio in NY and Los Angeles (WPLJ, KLOS, KSCA and others), she returned to talk radio to host mornings on then-progressive talk WINZ/Miami. After a flip to sports, she moved to Air America Radio for a nightly show. When AAR went off the air on Jan 21, 2010, Nicole Sandler moved online where she continues to question authority daily at

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20240220 Justice or Injustice with Lisa Graves - Nicole Sandler Show

I had hoped that the Supreme Court would have handed down its decision on Trump's move to appeal the DC Circuit court's ruling that he has some made-up 'absolute immunity' from virtually any crime because he once occupied the Oval Office, but no such luck. Perhaps tomorrow when at least one decision from the Extreme Justices is expected. Regardless, LISA GRAVES returns to the show today in her capacity as a private citizen who happens to have impeccable legal bona fides (just check out her bio at I'll get her thoughts on when, and how the court may rule, and many other issues including True North Research's latest dive into Leonard Leo and dark money, and John Oliver's offer to get Clarence Thomas to resign from the high court. --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 20
20240219 It's President's Day with The F#*king News - Nicole Sandler Show

If I hadn't taken last Monday off to hang with my daughter, I'd probably be enjoying a President's Day holiday off, but I couldn't justify it. Besides, I put together an open for JONATHAN LARSEN's https://thefuckingnews.substack.comsegment, and I didn't want to wait another week to play it. --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 19
20240216 Emptywheel Friday

From Special Counsel David Weiss's bs case against Hunter Biden falling apart after his big witness, Alexander Smirnov, was arrested and charged with making it all up(!) to a photo of sawdust on a table saw that they claimed was cocaine to Fani Willis on the stand defending her right to a modicum of privacy and more, MARCY WHEELER of is here to tell all in our regular Friday get together. Buckle in. It's a wild ride! --- Send in a voice message:

1h 5m
Feb 17
I'm back from Vacation and Howie Klein's Here Too - Nicole Sandler Show 2-15-24

I spent the last week enjoying my daughter's first visit to Arizona and honestly did my best to steer clear of the news as much as possible. She left last night and I've been catching up. Oh my, the shit really has hit the fan all week, and today is no exception. As I'm writing this and setting up today's show, Fani Willis is on the stand in Fulton County, GA in a suit brought by Trump allies attempting to have her removed from the case due to her alleged misconduct with a prosecutor she hired for this case. So, we'll discuss a bit of that, some of what happened while I was gone, then Howie Klein joins in for the second half hour... --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 15
20240214 Valentines Day is Different Here - Nicole Sandler Show

We end my week of vacation shows with a flashback to February 14-- Yes, it's Valentines Day. It's also the anniversary of the mass school shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 14
20240213 Flashback Tuesday with GottaLaff

Laffy's been taking some time off from her regular appearances on the show. Since I'm on vacation this week, we go back to one of her shows from the past --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 13
20240912 Flashback to a Farewell to Florida with Jim DeFede 9-11-23

Last week, a video of my friend and former colleague Jim DeFede questioning a Republican member of Congress from South Florida went viral. I'm happy his regular diligence in reporting was recognized and praised so widely! Jim DeFede is the last Florida guest I had on the show before leaving the fascist state. I thought I'd share that program today... --- Send in a voice message:

1h 0m
Feb 12
20240209 Flashback Emptywheel Friday plus Joan Baez & Dar Williams

Since it's Emptywheel Friday and I'm on vacation, I thought we'd go back to Marcy Wheeler's first appearance on this show-- October 12, 2011. Then we go back to this date in 1996.. I was hosting mornings on KSCA/Los Angeles. That morning 2/9/1996 we were broadcasting live from a Starbucks in Encino with our musical guests Joan Baez and Dar Williams! --- Send in a voice message:

1h 3m
Feb 09
20240208 Flashback Nicole Sandler Show from 8-17-21 with Melanie

August 17, 2021 was the day after President Biden pulled the last troops from Afghanistan, finally ending our longest war. It was an ugly end to an ugly war, and we dealt with it on the show that day. It was also the 52nd anniversary of the last day of Woodstock, billed as three days of Peace and Music. I was joined by Melanie for a treat of an interview. I'm sharing it today to honor the woman who passed away just about a week ago. --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 08
New News, Old News, Lots of News and Then Some... Nicole Sandler Show 2-7-24

When it rains it pours, and I'm not even in California anymore. After yesterday's long-awaited decision on the former guy's non-immunity, there was another opportunity to almost feel sorry for Republicans. The new, inexperienced and in-over-his-head Speaker of the House learned nothing from his Democratic predecessor who NEVER brought a vote to the floor without knowing she had the votes to win, lost... spectacularly. Of course, the assist goes to Rep Al Green of Texas, who left his hospital bed to vote, causing a tie, and another GQP loss. When I get through the new news, we'll dip into the old news as I reconnect with an old friend. Actually, an old boss! I came across Charlie Seraphin's new book on Facebook with some curiosity. I think the last time I saw Charlie was the day I left the CBS radio building in Los Angeles for my new job at KLOS in June of 1990! The book the piqued my curiosity is called THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE: WRITE YOUR OWN OBITUARY. OK, we'll talk about it. --- Send in a voice message:

1h 9m
Feb 07
20240206 No Immunity Tuesday Special with Emptywheel! Nicole Sandler Show for Tue 2-6-24

Because of big breaking news this morning, MARCY 'Emptywheel' WHEELER makes a special Tuesday appearance on the show to talk about the decision by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on TFG's claims of 'absolute presidential immunity.' As we knew, there is no such thing, and the bipartisan three-judge panel ruled so unanimously, releasing their decision this morning. Since I'm on vacation for a week after tomorrow, Marcy Wheeler jumped on the Zoom with me this morning to discuss what it all means. --- Send in a voice message:

1h 0m
Feb 06
The F#cking News with Jonathan Larsen - Nicole Sandler Show for Monday 2-5-24

Jonathan Larsen has spent many years in the progressive news broadcast biz -- you knew him before you knew him from Countdown with Keith Olbermann and Up with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, and Morning Sedition and The Rachel Maddow Show on Air America Radio, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, to name just a few of his credits. Now he's back with an imperative newsletter, The Fucking News ( And he joins me each Monday for a recap and a preview of what happened last week and what might and could happen in the week just starting. Come hang with us today! --- Send in a voice message:

1h 4m
Feb 05
Emptywheel Fridays! Marcy Wheeler joins Nicole Sandler 2-2-24

Every Friday we get together with MARCY WHEELER who does real journalism over at to get the latest on the various trials, hearing, indictments, and drama surrounding the failed, twice impeached former guy who once again wants to occupy the oval office (but is really only running because he sees it as his only way to stay out of jail). Today, Marcy explains the story she singularly broke regarding the warrants issued in the Hunter Biden so-called investigation and lots more. --- Send in a voice message:

1h 1m
Feb 02
Talking Politics Thursdays with Howie Klein of Down With Tyranny - Nicole Sandler Show - 2-1-2024

It's Thursday, so HOWIE KLEIN is here from his perch at and the Blue America PAC. Since election season is here, he's bringing on one of the Blue America-endorsed candidates for Congress, JERROD CHRISTIAN, running in Ohio's 12th District.   --- Send in a voice message:

1h 3m
Feb 01
20240131 What's News Wednesday on the Nicole Sandler Show

There's a potpourri of news today, so we'll attempt to cover as much of it as possible. From Taylor Swift causing Republicans to lose their collective shit, to a shit show in the senate as social media CEOs get a taste of their own harassment. No guest today, so it's up to you to weigh in on all that's going on in our opposite world.  Anything goes. --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 31
1-30-24 Nicole Sandler Show - Let's Try This Again with Brian Karem

Last Wednesday, we were expecting journalist Brian Karem to pop into the Zoom room at any moment. That moment never came. When I invited Brian on the show, he told me that he had pool duty that day, but should be on the tarmac at LAX where he could jump on the air with me while waiting for the president to get back to the plane. Unfortunately, the Secret Service had a different idea that day, and Brian was unable to join us. So we'll try again today when, I think, he'll be in a more accessible position. We'll find out soon enough. --- Send in a voice message:

1h 3m
Jan 30
20240129 Nicole Sandler Show - The F@cking News with Jonathan Larsen

He's baack! I've been a fan of Jonathan Larsen's before I knew his name. He worked behind the scenes on some TV shows you probably watched -- he helped create and launch Anderson Cooper 360 at CNN, worked on Countdown with Keith Olbermann for about five years, then created and ran Up with Chris Hayes on MSNBC. Did I mention that he also worked at Air America Radio as Executive Producer of Morning Sedition with Marc Maron and The Rachel Maddow Show? Now you get it, right? Well, Jonathan Larsen just relaunched his daily irreverent news roundup, The Fucking News. (Subscribe at He'll join us today for the first of what I hope will be a regular segment on the show because we all need the fucking news delivered with the attitude it deserves! --- Send in a voice message:

1h 12m
Jan 29
2024126 Nicole Sandler Show - Emptywheel Fridays

Every Friday we recap the week in Trump trials and legal issues facing our democracy with MARCY WHEELER of Today, the latest in the Trump tantrums at the second E Jean Carroll defamation trial, which he throws on purpose to command the media's attention who are busy watching his sideshow instead of covering the important news he's distracting them from. And the persecution of private citizen Hunter Biden, the false equivalencies pushed by the magaT contingent, and lots more... --- Send in a voice message:

1h 12m
Jan 26
20240125 Nicole Sandler Show - Thursdays with Howie Klein

HOWIE KLEIN  of ⁠Down With Tyranny⁠ http://downwithtyranny,com took off for a few weeks over the holidays, and then another couple to battle Covid. Thankfully he's back today in time to tell us about TFG's latest troubles, about Matt Gaetz's resurrected troubles, about the impending blue wave and whatever else we have time for. (Awesome artwork courtesy of Down With Tyranny's official artist Nancy Ohanian) --- Send in a voice message:

1h 1m
Jan 25
20240124 Nicole Sandler Show - About Last Night

Primary Night Coverage isn't going to win any awards for suspense! The networks called it for Trump just moments after the polls closed in New Hampshire last night. And despite pronouncements to the contrary by the idiots at Fox, they called the Democratic primary for Joe Biden shortly after, even though his name wasn't on the ballot thanks to some DNC nonsense. Yawn. Until Trump is convicted, it'll continue like this. Then, all bets are off. --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 24
1-23-24 Nicole Sandler Show – The Healing Power of Music & Comedy with Bruce W Nelson

If you've listened to my show (or watched it) for any amount of time, you've no doubt noticed that I like to use the creativity of people who create parody songs and post them for all to enjoy. We've discovered a lot of very talented people from all over the world who undertake such creative endeavors. About a year ago, I stumbled on some videos on YouTube by a man named Bruce W Nelson who incorporated an alter-ego, Mangy Fetlocks. I was certain it was the actor Jeff Daniels who also has a side pursuit in music. They have similar speech patterns and cadence and do look quite a bit alike. Anyway, my insistence that it was Jeff Daniels putting out 1 or 2 of these creations daily prompted Bruce to get in touch and convince me that was not nor had ever been Jeff Daniels.  I realized just the other day that, although I had shared the story on air, Bruce had never joined me on the air.  We correct that oversight today! Hopefully he checks his email in time to test the connection and eradicate any gremlins who might want to hijack the fun today... We'll begin, as usual, with some news. Today is, after all, NH primary day. Lots at stake.  We'll need some laughs as we might be crying tonight...

1h 0m
Jan 24
20240122 Nicole Sandler Show - Racing to NH & Black History Month

So many developments over the weekend, much of it seems to be in the quest of a VP nod by TFG. Ron DeSantis 'suspended' his presidential campaign and quickly kissed the ring. Nikki Haley keeps doubling down on her racism comments. And Tim Scott proposed to his female girlfriend. Hmmm. I think it's all related. We'll talk about it in the first half-hour of the show.  In the second half-hour I welcome today's guest, Keith Boykin. He's  a TV and film producer, former CNN political commentator and a NY Times-bestselling author whose brand new one, WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE ABOUT RACE?: 25 Arguments that Won't Go Away, is officially released tomorrow.

1h 2m
Jan 22
20240119 Nicole Sandler Show - Emptywheel Fridays

It's Friday, so our weekly deluge of information from Marcy Wheeler of So much to discuss in our hour together today including the E Jean Carroll second defamation trial against the former guy and how the corporate media is doing Trump's bidding by covering his sideshow courtroom tantrums, the new allegations (and investigation and hearing scheduled in February) concerning Fulton County DA Fani Willis and her lead prosecutor's personal relationship, and of course the latest in the GOP targeted harassment and prosecution of Hunter Biden, among other things. I apologize that there's no video of today's get-together. I recorded it as usual. (We tape Friday mornings AZ time/afternoon Ireland time.) But mea culpa. When I stopped the video recording, I apparently inadvertently restarted the recording when I ended it, effectively recording over the file that was the recording of the interview. Thank goodness I have the audio backup. So, listen today. Turn on the closed captions if you want to see the text of our discussion.  I sincerely apologize. I'll do better next week.

1h 0m
Jan 19
20240118 Nicole Sandler Show - Countering the Tragedy with some Comic Relief (or not)

There's so much news dominated by the tragedy that is Donald J Trump. Just a glance at the headlines shows the news media can't quit him. They report on every cringy thing he says and does, somehow normalizing his anything-but-normal behavior.  At least he skipped today's third day of the second E Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit against the former guy after being smacked down by the judge yesterday, so we're spared his antics there. But I'm sure we'll see more nonsensical clips from his rambling campaign speeches because, well, as I said before, they can't quit him.

1h 3m
Jan 18
1-17-24 Nicole Sandler Show - It's Not George It's AI with Kelly Carlin

Remember the old Memorex ads? Is it live or is it Memorex? It might have been hard to tell the difference (or not), but in the case of AI it's quite clear. There is no comparison. That didn't stop a so-called comedy team from taking volumes of George Carlin's genius work, feeding it into an artificial intelligence program with the goal of it writing a new comedy routine in his voice using events that happened since his death. Long story short: it failed. Brutally But the question arises where an artist like Carlin's rights end. His daughter KELLY CARLIN is fighting back, and she'll join us for the second half of the show today to talk about this inanimate can of worms.  Find Kelly on Xitter and Instagram Or go to her outdated website at and sign up for her emails. You'll get all the info you need! We'll begin the show today with GOTTALAFF (@GOTTALAFF@MASTODON.SOCIAL). No, she's not here, but she's tooting up a storm today. (That's what you do on Mastodon -- toot, as opposed to on Xitter where Laffy no longer Xits for obvious reasons named Elon Musk.) She's live-tooting the EJ Carroll defamation trial in NYC today, where el Trumpo is sitting in the courtroom making noises, pissing off the judge along with his so-called attorneys.

1h 0m
Jan 17
20240116 Nicole Sandler Show - Trans Rights are Human Rights with Erin Reed & Brit Somers

The Trump slide into fascism has brought with it some dangerous new trends like the banning of books, whitewashing history and a massive backsliding of personal rights like abortion and bodily autonomy. One of the most heinous attacks has been on the rights of people to live their own authentic lives. I've been hyper-focused on what's going on in Florida as I lived there for much of my life. The current governor is the worst in the country when it comes to pushing his own perverted sense of morals on the rest of the nation from his sickening directives like the "Don't Say Gay" bill, prohibitions on African American studies AP high school courses and 6-week abortion ban for a start. Now, as the legislative session began this week, we learn of new legislation that would outlaw transgender adults. Really. I'm not overstating that. I learned of this latest outrage last week though an article at Alternet written by one of today's guests. ERIN REED, aka, whose substack of the same name reports on trans and queer news and legislation so that we're all aware of what is going on. Erin and I will be joined by our old friend 'BOCA' BRITANY SOMERS, host of The Brit Somers Show, a trans woman trying to live her life in Floriduh.

1h 0m
Jan 16
20240112 Nicole Sandler Show - Emptywheel Fridays!

We love Fridays around here for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is we get to review the week in Trump trials and tribulations with Marcy 'Emptywheel' Wheeler, the proprietor and independent journalist who shares her work with us at This was a ridiculously busy week with hearings and trials and more hearings Oh My. Because there was so much going on, we have a jam-packed hour filled with information and analysis from Marcy and we get to marvel at how much information she has and is able to reveal off the top of her mind. And since it's now the weekend, you have a few days to absorb it all before we hit the ground running again.

1h 1m
Jan 12
20240111 Nicole Sandler Show - Almost Anything Goes Thursday

We were looking forward to Howie Klein's return to the show today after the holidays, but it won't happen today. He's back from a trip to India, but a bit jetlagged and under the weather, so he'll return next week. So today, it's almost anything goes. I have lots of audio and video to share from this week's various shit shows, and the phone lines are wide open.

1h 0m
Jan 11
20240110 Nicole Sandler Show - "You Have No Balls" Pot Meet Kettle with Lisa Graves

Not only are Magats and Republicans hypocrites, they've actually killed irony. This is been a week filled with unbelievable court proceedings and congressional hearings. During each one, at least one Republican shill or representative has made complete fools of themselves. Today in a House Oversight hearing on contempt charges for Hunter Biden for not complying with a Congressional subpoena (after they changed the rules mid-stream), one of them spoke directly to the president's son and said "You have no balls." But of course we know he does because another of their members, Marjorie Q Green showed his "dick pics" during an earlier hearing in that very room, as a couple of the Democrats on the committee reminded us this morning. Yikes! So much to talk about, so many clips to share. Thank goodness LISA GRAVES is joining us today to share her own legal perspective on the right's attack on the rule of law in this country.

1h 3m
Jan 10
1-9-24 Nicole Sandler Show - Tuesday Talking with Digby

We can't officially kick off a new year without a state of the insanity conversation with OG blogger, Salon columnist and the proprietor of Digby's blog (at

1h 0m
Jan 09