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The Grubs have got their own podcast! The boys from East Gardens have gone from your eyeballs to your ear holes. Grab yourself a lime coola, a box of shapes and enjoy! Send The Grubs your questions or fines using #GrubUp

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The Grubs Show - India Part 4

The Grubs sign off their tour of India from cow corner at the historic cricket Maidan in Mumbai. They give a detailed account of the Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad airport, and their unbeaten record on the subcontinent. #GrubUp

Mar 14
The Grubs Show - India Part 3

This Grubs Show was recorded on Holi, ahead of the 4th Test at Ahmedabad. Will the attendance world record fall and will another world leader mispronounce the names of iconic cricketers at the Modi Stadium #GrubUp

Mar 08
The Grubs Show - India Part 2

Australia are now undefeated on the subcontinent when The Grubs have been present! This is the second edition of The Grubs Show in India recorded in front of a live audience in Indore. #GrubUp

Mar 06
The Grubs Show - India Part 1

The Grubs have arrived in India to save Australian cricket. Hammy is joined by horses for courses selections Flanners and Cheets to preview the third Test. This is the first (and probably last) episode they have ever recorded in a tuk tuk

Feb 27
The Grubs review The Test Season Two (Part 2)

The Grubs are back to review The Test episodes 3 and 4. But first Rambo wants to review Flanner's social media content... The team take a deep dive into the episodes handing out fines as they go. Then the boys preview the upcoming first Test versus India, and Hammy has some stern, stern words for the Indians following leaked images of the state of the pitch. All that and whole heap more Grubby fun! #grubup Gamble Responsibly. 18+

Feb 09
The Grubs review season two of The Test

The Grubs are back to review season two of The Test! Plus do Flannas' impounded car and fiercely worded article about the Melbourne Stars have anything to do with each other? #Grubup

Jan 16
The Grubs Show - S4 E10 - #ScoBo4PM

* Tommy Morris joins The Grubs for the first show of 2022. The boys laugh at England, discuss their COVID experiences and bask in the glory of ScoBo. #GrubUp

Jan 11, 2022
The Grubs Show - S4 E9 - Merry Grubmas

* In the last show before Christmas, Hammy's abysmal batting display on the weekend becomes the gift that keeps on giving! Hummer produces one of the worst guesses ever in Rambo's quiz and have the Grubs found a new skipper? #GrubUp

Dec 21, 2021
The Grubs Show - S4 E8 - "Chew"

* On this week's show The Grubs review The Gabba preview Adeliade, Hummer gives us one of the worst Richie Benaud impressions and the boys answer that age-old question: Would you rather have a head the size of a cricket ball, or a beach ball? All that and a whole heap more dross in a bumper episode of The Grubs Show.

Dec 15, 2021
The Grubs Show - S4 E7 - BETTER Away Sheds

* The Grubs have upgraded their digs for their second week on the road. They preview the Ashes, put their box's on the line with some BOLD predictions and Hammy obliterates Hummer in Rambo's quiz! #GrubUp

Dec 07, 2021
The Grubs Show - S4 E6 - Away Sheds

* The Grubs are reporting from the away sheds this week to preview the BBL, Hummer's Christmas movie marathon and fine Flanners. The BBL batting draft is back - can Rambo defend his title? #GrubUp

Dec 02, 2021
S4 E5 - Don't Miss The Memmo

* The OG crew are back to dissect the biggest stories in the game - the massive captaincy resignation (at the Grubs), the other captaincy resignation and Flanners faces the music on an interesting week off the field. #GrubUp

Nov 24, 2021
S4 E4 - Local Cricket 360 (with Tom Morris)

* The Grubs talk more cricket than ever before with special guest Tommy Morris. Is JL now untouchable? Would Hammy beat Tommy in a wrestle? And, where has Moises Henriques been watching Spotify? Find out on this episode! #GrubUp

Nov 17, 2021
S4 E3 - Stingers

* The biggest grub of all is back for this episode of The Grubs Show! The boys take a look at the T20 word cup, one of the worst grubs related fashion faux pas on record and argue about whether the show has too many stingers. #GrubUp

Nov 03, 2021
The Grubs Show S4 E2 - Who Wears, Who Wore?

* On today’s show the Grubs unveil a new team member, check in on the Skipper campaign trail, go in to bat for Shaun Marsh and play Instagram Live smash hit ‘who wears, who wore?’ #GrubUp

Oct 27, 2021
The Grubs Show - S4 E1 - We're Back Baby!

* The boys are back after a spell with some team news - Where has their fearless leader gone? Has anyone heard from him? * Fines, T20 World Cup predictions, Rambo’s quiz and Ask Grubby #GrubUp

Oct 18, 2021
Three Slips No Cover | S3 Ep 8 #BIGBOISZN

* Off the back of arguably the greatest Test debut of all time, the boys looks back through the archives at their Sportsbet video debuts * * #GrubUp * * Donate to Albert:

Feb 19, 2021
Three Slips No Cover | S3 Ep7 Cricket Cancel Culture

* In the spirit of 2021 and the South Africa series cancelation, The Grubs dive into what else could easily be put in the bin in the world of cricket. #GrubUp

Feb 04, 2021
Three Slips No Cover | S3 Ep 6 - Hummer of Cricket

* Three Slips No Cover | S3 Ep 6 - Hummer of Cricket Hummer is back after an 18 month sabbatical and he is coming off the long run! Where's Walley? An early payout on the Grubs BBL Draft and how to join the 'Grub Club'. #GrubUp

Jan 29, 2021
Three Slips No Cover | S3 Ep 5 - Actually Talking Cricket?

* The Grubs dangerously slip into the world of Test cricket analysis for a change after India's miraculous series win at the Gabba. Hammy picks an XI Australia deserves, the boys give DRS a whirl, plus Fines, Full Credit to the Boys and the much awaited return of Rambo's Quiz! #grubup

Jan 21, 2021
S3 Ep 4 - Kayo Debut

* The Grubs make their podcast debut on Kayo to chat worst sledges, revisit the Big Bash Run Scorer Draft and call out some Indian 'legends' in the first (and possibly last) edition of Ham's Roast! #GrubUp

Jan 14, 2021
S3 Ep 3 - Cricket Fight Night

* Amazing access in this week's edition of 3 Slips No Cover as the boys are joined by the chairman of selectors, Hardik Pandya's bat and the Seddon Park curator! #GrubUp * * Click here to watch the full ep on YouTube.

Dec 10, 2020
S3 Ep2 - The Summer of Better Homes and Gardens

* Get your QR codes ready for another big episode! Fines, credit to the boys and The Grubs are open to sponsorship opportunities * #GrubUp

Dec 02, 2020
S3 Ep1 - Back From A Spell

* The Grubs return from a long spell with a few looseners (mainly the new Big Bash rules!). What's Warnie selling? What's Hammy bining? And did the Aussies get free Spotify in quarantine? #GrubUp

Nov 26, 2020
Three Slips No Cover - The Grubs review The Test (Part 4)

* The Grubs are back in the studio to round out the final two episodes of The Test. Off the back of some fire recent sport documentaries the boys outline what doco should be made next, Yes/No/Wait is back and Hummer has gout! #grubup

1h 5m
May 22, 2020
Three Slips No Cover - The Grubs review The Test (Part 3)

* Was Episode 6 of The Test the first worrying sign that David Warner was set for a crippling TikTok addiction? The Grubs investigate. #GrubUp

1h 12m
May 08, 2020
Three Slips No Cover - The Grubs review The Test (Part 2)

* The Grubs review the home series v India/Sri Lanka, the best of Rob Moody’s mirrored cricket content and try to get to the bottom of one of Donald Trump’s 2 favourite cricketers, Virat Kohli. #GrubUp

1h 9m
Apr 30, 2020
Three Slips No Cover - The Test (Review 1)

* With the world in lockdown, the Grubs review the first 2 editions of The Test. Rambo's Quiz makes a comeback, and the boys battle wifi connection less reliable than their top 6. #GrubUp

1h 5m
Apr 23, 2020
Give Me SOMETHING - Ep 1 | Weather markets, esports and more

* With a swathe of sports cancelled, Sportsbet's sharpest minds run you through some hidden gems you can still bet on!

Mar 25, 2020
S2 Ep 18 - Phoning It In

* 3 Slips No Hummer. Back after the break – there is plenty that impressed, intrigued and disgusted the Grubs in the world of cricket over the festive season. Off the back of Boof Lehmann’s hacked phone, the Grubs name their Phone Incident XI. #GrubUp *

Jan 16, 2020