Interview with Jonathan Terrell
SEP 11, 2022
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We had the pleasure of interviewing Jonathan Terrell over Zoom video.

In the early days, Jonathan Terrell balanced his burgeoning solo career with his work as frontman of local rock n roll powerhouse, Not in the Face, showing a duality and versatility rarely seen in country. Early records like 2008’s Trials & Stimulations and 2015’s Past the Lights of Town established him as a boozy street poet, a gun-toting feminist (Vice) with the theatrics of a Texas Springsteen and the introspective power of Townes Van Zandt. He followed those records with his latest album, 2020’s Westward, which was hailed by Rolling Stone as “irresistible.”

“I wrote this song at a Paul Simon concert about a beautiful woman I saw flying down the stairs to her seat, holding 2 big cups of beer,” says recording artist Jonathan Terrell in his signature Texas twang of his newly released tune, “I Know.” The first release from Terrell’s upcoming EP, A Couple, 2, 3, the beginnings of “I Know” kicked off a whole lot more in Terrell’s life than meets the eye. “I could only make out her silhouette between her and the lights from the stage but I was so moved that I had to step outside and write this whole song on my phone, so as to not be an asshole on my phone at a Paul Simon show,” he remembers fondly. The beautiful woman turned instant muse? That’s Christina, and she’s now Terrell’s fiancée.

“I Know” comes across earnest and true; a testament to that moment when Terrell knew exactly what Christina meant to him, delivered through his raw, pure voice and a straightforward groove somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and Robert Earl Keen. Produced by Beau Bedford (The Texas Gentlemen) at Dallas’s beloved Modern Electric Studios, like the rest of A Couple, 2, 3, “I Know” is available to stream and fans can also pre-save or pre-order A Couple, 2, 3 ahead of its September 9th release via Range Music

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