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Each week we’re joined by famed journalists, Elliott Wilson and Brian ”B.Dot” Miller, as they invite A-listers from across the hip hop industry to sit down with them for a “definitive” conversation around life experiences, music, and culture.

Aug 18
Interview with The Gunz Show

We had the pleasure of interviewing Gunz of The Gunz Show over Zoom video. Gunz is an entertainment media host with over 15 years of experience. A man who wears many hats, Gunz has been seen on FUSE, Much Music, MTV 2, ABC News, FOX and is also the ESPN New York Radio Host; has hosted some of the biggest festivals in the alternative music scene including Warped Tour, So What?! Music Fest and Riot Fest and is the DJ for Emo Night Brooklyn. He is a household name in the emo and pop punk scene, having gone from a fan to touring to then hosting one of the largest music shows and podcasts in the scene with over 500K listeners. Recently, he started up a fun, brand new series/game show, "Who Wants To Be An Emo Millionaire”! Who Wants To Be An Emo Millionaire is the perfect crossover of music trivia - Gunz’s longtime passion and knowledge of music comes together with some of the biggest artists in the scene to bring a fun, new way for fans to get to know a different side of their favorite artists as Gunz tests them on their knowledge of emo music and beyond! The show streams LIVE on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week on Twitch and fans that tune in have the opportunity to interact with their favorite artists, acting as a “lifeline” for them in case they get stumped by a question. Through that live engagement, they also have the opportunity to win concert tickets, VIP Tickets, autographed items, free merchandise and more! Check out the sizzle reel for the show here: It truly is such a special show, not just for Gunz himself but for the artists and fans as well. Who Wants To Be An Emo Millionaire really brings the community together in such a fun way. Gunz has been a leading man in the scene for years and with the recent emo and pop punk resurgence, a show like this only further solidifies that the genre NEVER left and that there’s always been this incredible tight knit community that’s been behind it every step of the way. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #thegunzshow #emo #WhoWantsToBeAnEmoMillionaire #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 18
Interview with Julian Taylor

We had the pleasure of interviewing Julian Taylor over Zoom video. Award-winning, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Julian Taylor is set to release his next album, the powerful and engaging Beyond the Reservoir, on October 14, 2022, via his Howling Turtle, Inc. label, with distribution via Warner Music/ADA. For more information please visit any of the links below or Taylor’s website. Beyond the Reservoir’s name is grounded in a specific geographical touchstone Taylor recalls from the days of his teenage youth in Toronto. “I used to hang out at a place called the St. Clair Reservoir,” he says. “If my last album, The Ridge, was a childhood record in a lot of ways, Beyond the Reservoir is an adolescence record – a coming-of-age story – about moving into adulthood. It addresses identity, loss, sadness, hope, and redemption, and the themes of resilience, courage, and strength. It has this infinite sadness to it, but it also has this infinite hope to it as well." In May, Taylor shared a performance video for one of the album's songs, “Murder 13” – that features a starkly restless narrative – in which he played it solo, onstage at the renowned El Mocambo club in Toronto. It was released to coincide with the 2022 Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City. He then released the first official single from Beyond the Reservoir, “S.E.E.D.S,” a song with the thought-provoking key line – inspired by the murder of George Floyd and the widespread news of residential school abuses in Canada – “They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds.” The song premiered at PopMatters, and a planned music video will be released soon. The no-holds-barred reclamation declarations of “Stolen Lands” continues the theme,along with the freedom and wisdom celebrated in “I Am a Tree.” Moving forward, "Wide Awake,” a bittersweet beauty of a song, about embracing one’s ingrained familial experiences, with the catchiest chorus that Taylor has yet written, will be released on Aug. 12, premiering at Glide magazine. “Opening the Sky,” written as a treatise for his pre-teen daughter to champion the idea of how you can do anything, no matter what the universe throws at you, will follow as single three, with a scheduled release date of Sept. 16. “Murder 13,” a touching account of the tragic loss of a dear friend of his youth, will then officially be released as a single in tandem with the album release on Oct. 14. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #JulianTaylor #BeyondTheReservoir #SEEDS #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 16
Interview with Bekuh Boom

We had the pleasure of interviewing Bekuh Boom over Zoom video. Bekuh Boom recently released her single "Anime Eyes”. Bekuh has spent most of her career songwriting for some of the biggest names, having signed her first publishing deal to Warner/Chappell Music at the age of 18, and now we're finally getting new music from the legendary artist. "Anime Eyes" was in the works for almost a year until Bekuh brought it to the producer Cook Classics (Panic! At The Disco, Beyonce, Machine Gun Kelly). Bekuh elaborates "The song is about liking someone so much that they can make you feel every emotion to the extreme. When you look at them you get heart eyes, and when they make you mad you get flames shooting out of your eyes, and when they make you sad you get teary eyes. They give you Anime Eyes. It's borderline toxic. Haha. But we’ve all had at least one of those. There’s a lot of my favorite Animes referenced for my anime lovers. Even if someone doesn’t watch Anime I think they can still relate to and love this song.” Bekuh has songwriting credits across multiple genres (Jordin Sparks, Madison Beer, JLO) BUT is most prominent in K-Pop. She has co-written over 10 songs reaching the #1 position on various music charts, not to mention the billions upon billions of views/streams these songs have accumulated. She's credited on multiple wildly successful Blackpink songs: "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" "Kill This Love" "Ice Cream" ft Selena Gomez "Pretty Savage" (and many more) as well as Lisa's solo projects "Lalisa" and "Money". Other credits in K-Pop are with Taeyang, Cosmic Girls, Twice, iKon, (G)I-dle, etc. The list goes on!!! We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #BekuhBook #AnimeEyes #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 16
Interview with Taylor Grey

We had the pleasure of interviewing Taylor Grey over Zoom video. As a recent Stanford University graduate, Taylor Grey has become an inspiration for younger generations on learning her craft and working for her education, simultaneously. At only 21-years-old, she is signed with Kobalt Music Group. Taylor has over 300K total streams to date. Taylor released her first studio album Space Case in 2017. The 12-track release featured a notable collaboration with The Vamps’ Brad Simpson. The same year Taylor revealed the Indie-Ballad's single “Poison,” further showcased the playful yet meaningful side of her writing and on-stage presence. A gifted songwriter and talented performer, she provides pristinely produced tracks with enrapturing vocals that surround each piece. Her self-titled EP GREY in 2018 was produced by Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein (Foster the People, Ellie Goulding) with executive producer Josh Abraham (Thirty Seconds to Mars, Weezer, P!nk). Taylor’s strong work ethic and drive, in combination with vibrant musical talent is paving her way to the spotlight. Taylor has toured internationally with Why Don’t We in late 2019, and has shared the stage with Walk the Moon, Fall Out Boy, Sabrina Carpenter, The Vamps, Flo Rida, Jake Miller, and more Taylor Grey’s new single ‘Ever Knew Me’, and several more releases are slated for the upcoming months, setting 2022 to be Taylor’s biggest and brightest year yet. ‘Ever Knew Me’ is Taylor’s first single in two years. The catchy yet heartfelt song captures the exact feelings of moving away from the past and leaving loved ones behind. Listeners will be delighted with the song's upbeat and bright sound while being equally as moved by the deep emotions behind the lyrics. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #TaylorGrey #EverKnewMe #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 15
Interview with Two Friends

We had the pleasure of interviewing Two Friends over Zoom video. Known for their goofy sense of humor, infectious pop-dance sound and accompanying Big Bootie Mixes, of which each installment amasses millions of streams on both YouTube and SoundCloud, longtime DJs, producers, and best friends, Two Friends are set to release an album via Helix Records later this year. Next up for Two Friends is a pop-punk inspired collaboration with Mod Sun—“Timebomb” drops on July 1st. Following emotional pop track “Wish You Were Here,” the next single from Two Friends is a summer playlist-ready collaboration. Let me know if this sparks your interest, the guys are very easy to talk to, and I know they’d love to share their story with you. Bio: Matt Halper and Eli Sones, the young masterminds behind Two Friends, have quickly grown from high school bedroom producers to one of the most promising dance-pop acts of 2022. Known for their viral remixes of classics such as "Mr. Brightside" and "I Miss You", the millions of streams on their award-winning Big Bootie Mixes, original offerings such as "Looking At You", "Love Love" and "Emily", and a knack for creative social media antics, the duo has become a staple of the American electronic scene and show no signs of slowing down. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #TwoFriends #ModSun #BigBootieMix #TImebomb #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 13
Interview with Lissie (Lissie Returns!)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Lissie over Zoom video. Midwestern artist Lissie is a multi-talented tour de force who appeared in TV shows Twin Peaks and Loudermilk as well as co-owning the music genre themed popcorn company Otts Pops Indie Pop and being involved with land conservation and running her own farm. Her new country-tinged indie folk album Carving Canyons is due out September 16 on Lionboy Records. The sun soaked twelve song collection is a sonic comfort as it simultaneously charts the ripples caused by heartbreak and loneliness as well as what happens when the soul perseveres amidst pain. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, Lissie was also dealing with an impactful breakup on her Iowa farm. A breakup song at its core, lead single “Flowers” explores the cycles of grief and the parallels Lissie saw in nature while gardening on her farm as she processed that grief. Co-written with Henry Brill and Bre Kennedy who also contributes vocals, you can just about feel the sunny breeze roll in as she builds power from pain with the expansive track. Produced by Curt Schneider (Patty Smyth, Lucero), Carving Canyons is about looking within while dealing with the uncertainty of the future—finding hope in personal and worldly adversity, no matter what the forecast might say. Inspired by her incredible intergenerational female friend group and the nature that surrounded her, Lissie traveled to Nashville and co-wrote much of the album with a majority of female-identifying songwriters—including Bre Kennedy, Madi Diaz, Morgan Nagler, Natalie Hemby, Kate York, and Sarah Buxton—who also contribute additional vocals throughout the album. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #Lissie #Flowers #CarvingCanyons #Chrysalism #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 12
Interview with Milk & Bone

We had the pleasure of interviewing Milk & Bone over Zoom video. Behind the entrancing vocal harmonies and heartbreakingly honest lyrics of the electro-pop duo Milk & Bone hides the vibrant inner world of close friends and musicians Laurence Lafond-Beaulne (Soft Fabric) and Camille Poliquin (KROY). With every release, Milk & Bone redefine the boundaries of pop music with a mix of deeply emotional tracks and candy-pop hymns. Since coming together to create Milk & Bone in 2015, the duo has spawned two critically acclaimed albums and one EP: Little Mourning (2015), Deception Bay (2018) and DIVE (2019) on top of accumulating over 75 million streams online. On stage, the musicians have captivated audiences while touring across Canada, Europe and the United States. At home, the duo’s touchingly personal songs have reached fans of such television series as Riverdale, Search Party, Broad City and Tiny Pretty Things, as well as several advertising campaigns, including Dior. Milk & Bone has won a Juno Award for Electronic Album of the Year (2019), and was nominated for Breakthrough Group of the Year in 2016, as well as two long list nominations for the Polaris Prize (2015 and 2018). Outside their record releases as Milk & Bone, Laurence and Camille have also crafted music for two original shows produced by Cirque du Soleil, as well two feature films from Québécois filmmaker Podz. The theme song for King Dave, titled Natalie, earned the pair a nomination for Achievement in Music (Original Song) at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards. After a long wait, the duo is ready to unveil the fruits of their musical and personal explorations with Chrysalism, a new album set to be released in 2022. For Milk & Bone, the writing process felt like a renewal of vows -- an opportunity for them to work together on new music with intention and desire, instead of doing it simply because it’s the next logical step. The result is a highly spirited record that marks a departure into an unmistakably pop-forward territory for the duo. With enthralling vocals, synth-led music and melodic guitar riffs, the pair explores topics like love, longing and heartbreak from a decidedly more mature perspective, choosing to see themselves as actors in the storyline of their love lives, instead of victims of circumstance. What comes through is a poignant reflection of growing older and coming into oneself. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #MilkandBone #MilkBone #MilkNBone #Chrysalism #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

1h 19m
Aug 11
Interview with Mokita

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mokita over Zoom video. Nashville singer-songwriter-producer Mokita (aka John-Luke Carter) returns with his new single “Happiness” via Nettwerk. The candid track is complimented by a distorted bass line alongside a zestful production. Led by textured chill-pop and sweeping melodies, “Happiness” is brimming with introspective lyrics and fervent vocals. There’s an honest delivery behind “Happiness” not only with its alluring soundscape but with its theme of not finding happiness but creating it. The track is a testament that happiness is not 24/7 or a light switch away and that the biggest takeaway is becoming content right now with yourself. In June, Mokita released his single “Crash,” in which he teamed up with rising artist Charlotte Sands. The track is about being stuck in a relationship with someone that you know won’t last, it’s not good for either of you, but you can’t break the cycle of it. Directed by Ed Pryor, the music video makes references and callbacks to 80s movies and pop culture. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #Mokita #Happiness #Crash #CharlotteSands #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 11
Interview with Mansionair

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mansionair over Zoom video. GRAMMY-nominated trio Mansionair has smashed any notion of a sophomore slump on their new album: Happiness, Guaranteed. - out now via Glassnote Records. The band explains Happiness, Guaranteed, “is about the cyclical nature of our modern dissatisfaction. It’s a brief dive into the frustrations our desires bring in our attempts to reach a level of contentment. Each song explores the pursuit of happiness within our relationships, our work, and our wealth all whilst finding ways to be content with what you have whilst balancing a desire to grow.” Since forming in 2014, Mansionair has notched a slew of accolades that highlight the band’s knack for catchy, deeply compelling songwriting. With a GRAMMY Award nomination under their belt for their smash collaboration “Line of Sight” with ODESZA and WYNNE, they’ve also performed at bucket list festivals from Coachella to The Great Escape while selling out storied venues like New York’s Bowery Ballroom in the process. That all goes without mentioning the 270 million streams they’ve notched across streaming platforms and multiple gold ARIA-accredited tracks in their home country, making waves wherever they set their sights. “Strangers,” their recent collaboration with Dom Dolla went Top 10 on US dance charts. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #Mansionair #HappinessGuaranteed #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

1h 12m
Aug 10
Interview with Alice Merton (Alice Returns!)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Alice Merton over Zoom video. Alice Merton releases her second album S.I.D.E.S. which features the new focus track "The Other Side." This album campaign has seen Alice raise the bar from what she achieved with her debut album Mint (billion+ streams, Top 10 chart positions across Europe, becoming a judge on The Voice of Germany) with some of her biggest moments in fresh territories, including a US tour with Bastille, a career-defining orchestral concert of her biggest songs with the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra, and being named as Jo Whiley’s Infatuation on Radio 2. The singles that have previewed the album — including "Vertigo," "Same Team," and "Island" — have seen Alice make a huge leap forward in both her artistic vision and her confidence. The voice and alt-pop addictiveness that first enamored fans remains at the core of her sound, but it’s adventurously doused with touches of indie, electronica, alt-rock and synth-pop. Ultimately, S.I.D.E.S. sees Alice blur the boundaries between ragged rock energy and pop infectiousness. It is also the first album, where Alice has acted as the executive producer throughout the whole album. The fiery attitude of much of the music is matched by Alice’s desire to explore her vulnerabilities head on. When lockdown gave her the time to space to reflect, Alice realized that she wanted to use her music to reflect who she really is. As a result, she boldly explores issues of personal and professional conflict, self-doubt, and standing up for your principles. Despite some dark moments, what emerges is hope: what’s painful to deal with in the present is often only a passing experience. Alice says, "The last two years have been challenging for everyone in some way or another. Friends and family were lost, lockdowns were enforced, and our mental strength had been tested to its limit. S.I.D.E.S. tells the story of what I experienced during this time. There’s never one reason, or one solution, or one side of a story. Life is so multifaceted, it’s never black-and-white. Sometimes you feel trapped in a certain mindset and some things seem impossible to overcome, but that’s just one side of it. Once you start seeing the different sides of yourself and of the world around you, you realize that everything becomes a little less daunting." Alice co-wrote and co-produced every song on the album, which also features some of her long-term collaborators as well as big names such as Koz (Dua Lipa), Jonny Coffer (Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding), Jennifer Decilveo (Anne-Marie, Andra Day), and mixed by Matt Green (Royal Blood, Dua Lipa The album is released on her own label, Paper Plane Records. #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #AliceMerton #SIDES #SameTeam #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! We want to hear from you! Please email

Aug 09
Interview with Lucy & La Mer

We had the pleasure of interviewing Lucy & La Mer over Zoom video. Lucy & La Mer’s new single “Don’t It Feel Good” embodies the artist’s message of self-acceptance and positivity. Lucy LaForge, the artist behind the name “Lucy & La Mer”, is known for her upbeat and optimistic songs, as well as for her mental health advocacy within the LGBTQ community. Coming out in an interview in 2018, Billboard stated that the singer is “proud of who and what she is.” Lucy’s music has been featured by The LA Times, Rolling Stone India, Huffington Post, EARMILK, Billboard Pride, Pride and many more publications. Her music is a blend of pop empowerment with lyrical stylings mirroring her storytelling folk music upbringing. Often seen performing with a ukulele, Lucy was chosen to feature the new Billie Eilish Ukulele by Fender in Summer 2020, and presented the Dhani Harrison ukulele in 2021. The singer has also collaborated with major brands like IKEA, HP, Guitar Center, and Kala Ukuleles. Her music can be heard on international commercials, with companies such as Disney and Dove using her upbeat tunes in advertisements. In 2021, Lucy’s single “Ooh La La” inspired various TikTok influencers to get up and dance. With over 3 million TikTok views, Lucy’s Social Media has become a place of encouragement to many. Her authentic videos spread the message of inclusion and equality, and her catchy tunes continue to reach new listeners every day. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #Lucy& LaMer #LucyandLaMer #PRIDE #LGBTQ+ #DontItFeelGood #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 08
Interview with Nancy Deckant Discover Sooner

We had the pleasure of interviewing Nancy Deckant over Zoom video. Nancy Deckant, Founder and CEO of DiscoverSooner, the Nashville-based start-up and online platform for songwriters and publishers. In 2006, Nancy Deckant became the coordinator for the Pittsburgh chapter of NSAI and it set in motion a course she had no plan to take. She moved to Nashville in 2013 as a songwriter and by 2015 started publishing and providing songplugging for clients. It was during that transition she came to deeply understand the challenges songwriters, publishers face when it comes to growing their music careers and companies. Just like songs, sometimes things come in an instant and the idea of an online platform for songwriters and music industry professionals arrived in the same way. She visited with many songwriters and publishers who graciously gave their time to explore what Sooner could be and she leaped to begin a journey to help others. 20 years of marketing and engineering experience prepared her for the world of start-ups. After graduating from the entrepreneurship program at Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business (MBA) in 1997 she launched a company while still in school. If that first high risk adventure would have worked, she wouldn't be where she is now. Nancy would not be a songwriter or a music publisher. ​ Nancy prides herself on her abilities to connect people, give referrals and facilitate relationships. Communication is the key to establishing putting the right songwriters together to build relationships with publishers. was founded in 2019. Nashville Cool publisher Nancy Deckant had the idea for an online platform for the music industry. Songwriters post their music, career accomplishments, and key business criteria. Industry professionals “connect” when they want to have a conversation with songwriters. More information at We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #NancyDeckan #DiscoverSooner #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 08
Interview with Michael McArthur

We had the pleasure of interviewing Michael McArthur over Zoom video. Singer/songwriter Michael McArthur announced his new album Milky Stars will release on September 16th through Transoceanic Records/Soundly Music. Recorded in Nashville and produced by Grammy-winner Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Kings of Leon, James Bay, Kaleo, Modest Mouse), McArthur's sophomore effort is rooted in his own mix of rock, raw soul, and lushly layered indie folk. The album's lead single "Lady Luck" is out now– a gritty cry for help, held down by Marcus King Band's Drew Smithers on slide guitar. An unapologetically lyric-forward writer, McArthur's words naturally wrap themselves around his listeners' lives when put to melody. Through trauma and triumph, music has been his lifelong companion. He writes what he knows, with each song carrying an undercurrent of darkness in a river of personal experience. As a kid, McArthur dreamed of becoming the world's best guitar player, but every time he'd sit down to practice, he found himself writing a song instead. Two decades later, not much has changed. Despite packing theaters and garnering critical acclaim for his captivating live shows, he still considers himself a hardworking songwriter first. McArthur built his career the same way he writes his songs by putting in the work to get the muse to visit. Leaving the family restaurant business to pursue a full-time music career in 2010, McArthur boot-strapped the release of several singles and EPs with producers David Bianco (Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams) and Greg Wells (Adele, Taylor Swift, Rufus Wainwright). In 2019, he released his debut LP, Ever Green, Ever Rain, produced by Grammy-winner Ryan Freeland (Ray Lamontagne, Bonnie Raitt), which earned an exclusive premiere of the single, "Elaine," on Billboard, and praise from American Songwriter, HuffPost, PopMatters, Americana Highways, Cowboys & Indians, Glide, and Riffs & Rhymes among others We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #MichaelMcArthur #LadyLuck #MIlkyStars #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 06
Interview with Lia D'sau

We had the pleasure of interviewing Lia D’sau over Zoom video. 19-year-old Tel Aviv based singer songwriter Lia D’sau released her latest single “Sad Teenage Flower”. “Sad Teenage Flower” is the next single release off of Lia’s upcoming debut EP set for release later this year. This single follows in the success of Lia’s previous singles “Manboy”, “Bird” and “Metaphors for Being Alone” which have already created some buzz for this up and coming talented singer-songwriter. Lia’s music is her language, her way of connecting her emotions and her thoughts into the outside world and no better is that heard than on her latest single “Sad Teenage Flower.” Born in Tel Aviv, and moving to the US and back all until she was 5 years old, Lia didn't fit in at school. The language barrier made her different to the other kids and she wasn't accepted. This led to her finding her refuge in the music room, and figuring out her identity by performing at the school events from as young as 7 years old. Growing up in a musical family, with her mom a former dancer and her dad a former boy band member, Lia had music around her from very young age. Even though she knew she wanted to be a musician, Lia didn't start creating her own music until she was 14. She knew she didn't want to sing other people's songs, other people's stories. She had a lot to say and to sing about channeling her sadness and feelings of loneliness, depression and difference into her music. At that point, she wanted to get away from everything she knew, to leave her bubble and travel to New York City by herself, to attend a music camp. This experience was eye opening for Lia as she turned a new leaf socially and finally found herself and her sound helping her create happy, hopeful music, as well as widened her love for songwriting. However, after coming home Lia realized her talent was still raw, and premature to start releasing music. At 17 years old she met her now manager, LA based Sharona Nomder, and at that point, Lia started to have the team around her to help her create the music she had always dreamt of releasing. Over the last two years Lia has been compiling what will be her debut EP which is out now! We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #LiaDsau #SadTeenageFlower #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 06
Interview with Party Favor and K.Flay (K.Flay Returns!)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Party Favor and K.Flay over Zoom video. Grammy-nominated artist Party Favor’s highly anticipated sophomore album ‘RESET’ is out now on Ultra Music. The 14-track album is an amalgamation of styles, genres and sounds, a true reset on the settings Party Favor may have been boxed into before. Opening up with a literal bang, “With Regards To Your Speakers” was written with the intention of ripping off the bandaid, and setting the tone for the whole project. Second track “Hollow” with DeathbyRomy, the producer born Dylan Ragland describes as his “very own Nine Inch Nails moment” - a sonic journey through brooding, sad, euphoric and epic feels all at once. But then “Too Much” touches on some of the first OG electro records PF had ever heard, while he describes “Spirits Pt. 2” as unadulterated rage music, and a mix of the old and new Party Favor sound. The project completes with “Anxious” - which Ragland says is “a song about saying “f*ck you” to anxiety which myself and a lot of people suffer from.” Alongside the full album, Party Favor shares the music video for “Spirits Pt. 2” featuring Lil Gnar. The video, which is directed by Glen Matheny and shot/edited by Nick Blancett, shows Party Favor and Lil Gnar pilfering cars, causing mayhem in the desert, doing donuts and messing around with flame throwers. With a well-established history of creating chart-topping and genre-defining trap music, garnering half a billion streams across platforms over his catalog, Party Favor used the global pandemic as an opportunity to take a step back from his hectic schedule, reevaluate himself, and find the time to evolve and grow both as a person and artist that he never had before. RESET presents a distillation of this evolution and shows him striking down a whole new path, demonstrating his keen songwriting abilities, an instinctive ear for melodies, and impeccable dance floor sensibility, all melded together with his signature sounds and some nostalgic rave flair hearkening back to his earliest influences. The album truly is a mental and musical reset for Party Favor as he enters the new era of his storied career, and sees him exploring his most personal and vulnerable themes to date including anxiety, love, and loss. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #PartyFavor #KFlay #Reset #Superhuman #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 03
Interview with Bad Omens

We had the pleasure of interviewing Bad Omens over Zoom video. Bad Omens slither through boundaries, only to ultimately choke convention in the process. The quartet—Noah Sebastian (vocals), Joakim “Jolly” Karlsson (guitar), Nick Ruffilo (bass), and Nick Folio (drums)—materialize with ghostly atmospherics, striking hooks, and the tingles of sensual high-register harmonies uplifted by cinematic production. Racking up over 250M worldwide streams to date and earning acclaim, the band presents an uncompromising and undeniable vision on their third full-length album, 'THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND' (Sumerian Records). The group’s 2016 self-titled debut, 'Bad Omens', yielded fan favorites such as “Glass Houses” and “The Worst In Me” which eclipsed nearly 25 million Spotify streams. On its heels, 2019’s 'Finding God Before God Finds Me' spawned “Dethrone” (13 million Spotify streams) and “Careful What You Wish For” (10 million Spotify streams). Along the way, they toured with numerous marquee acts and received tastemaker praise. After their first headline tour was canceled mid-way at the top of the global pandemic, the band found themselves at home in Los Angeles with plenty of time. Where they absorbed and imparted a different palette of unexpected inspirations. Channeling what the frontman describes at times as a “cursive sound” they embraced newfound confidence and boundlessly loose creativity. Anything went in the studio, and all “rules” were broken. Noah and Jolly wrote, produced, and engineered the music themselves while GRAMMY® Award-nominated producer and songwriter Zakk Cervini (Halsey, Grimes, Poppy, blink-182) lent his talents with the mix and master. Challenging himself, Noah decided to “make a track sampling items around the house, none of which were musical instruments”. This ultimately became the framework for the first single “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND”. Claps puncture the icy soundscape as his voice stretches from a breathy moan into an evocative and entrancing hook, breaking from a whisper into the seductive chant, “It wasn’t hard to realize. Love’s the death of peace of mind.” It culminates on a climactic scream uplifted by a distorted crunch. By speaking it aloud, Bad Omens offer a level of comfort and empathy, with a sinister shroud. At the same time, they also give rock music a sexy new shape on 'THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND'. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #BadOmens #TheDeathOfPeaceOfMind #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 03
Interview with Dead Tired

We had the pleasure of interviewing Franz Stefanik of Dead Tired over Zoom video. Dead Tired’s unrelenting musical onslaught is best defined by way of contrasts and contradictions, existing in the ether between opposing forces and foiling ideas. Look no further than the Hamilton-based hardcore outfit’s latest LP, Satan Will Follow You Home – a crushing 10-track collection that’s both beautifully orchestrated and cathartically chaotic. Its elevated production quality embraces ears like a warm hug, only to hit like a string of haymakers straight to the chest; infecting eardrums to heal souls and ... you get the idea. The record makes an impactful statement considering Dead Tired was born as a fun, informal project for guys with more formal ones on the go – from arena-touring rock bands to thriving recording studios, tattoo parlors, and other endeavors. Case in point, it’s their first release with a designated title, and offers a more cohesive and compelling take on the breakneck aural anarchy they’ve served up since uniting in 2014. Satan Will Follow You Home spans a more expansive sonic spectrum than anything we’ve heard from the quintet, comprised of Stefanik, fellow guitarist Marco Bressette, bassist Nick Ball, vocalist George Pettit, and new drummer Theo McKibbon. That’s not to say they’ve strayed from the chaotic and combustible energy of their earlier work; instead, they’ve distilled it, made it exponentially more potent, and used it as an anchor to go off and explore increasingly ambitious styles and sounds. Atop a solid foundation inspired by early Converge and Cave-In, Kyuss, and Dead Kennedys, we get everything from sickly saxophone licks to stacked vocal harmonies. Needless to say, they’re keen for their return to any stage that’ll have them, from major international festivals to the crammed clubs that first confirmed they were onto something special back in 2014. A group of well-seasoned scene veterans dropping a career-defining record, reinvigorated with the vivacity of a new band? Yet another example of Dead Tired thriving in a place between opposites, adhering to no set agenda or rules outside of their own. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #DeadTired #AOF #Alexisonfire #FranzStefanik #tattoo #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 02
Interview with Karine Hannah

We had the pleasure of interviewing Karine Hannah over Zoom video. Growing up in Canada, and at the age of sixteen, her performance on a Canadian television show caught the eye of none other than Celine Dion. The world-renowned diva went on to ask Karine to perform at her wedding. “That was really the start,” she recalls. “It was such an incredible moment, and I was driven to pursue this endlessly to fulfill my dreams as a world-class singer.” “It happened at a time when I least expected it,” the songstress continues. “I’d been working so hard for so long, and then Cash Money came into the picture.” Their partnership kicked off with Karine’s incendiary debut single “Burning Up”, co-written and produced by Josh Harris. Climbing the Billboard charts and making it all the way to number five. That’s only a prelude to what followed. Her next single co-written by Michael Jay called “Victory” which landed in the top 10 on the Billboard charts. Karine nods her vocal influences to legends such as Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Holiday, and as well as French and European artists she heard on the radio as a child. As a result, she’s got something completely her own and electrifying. Ultimately, Karine stands poised to capture the world’s attention with her voice. “I want people to feel something massive in their soul after listening to me interpret a song, whether it’s an original or a cover tune,” I sing from the soul, and I hope it reaches listeners. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #KarineHannah #TheClassics #QueenOfCovers #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Aug 01
Interview with Steven Dayvid McKellar (Civil Twilight)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Steven Dayvid McKellar over Zoom video. South African-born but Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Steven Dayvid McKellar recently his new EP One and Zero. A product of the last two pandemic years, this EP proved to be a cathartic creative outlet for him. Bringing together introspective and personal observations of the intrinsic world of isolation with the larger cultural context that the polarized socio/political environment has bred in this country, One and Zero is at once an individual reflection and a social commentary. “It’s both the times we’re in and then the questions I’m asking myself. I think the intimacy comes from the desire to be more vulnerable and honest with myself and with others,” he continues. Minimalistic and introspective without pretense or artifice, One and Zero explores the isolation that the pandemic brought on. The former lead singer and primary songwriter for popular rock band Civil Twilight, McKellar dives deep into the subconscious and unearths melodies that strike the gut, eliciting deep seated emotions of heartbreak in his minimalistic electronic style. The title track tackles the stasis and stillness of being that the quarantine brought. The EP is rounded out by the contemplative “Fading In, Fading Out” and a live version of “The Promise?” from his previous album ETHIO. “I am in the middle of my life (most likely) and so the natural question that pops up is, am I fading in or am I fading out,” he asks in reference to the aforementioned track. “I’m both, at the same time, all the time.” Regarding the live take on “The Promise?” and why he opted to revisit that track from his 2020 album, he replies, “That song, and ETHIO as a whole, never really got heard or liked. And I’m really proud of that record and wanted to show another angle. My dear friend Daniel Shepherd filmed me while I played songs from that album outside in a parking lot on the bed of my truck. You can hear birds chirping in the background and I like that.” With Civil Twilight, McKellar had seen life on the big stage, having led the South African rock band through a very successful run, sharing stages with Jimmy Eat World, Silversun Pickups, Smashing Pumpkins and Florence + the Machine amongst others. Civil Twilight’s songs were placed on TV shows such as One Tree Hill, House, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Now solo and focusing on releasing music on his own terms, he’s thankful to continue being creative. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #StevenDayvidMcKellar #CivilTwilight #OneandZero #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Jul 30
Interview with LOKRE

We had the pleasure of interviewing LOKRE over Zoom video. Toronto-based R&B singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist LOKRE as she gears up to release her debut album ELIZABETH in September. On June 22nd, LOKRE releases her new single ’Sun Don't Set’. Taken from her forthcoming album titled ELIZABETH (named after her grandmother), ’Sun Don’t Set’ is LOKRE’s first release in 2 years and is the springboard for her musical journey that is transformative, decadent and refuses to be ignored. On the new single, LOKRE says: "‘Sun Don’t Set’ is an affirmation to press on in the face of self-doubt. The lyrics serve as a much needed reminder, a divine gift even, to encourage me to see the big picture and the temporary nature of pain. No matter how grey the sky, I can trust that the sun is there… even if I can’t see it. That’s the kind of faith I think life demands.” The single is encapsulated into a live performance directed by long-time collaborator and choreographer Caroline Torti filmed in the stunning countryside outside Toronto. LOKRE (pronounced lock-ree) has been fiercely paving the path for her undeniable talent. Her sound was born out of the collision between her Indo-Trinidadian and Irish sonic mosaic and eclectic influences such as Sade, Alicia Keys and Nelly Furtado. Her talents have attracted a noteworthy list of collaborators including MNEK, Brian West, Ryan Ashley, Yetibeats, Adam Messinger, and Curtis Richardson to name a few. Outside of music, LOKRE's passions lie in: poetry, meditation, wellness, yoga, mental health (she launched & produced a series with called DeMystified), and streetwear/sneaker culture. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #LOKRE #Elizabeth #SunDontSet #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Jul 29
Interview with Charlie Rosen

We had the pleasure of interviewing Charlie Rosen over Zoom video. Charlie Rosen, an experienced Grammy Award and Tony Award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, orchestrator, and music director. Most recently, Charlie received a Tony Award nomination for his orchestrating work on the Broadway musical A Strange Loop. A Strange Loop garnered 11 Tony nominations and 2 Tony award wins, making it the most-nominated show on Broadway this year. The momentous musical follows a Black and queer young artist at war with a host of demons — not least of which, the punishing thoughts in his own head — in an attempt to capture and understand his own strange loop. Charlie got involved with A Strange Loop after working as the Music Supervisor and Orchestrator for Be More Chill. He has the ability to act as a chameleon with music and fit into any situation he is brought into and once he started working on A Strange Loop, he collaborated with the show’s composer, Michael Jackson heavily. Charlie can be analytical about sound because he has been interested in so many different styles and genres of music since childhood. He stepped into the role as orchestrator with a group of six musicians already selected. With such a small group of musicians, Charlie pushed for the orchestration to be clear and flow well, while also letting the musicians use some of their own voice so each show could provide a unique experience to the audience. He aimed to deepen the impact of the musical journey of the show through fully realized choices of genre, tone, color, and instrumentation. Charlie is currently working on orchestrating the upcoming Broadway musical Some Like it Hot. Other projects he’s worked on range from a number of Broadway hits, including Prince of Broadway and American Psycho. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #CharlieRosen #AStrangeLoop #TonyAwards #TonyAwards2022 #TonyAwardWinner #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Jul 28
Interview with Zachary Ross and The Divine / Man Overboard

We had the pleasure of interviewing Zachary Ross and The Divine over Zoom video. Zachary Ross and The Divine release their debut single “A Light Over Massachusetts” and announce their signing to Smartpunk Records. With an EP on the way and more singles to come, this track marks Zac’s first solo project since his days as the frontman in the beloved pop-punk band Man Overboard. The track masterfully showcases the group’s distinct ability to create nostalgia-inspired modern rock music. The lyrics are a heartfelt dedication to a fellow musician and long-time friend. You may recall Zachary Ross from one of the most pivotal pop-punk bands of the 2010s - Man Overboard. His musical talents landed him on the main stage of the Vans Warped Tour, on the top 20 Billboard rock charts, and on worldwide tours with sold-out crowds on multiple continents. When the band came to an end, Zac tended to his family life and struggled with mental illness of his own. After a few years under the radar, he felt it was time to make new music under his own name in the summer of 2021. His agent Matt Pike encouraged him to take the plunge by reminding him that if he puts great music out, the world will probably listen, or at least some people. With that fire lit, Zac headed to Hollywood to make a record and a new band of his own. Despite Man Overboard reunion plans in the future, Zachary Ross and The Divine is his latest full-time effort and main outlet as a songwriter. The new tracks explore the stories of his life including love, loss, growth, and change. The familiar and beloved characteristics of Zac’s previous musical endeavors are present and seamlessly blend with his new perspective and approach as a solo artist. His first EP under the moniker is set to release on August 19, 2022 via Smartpunk Records. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #ManOverboard #ZacharyRoss #ZacharyRossandTheDivine #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

1h 13m
Jul 28
Interview with Alexisonfire (Wade Returns!)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Wade MacNeil of Alexisonfire over Zoom video. ALEXISONFIRE released Otherness, their long-anticipated and first full-length album in over 13 years. Otherness is arguably the band's most cohesive and self-actualized record to date, featuring impassioned anthems with earnest and deeply heartfelt lyrics, and impeccable vocal and musical performances from the iconic 5-piece. Up next is the visually stunning, dreamlike video for "Sans Soleil," which was shot in New Orleans and directed by longtime collaborator Michael Maxxis, who also directed "The Northern" and "Familiar Drugs." Watch the video for "Sans Soleil" Guitarist/vocalist Wade MacNeil has described the song as "hanging onto hope during the heaviest times, healing and letting go. Dreaming of a future where all this hurt is behind you." "'Sans Soleil' is such a beautiful, haunting, mysterious, and uplifting song, and it immediately inspires a certain type of visual," explains Maxxis. "The idea was to make something that was opposite of that first flight of instinct that still possessed the same innate spirit. The process we undertook conceptualizing this video was one of the most unique and rewarding of my career." Otherness features 10 fresh, original songs, including the explosive first single, "Sweet Dreams Of Otherness," previously released banger "Reverse The Curse," and the hauntingly beautiful "Sans Soleil." The album was produced by AOF and mixed by punk stalwart Jonah Falco (Fucked Up, Chubby and the Gang). We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #Alexisonfire #AOF #WadeMacNeil #Otherness #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Jul 27
Interview with PmBata

We had the pleasure of interviewing PmBata over Zoom video. PmBata returns with the self-deprecating track/video “i hate her boyfriend’s face.” The track, which explores the darker side of love and self awareness, takes listeners on a journey through Parker Bata’s mind. “i hate her boyfriend’s face” reflects Parker’s heartbreaking realization that being dependent on someone else's love was compensation for the fact that he didn't love himself. Between the acoustic guitar stylings and Parker’s crooning vocals, “i hate her boyfriend’s face” is an infectious track about unrequited love, in which the rejection is internal. About PmBata Parker Bata, better known as PmBata, is taking the world by storm with his dynamic flow, stunning fluidity and rhythmic sound. At only 21 years old, PmBata is making waves with his new age Hip Hop that melds old school with new school, defying musical genres and expectations - all while pursuing his college degree. The Kansas City, MO native is a self-taught vocalist and producer. PmBata credits his sonic influences to Mac Miller, Chance the Rapper, and Logic which aided him in crafting his own sound, which he describes as a combination of catchy melodies with hard hitting rhythms with pop and jazz influences. PmBata recorded and produced many of his early singles and projects while in college at University of Central Missouri, where he is currently studying music tech. These projects include 808 Facades and The Museum. He has since released notable singles like “Nobody Came To My Party”, “Run It Up”, "Down For Real”, and fan favorite “Roadtrip.” Now, with over 150 million global streams, PmBata is ready to embark on the next phase of his musical journey. He has more music coming soon and he has no intention of slowing down. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #PmBata #IHateHerBoyfriendsFace #RoadTrip #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Jul 27
Interview with Mt. Joy

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mt. Joy over Zoom video. Mt. Joy recently released their third full-length offering, Orange Blood, along with the latest single, “Evergreen.” The track boasts upbeat guitar curls around a punk-y groove before colliding with an intoxicating refrain. The track’s accompanying music video stars The Office star Creed Bratton, a personal friend of the band who last fall, joined the band on stage at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles. In the video, Creed sets off on a journey to prove it is never too late to chase what makes you happy. Kicking off their forthcoming album, Mt. Joy released “Lemon Tree” which was hailed as “a next-level song” by NPR and is currently Top 20 at AAA radio, followed by the colorful album title track, “Orange Blood.” The band is currently on their US Headlining “Orange Blood” 2022 Tour (with special guests Grammy®-nominated West Coast singer-songwriter Madison Cunningham, L.A. based indie-folk trio Wilderado, and The Brook & The Bluff). The tour kicked off in South Carolina on June 16 and make stops in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, and Dallas before wrapping in Austin, Texas on November 5. Go to for more info on tickets. About Mt. Joy The Philadelphia quintet—Matt Quinn [vocals, guitar], Sam Cooper [guitar], Sotiris Eliopoulos [drums], Jackie Miclau [keys, piano], and Michael Byrnes [bass]— take their name from the quiet rural town in southwest Pennsylvania, about four hours from their Philadelphia base. Forming in 2016, they made their mark two years later when their self-titled Mt. Joy debut album spun off "Silver Lining," an uplifting power ballad that went to #1 at AAA radio (Billboard Adult Alternative Airplay) and has eclipsed over 120 million Spotify streams to date. Their second album, Rearrange Us (2018) drew widespread critical raves. Over the past four years Mt. Joy has amassed over half a billion streams and have earned acclaim from NPR, Billboard, Rolling Stone, The Line of Best Fit, and more. The band has performed at a variety of festivals such as Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Bonnaroo and has toured with The Lumineers, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, The Revivalists, and The Head and The Heart. Additionally, the band has performed on Stephen Colbert, CBS Morning, Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #MtJoy #OrangeBlood #Evergreen #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Jul 26
Interview with Vatican

We had the pleasure of interviewing Vatican over Zoom video. Savannah, Georgia five-piece VATICAN has released their new album ULTRA, via UNFD. Vatican are influenced by the "fuck you" frankness of heavy hardcore, but with the technical leads of djent and progressive metal. Cynical of technology, but enamored with video games. The band quickly began shaping their sound from nascent metalcore into something more complex and interesting. By the time Vatican released their first full-length, Sole Impulse, in 2019, they had developed past their exploratory beginnings and were making a fairly serious mark in the scene with a polished, well-performed strain of challenging and confrontational metalcore. But an even more invigorating chapter began when vocalist Mike Sugars entered the fold in October 2020, replacing the band’s former frontman, John Whittle. Sugars had been fronting Indianapolis' Church Tongue, friends of Vatican who just so happened to be slowing down as a band when Sugars was contacted by Soto-Ramos. The mutual admiration of each other's dopeness led to an instant connection, with Sugars making his recorded debut on last year's Become a New God double single. He quickly infused the band with new energy, as well as an immediately focused lyrical theme of regaining self-control and owning one's problems in such a way that, well, one becomes their own god. Fast-forward to 2022. With their latest full-length, Ultra, the band have metabolized all their ambitiously varied musical influences and merged them into a forward-thinking approach that pulls in their love of video games and subtle humor, resulting in an impossibly tasteful and wildly varied, post-modern metalcore affair. As they did on other recent efforts, the band still harken to the complexity of Meshuggah’s polyrhythms and the Dillinger Escape Plan’s technical abrasion, as well as Hatebreed and Turmoil's more straightforward, metallic hardcore foundation – but there's also guitarist Tom Lovejoy's electronics and Sugars' clean singing. Ultra is infused with the band's overall personality, and what results is a subtle aura of dark satire that's more refined than it sounds on paper. " Above it all, Sugars bellows, barks, and sometimes sings a wide range of topics spanning more emotions than just anger. To be sure, he rages against inhumane billionaires and the ills of nü-internet; grapples with mixed feelings towards his father; and much more. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #Vatican #Era #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Jul 24
Interview with Sammy Rae & The Friends

We had the pleasure of interviewing Sammy Rae & The Friends over Zoom video. For as much as Sammy Rae & The Friends may be a band, this collective of, dreamers, and artists consider itself a family first. Fronted by singer and songwriter Sammy Rae, the group flourishes in any spotlight with a combination of all-for-one and one-for-all camaraderie, palpable chemistry, deft virtuosity, and vocal fireworks. Their sound is a mélange of Sammy’s influences, rooted in classic rock, folk, and funk and sprinkled with soul and jazz. Complete with a rhythm section, horn section, keyboards, and two backup singers, Sammy Rae & The Friends have or will deliver their high-energy, spirited and unrestrained shows to sold-out audiences in the Northeast and beyond, including New York City’s Brooklyn Steel, Boston’s The Royal, LA the Teregram, Burlington’s Higher Ground, and Chicago’s Lincoln Hall. Sammy Rae & The Friends built this kind of trust one show at a time. As the story goes, our fearless leader grew up in Derby, CT, learned piano and penned her first crop of songs at just 12-years-old. Under the spell of everyone from Queen to Ella Fitzgerald to Bruce Springsteen, she honed her voice. She cut her teeth in local venues by high school, even releasing a series of independent solo records before college. New York eventually called to the songstress as she enrolled in Manhattan College in 2013. Toughing it out tooth and nail in The Big Apple, she left college in 2014 to pursue music full-time and threw down at countless gigs while continuing to write and record at a prolific pace. At the same time, crowds doubled with every rapturous performance as they built an inclusive safe space for fans everywhere. Meanwhile, they’ve racked up over 20 million streams on Spotify and have played festivals along with The Revivalists, Lake Street Dive, ST Paul and The Broken Bones, and more. The unit only grew stronger. The band advocates for the importance of their community. Avid music fans themselves, they pride themselves on this original grass-roots, word-of-mouth growth. The Friends is their community of followers, artists, and creatives, who help in the creation of their songs and sustenance of the project—their mixing engineer, band photographer, graphic designer, budget manager, and everyone who hangs around the shows supporting the vision. Shows are safe spaces to feel overwhelmed with love and acceptance. “Friends” in the audience are encouraged to dress how they like, dance how they like, join the party and form person-to-person Friendships. Sammy Rae & The Friends shows are like a house party, a church of rock and roll, and shot in the arm of affirmation of individuality. In the end, it’s not a party without Friends. Sammy Rae & The Friends’ new single “Follow Me Like the Moon” is out now! We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #SammyRae #SammyRaeAndTheFriends #FollowMeLikeTheMoon #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Jul 23
Interview with renforshort

We had the pleasure of interviewing renforshort over Zoom video. renforshort releases her anxiously awaited debut album, dear amelia, today via Interscope Records. With dear amelia renforshort joins forces with her longtime collaborator Jeff Hazin as well as producers/co-writers like David Pramik, Alexander 23, Andy Seltzer, John Ryan, Tia Scola, Nick Long and Y2K, and narrates an up-close and thrillingly honest journey through the darkest parts of her psyche. A near-lifelong musician who plays guitar, piano, and drums and started touring before she’d graduated high school, the Toronto-bred artist builds an elaborate sonic world around her detailed exploration of mental health, ultimately bringing even the most painful revelations to strangely radiant life. Tackling raw accounts of depression and disassociation, anxiety and self-erasure renforshort crystallized the concept for her full-length debut after creating its spellbinding final track, a vocoder-enhanced epic called “amelia.” dear amelia features the 20-year-old alt-pop artist’s recent releases “moshpit,” “made for you,” “we’ll make this ok” featuring Travis Barker, “I miss myself” and most recently “Julian, king of Manhattan” - an ode to Julian Casablancas, the lead singer of the iconic New York City based band, The Strokes. She also got to work wither all-time favorite artist Jake Bugg on “let you down.” renforshort will headline a North American tour this fall. Kicking off in her hometown of Toronto, ON the tour will make stops at major markets including New York and Los Angeles. Joey Valance and Brae will support on all dates. renforshort will also perform at the already announced Riot Fest in Chicago and Firefly Festival in Dover, DE. See below for a complete list of tour dates. Tickets for renforshort’s North American headline tour are on sale now at Casting an alternative haze over pop, renforshort conjures emotionally charged anthems punctuated by her intimate delivery and unfiltered lyricism. Born and raised in Toronto, she initially gravitated towards influences as diverse as Nirvana and Amy Winehouse, learning how to sing and write songs. During high school, the 20-year-old artist quietly honed her craft with countless performances in local bars in between dropping original tunes online. Her 2020 debut EP, teenage angst, lived up to its title as it bottled coming-of-age confusion and catharsis into chantable anthems with no shortage of punk spirit. The single “fuck, i luv my friends” reacted with over 11 million Spotify streams, paving the way for her off saint dominique EP in 2021. Along the way, iconic Linkin Park co-founder and co-vocalist Mike Shinoda jumped at the chance to collaborate, while YUNGBLUD, Avril Lavigne, MGK and others invited her to share the stage with them. She ignited 2022 with the single “moshpit” as it arrived to widespread acclaim from Billboard, Teen Vogue, OnesToWatch, NME, and more as EUPHORIA. proclaimed, “the songstress is reinventing traditional pop music as we know it.” We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #renforshort #dearamelia #fuckiluvmyfriends #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Jul 22
Interview with Ninet Tayeb

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ninet Tayeb over Zoom video. Rock ‘n’ roll singer-songwriter Ninet Tayeb shows off her guitar-driven riffs and soaring vocals as a landscape for her captivating, reflective new single “Who Is Us.” The Israeli superstar songstress accompanies the track alongside a cinematic music video designed to tell the spiritual lyrical story of forgiveness, patience, presence, and bravery while facing life’s unknowns. Los Angeles-based, Israel-native, alternative rock ‘n’ roll musician Ninet Tayeb is more than a household name in her home country. From her winning “Israeli Idol” to starring in a long-running tv show about her life, the acclaimed singer, songwriter, and actress is arguably the biggest entertainment figure in the country. These days, her celebrity status knows no boundaries as she is showing America what real music is all about. In 2012 she took a pause from releasing music in Hebrew to make her debut album in English, “Sympathetic Nervous System.” It was produced by Mike Crossey (The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Wolf Alice.) and recorded at Motor Museum Studios in Liverpool. The positive response to her music in English led to the release of “Paper Parachute” in 2017, which continues to receive glowing reviews and sparked more singles throughout 2018 and 2019. These songs reveal an artist with deep resilience, fierce determination, and disarming vulnerability. Along with an unflinching vision of her own path, those are traits that have allowed Ninet to emerge as the wild and free voice you hear on her records. Ninet is an artist who stands her ground and has made her way on her own terms. Her favorite way to connect to her audience is through her visceral, dynamic, and potentially messy live performances. Ninet’s musicianship draws hints of inspiration from PJ Harvey, Chris Cornell, Foo Fighters, Portishead, Bob Dylan, and more. Her unyielding, inspiring energy and artistic brilliance has attracted interest from Rolling Stone, Billboard, NPR Tiny Desk, NYLON, and more. Ninet continues to shake up the American alt-rock scene with new music and more live performances on the way in 2022. We want to hear from you! Please email #podcast #interview #bringinbackpod #NinetTayeb #WhoIsUs #NewMusic #zoom Listen & Subscribe to BiB Follow our podcast on Instagram and Twitter!

Jul 22