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Retired Biology_Environmental Science educator... passion for old time radio... protecting the environment, civil rights, and audio/video editing for local radio and TV station production. Produced 60+ OTR re-enactments with local actors. 13 years as radio host for "Audio Theater". Currently co-host a show on local cable TV called "Living and Learning with Disabilities" and produce a storytelling program called "True Tales Live" which is found on Soundcloud and many other formats.

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Dragnet- The Big Affair - Nov. 29, 1951 - Police Drama

Dragnet episodes are to be found in the "Mystery - Detective - Crime" playlist... In this episode Sgt. Friday investigates a series of hold-ups and the brutal beating of the victims...

May 29
CBS Mystery Theater - The Old Ones Are Hard To Kill- Jan 6, 1974

Audio introduction gives background on this series which began in 1974 on CBS radio...and information on the co-star, Agnes Moorehead. This anthology of mystery dramas ran until 1983 when radio drama was supposed to have died in 1962. Agnes Moorehead is incredible in this story. She was 74 at this time and died just 11 months after this was recorded. It was such a popular story CBS repeated the show two more times...March 1, 1974 and December 2, 1978. This track will be stored in the "Mystery and Drama" Playlist

May 28
SoundCloud 1828 Space Patrol - Scavenger Of Space - 01 24 1953

This is my final episode of "Space Patrol." It is in the "Space Patrol" Playlist with 32 other episodes. Backstory: Lyn Osborn, who played "Cadet Happy" in this series passed away in 1958 at the age of 32 during a brain surgery. Sometimes life can throw some very mean events at you. Enjoy the work of Lyn Osborn as he was a large part of the cast on this show.

May 28
The Easy Aces - Jane Writes A Letter- 1945 - Sitcom

Audio intro presents a brief "tutorial" on the setup of this very popular show and then introduces this episode "Jane Writes A Letter"... doesn't sound to difficult, but this is Jane... she wants to know how to spell "Right" "Write" "Rite" and doesn't understand why there are so many ways to spell the same sounding word! And that is just the beginning... Easy Aces has its own Playlist on this podcast.

May 21
Duffy's Tavern - Miss Duffy's Coming Out Party - 0518-1947 - Sitcom

Audio Intro gives brief background on the series and introduces this track's episode. This and more "Duffy's Tavern" - are in the "Comedy" Playlist!

May 20
Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen - Hattie McCormick And The Patient Stowaway - 12/31/47 - Adventure

Master of the ketch, Phillip Carney and his shipmate, Red Gallagher... left Pango, Pango on the Island of Tutulia after an involvement in a murder. Discover Hattie McCormick and a Patient Stowaway onboard the vessel... and Hattie was involved in the murder... This will be stored in the "Drama/Adventures" Playlist

May 17
You Bet Your Life - Groucho Marx You Bet Your Life April 20, 1949

This is a "Double Header" ... two back to back "You Bet Your Life" shows and Groucho's warmup of the audience prior to the shows. He had an incredible wit and was one of the most intelligent and amusing comedians. Except for the questions, the show had no script. They didn't need one... They had Groucho Marx who could turn anything into a story or comedy routine. Groucho lives in the playlist "Game Shows"

1h 0m
May 16
AFRS - Jubilee -Delta - Rhythm - Boys - Lucky - Millinder 07/26/43

Lucius Venable "Lucky" Millinder was an American swing and rhythm-and-blues bandleader. Although he could not read or write music, did not play an instrument and rarely sang, his showmanship and musical taste made his bands successful. He specialized in R&B, Jump Blues, and Swing. Recorded for Decca and King Records. In this AFRS broadcast of Jubilee with Ernie Bubbles Whitman as the host... Sister Rosetta Tharpe, The Delta Rhythm Boys, Trevor Bacon, Frank Humphreys, Johnny Mason and Lucky Millinder and his orchestra. This track will be stored in the "Big Band and Jazz " Playlist

May 12
My Friend Irma - The Lucky Couple Contest - January 12, 1948 - Sitcom

Audio Intro gives information about the actors and characters in the series and introduces this episode - "The Lucky Couples Contest" "My Friend Irma" has its own Playlist where there are more shows from this series. Cy Howard wrote the series.

May 07
The Great Gildersleeve - Spring Cleaning The Judges House - May 2, 1951 - Sitcom

In Summerfield, Gildersleeve was the guardian of his orphaned niece and nephew, Marjorie and Leroy Forrester, Marjorie was a teenager who seldom gave any trouble, but Leroy was a wise guy. Gildersleeve gave up the Girdle business and became the water commissioner in Summerfield….a job which required he do just about nothing at all. He lived on Lakeside Avenue with their afro-american housekeeper, Birdie Lee Coggins (Lillian Randolph). He became close friends with Mr. Peavey, who owned the local drugstore. Directly across the street was the residence of Judge Hooker. Further down the street was Floyd Munson’s barbershop, where the five chief members of the Jolly Boys Club (Gildy, Peavey, Hooker, Floyd, and Police Chief Gates) gathered for conversation and harmony. The Great Gildersleeve is abundant and available on recordings. The show was very well done. Listeners could hear the children grow up, be present at Marjorie’s wedding, share the birth of her twins. Leroy, Birdie, and Judge Hooker remain the same throughout the series. It was a happy show. When Waterman replaced Peary, the show still retained much of its appeal. The resemblance between the two men while on the air was remarkable. This track and more like it can be found in "The Great Gildersleeve" Playlist

May 06
Hindenburg Disaster - May 6, 1937

Hindenburg Disaster 86 years ago today.(May 6, 2023)... May 6, 1937 Hear the then live broadcast of Herb Morrison that was the first coast to coast news broadcast on radio. (Track is in the "History of Radio" Playlist

May 06
The Cisco Kid - Cisco Meets the Sundance Kid - Syn. 1950s

Meet the Robin Hood of the wild west... The Cisco Kid and his sidekick, Pancho! 17 years on radio... and in this episode syndicated during the 1950's on the Mutual Radio Network, Cisco meets The Sundance Kid... This track will live in the "Westerns" Playlist

May 06
The Easy Aces -Jane Is Driving A Bus For The War Effort - July 21, 1943 - Comedy

Audio Intro gives background on this track's comedy skit and why listeners will not hear any music or an audience's laughter... Goodman Ace was quite good at focusing the listeners to listen to the dialog and not sound effects, music, or the reaction of a studio audience. More shows like this in the "Easy Aces" Playlist

May 06
The Whistler - A Pattern of Terror - July 16, 1945 - Supernatural Mystery Thriller

An audio introduction gives background on the series and introduces this episode "A Pattern of Terror." This series aired over 600 episodes and was on the air for 13 years... a remarkable achievement for any program to have such longevity with their audience. Why? Because it was good! Great stories, amazing actors, high technical standards, excellent musical score. This track will live in "The Whistler" Playlist.

May 03
2000Plus - The Insect - May 1, 1950 - Sci-FI

The Mutual Radio Network ran this series from 1950-52. It was the first Sci-Fi radio program on the air at the time. Soon, NBC began airing "Dimension X" which got higher ratings. In this episode a scientist has developed a machine that can cause small animals, like insects, to grow much, much larger... He goes to a conference to tell other scientists what he has invented and leaves his wife home alone. She is convinced by the young man who brings her groceries, to let him go in her husband's laboratory to see some of the insects... and then the "fun" begins! This will be in the "Horror/Suspense" playlist.

May 03
Barrie Craig - Confidential Investigator - Microfilm In The Fishtank - Oct. 24, 1951

This is the second episode of Barrie Craig - Confidential Investigator - Starring William Gargan - "Microfilm in The Fishtank" This was a popular 1950's PI type program, but this Investigator was quite different from the other shows of the same genre. That is what made it popular. This track is stored in the "Barrie Craig" Playlist. Thanks for listening.

May 01
Bob Hope Show - Quonset Point Naval Base RI - 01_23_1945 - Variety Show

Audio Introduction presents background on Bob Hope's incredible contribution to boost the morale of our soldiers during World War II and beyond... He and his colleagues entertained the troops all over the world. His Christmas Specials on television were extremely popular. (Photo: Marilyn Maxwell and Bob Hope) Stand-up Comedy, Music, Comedic Skits... entertaining the Naval men and women at Quonset Point in 1945. This is a very good show. It will be stored in the Music/Comedy/Variety playlist. Bob Hope passed away on July 27, 2003. He was 100 years old.

May 01
Barrie Craig Confidential Investigator - Never Kill A Mummy - March 30, 1955 - Mystery

Audio introduction to this track provides listener with a general background of the series and introduces the name of the track... "Never Kill a Mummy!" This will be stored in the "Barrie Craig" Playlist... which starts growing with this first (Premier) episode on Heirloom Radio.

Apr 29
Judgement - Part 2 - Earplay - NPR - 1978

This is Part II of "Judgement" ... the conclusion. Please listen to Part 1 first as there is an audio introduction there that gives background on the series and this particularly powerful BBC production of the play. Part 1 and Part 2 of "Judgement" live in the "Drama/Adventure" Playlist

Apr 29
Judgement - Part 1 - NPR - Earplay 1978

Audio introduction provides background of this powerful World War II setting play by Barry Cullen and starring Colin Blakelly as Captain Andrei Vukhov. It is a 2 Part series, so look for Part 2 of "Judgement" to complete the story. This will be stored in the "Drama/Adventure" Playlist.

1h 4m
Apr 29
The Shadow - The Collectors Of Death - Feb. 27, 1949

On the air for 17 years with many actors playing the role of The Shadow and actresses the role of Margo Lane... A requested episode by Sal Manilla of Idaho... the track has an introductory background about the series... This track will live in the Playlist "The Shadow"... he certainly earned his own playlist!

Apr 26
The Thin Man - Wandering Corpse_Tremayne_ Morgan 10 10 43

Audio introduction presents a brief background on "The Thin Man" mystery-thriller series which was also a mix of some humor and light-hearted. Parker Fennelly (Pepperidge Farm Spokesperson) plays the role of Sheriff Ebeneezer Williams of Crabtree County... and adds a good deal of fun listening to this series. This track will be stored in the "Mystery - Detective- Crime" playlist.

Apr 24
The Easy Aces - A Game Of Bumper Cars - Jane And Dorothy Visit Mr. Ace -Sitcom

Easy Aces—a radio show -written by Goodman Ace, starred himself as a stressed out realtor and the exasperated but loving husband of the deceptively scatterbrained, malaprop-prone Jane Ace ("You've got to take the bitter with the better"; "Time wounds all heels")---The Easy Aces program became a long-running 15 minute serial comedy (1930-1945) and a low-keyed legend of old-time radio for its literate, bland conversational style and the malaprops of the female half of the team, the real-life spouse of Goodman Ace, his wife Jane. The show was done without an audience and is noticeably quiet. No sound effects… just dialog. Sort of the same basis as Vic and Sade. There is an "Easy Aces" Playlist on this Podcast. Two back-to-back episodes are on this track. The first one is "A Game of Bumper Cars" from May 13, 1941 and the second "Jane and Dorothy Visit Mr. Ace." from January22, 1943.

Apr 21
Adventures of Marco Polo - Epi 45-46 -Deceiving the King + Preventing A Premature Marriage 1930s

This track contains two episodes edited back-to-back of the outstanding production of "The Adventures of Marco Polo." Adapted for radio from an original book written based on Marco Polo's trips and adventures to the Far East and China. He was born in 1254 in Venice, Italy . He was a Venetian merchant and adventurer who traveled from Europe to Asia in 1271-95, remaining in China for 17 of those years and whose II milione ("The Million") known in English as the Travels of Marco Polo is a classic of travel literature. Produced and Directed by George Edwards in Australia. He was a very talented vocal actor and often played several roles in his productions. This series was transcribed on 16" discs and sent worldwide during the early 1940's, This track will live in the "Marco Polo" Playlist on this Soundcloud.com originated Podcast.

Apr 21
Sgt Preston Challenge Of The Yukon - A Boy And His Dog - June 10, 1949 - Adventure

Audio Introduction followed by the story of "A Boy and His Dog"... This track will be living in the "Challenge of the Yukon" Playlist on this podcast.

Apr 09
CBS Radio Workshop - The Case Of The White Kitten - July 13, 1956 - Mystery

The CBS Radio Workshop was an experimental dramatic radio anthology series that aired on CBS from January 27, 1956 until September 22, 1957. They produced 86 episodes. It was one of American network radio's last attempts to hod on to, and perhaps recapture, some of the audience they had lost to television in the post-World War II era. They had some outstanding directors: William N. Robson, Elliott Lewis, Antony Ellis, Jack Johnstone, Dee Engelbach, and Tony Schwartz. Bernard Herrman, Jerry Goldsmith, Ray Noble and Leith Stevens composed the musical scores. It was a great battle, but we all know who won the war! One very good thing is that all 86 of the episodes have been preserved. This track will live in the "Mystery-Crime" Playlist

Apr 07
The Railroad Hour- Casey At The Bat - Gordon MacRae and Dorothy Warenskjold -June 4, 1951

"Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Lawrence Thayer... was first printed in June 3rd, 1888. The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Mudville nine that day; The score stood four to two but one more inning to play... The Railroad Hour radio program adapted the poem to a musical that aired on June 4, 1951. This track will live in the "Musical - Variety" Playlist

Apr 07
NBC Biography In Sound - The Magnificent Rogue W.C. Fields - Feb 28, 1956 - Documentary

Audio introduction tells a brief history of the "Biography in Sound" series that ran from 1954-58, producing 100 hrs. of programs with all but 5 of them preserved today. W.C. Fields, or William Claude Dukenfield is the subject of this Biography in Sound program from February 1956. Having experienced the loss of money when the banks collapsed during the depression, Fields never again put his money in any big banks. He didn't trust them. He kept a lot of money on his person... had many small accounts at many different banks... truly paranoid about losing his money again. He had about $900,000 when he died on Christmas Day in 1946. This track will live in the "Biography of Sound" Playlist.

Apr 07
NBC Biography In Sound - Carl Sandburg - Feb 20, 1955 - Documentary

Another excellent program from the NBC "Biography in Sound" series that ran from 1954-1958 producing over 100 hours of programming, with only 5 of them missing today. Each of the programs were exemplary and compelling. This series is one of the most popular programs aired on radio... Joseph Meyers, an NBC newsman started it all with a documentary on Winston Churchill in 1954. It was an instant hit and highly praised by critics. This track will live in the "Biography of Sound" Playlist

Apr 07
The Aldrich Family - Parent's Day - Oct. 26, 1952 - Sitcom

Audio intro gives background on the show and introduces the characters and the talent that played them for up to 17 years that this show was on the air. That length of time in itself is a very good indicator that this show was popular. This track will be living in the "Comedy" Playlist

Apr 06