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The goal of this podcast is to assemble the greatest minds of the dental profession and to pass on their most valuable and succinct lessons, in order to help you to achieve your full potential in practice and in life. Let's face it. Dentistry can be a frustrating and isolating profession... but you don't have to be an island anymore.
It's possible to become more profitable, less stressed and more fulfilled in your career and it's our mission is to help you get there.
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1547: Merchant Fee Slayers

If your practice accepts credit cards then, chances are, you are being taken advantage of by your merchant payment processor.  Patrick MacLellan is willing to bet on it as he reveals in this episode all the pricing tricks, hidden fees, surcharges, unjustifiable mark ups and unethical pricing of merchant service providers.  Listen in to learn how to realize great savings and drive down this backend expense. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 30
1546: Valuations and Sell-Side Advisory

Who are you getting in bed with? This is the question to ask yourself when vetting DSO suitors and private equity firms at the table making offers to acquire your dental practice. Brannon Moncrief gives pointblank tips on how to create a highly competitive environment to maximize your outcome from a sale.  He also sheds light on trends in the M&A dental space and other factors that influence practice valuations. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 29
1545: AI in Dentistry

Picture a dental world where clinicians can confidently diagnose, where patients understand why treatment is needed, and where insurance claims are paid out efficiently. Today’s guest is leading that change to clinically precise, efficient and patient-centric dental care through artificial intelligence (AI).  Dr. Wardah Inam talks about Overjet’s leading AI technology with the only FDA-cleared software in the world that can quantify bone levels with periodontal disease and detect and outline tooth decay. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 28
1544: Servant Leadership Part 2

Be patient. Be kind. Be humble. Be respectful. Be selfless. Forgive. Be honest. And be accountable. In the conclusion of this two-part episode, Dr. Jason Tanoory walks us through the eight principles of agape love that every servant leader should develop and choose to demonstrate. Sounds like a tall order? Not when you commit to serving the needs of your team to build influence over time and harvest their loyalty and engagement. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 27
1543: Servant Leadership Part 1

People quit their bosses, not their jobs. So says Dr. Jason Tanoory in his recent eye-opening Mastermind talk on Servant Leadership.  Do you lead with power, or do you lead with authority and influence?  Learn the value of relationships to develop a sustainable, healthy organization and why you should grow your people to become the best version of themselves. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 26
1542: Decision Matrix Part 2

If your production is already at capacity, should you aspire for more growth?  What, exactly, does growth mean to you?  This all comes down to how you define success, says Dr. Addison Killeen, in Part 2 of this episode dubbed “Decision Matrix.”  Here, he analyzes the growth strategies and options available to you when you’ve already maxed out. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 23
1541: Decision Matrix Part 1

Are you at the crossroads of where to take your dental practice growth?  Not sure which direction to take?  If you are faced with questions like whether you should buy a new building, sell your practice or expand your services, a framework for decision-making would be most helpful. In this first of a two-part episode, Dr. Addison Killeen shares his matrix on how to make business decisions methodically, carefully, and with great deliberation. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 22
1540: Sell-Side Disruption

A paradigm shift is imminent in the dental-practice transaction landscape.  Thanks to the likes of Maria Melone, there is now a disruptive approach to sell-side advisory services that solely works for the interest of the seller to maximize valuation and deal terms.  Don’t want to be at the mercy of buying DSOs and private equity firms? Hear all about the creative M&A models where doctors retain majority business ownership. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 21
1539: Not a Loss Leader Part 2

Rachel Wall returns in Part 2 of this 2-part episode where she speaks on her coaching programs elevating hygiene services and systems to drive profits to the bottom line. Perrin DesPortes echoes Rachel’s thoughts on hygiene as one of the biggest areas of untapped potential while Dr. Mark Costes echoes the vital role hygienists play in establishing the oral systemic link for patients. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 20
1538: Not a Loss Leader Part 1

Healthier patients. An empowered, engaged hygiene department.  A profitable practice.  Could these three, together, be at all possible?  Yes, says Rachel Wall, CEO and Founder of Inspired Hygiene, as she speaks with Dr. Mark Costes and Perrin DesPortes on how dental practices can achieve this triple win. Listen to Part 1 of this two-part episode and be enlightened with her insights on the current state and the dynamics happening in the hygiene world. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 19
1537: How Big is Your Room?

Today, Dr. Mark Costes guests on the Dentist Freedom Blueprint podcast hosted by Dr. David Phelps.  In this content-packed episode, he reveals with unabashed honesty the obstacles and hurdles he overcame to reap the wins he enjoys today. He shares his recipe for success while giving caution on the headwinds faced by the industry.  At the same time, he defines the opportunities presented by dentistry and why he still considers it to be the best profession ever. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 16
1536: Associates, Brokers & Practice Ownership Part 2

Dr. Paul Goodman is a dentist, multiple-practice owner, speaker, and influencer in the dental community. In the conclusion of this two-part episode, he speaks to Dr. Mark Costes in his capacity as a transitions broker and buyer coach, giving the lowdown on dental brokerage, the purchase and sale of a practice and other transition pitfalls to watch out for.  He also sheds light on brokers’ dual representation and why it should be avoided. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 15
1535: Associates, Brokers & Practice Ownership Part 1

Are DSOs bankrolling dental schools? Do dental graduates obtain the education and qualification needed to pay back the steep cost of their student debts?  Dr. Mark Costes interviews Dr. Paul Goodman aka “Dr. Nacho,” Founder of Dental Nachos and Dentist Job Connect, in this two-part episode. They also address one of the biggest problems facing practice owners – finding and hiring associates and hygienists.  EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 14
1534: Working Through Burnout

Speaking on the Dental Marketing Theory Podcast hosted by Gary Bird, Dr. Mark Costes guests on the show to retrace his dental journey. He shares the challenges that made him develop a huge respect for the profession and pursue it to combine his clinical and entrepreneurial savvy. He also looks back at how he pioneered dental assisting schools and the origins of the Dental Success organizations aimed at helping dentists achieve their full potential. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 13
1533: Automated Consult

Today’s podcast guests present a virtual consultation platform that digitally automates workflows to increase your case acceptance.  Laura Maly and Michael Anderson chat with Dr. Mark Costes about Your Virtual Consult, a disruptive technology that will save you chair time and lower patients’ entry barriers by providing an all-new degree of convenience for communication. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 12
1532: Frameworks and Analysis

A structure for conducting effective dental meetings.  Regular departmental assessments.  Advanced data tracking and analysis.  These are just some of the topics taken up by Dr. Mark Costes today from the recent Dental Success Summit aimed at turning non-producers in your team into producers.  These frameworks will get your team members to buy into the pursuit of the practice’s overall goals. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 09
1531: Continual Practice Evolution

How do you jumpstart systemization? Dr. Mark Costes lets us in on some Mastermind best practices from the Dental Success Summit this year.  From End-of-Day Protocols to Time Journal Exercises, he breaks down how these systemization processes eliminate unnecessary low value tasks and prioritizes high value activities. He also tackles team authorship of the Operations Manual and the way to have an efficient organizational chart. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 08
1530: Hygiene - Health & Profit Part 2

Part 2 of Dr. Ben Kacos’ talk from the recently held Mastermind meeting delves on how to calibrate systems and processes for your dental hygienist.  He also tackles the importance of having Periodontal Protocols, daily metrics, and monthly goals for this to become a revenue-producing department affecting the bottom line and positively impacting the profitability of the practice. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 07
1529: Hygiene - Health & Profit Part 1

Fresh from the Mastermind meeting in San Antonio, Texas over the weekend is Part 1 of this talk from Blackbelt Coach, Dr. Ben Kacos. He focuses on optimizing the dental hygienist department and how to make it not just profitable but become a caring patient health advocate. He likewise stresses the importance of leadership, extreme ownership and coaching with love for growing the production of the hygienist. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 06
1528: The Physiology of Habit Formation

Let’s be clear about our intentions.  In this episode, Dr. Mark Costes asks some tough questions on life priorities, circles of influence and areas for improving performance. Culled from the recent Mastermind meeting in San Antonio, Texas, he queries the choices we make, the battles we fight and the habits we form based on these life choices.  He also explains the physiological basis for the routines and habits we develop. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 05
1527: From Zero to Biller Part 2

Part 2 of this excerpt from DSN’s Lady Leaders Webinar Series led by Ashlee Hirschfeld goes into the essential next steps of training billing and insurance personnel.  Dr. Summer Kassmel and her team disclose what should be expected beyond the 60-day onboarding and training.  These include insurance reverification, coding knowledge, dental terminology and creating claims. They also give tips on when to outsource this department and what mistakes to avoid during training. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 02
1526: From Zero to Biller Part 1

From the Lady Leaders Webinar Series of the Dental Success Network comes this episode on Training for the Billing and Insurance Department.  DSN COO Ashlee Hirschfeld interviews Dr. Summer Kassmel, Debbie Dodson, and Allison Puppe on how to transform non-dental-industry rookies into billing and insurance rockstars.  In Part 1 we tackle how to find, hire, and train non-industry talent, the basics of dental insurance terminology, resources for training, and new hire red flags. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Sep 01
1525: Numbers You Need to Know

This power packed podcast takes on a Ted Talk format from when Dr. Mark Costes spoke at the recent “Super Dentist Boostcamp” held in Philadelphia.  Here he takes us on his dental practice journey that was not without setbacks as he credits much of his success to the mistakes he made from early private practice ownership.  Listen to his learning experiences and how these not only changed his life and career trajectory but also led to true fulfillment. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 31
1524: Your Practice's Technology Stack

Today’s Dentalpreneur Podcast guest has demonstrated success in overseeing operations, improving efficiencies, increasing patient satisfaction, and driving revenue for the DSO sector for over 23 years.  As an innovative operations strategist, Maria Fuertes has co-created a proprietary Practice Operating Cycle for Carestack, a concept for operational service excellence and compassionate people development.  She shares with Dr. Mark Costes how she is helping scale and grow multiple organizations in her capacity as “Director of Practice Heroes.” EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 30
1523: Leverage Points In Your Practice

Taking off from the Japanese concept of “Kaizen,” both a philosophy and a strategy, Dr. Mark Costes teaches how continuous incremental improvements can take place in focused areas of your dental practice.  Through a consistent training protocol and replicable systems in place, a culture of constant betterment can be achieved.  He also cites differences between the proactive and the reactive CEO. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 29
1522: Building a 37-Practice DSO

Is it possible to have a dental practice model with the resources of a large group practice while preserving the feel and culture of relationship-based, patient-focused dentistry of private practice?  Yes, says David Lohmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Apex Dental Partners.  Here, he shares with Dr. Mark Costes, how Apex has grown into a group practice organization with 37 locations and over 170 providers without compromising clinical autonomy and patient care. Listen and learn if their transition solution is for you. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 26
1521: Partnerships, Wealth, and Value

Today’s episode brings us back to a Mastermind session with Dental Success Blackbelt and performance coach, Alastair Macdonald.  Here he brings dentists to a realization of the supreme wealth creation opportunity they have in the business of dentistry.  That is, if they can bridge the gap between earning income and creating wealth.  Tune in for tips on how to escape the dental chair trap to becoming a trueblue dentalpreneur. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 25
1520: Practice-Changing AI

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a cutting-edge technology that is making a transformational impact on many industries, including dentistry. Pearl, an AI company focused on elevating the standard of care for the dental industry, boasts of the FDA clearance it received for its AI radiology solution.  In this episode, Dr. Mark Costes speaks with its CEO, Ophir Tanz, and unravels the breakthrough technology that allows both dentists and patients in the operatory to detect undiagnosed conditions through an AI-powered “second set of eyes.” EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 24
1519: Non-Producers to Producers

Do you know your practice’s overall targets or Wildly Important Goals (WIGs)?  How do you deploy corrective action if you’re lagging? Do you have lead measures predictive of future results? Are your team members made accountable for their individual contributions?  Today, Dr. Mark Costes underscores the importance of weekly growth and quarterly calibration meetings.  These huddles define each department’s job to be done in contribution to the overall WIG and ensure consistency of service and language at all levels. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 23
1518: The Tax Reduction Ninja

Today’s episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast is replete with tax strategies for the dental practice owner as well as for other business structures.  Here, Dr. Mark Costes picks the brains of Scott Haberman, CPA with the Eide Bailly consulting firm, as he shares tax write-off tips and ways to decrease tax liabilities.  These include the Cost Segregation Analysis, the 1031 exchange and conservation easement for real estate investors, as well as business tax deductions such as vehicle purchases, the Augusta Rule, student loan reimbursement and the cash balance plan. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 22